So Who Replaces Martz?

All reports are pointing to OC Mike Martz not coming back next year. In fact Matthew Barrows of the Sacramento Bee is reporting Singletary will fire Martz after the season. The latest out of Ninerland is that Mike Singletary will get offered a multi-year deal not long after the season finale against the Redskins and with him getting the job he’ll turn around and let Martz go. Now the question is who does he replace him with. He certainly has people in mind since he wowed team officials during a brief meeting earlier this week on what his coaching plans are.

Most of it is speculation but some are reporting that Singletary will look at quarterback coaches around the league and here are a couple names that Matt Maiocco thinks might be on Singletary’s short list. Mike McCoy (Panthers), Craig Johnson (Titans) and Pete Carmichael Jr. (Saints).

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  • 9ermanforlife

    Forensics….. we havnt really been able to run the ball all year.. i mean gore gets his yards but.. our O line isnt all that great and needs to be improved bigtime.. gore gets all his yards basically on his own. I would like to see who Singletery has in mind besides martz.

    Ps. Bill Cowher still out there 2

  • 49ers boy

    ok well i think that singletary is by far the best thing thats happen to the 49ers in a long time i think he has brought back the name the punch you in the mouth first style then let me hear you talk i love it he has put that fire in his players which is great who ever he picks you know is gona have the same intensity and drive so im excited i see gore being a huge part and vernon and morgan all beeing huge parts of the offence i like hill he may not do it pretty but he wins thats all i ask for not probowl numbers just the win give him ur confidence and his will grow to so if martz is out then thanks for the memoies and see who is next well im out what do you think

  • 9ermanforlife

    idk about this… Sing would be making a mistake firing Martz..

  • Forensics 187

    Martz is known for being a good OC, but Sing has to have his style of OC (whatever that may be) running the plays. The Niner’s are not built for what Martz wants to do. Our identity is running the rock, we have Gore. We can’t do what Arizona or New Orleans does, that is not the kind of talent we have.

  • I am glad mike martz is leaving! Singletary needs to hire Norv Turner as OC to bring our offense back to balance.

    Come on frisco lets get a victory to end the season at Candlestick and beat the skins!!!

  • Billy

    Bill Cowher cant do anything as HC only Singletary the only negatives to this is, we may not get a proven OC and consistency isnt maintained. Im open to Norv if avaliable, the reason the run game doesnt work is Martz System with Norv we can have what we had in 06 Gores breakout year so dont undermine Singletary most of us have been. I believe in him to turn it around

  • 9nerfan

    i think we should keep martz. another offense to learn in so many years. we should see what they can do under martz. gore will be himself with or without martz. but i think we can use the recievers we got now and get good production out of them specially because they’ll be use to the plays martz runs next year. one or two impact players and we’ll be in the playoffs. and there will be a lot of them in FA’s

  • wickerman

    As much as I would hate to see the team go thru another OC, Martz-ball really doesn’t look like it is the SF style. He likes deep threat passing to keep safeties 15-20 yards off the line and explosive wide outs who can also get physical like Tory Holt. Sorry, but that is not SF football. Jason Hill and Josh Morgan are emerging as good receivers, but they are not Holt. They are good route runners, have good hands and are athletic, but no one is going to forget about Steve Smith watching them. They are not deep threat guys of the same caliber as Holt.

    Not to beat a dead horse either, but Shaun Hill is not a deep strike QB. I think we have been over this.

    Now folks will point out that the 49ers lead the league in 20+ yard plays. This is true, but the 9ers do NOT lead in scoring, yards or any other offensive category. The niners do not score alot of points and they do not put up huge yards. The fact that we can lead the league in big plays and have low yards and points means we are 3 and out a lot and not sealing the deal.

    Mostly we take lots of sacks and fail to run the ball well on a week to week basis. All the big plays in the world will not help if you cannot convert 3rd and 3 or you complete a 30 yard pass only to take back to back 8 yard sacks.

    Hill, Morgan and Davis can excel in a Pittsburgh style ground game that sets up the play action pass. We do not have the o-line, the QB or the speed on the edges to do a run and gun. Martz is a run and gun guy. HE does not fit the SF profile. We need a guy who is strong in the o-line and RB department who can combine that with some West coast style short passing game stuff (Gore out of the backfield, Hill/Morgan/Davis on short routes with good YAC) and then throw in an occasional play action that gets those guys open on the deep route.

    As much as I hate to say it too, we need someone to work with Alex Smith. The guy is 23 or 24 years old. Why would we waste potential. Yes he had a lousy rookie year. But he also played fairly well his second year and injuries hurt him thereafter. Can we say that he had a strong supporting cast on or off the field? I say give him a legit shot under singletary. If Hill beats him out for the starting job – so be it, but MS and the new OC should at least let him try for the starting job. Love him or hate him, he is a better athlete than Hill when healthy. If he can stay healthy and learn to be productive, he is a better long term project than Hill who is doing fine but will probably never be better than he is now.

  • Lowrance

    Sigh…another year, another OC….

    I have objected to many of martz’s calls in the red zone though. Similar to the complaints I had about Turner in the red zone.

    If Mike stays and wants agressive footbal, he’d better inprove that line. The game starts and ends with the line on both sides of the ball. We’ll see where his head is at when we draft…..

  • Cory

    Everybody is expecting to get Turner back…but he if they win today and make the playoffs he is probably staying

  • Norv is staying in San Diego, win or lose. Get over it.

    Martz is leaving, and that’s fine. He’s not the wonder he once was, and there are plenty of teams with coordinators other than Mike Martz who are doing just fine. There are 22 teams with better records than ours, and they all have offensive coordinators, last time I checked.

    Ray Sherman, Wide Receivers coach out of Dallas. Keep your eye on him.

  • Cory

    hey indiana jim how bout them cowboys

  • Crazy Dave

    Here we go again another off season looking for another offensive coordinator 4- 5 in a row now?? and in my personal opinion Turner is OK for just a one year wonder but that’s it…and are We gonna go after quarter back coach from the Bengals again like we tried a couple years ago. we need to stick with one person and that’s it…..