Martz Fired

Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting that the 49ers have decided not to retain offensive coordinator Mike Martz. According to earlier reports, Mike Singletary wanted to retain Martz, but several members of the front office (including Scot McCloughan) didn’t, and followed through today.

This is a bad move on the front offices part. They better bring in someone who has serious qualities at the OC position. Hopefully the offense doesn’t do like the Rams and Lions did after Martz left there…

As far as a replacement goes Jay Glazer is reporting that former Rams head coach Scott Linehan has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Martz.

Source: Martz Looking for Work Again

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  • 9ermanforlife

    we are fuckd…. mcloughlin is a fuckin idiot

  • 9ermanforlife


  • FunkyFrank

    ***ATTENTION*** If you read Maiocco's latest blog and the update to Barrows' blog, both mention that Maiocco spoke with Martz on the phone and Martz knew nothing about being dismissed. Again, the media is trying to leak information from the 49ers that is not official. Big surprise. Anyway, everyone is expecting Martz to be dismissed, but he had not even met with Singletary or McCloughan yet. They are to meet later today, and I'm betting the official announcement will be made at the 2PM presser tomorrow given by Coach Sing. Apparently, Jed never wanted Martz hired in the first place… Nolan made the call on his own.

  • Desert9er

    Well, this little tidbit suggests it was Jed's call, not really Scott's either:

    "Reading between the lines on Martz situation"

    Still, I don't like it. I agree with all of you who have posted above.

    That said, not sure what the knock is on Scott's drafts so far. In the past 4 drafts we have picked up:

    Solid: PWillis, JStaley, MLawson, PHaralson, DWalker, FGore

    Decent: ASnyder, JMorgan, JHill, DBaas, BBajema

    Jury's Still Out: CRachal, TBrown, KBalmer

    Only true notable high round busts: ASmith, VDavis (maybe, needs better hands but blocking is great)

    I don't think that's bad. If Josh Morgan plays out, what a steal in round 6.

  • 9ermanforlife

    funky if that is true Jed york isnt ready for the job.. he is 27 years old with very little experience. The only reason he got the job is because his parents own the team!

  • Shaun Hill had a career? Dude has played in what, 13 games?

  • joe gomez

    Dont agree with this at all. If it weren't for martz we wouldn't have had all those come from behind wins. We don't have a RB stable like say the raiders. If gore goes down I wouldn't feel comfortable with foster. I also heard he has fumble problems. I will miss Martz's passing offense. We better get someone better than Martz or McClueless and Jed will officially be callled fucking idiots.

  • Lowrance

    Holy Crap! Why?

    I hope they have a solid guy already lined up to replace him. Or someone Mike has suggested that he’d like to have in there after they nixed Martz staying. If this is a money move, it sucks. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the official word is.

    Hiring a new OC every year is not going to make us competative.


    Joe, if it weren't for Martz we probably wouldn't have had to mount comebacks in the first place. When you turn the ball over you're usually going to have to play from behind. I agree we need to focus more on our running game. We need another power running back to compliment Gore. This team is set up to pound the ball. Good O-linemen would rather attack and hit the defense than step back and pass block 40 times per game. I don't agree with paying Vernon Davis more than any other tight end in the NFL just so he can be a glorified o-lineman. With Martz gone that will change. In Martz's offense, you need every blocker you can get, or else the QB will have no time and make mistakes and/or die prematurely.

    Pundit, where's James been hiding?

  • Jimbo

    Horrible decision…..shaun hill’s career is over.

  • Forensics 187

    I’m not surprised. I think that Martz is a good OC without a doubt, but not for us. We are a running team. That’s our identity, and that’s where we excel, Once Singletary took over we ran it even more (with success too). Look for more Foster next year with less of a load on Gore. I love Gore but I also think we looked good with a little more Foster in there too. Run baby run!

    We don’t really have a QB, and what’s the best way to move the ball with an average QB at best? Run the shit out of the ball.

  • KC_Cisco

    I wish we would have singed Cam Caneron when we had the chance. He’s done a great job in Baltimore. And when all he has was Tomlinson and Gates–he knew how to maximize them. I’m not a huge Martz guy–but he did a lot w/a little.

  • we are screwed…….now what another damn QB competition and a new offense to learn. Right when we get good Scott fires em. How about Scott finds a new job with a YAFL team!

  • Lott

    Jimbo that is a idiotic statement, their is someone out their with better credentials than Martz. The 49ers and Jed York are trying to reinvent this team and bering back the Debartlo era, something your probably to young to remember. When jed entered the locker room yesterday, and said this is the last time our season ends in December, was it just me, or did that remind everyone of Eddie D entering the locker room and making his presense and his expectations for winning known. I am tired of the same stagnent crap the last 10 years, its seems like we always settle for mediocrace, and true 49er fans are tired of this hamiliating shit! The 49ers need to bring in the highest qaulity proven coordinator in here, not someone who has a inconsistency. We need a proven winner the best offensive mind out their! This is orginization of excellence and the last ten years we have discraced our orginization and our fans! We are an elite orginzation and its about time we step up!

  • miscus555

    so much for sing having control of hiring/firing his assistants. martz is martz but i think he made things happen for us this season. he utilized all of the offensive players who were on the field. in some of our games, everyone had a catch. even if we are a running team, we still need to be competative passing the ball b/c there are alot of teams out there who can stop the run. i would have liked to see Hill play with a whole off season of Martz’s schooling. an what about Alex Smith? poor guys has to learn another offense if he stays with us. guess we’ll see who we get. better be good.

