Singletary Likely to Stay

The 49ers are most likely to sign Singletary after the season according to Adam Schefter.

Nothing’s official yet — it can’t be until after the season. But Mike Singletary is on his way to having the interim removed from his title and becoming the 49ers head coach for 2009.

San Francisco could make the announcement as early as the days after the season, according to league sources.

At this point, it will take something drastic for the 49ers not to name Singletary the head coach, and even then it is difficult to envision what that could be. Singletary already has survived some well-documented incidents that caused some to question whether he were the right man to lead the team in the future.

But through his audition, he has proven he is the right choice. The 49ers have been won at Buffalo, beaten the New York Jets, and been more competitive than they were early in the season. Singletary has ignited a spark in the players that rarely was seen before.
In fact, Singletary has been so convincing that it has gotten to the point where if he were not brought back, there would be disappointment among the masses.

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  • firen

    I agree wholeheartedly. Bring the man back, that's the only way we can hope for an 8-8 season.

  • Cory

    Bring him back!!! Bring Him Back Bring Him Back

  • the real firen

    I agree wholeheartedly. Bring the man back, that’s the only way we can hope for a playoff season.

  • Amy

    Singletary more than deserves this job… Fans will riot if he doesn't get it!! Hire him full time please!! He's made this team worth watching for the first time in a VERY long time! Love him :)

  • mike

    bing the man back i havent seen this team play this hard since the late 90’s

  • Ninerfan81

    My co-worker who’s a big Buffalo fan just said to me if the Niners (owners) don’t want Singletary then Buffalo fans will take him!

    I’m sure that’s the feeling from most teams in need of a change at HC. So let’s make sure he never hits the open market. Make it happen after the Washington game!

  • shane

    ha yeah i live in buffalo, but im a niners fan so im practically disowned by my family. Anyways my dad uncles freinds everyone has respect for this guy and think hes the right choice. Hes gives this team a good impression, the 49ers werent even respected with Nolan. WE WILL WIN THE DIVISION NEXT YEAR.. Rams and Seahawks suck and Arizona is not that much better than us, they beat us by 10 in week 1 and we shoulda won the second game. We just need some big boys. HAYNESWORTH should be our top priority without a doubt, no questions asked.

  • ninerfaithful


  • Lowrance

    This works well for me. Bring back the days of “teamwork” and respect for the coach.

  • Lowrance

    well, I might add, a coach that deserves and has earned respect

  • Lottie901


  • This is a no brainer!!!! Singletary WILL be back….the REAL question IS will Mike Martz get a head coaching gig and PULL A NORV ON US???? I was looking at the standings right now and depending if the niners win as well as if the Packers and Jags win we could get anywhere from the 8-14th pick in the draft.

  • MSouza

    8-14 should be perfect for our needs, plus we won’t have to give 35 million guaranteed.

  • Eric

    with the way he motivates the players the niners really arent too far away from winning our shitty division. rams and hawks suck and cardinals are not unbeatable by any means


    I definately agree with not having to pay 35 million guaranteed to some rookie who hasn’t shown shit at the NFL level. It’s rare that rookies actually live up to that kind of money (see Vernon Davis). I for one will be extremely glad to have Singletary as our head coach. He is NOT going to put up with losing, it’s just not his nature. That in itself is reason for hope going into next season.

  • Texas9er

    Merry Christmas to all 49er fans and hopefully we all get our Christmas present at the end of the season In Mike Singletary being the guy that take us back to the top

  • DcNinerFan thinks that Martz won’t be around after the season… I sure hope thats not the case, because we HAVE made progress on offense, and it would be truly horrible if we had ANOTHER OC… 4 years in a row…

  • Billy

    Hopefully Norv gets canned and sent our way I doubt he`ll get another coaching gig in a while

  • Redneck_9er

    My bad Texas9er. Didn’t realize it was taken. If you ask me, Norv or Martz makes not a bit of difference to me. A 7-9 Season under both. Actually Norv may give a chance for alex to compete again. Of course Hill has had my vote two seasons in a row. The only thing wrong under Norv is Hill and the problem with his long ball.

  • GUYS PLEASE READ AND SEE IF YOU AGREE WITH ME….Who cares if Singletary gets hired on as head coach if we lose Martz it doesnt matter! Why is everyone getting there panties in a bunch for about running the ball? We couldnt run that great in some games and we went to the pass. If we have Singletary and no Martz we will be 3-13 next year and last in the league in offense mark my words. I love Singletary but you cant run 1st down 2nd down and throw on third down everytime its stupid. I mean we will be at square on agian with learning a whole new system. Just look at Peyton Manning he has had his O-cordinator his whole career.



