Memo to Opposition: Good Luck Running Up the Middle

From Mike Sando’s ESPN Blog:

The 49ers have allowed 3.01 yards per rush up the middle this season, according to ESPN Stats & Information. That is the second-best figure in the league, which admittedly comes as a surprise to me.

The top five teams in fewest yards per carry allowed up the middle: Vikings 2.48, 49ers 3.01, Steelers 3.15 and Giants 3.16. The 49ers rank seventh in rushing yards per play allowed. They rank 16th in rushing yards allowed per game, 23rd in total yards allowed per game and fourth in red-zone defense.

The top per-game net rushing totals against the 49ers this season: Seahawks 169 (Week 2), Bills 156, Patriots 144. The lowest per-game net rushing totals: Seahawks 39 (Week 8), Cardinals 46 (Week 10) and Cowboys 74.

I’m thinking this should strengthen Patrick Willis’ case for the Pro Bowl..

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  • Rob

    I was a little surprised by this, so I checked for the overall team rankings. I was just curious to see how we stack up against the rest of the NFL.

    In addition to your rankings, pundit, the Niners also rank 28th defensively against the pass. Overall, not a spectacular job on defense. Apparently, they are stout in the middle, but the edges are open. Because that must be where teams are getting their yards.

    Offensively, we are ranked 25th overall, 18th against the pass, 25th against the run. Sure that's better than dead last where we were last year, but has Martz really improved anything that much?

    By the way, I heard Martz has been offered a job at San Diego State. Head coach, I assume. Have you heard anything about this, Pundit?

  • shane

    i think patrick willis did that by himself again this year,, but good point,, i am very surprised about that ranking though

  • ninerfaithful

    lets go niners would love to be 5-8 after sunday that would be a good feeling

  • Texas9er

    I think we need to give a nod to Takeo for this too. I hope he comes back next year. If not I wouldn’t mind having Ray Lewis and P. Willie in at the same time.