Rooney Rule Forbids 49ers From Hiring Singletary

If the 49ers wanted to remove the interim title from Coach Singletary they will have to wait until after the season to offer him a contract. The 49ers are forbid to sign Singletary anytime sooner. Why might you ask, well it is because of the Rooney Rule.

The rule states that a “club may name an interim from its staff without going through a formal interviewing process. However, the club must follow the mandatory interviewing process in choosing a new permanent head coach. No club may make a commitment to a coach retained during the season that extends beyond the end of the club’s playing season. Any contract that seeks to make such a commitment will not be approved.”

So the 49ers have to wait until after the season to hire Singletary, a minority, because the Rooney Rule requires them to interview a minority candidate before hiring a head coach. Yes even if that interim head coach is a minority.

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  • West

    This is to funny!!! Rooney Rule, which requires to interview a minority candidate, apparently it doesn’t matter if the interim coach is a minority??

    Doesn’t matter, we are still signing Sing……… If anythang our team will stay focused an continue to play hard…..8-8 going into next season on a HIGH

    And some of you said it couldnt b done!

  • gee-ray

    Stupid Rule anyway. giving a minority a fair chance is great but it really doesnt make a difference. the club can still do what it want. If the club wanted the best coach out there it wont matter what race he or she is. This is in all sports. Whatever it takes to win should be the focus. and MIke Singletary def has what it takes. Lets resign asap

  • 49er4life

    Fuck it. Let’s set up an interview with Denny Green to comply with the rule, then hire Singeltary as soon as Denny walks out the door!

  • Rob

    Clear as mud…

    So, if I understand this right, doesn’t that open the possibility that another team who knows they will be looking for a head coach (like Detroit, for instance) could snipe Singletary out from under us if they get him a contract offer sooner?

    Well, if we continue to play well for the last three games (and I think we will), I hope the Yorks interview Singletary with a contract in hand the day after the Washinton game, if not that very day. He deserves it.

  • Niner Pundit

    Rob…I do know that the 49ers have a time period where they can negotiate with Singletary before all other teams.

  • Lowrance

    I think it would have to be one hell of an offer for Mike to take Detroit over SF, after he’s invested this much time and knows what talent works for him.
    The only place that could possibly take him cheaper would be Chicago!


    That’s why we need to root for the gay ass Bears tonite and the rest of the season… maybe Lovie won’t get fired.

  • We will resign Singletary unless we fall apart the last 3 games which I dont see happening. WHERES JOE STARKEY AT? IVE HEARD JOE FONZIE CALLING THE GAMES LATLEY. ANYONE KNOW WHERE HE IS?

  • 9ermanforlife

    I understand that we need SING very badly… why is everyone forgetting about Mike martz… we can iLL afford to install another offense.. 6 diff OC in 6 years… thats is not a recipe for success in my opinion

  • Adam

    I wouldn’t worry about another team. If Mike doesn’t want to stay a niner, then it won’t matter what the niners do. And if Mike wants to be coach, it won’t matter what other teams do as long as the 9ers act fair with him. MS seems like he’s go a lot integrity and would expect the process to play out well. BTW, does the Rooney Rule forbid the 9ers from saying they have every intention of “offering” him the position?

  • Am I the only one who thinks Arnaz Battle’s time has come and gone. Get Singletary locked up because I have a feeling we might just come out of Miami with the W.

  • A True Niner Fan

    dont you guys think your jumping the gun a little bit here I mean most likely Singletary is gunna be the man but hes not the only reason for us being on a winning streak right now….Shaun Hill is a big part of it and also the D steping it up a notch… Single tary is a plus but I think having to wait until the season is over is actually a good thing as you dont ever want to make quick desicions when it comes to something as important as our new head coach….lets just sit back an see how the rest of the season plays out first


    Pioli should also be on the 93ers list!

  • Rob

    I have to agree that I doubt Singletary will pull a Norv Turner and jump ship the first chance he gets. I just think that, as his current employer, we should have the first shot at him. If other teams could potentially get to him before us, the rule needs to be changed.

    And, I do think that A True Niner Fan is right. Letting the rest of the season play out is probably for the best, anyway. If we win out the rest of the year, then we know we need to keep him. But, if we lose the rest of our games and the Jets game is a fluke, maybe we should consider other options.

    And, 9ermanforlife, I can see arguments both ways for Martz. The offense is better under him, but I think I could probably run the offense better than it was run last year. And, it isn’t like we have the best offense in the league or anything. It has improved, but it’s not great. Besides, it’s Martz’s fault we wasted all that time on O’Sullivan when we had a perfectly good QB in Hill on the sidelines. Plus, Martz’s preferred style of offense just doesn’t match our talent. So, it’s a question of whether he would even want to stay. So, shile I agree it would be a shame to have yet another OC next year, I can see arguments to go in a different direction.

  • 9ermanforlife

    I kno this is offtopic. but how do i put a pic on my profile?

  • Niner Pundit

    9erman….go to this site and the email address you used to register here. Use that same email address at Gravatar. They will let you upload an image and it will pull it over to here.

  • Looks like Clayton might get the go since he was signed to the roster. Doesn’t look good for Gore playing tomorrow.

  • FriscoNinez

    Pumped for the game 2morrow even though we are out of the playoffs would be tiight to take out 3 afc teams in a row especially 3 teams fighting for a playoff spot. Hopefully Hill can expose that 21st ranked pass defence and help get Sing another win. Go Niners!!

  • ANY MARK ROMAN LOVERS OUT THERE??? HE IS PATHETIC!!!! Did you see how he stumbled out of the gate on MAN coverage? Can’t wait to see Goldston replace him!

  • josh

    anyone have a link to watch the game online?

  • Did you guys see how Roman screwed up a FOR SURE INT by Nate Clements? Roman is WORTHLESS!!!

  • 9ermanforlife

    1# Vernon davis needs to catch the ball when it hits his hands.
    2# Sims………..snyder would play better injured.
    3# Gotta stop killings ourselves with penalties.
    4# 16 play drive with 0 points.

  • 9ermanforlife

    link to watch game is have fun

  • Our secondary sure isn’t doing us any favors in this game…especially when the OFFENSE has been on the field ALL DAY. YES, the offense should be scoring points, but come on!!!! We look REALLY tired on defense!!! Besides that ONE sack have we even touched Pennington?

  • joe gomez

    So much for 8-8