  • 9ermanforlife

    Scot McCloughan needs to be fired immediately… he is trash.. now all we have to look forward to is Scot McCloughan making really shitty picks int he draft for us

  • 9ermanforlife

    SOMEONE please telll me that we have a future.. idk what we can do changing out offense again… i kno we are a running team but if anyone didnt notice OUR O LINE NEEDS HELP. Martz helped us so much we passed the ball all over the field and still ran it effectively.. massive mistake by 49ers office. But did we really expect anything different from 9ers management?

  • Vin

    They only way this turns out to be positive is if the chargers lose 50-0 and turner gets fired, and he comes back to SF. That probably wont happen. I am willing to bet my milk money that the 49ers lure Brian Billick away from the announcers booth. The writing is on the wall…. sing and billick worked together already, billick is part of the lineage, and billick will install the west coast offense. The only thing thats scary about billick is what he did in baltimore….

  • Niner Pundit

    Frank…you go ahead and hold out hope and wait until tomorrow for it to come out of Singletary’s mouth. The writing is on the wall. Jed and Scot both never wanted Martz. He is so gone.

  • Don Juan De Marco

    We need the WEST Coast offense back, Vin your right we need a coach that will bring that system back in, the short accurate passes that would eat up the field and frustrate the offense. We need that primo oiffensive coordinator, big proven physical receivers and a Matt Cassell or someone of his calibur, Hill can be backup a try to win the starting job much like Steve Young. We need to draft a future Qb, groom him and bring in Cassel, no more shitty losing QB’s like J.T. O’sullivan, we need proven winners not shit, this is the 49ers the standard in football, we don’t need anymore crap brought in!

  • Don Juan De Marco

    I mean frustrate the defense!

  • Jake the Snake

    Seems like everyone in here want to be stagnent and not go to the next level we are an elite orginization much like the yankees, we need to start pulling off blockbuster trades and bring in winners!

  • FunkyFrank

    I’m not holding out any hope, Pundit. I also read in the blog entry by MM that Martz didn’t really have anything to do with Scotty or Jed, so that doesn’t bode well for him either. No conversation longer than about 2 mins with either of them… seems like a disconnect to me. How can you expect to keep your job when you talk to your boss(es) less than 2 minutes at a time? Maybe he’s a little lacking on the business side of football and too savvy on the X’s and O’s. Nothing wrong with that IMO, but not very smart when it comes to job security. I must believe that there are plenty of guys out there with offensive coaching talent. We have a lot of talent on this team, so it should not be impossible to fill Martz’s shoes. Maybe I’m just too much of an armchair QB. :-)

  • FunkyFrank

    It is now official… wasn’t holding out any hope, Pundit. MM blog. I think Singletary can get someone better in there. He has to go with someone he picks because he is the one who will be held fully responsible now. Martz did well, but I have faith we’ll keep it going. We have a lot of talent on this team, and will only continue to improve with motivation. We definitely need to keep Spikes around. Give S. Hill some confidence and name him the starter. The guy is clutch and composed… gets rid of the ball quickly, and with more experience, will not throw as many INTs. No need for JTO, or J. Martin any more either. Draft a young QB in the mid rounds to learn the system and be the backup.

  • diehard9er

    Change is not always good! Martz worked wonders with what he had. Frank had attempts but those break away runs weren’t here this year. We ned to draft a speed back and have a real duo like the elite teams.

  • West

    Scott Linehan could work nicely with Sing……… Scott did a nice job with the Viks and Mia……..He would make since, he knows how to run the ball and i dont see him getting a HC job anytime soon.

  • c-tree-p.o.

    NFL networks just said, Mike Shanahan Fired! Our new OC maybe?

  • RaphL

    Like i’ve said on the boards… I’ll have to reserve my judgement until they actually hire the next OC but as of right now I think this move is just plain dumb. I think people are forgetting how inept our offense was last season. Our offense this season has OVERACHEIVED. Being ranked 13th in passing with the QB and wr’s we had is tremendous. Isaac Bruce would be a 3rd string (if that) wide receiver on any other team and look how productive he has been here. Martz did extremely well IMO….even though he had some issues.

    Whomever they replace him with better be an UPGRADE for this to be worth install a new offensive system. Brian Billick isn’t.

  • West

    I got this off Matt Barrows 49ers blog

    When you look at the league standings, you start to understand why the 49ers parted ways with Martz. All of the top 5 teams in rushing offense made the playoffs this season. Only two of the top 5 teams in passing offense are postseason-bound, and one of them is the less-than-overwhelming Cardinals. (See: Dec. 21 vs. New England). In fact, the top five rushing teams this season combined for a record of 56-24. The top 5 passing teams were 45-35. The 13-3 Tennessee Titans, owners of the league’s best record this season, ranked seventh in rushing and 27th in passing. Martz’s 49ers were 13th in passing and 27th in rushing.