    Martz will NOT be back whether Singletary gets hired or not. That's what I don't understand, people are worried that if Singletary gets the job, that we'll lose Martz. MARTZ IS GOING TO BE GONE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. Martz's offense is just fluff anyway. I personally don't want him back. He might have brought our offense back to respectability somewhat, but I don't want to lead the league in turnovers and sacks next season too. A power running game is what has longevity in this league, not constantly filling the air full of footballs. We have to have more a west coast system to play to Shaun Hill's strengths, and that's not Martz's M.O. Go on to another team and let them lead the league in sacks, fumbles, and interceptions. Merry Christmas to all.

  • 9ermanforlife

    axegrinder, your are foolish… we have had 5 different OC’s in 5 years.. we cant keep fucking changing OC bad news. we need to keep them both to succed.. us without martz next year is bad news


    9ermanforlife, your foolish for thinking that Martz is a long term solution for this offense. He had no chance of sticking around the second Nolan was fired. It’s obvious Singletary has a different plan for this team, and it doesn’t include leading the league in turnovers. I admit we need stability on offense, but not the Martz style of stability. Martz is going to be gone no matter what, so get over it.

  • Lowrance

    I hope Frank plays enough Sunday to get his 1,000 yards….

  • Caribulou

    Martz and Mike may a good compliment. They counter each other and make a balanced offense. You cant win if you pass pass pass look at Arizona and if you only run run run you dont get enough points and lose. They have come up with a good comprimise together. If Martz does leave I hope we find a OC that is strong enough to stand up to Mike to make sure the offense is balanced and not just the same thing play after play after play.

  • Billy

    I want Norv sure hes a traitor and he sucks ass for that but he gives us the best opportunity to win, Im willing to forgive and forget because he gives us that West Coast Offense we want and no one will want to hire him in a while.

    So Im rooting for the Broncos on sunday

    Also I got luxury tickets to watch the 49ers play sunday and luckly
    Bryant Youngs ceromony is going on!!! He deserves it, he should unretire!!! jk

  • I am not knocking you, Axegrinder, but WHO DOES Singletary have in mind? RIght now, the niners are WAY better looking offensively than last year and I really don’t know anyone that comes to mind that is a better offensive mind that we will be able to get unless Norv Turner gets fired AND DECIDES to come back to SF…..and that is REALLY iffy. Until they put out some names on that list that are FOR SURE better than Martz then I feel that by hiring Singletary and firing Martz we would be taking two steps forward and then a GIANT step backwards because Singletary isn’ going to be able to run the offense. I hope Singletary knows what he is doing because the niners are looking competitive RIGHT NOW and to mess that up seems foolish unless he has a someone that he KNOWS can A)replace martz and B)do a better job than Martz.

  • 9ermanforlife

    RYAN thank you i agree in full… without martz next year = fail for us… SIng cant run an offense.. or atleast i dont think he can.. we need the MIKE and Mike show next year for success


    Geez…you guys are killing me. What part of MARTZ WILL NOT BE BACK don’t you guys understand? I’m just trying to see the positives of Martz leaving. There are way more reasons to let him go than reasons to keep him.

    What happened to Gore being the “centerpiece” of the offense? Martz was bullshitting us from the beginning. He wanted JTO to be the centerpiece. Yeah, that really worked out.

    How many games did we throw away because we kept giving the ball away to the other team? How many sacks were we on pace for before Singletary MADE Martz alter his gameplan??? We’d be in the playoffs right now had it not been for Nolan’s ineptitude AND Martz’s “high risk-no reward” bullshit.

    Everyone keeps saying “our offense is better than last year”. I agree. However, there was no way it could have been WORSE. Thanks again Nolan.

    Singletary/McCloughan are not going to bring in a Jim Hostler. Who do I think they got their eye on? How the hell should I know? I just know this Martz offense isn’t going to work long term. So cut the goddamn cord now. There is going to be plenty of coordinators and offensive ex-head coaches available that share Singletary’s “ball control” philosophy. I’m a fan of keeping the other team’s offense off the field while breaking their defense’s back with the clock. Martz’s offense doesn’t work that way.

    —-and the main reason we’re having some success in the second half of the season is because of Singletary and his balls to tell Martz to CHANGE the gameplan to a more “pick ’em apart” style.

    Martz probably can’t wait to get out of here.

  • Doc Iac

    I hate martz personally cause of all his yrs with the rams, but if u think about it, the niners a a few 'shaun hill instead of int'sullevin' starts away from the playoffs. they would have def won mon night casue hill wouldnt have been rusty (it was his first game of the season) and im sure hill woulda won some others, bottom line martz did a great job.

  • Lowrance

    Bring on next year!

    These boys have fight in them!!!!!!