Singletary Not Sold on Hill?

Dan Arkush of ESPN is reporting that Mike Singletary isn’t sold on Shaun Hill. Here is what Dan had to say.

The 49ers’ decision to so quickly announce that Mike Singletary would be retained surprised nobody. Same goes for the unveiling of 27-year-old Jed York as the team’s president before kickoff of the Niners’ season-ending victory over the Redskins, considering that he pretty much has been calling the shots since training camp — with his parents’ blessings. What has definitely raised some eyebrows, however, is Singletary’s apparent reluctance to declare Shaun Hill as the Niners’ undisputed starting quarterback after Hill (7-3 as a starter over the past two seasons) was so instrumental in the team’s dramatic improvement the second half of the season. Said one team insider: “Singletary really likes Hill’s football mentality and the way he comes across in the locker room, but the fact is, there are just some plays he just can’t make. He doesn’t have that arm strength to drill a 30-yard pass downfield.”

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  • seekret_sauce

    That's actually a good thing. If Sing says Hill is the undisputed QB of the time in 2009, HILL might not wanna improve and be better…bringing in competition always brings the best out of people.

  • Cory

    i wonder if this means if Bradford falls to us we might take him

  • krytoi

    Alex Smith has a cannon, we should definetly give him a chance to start especially if our offense is going to be focused around running the ball. He was quite good under Norv.

  • 9nerfan

    he should be the starter next year. he deserves it. we can draft a qb in the draft and just groom him to be our starter. for now hill should be the guy.who else we got.maybe even let alex smith redeem himself. we got bigger holes to fill then a qb like free safety or an olb. hill deserves a shot. look what he's done. it may not be pretty but we still win. i say let him start and have someone waiting in the back. but then again it all depends on who the new OC is.

  • Cory….

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s pretty hilarious. Bradford? Not a chance!

    Chase Daniel, though…. nah, he’ll go earlier than that.

    Alex Smith should be healthy, though….

  • Lowrance

    Why should Mike have to commit right now?

    While I appreciate what Hill has done, his grit, and desire…. he's cough up the ball recently, and made some very poor throws at times.

    Why not let him compete to get better and win the starting job next training camp? Could be a miracle year for Alex. (We can always hope) But I would like to see a QB that can play all 4 quarters.

    Maybe I'm spoiled. Montana, Young, Garcia….all Pro Bowlers.

    Maybe Hill will even get better with a stronger line. Maybe Alex will surprise us and explode into the number one we once thought he was.

    Offseason is about dreams.

    I dream about at least two Offensive linemen, and a nose tackle. That would immediately make every player better. Lock up Spikes.

    Even though I sceamed at his two bonehead holding plays last game. I love his overall intensity and play.

    I also dream about NOT leading the league in turnovers….

    Now I'm off to go find out what 2 coaches were let go. Saw the banner on the bottom of the News…now have to find out who, while I'm guessing Pundit let's his hangover cure. =)

  • Lowrance

    Okay found it.

    December 31, 2008

    The San Francisco 49ers announced Wednesday that quarterbacks/assistant to head coach Ted Tollner and running backs coach Tony Nathan have been dismissed from the coach staff.

    “To get where we needed to go, I felt those decisions needed to be made at this time,” said head coach Mike Singletary.


    Lowrance, if Hill played the whole year, he'd be in the pro bowl.

  • Texas9er

    Is it me or do yall want to see the throwbacks used all the time. Bring'em back for 2009

  • Lowrance

    Axegrinder, nothing would make me happier….

  • Billy

    If we got Micheal Crabtree and Taylor May I would love it, then again will be lucky to get one of those two with our GM.

    Imagine Taylor Mays and Patrick Willis knocking the shit out of everyone on the other team, almost like Ed Reed and Ray Lewis except younger and it would be great to have a gamebreaker like Crabtree I hope he doesnt declare so we can trade up next year!

  • Enough talk about throwbacks jerseys they are ugly.

  • wickerman

    I think it is a good move for MS to hold off on instant certification of Hill as 09-10 starter. It makes him work and if he feels Alex Smith or anyone else is a challenge to him, he will put that much more effort into camp int he spring.

    Hill needs to develop arm strength and accuracy on deep throws. With a good QB coach and a strict workout regiment, he can improve. IF not, I see no reason not to let someone else fight for the spot.

    Why develop Hill and Morgan into deep threats if Hill is a 25 yard and under wonder?

  • geeray

    yeah the throw backs looks so much better than this shit uniform now… as long as its the red and gold and not the white ones

  • BDot

    I think way too much is being made of Coach’s comments. Pretty much every NFL coach says the same thing heading into the offseason– that EVERYONE’s job is up for “competition.” This is so players don’t get to feeling safe in their starting roles, and in turn, get lazy.

    …Pretty much common sense to anyone that actually follows football…but since we 49er fans tend to overreact to everything the outcry here doesn’t surprise me.

    I think Sing is smart enough to have learned from Nolan’s mistakes, so I doubt he’ll create some retarded, never-ending QB competition entering training camp. As it stands now, Shaun Hill is our starter because for one, he’s a proven winner, and for two, we don’t have a better option.

    Calm down folks.

  • Niner Paul

    I’m with BDOT on this one. You know MS is thinking in the back of his mind shaun is the favorite going into next year by his performance, but as MS says in the tone of his end of the year press conference he is not “sold” on anyone. Everone’s level has to come up because he speaks about “The Vision”, and we know it is nothing less than a championship. No hard feelings, just the best players to give the 49ers the opportunity for “The Vision”. All be it MS does in my opinion have a strong sense of team chemistry and will for the most part make good decisions. I believe he will lay a foundation for a championship there for the players to take, upon there level of will and sharpened skills.

  • Niner Paul

    Oh and Taylor Mays >> The thought of this pick makes me nervous. I’m not really sold on him. The two corner’s he played with, Harris, Wright, and Pinkard as saftey in there sometimes, were outstanding this year maybe making him look better this year. But in my opinion I don’t know about NFL Football reactive decision making speed, like a Bob Sanders or Sean Dawkins that give you that run stop versitility because of that decision making speed. Thats what Ronnie Lott gave also. Thats a gamble on a first round pick for some range. I don’t know, but the 4 to 5 usc games that I caught this year I didn’t see a “super stand out” besides his physical stature which is very intimidating. But as far his play >> A couple of decent hits, some clean up tackles again nothing that was like Wow. And as far as the Rose Bowl he did force a fumble but the play was like 30 or 40 yards down the field and he wiffed on a corner blitz earlier in the game by his indecisiveness to comit to the QB. So I don’t know abou this possible pick…..

  • lil_niner09

    wat we shulda dne is got garcia bak 4rm the bukz wen we had a chance 2..garcia,bruce,johnson, and even so ta b provwn n a yung wide reciever josh morgan… and we kan run the ball itz about tyme we started playin smashmouth football,and conrolling the clock frank gore iz 1 of the best bakz n the nfl.. n now that an offensive cordinator that lykz the throw the ball alot n we have a coach that lykz to run gore kuld c 25 ta 30 carries a game if we get sme help up front i lyk our chances nxt… but 1nce again thatz alot of ifz… BY ANTHONY LIL_NINER09 JUS 14 YEARS OF AGE

  • lil_niner09