    Top 5 rushing offense
    1. Giants 12-4 (NFC East division winner)
    2. Falcons 11-5 (NFC Wild Card)
    3. Panthers 12-4 (NFC South division winner)
    4. Ravens 11-5 (AFC Wild Card)
    5. Vikings 10-6 (NFC North division winner)

    Top 5 passing offense
    1. Saints 8-8 (no playoffs)
    2. Cardinals 9-7 (NFC West division winner)
    3. Broncos 8-8 (no playoffs)
    4. Texans 8-8 (no playoffs)
    5. Colts 12-4 (AFC Wild Card)

  • diehard9er

    I can’t see Shanahan taking backseat to Singletary!

  • Forensics 187

    I just heard that Mike Shanahan got fired, we should bring him back as OC.

  • West

    I take Scott Linehan over Mike Shanahan! Shanahan will get another HC job soon

  • FunkyFrank

    I agree West. We definitely need to be aware of the possibility of someone coming in and getting offered a HC job the next year. Shanahan is a good coach, but I definitely think he would be like Martz and looking to be HC in the near future if not next year. It’s a HC firing epidemic right now. Plenty of openings for Shanahan. Linehan will need to prove himself again and will be likely to stick around longer, but I’m not sure he’s the answer either. Billick just makes funny Coors Light commercials (joke). I don’t think he would work well. I’m sure Sing will figure out the best man for the job.

  • West

    Think of what Scott Linehan did for Minn and Mia…….We got the RB for him and he never really had a great name QB, Culpepper & Gus Frerotte which both had nice years under him.

    FunkyFrank On a side note gotta love them commercials!

  • Ninerfan81

    Was it just me or did it look good having both Gore and Foster in running the football on Sunday? I like the idea of having two quality running backs, I can’t remember the year it was but we did have 2 running backs go over 1000 yards in teh same year. (See Hearst)

    As for Martz, he’s good at what he does but it comes down to a personnel issue more than anything. We don’t have the O-Line to run 20 yard pays each time, (See the sack totals!) So Singletary does have a few guys in mind and will bring them in to run HIS offense.

    Singletary wants to run the football more the pass and that’s okay if you have the offensive weapons in place to make the opposing teams thing twice about stacking the boxing with 8 or 9 men.

  • Lowrance

    You can’t have a good running team if your line doesn’t block.

    GET LINEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 9nerfan

    it’s true. shanahan is fired. god it would be great if he did come back huh. but i doubt it. so many teams need a head coach and i bet he’s first on the list. if martz is gone, i just hope they bring in a proven winner.not some damn project like hostler. but i do hope martz stays. we need consistency. i believe a year under him would be better. we really really need some consistency to be a playoff contender. a new oc in so many years. damn man. i dont know. i dont know of any team changing OC as many times as we do and be any good.

  • Ninerfan81

    What about Al Saunders? Or Gil Haskell from Seattle? With Singletary being promoted we still need an Assistant Head Coach and Haskell does fit the bill.

    Saunders does have a great resume both for running the ball and passing. He certainly would be able to handle the Martz play book since he coached under him when the won the Super Bowl.

    I think either one of these guys would be great and aren’t liking up for a Head Coaching position anytime soon.


    maybe now that shanahan has been fired he will want to come back to the niners and be our offensive coordinator again, that would be really nice but that’s not going to happen!

    I like what martz has done but I think he failed he does not understand that just passing is never going to make it. When he played the patriots in the superbowl he never made any adjustments to the type of defense they were playing, if he is a true mastermind like everyone thinks he is then he would have figured out that the pats were playing a defense that would have let him run crazy on them but instead they were dropping everyone and he still passed!

    And he is going to leave once he gets a job as a headcoach, we need someone to hang out a bit. I know it leaves us in the situation with having a new OC for the 7th year in a row but we need to build something and martz would have left this year or next anyways, wasn’t a long time fix.

    Just please find someone who is good PLEASE NINERS….


    You guys who are all upset and peeing your little pants about Martz getting fired need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

    First of all, this was Singletary’s move. Singletary is not a guy who is going to be taking orders from Littleman Jed or McClueless about who his coaches are going to be 2 days after they both told the media that Singletary has complete control over his staff. Singletary is no one’s pawn.

    Second, Martz’s style of offense directly conflicts with Singletary’s vision for this team’s success. Turnovers, seven-step drops, sacks, and 22 straight passes in the 4th quarter don’t mesh with the “formula for success” mantra that we are all so familiar with.

    Third, don’t act like this is coming as some kind of a shock. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Martz’s days were numbered the second Nolan was fired. Nolan’s “panic-hire” was doomed from the beginning.

    I agree 100% with this move. This style of offense will never give us a championship. It worked in St. Louis because teams never thought in a million years that there was someone with the kind of balls to just come out and fill the sky full of footballs while getting lucky enough to somehow outscore the other team while turning the ball over and getting the QB killed. Martz’s “greatest show on whatever” is dead.

    I don’t know about you guys, but senseless turnovers really bother me. It’s one thing to get beat on the up and up by a team that is simply better, but to continually hand the game over by default of your own offensive scheme, really makes me want to kill someone. We had some success in the 2nd half of the season simply because Singletary stepped on Martz’s head and made him alter his game planning. But there was still some residue of Martz’s style especially late in the Miami game.


  • Bobby Boucher

    Well put Axegrinder. I think Martz likes JTO in his ass though.

  • Rebels

    There still a little hope for those of you that would like to see Norv Turner back. Check out this link.

  • Rochester

    Even though expected, I’m a little apprehensive about this move. Under Martz, our offense went from 32nd to 23rd in total yards, not great but an improvement nonetheless.

    I’m going to withhold judgment, however, and put my faith in Mike Singletary. Lets see who he hires and how it works out…a little smash mouth football sounds good for a change.

  • redneck9er

    My problem is name a few guys to replace him that are truthfully worthy. martz at least gave us a chance for some continuity and wins. Perhaps we can bring back ‘ol stupid who replaced turner (Can’t think of his name for some reason). Anyone who is saying Martz deserved to go at least back it with some possible replacements.

  • lotts daddy

    Lott… your an Idiot! you too gomez.


    I’m a proponent of Martz leaving because of the ultimately self-destructive offensive scheme he represents. I’m not an expert on coaching resumes throughout the NFL. I know I want someone who believes in ball security and longevity in the quarterback position. I also want someone who will make a commitment to this organization. How would you guys feel if we made it to the first round of the playoffs next year because in part to our weak-ass division and lost? Then some dipshit team like the Browns makes Martz an offer. He’d be gone in a second and then where would we be? Up shit creek again.

    We have to trust Singletary to make the right call. The season was a disaster before Singletary took over. The successful turnaround was 80% Singletary and 20% Martz. Remember Martz was the coordinator when we lost 5 games in a row, and he was as much to blame for that as anyone. Singletary reigned him in.

    I can name obvious choices (Shanahan, Billick, Gailley, Mariucci, Holmgren, Garrett, ect., and then we’d eventually lose them to HC vacancies) and even more unpopular ones like Tom Rathman? But in the end it doesn’t matter what we think. I’m just posting an opinion on one of a million blogs. If what we thought mattered so much they would give us 4-year, $10 million dollar contracts.

  • Rob

    There is one thing that concerns me about this move. We all know JTO is on his way out. Even if Martz hadn't been fired, he probably wouldn't have stuck around. But, what about Isaac Bruce? Wasn't Martz the reason he came to San Fran? I think he is under contract beyond this year, but I'm concerned that he might decide that, at his age, he doesn't want to learn another offensive scheme, and decide to retire. And, while Hill & Morgan are definitely up-and-comers, we need a receiver of Bruce's quality on our roster. If nothing else, just to mentor Hill & Morgan and give them a little time to grow into their roles. So, I just hope this move doesn't force Bruce into retirement.

  • Bad move if Martz wasnt here then Sing wouldnt be the Head coach!!! I dont believe all that BS that Jed made Martz get fired either Sing likes old school football run first. And Martz is all about Pass first which I liked cause sometimes we couldnt run at all.

    Pundit get off the we hate the Yorks already give Jed a chance…

  • 9ermanforlife

    medford i agree if martz wasnt there sing wouldnt have gotten re-hired

  • West

    Medford, Im with you on give Jed a chance…. Just heard him on KNBR an not gonna lie, Theres something different there….Jed grew up around Eddie an different from his parents "He cares, an wants to Win"……….

    On Martz I dont like having another OC, but this is Sings team an he should be able to bring in his style of football….. Our line wasn't built for Martz football, Our line can run the ball an thats how they built it over the years….There are some OC out there that Sing can bring in an suceed……Scott Linehan would be my 1st choice…..Gregg Knapp name is around (mixed feelings, i keep seeing T.O. checkin him)…….Norm Chow

  • diehard9er

    Just imagine where our offense would be next year if Martz returned! An entire off-season to work with Hill and the rest of the offense. We would have to have gotten even better. Now throw that out the window because we have to start all over again. Al Saunders sounds the best so far.

  • joe gomez

    Good points Axe, but Martz wasnt the one who coughed up the ball and threw those int’s. Those comebacks were terrific and it was Martz’s offense that won us those games. The defense has played mediocre as far as stopping the run and rushing the passer and was horrific in the safety positions. Martz did a good job this year and didnt deserve to get fired. I’d like to see who we get because if hes not better than Martz than it will show you just how fucked up our top brass are.

  • joe gomez

    Axe did you just mention Rathman or Mariucci over for offensive coordinator? LOL.. get real. If those are our choices then we really fucked up by letting Martz go.

  • joe gomez

    OH one last thing Axe.. its already been reported that this WAS NOT just Singletary’s move. Jed and McClueless had their input in it too. As a matter of fact, Sing was reported to have wanted to keep Martz but was told otherwise.

  • West

    Al Saunders could set us back if he became our OC….Brunnel struggled with his playbook in Washington, to long an complicated…..Was the Rams Offense that good last year under him?

    Wouldnt mind bringing Al Saunders in as Assistant HC for Sing

  • Rob

    While I understand why they did this, this move makes me nervous. To create more instability at a position that is already as unstable as a three year old on a unicycle is a gamble. I will trust that Singletary knows what he is doing. But, I hope he finds a good replacement.

    What did Linehan do before he was HC? I had never even heard of him before he was HC of the Rams. Was he an OC?

    And, don’t hold your breath on Shannahan. His firing is considered a shock to the NFL and he will be HC somewhere else.

    By the way, why are some people cursing McCloughlan for this move? Singletary said he has full control of his coaching staff, so this was his decision. Some of you guys need to stop blaming McCloughlan so quickly for all our problems…

  • joe gomez

    Consistency is the key. This is not a smart move. Sing did want to keep Martz. Its those idiots Jed and McClueless who again wanted to go with a different coordinator for the 7th straight year. Now the offense has to start over and learn a new system just as they have started to gel with Martz's offense. Im sure Bruce isnt happy about this. Hes the reason why he even came. Now if they dont sign somebody with a credible resume then this is another fucked up decision made by the management. All im here so far is Knapp, Mariucci, Rathman… please get real. These guys better than Martz on offense? What a fucking joke. Time can only tell but I dont see us as a power running team. We should go back to the west coast offense because after Gore all we have are Foster and Robinson. I wanted to give Clayton a chance but I guess they dont feel hes ready. Hes a powerful back and should be given a chance. I hope we dont become the "1 yard and a cloud of smoke" offense. That is boring as fuck. I will miss Martz's offense!!!!


    Hey Joe, I would be interested to read the report that said Jed and McClueless fired Martz. It wouldn't make sense for both of them to tell the free world that Sing has control over his own staff and then make him fire the offensive coordinator. I seriously doubt that Singletary is going to bend over for either one of those guys. Martz and Singletary have different philosophies, period. If Martz could go to a variation of the west coast system where run sets up the pass, I'd be for him staying for another just so he could bounce out next year and we'd all be having this conversation then. I could give a fuck about a so-called boring offense, I just want to win games. If we could keep our defense off the field, dominate in T.O.P, if could possibly have a 2000 yard rusher, or better yet two 1200 yard rushers, that's not boring in my opinion. Plus our D would be fresh every series so they could get after the quarterback, force three and outs, and get turnovers of their own.

    Just because Martz got fired, doesn't mean he wouldn't have left anyway. I think the chances of Martz taking a hike because of a difference in philosophy were better than good. His ego is bigger than shit.

    I'm going to trust Singletary. If I'm wrong, that means Singletary's wrong, and that will suck for everyone.

    And Ryan FYI Linehan got fired the week before Nolan did and if that's not what you mean then I don't understand your last comment.

  • Texas9er

    What do you guys think about bringing in Byron Leftwich. If we are going to be a running team I think that he would ge a good fit and he won't cost as much as Matt Cassel. If Singletary isn't sold on Hill I wouldn't mind haveing Leftwich. He has played well for Pittsburg.

  • West

    Rob..Background on Scott Linehan, OC for Viks & Dolphins

    Linehan was the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings the past three seasons, guiding one of the NFL’s most potent offenses. The Vikings offensive unit ranked No.1 overall in the NFL in 2003, finishing fourth in both passing and rushing yards. They followed that up with a No. 4 overall ranking this past season, concluding as the No. 2 passing team in the league. Under Linehan’s supervision, Minnesota quarterback Daunte Culpepper put together one of the greatest passing seasons of all time, posting the fourth-highest passer rating and fifth-most touchdowns in NFL single-season history. In his first NFL season in 2002, Linehan directed the No. 2-ranked offensive unit and the NFL’s leading rushing attack.

    Linehan has never been a head coach at any level until the Rams. He’s been in the NFL for four years, the first three as offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings where he helped produce the top-ranked offense in 2003.

    The Dolphins also improved from 29th in total offense to 14th, and went from 31st in rushing to 12th. Linehan shuffled Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown successfully at running back, and coaxed a career-high 18 touchdown passes from Gus Frerotte.

  • Until they show me an OC that makes me say,”WOW” then I am TOTALLY AGAINST this move. It makes no sense, we were moving in the right direction, Singletary doesn’t know anything about OFFENSE, and there IS NO ONE AVAILABLE that is capable of taking us further than Martz. DUMB MOVE in my worthless opinion regardless if Singetary wants a power running game. Another year of Martz and we would have been in the playoffs. Yeah, he might have left after next season, but what do you think will happen if the niners go get a NEW OC this season? The players are learning a new offense EVERY year and this year it is going to be under a LESSER OC. NO ONE IS AVAILABLE!!!! Should have seen it through his contract.

  • Better hope they fire Linehan because if they don’t then BANK ON MARTZ GOING BACK TO THE LAMBS….and STICK IT TO US!!!


    One thing I am a little disappointed about is Sing not naming Hill the starter for ’09 during his press conference. He’s a good fit for the style of offense Sing wants to run. He says he also wants a safety and maybe a couple of pass rushers, and another O- lineman because Mr. Glass sure as fuck better not be here. That shitheel should go on permanent disability or some shit.

  • Ethan

    I am still trying to figure out why anyone would want Martz back. He ruined the Niners season. What short memories everyone has. He conspired to make up a suspicious injury to Hill so that his boy, Just Turnover O'Sullivan could start. If Hill would have started out the season as the Niners starting quarterback, they would have still been playing this coming weekend. I realize that the Niners have had a different OC the past 4 years, but would you want to trust Martz to run the offense when he has such terrible judgement on players. And I quote, "He's probably the best quarterback that I've coached", referring to Just Turnover. Wake Up!!!!!


    To everyone who thinks Martz was our savior and thinks a run-first offense is "boring":

    TOP 5 IN PASSING: (ypg)

    1. Saints 311.1

    2. Cardinals 292.1

    3. Broncos 279.4

    4. Texans 266.7

    5. Colts 255.9

    You can really say that the Colts are the only playoff team on that list. The Cardinals should not have made it.

    TOP 5 RUSHING: (ypg)

    1. Giants 157.4

    2. Falcons 152.7

    3. Panthers 152.3

    4. Ravens 148.5

    5. Vikings 145.8

    All these teams are in the playoffs.

    I bit this list from richierich on 49erswebzone but it proves my point that a run-first mentality gets to the playoffs and ultimately wins championships. After reading the list anyone who says they prefer Mike Martz over a power running game really has no leg to stand on.

  • joe gomez

    Hey Axe so many sources on the fact that it was Jed and McClueless didn't like Martz. Dude where have you been? Go to Matt Maiioco's or listen to KNBR more often maybe you'll be in tune with niner news better. The whole thing is you can't keep running when your behind. We need to pass to put up the points. After Gore we have mediocre backs running behind a mediocre line. That style of football only works if you put points on the board and you have the defense to prevent the other team from lighting it up. I would say yes to the west coast offense where we still control the clock. But power running offense? That will guarantee only one thing. Our punter will be back in the pro bowl. Did any of you ever see Young or Montana hand the ball off every play? No they did when they wanted but they passed their asses off. Now I know we don't have that caliber of a QB with hill but he can throw the ball and still sustain long drives. Bottom line is we need to get back to that west coast offense. Fuck the power running offense. Unless we get in somebody that can share the load with Gore who is just as good. Foster isn't the answer. Robinson isn't the answer. Who knows maybe it's Clayton. I really hope we get the right OC because we just fired one of the best.

  • joe gomez

    oh and another thing Axe. Boring usually means losing. Boring means slot of 3 & outs. Boring means our punter goes to the fucking pro bowl! Excitement means running passing and having a solid defense. We clear now?

  • MSouza

    Joe Gomez = Mike Martz

    I like Martz but I think we can find better. It is over. We always seem to have good offensive coordinators, except Hostler. Which is illustrated by them all leaving for head coaching jobs. I'm sure we will find a qualified individual.

    Just to let you know, power running doesn't mean that the coach forgot what a forward pass looks like. It just means that a team can run on anybody, through strength not trickery. It doesn't necessarily mean 25 to 30 carries a game, it means that when you need a key play there is no doubt that the right call is the run. Martz doesn't have a power running scheme. He has a slashing, cut back, finesse running style, which is fine, but that isn't what they want to see in the bay.

    I remember last year on here everybody, including me, was lukewarm at best on Martz. Now that he has been fired he was brilliant and the best offensive mind since Walsh.


    Hey Joe, yeah we're clear. According to you we have mediocre backs, a mediocre line and a defense that can't stop anybody. Oh, and Martz is one of the best. That's why he's been fired everywhere he's been. That's also why his offenses always lead the NFL in sacks and turnovers. I don't care if we had Vince Lombardi as HC and Jesus Christ as his assistant we couldn't win a Superbowl with those ingredients. You want to know where I've been? Where were you during the first 8 games? Were you watching? Where was Martz's God-like offense then? You know why we were always playing from behind? BECAUSE WE KEPT TURNING THE FUCKING BALL OVER!!! Those games are why the faggot-ass Cardinals are in the playoffs and we're not. Oh, and before you blame all that on JTO, remember that according to your boy Martz, "he's the best QB I've ever coached." If it wasn't for Singletary, Hill probably would have never started and we might have gone 3-13. You know what a west coast offense is? One of the basic fundamentals of that style is "run to set up the pass". And I'm not saying you have to hand the ball off EVERY DOWN. Just enough to wear the opposing defense out and keep their offense off the field. A balanced offense is good, and Martz's offense was far from balanced.

    You can go ahead and blame Jed and Scot for everything if you want, I don't care. I mean, I respect your opinion and everything, I just don't share it. Only time will tell which one of us is right.

  • joe gomez

    MSouza=has no clue

    Hey Souza does Martz=Ninet Pundit also? He also didn't like the firing. I know deep inside whatever the different philosophies they shared Sing is regretting firing him. Il say this one more time… Jed 'I'm stil a yorkie' York and Scot mcClueless had Martz fired. Maybe not directly but they were behind the whole thing. Jed told Martz straight to his face he didn't want to hire and McClueless has spoken to Martz for about 2 minutes the entire season. Bottom line is he was a great offensive mind to have on our side and by the way has a championship ring.

    Something we haven't seen going on 14 years now. Ok guys so if Martz is so bad name somebody that is better and has a better resume than Martz. Say the names then plug your ears because your probably gonna get laughed at. Worst thing is again we are switching when it took so long for the offense especially Hill to learn the system. It seems like we will never get consistency in Ninerland.

  • joe gomez

    Hey axe woulda shoulda is bullshit. The cardinals are in and were not. The colts are in again and have won a championship with it. I’m not against running the ball but I’m saying you have to have a balanced attack. Martz won a championship so why do you continue to bash him? Our defense doesn’t allow us to run all the time. If we had a D like the Steelers or Ravens than maybe we can run run run and run some more. But our D is weak in pass rush and secondary so we will be playing from behind alot. Now let me ask you this. Are you gonna keep handing off the ball when your two TD’s behind? Ofcourse your not your gonna air it out.
    That’s where martz’s offense can get you back in the game with his quick strike offense. Until our D can stop somebody this power run attack won’t work.

  • joe gomez

    Hey Axe… Yah I said our D and O-line are mediocre. Did you think they were great? Oh and if Martz’s offense was do bad how in the flying fuck did he win the championship? How in the fuck did Faulk gain so many yards? How did Gore break a thousand again? Quit blaming Martz for JTO’s poor pocket presence. Remember our last several games were come from behind wins running Martz’s offense. Oh did you think Sing took over. He doesn’t do shit on offense that was still Martz! Ok so you name me replacement now so I can laugh at your ass. Your acting as if I’m the only one who disagrees with the firing. The fucking person who runs this fucking site doesn’t agree with it either. I’m sure he knows a little about football. Look dude, I like running the ball don’t get me wrong, but mark my words whoever comes in WILL NOT be better than Martz! There’s nobody out there! They’re talking Norm Chow for god sake!
    A fucking college coach over a Super Bowl winner? Mariucci? Please. Rathman? No way. Linehan? Average at best. Turner? Still not better than Martz and that’s a long shot we get him. Ok if we get Turner back than I would be saidfied. Anybody else, we will be begging for Marts to come back. Do you realize we were #3 in the whole league on big plays over 40 yards? That’s saying something about our offense. We have improved slot and you guys have no appreciation for what that man did for our offense. Wait and see who comes in. If it’s not Turner I will be laughing again. Remember this day.

  • joe gomez

    Oh forgot to clear you up on the backs. I never said we had mediocre backs. I think Gore is a good back. Foster an average back. Robinson a barely average back. I think Clayton should get more looKs. Our safeties are mediocre. Our corners average. Our LB’s are good. Our D-line is good against the run but mediocre on the pass rush. We have been looking for a game breaking WR since TO left and have been looking for a DE since Haley left. RB were good with Gore but wouldn’t mind signing another stud. Were one injury away from Foster getting all the carries. QB is stil a question mark apparently. Again we need help on the O-line. I think Rachal came into his own. Can’t say the same for Balmer on the D-line. Special teams have been solid. Hope Rossum comes back next year. Battle would be the guy if he doesn’t. Don’t feel good about Battle. Let’s see what happens. Again, the new OC better be better than Martz! Can’t say that enough.


    I'm also willing to bet Crabtree goes to the Rams or Chiefs. Detroit will take a QB. We should go pass-rusher with our #10 pick. Not sure who's out there that fits that mold.

  • Mike in MD

    If we miss our OT in the 1st Round I like Phil Loadholt in the 2nd Rd. 350 lb power mauling beast against the run. His pass pro will come along. Nasty streak. We might have to trade up. We have 2 comp picks this year. 9 PICKS TOTAL. We also might go to FA where Jordan Gross is available.

  • Mike in MD

    Can't disagree you with you there Axe. Your right on.

  • West

    Joe….. As for Crabtree I don’t see him making it past the Raiders, Seattle may grab him…… Plus I think we are going to bring in Vet if Bruce leaves….Plaxico, T.J…… who knows…………….There are some good late round Qbs that should be there for us.. Harrel Texas Tech or Painter Purdue…Just hope they get a chance to learn the system for a year…… OT Jason Smith from Baylor could also be there for us at #10… I personally want T Mays FS USC in that spot but wouldn’t be mad with J.Smith either……Im hoping Takeo Spikes is coming back as he openly desires so I don’t see us grabing R. Maualuga ILB from USC but he is a beast………A Boone OT Ohio State is a later round option…………..Greg Hardy DE from Ole Miss should be good also………..I’ve seen us taking B.J Raji DT Boston college in the 2nd round on some mocks…..either way we should be having a good draft…… Sing mentioned /hinted on KNBR that we will be looking at adding a RB in the draft “later round” also bringing in a Vet QB….. Only name I could think of with a westcoast background would be McNabb but I don’t see that, we have so many other holes DE/ OLB/OT/FS/WR/DT

  • Mike in MD

    West – Raji is in Mayock & Kipers top 10. He had a freakin' great game yesterday in their bowl game. I think the secrets coming out on him. Terrance Cody is staying for his Senior year & these are the 2 stud NT's in this Draft.

    I love your boy Jason Smith. I'm just not sure if he can bulk up enough for the power run game Sing's looking for. I'm sure he's under consideration. Dude plays nasty, loves to pass pro & run block. He's a top talent no doubt.

    I'll be happy with either Raji or Mays. I agree we'll probably pass on Maualuga.

    Boone had good marks but the rest of his OLine didn't. I still like Loadholt in the 2nd before him but Boone is on my list as a possible later rounder. Can't remember where I have him after Loadholt.

    I really like Hardy from Ole Miss but he's never healed 100% from his foot injury this year. Low production. He barely played in the bowl game today vs TTech. 2nd Rd for me maybe but not 1st, too risky. When healthy he's a terror in SEC competition. I like that DT though Perry. 305 lbs power & has speed…a Haynesworth build. Ideal DE.

    Your other boy Nate Davis is re-thinking coming out for the Draft. He should announce sometime next week. I like him, we should be targeting him somehow. Top of 2nd or late 1st. Sing wants a QB, don't know his strategy…FA or Draft, could be both. Nice this year we have 9 PICKS!

  • joe gomez

    Axe…don't count those small guys out. Look at little Sproles in SD and who remembers Joe Morris? Don't mind big backs just as long as they have enough break away speed to take it to the house in open field. I want a game breaker at the WR and RB positions. Not happy with Gore being the whole offense.

  • joe gomez

    Bigrawb. He'll yeah you gotta have two different styles to throw that defense off. Man what do you think of Robinson though? I am not impressed at all. Clayton should have been given a shot. Gore is definitely a bruiser with some good lateral movement like you said. One more stud RB and we will be on our way!


    Joe, you're definately right about Sproles, that dude is a buffed midget. I love watching that guy. But I think Thomas Clayton fits that slasher type. He isn't going to run anyone over, but he could break it to the outside like a Reggie Bush or someone like that. I'd like to see him catching balls out of the backfield. I'm sayin' we definately need a short yardage back. we were for sure lacking that last year.

  • Mike in MD

    So far Joe yes he is. He's in a gray area because it took him 3/4 of the season to heal from knee surgery then he started to come on & make plays. We drafted him as a pass rusher & we missed. Add that to not much production this year he's a bust right now. Next year is kind of a do or die for him. At 100% health will he reach his potential?

    Bust as a pass rusher but IF he can show he can cover the TE's & be a playmaking LB (high tackles/plays vs the pass…overall making an impact) he will turn into an OK pick. The jury will be finally out PERIOD AFTER NEXT YEAR.

    He was the 22nd pick. A late 1st rounder should start & become an impact player. He should make BIG STRIDES HIS 2ND YEAR….Lawson did start his 1st year & in his 2nd showed that but then got injured early last season.


    Mike in MD, I'm pretty sure we're sticking with the 3-4. What about George Selvie out of South Florida? He's a DE but I'm sure we can put him in some kind of a Justin Smith type role. He's supposed to go early 1st round. Know anything about him?

  • Mike in MD

    Axe – NO. Just from scouting reports. For DE pass rushers here's how they're ranked & some of my notes. That size also can play 3-4 OLB. My guys I like I've scouted so far are Orapko, Everett Brown, WAS HARDY….but he's injured this year…too risky, 2nd RD maybe.

    1) Orapko / top 5 pick

    2) Michael Johnson / top 25 **like size/speed

    3) George Selvie / top 25 **scout report sounds good

    *MICHAEL JOHNSON / Georgia Tech / 6-7, 257 lbs / 4.63-40 / Projected top 15 pick / 2007: 4 sacks, 2008: Came on in last 10 games. 6 sacks, 10 TFL

    *GEORGE SELVIE / South Florida / 6-4, 250 lbs / 4.68-40 / Projected top 25 pick / 2006: 5.5 sacks as a freshman, 2007: 14.5 sacks as sophomore, 2008: Facing countless double teams this year, it's amazing Selvie put up 11 TFL and five sacks through 8 games.

    *EVERETTE BROWN / Florida State / 6-4, 250 lbs / 4.60-40 / Projected top 25 pick / 2007: 11.5 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks. As an added bonus, Brown is reliable; he has yet to miss a game in his career as a Seminole. 2008: In nine games, he has 15 TFL and 9 sacks, which could prompt him to declare early.

    *GREG HARDY / Ole Miss / 6-5, 260 / 4.69-40 / Projected top 25 pick / 2007: Hardy's a lock 1st Rd’er if he repeats his 2007 year; Hardy had 10 sacks and 18 tackles for losses, both are incredible numbers in the SEC. With a great 2008, Hardy could crack the top 10. 2008: Hardy hasn't played much all year because of a foot injury. He has 4.5 TFL and 3 sacks in just 4 games.

  • Mike in MD

    Sorry mistake: Michael Johnson is top 15 from Walter's……..

  • Mike in MD

    Joe – I seriously don't know what the hell to do with Robinson. This is another McNolan clueless f*** up in my opinion. Another damn project they drafted because they didn't pick players to match their system. Great ST's but not a real RB….what the hell do we do with him??? Seriously I don't know. Like him, but he doesn't fit anywhere. We could replace him with a short yardage back, #2 big back next to Gore, or a Sproles like change of pace scat back.


    Robinson hasn't measured up as a running back, but he made some tough catches in the last few games. Is he worth keeping? I don't know.

  • Mike in MD

    I think Battle's still solid. The young guys s/b taking over soon hopefully. Battle's tough & remember carried us as a number 1 WR for awhile. Until we get a solid WR core he still is a very good #3 WR or gives us good depth.

  • West

    Anyone catch that USC vs. Penn game? T. Mays FS is a stud, and hoping he is our 10th overall pick!!!

    Joe Gomez, no disrespect but I do feel Linehan will be better than Martz as OC for us…..He’s a better fit, he has done a great job while with Mia & Viks……Gore an V.D. will be happy….Martz would neva get the most out of V.D. and would be gone next year anyways…Martz still wants to be a HC………Joe you make some good points and i often agree with you but Linehan will take us to the next level, and be “with us for awhile”

  • West

    We are gonna need another FB for Sing….Dont know if Zak gonna be back or if he fits…..Gore could get his patna Norris back!

  • joe gomez

    West you sure about Linehan? Seems to me he was pass happy also and ran too. But like I said, Martz always had 1000 yard rushers so you cant say he was ALL pass. As for V.D., I heard he still has alot to learn on running routes thats why he wasn’t getting alot of balls his way. When he did get balls thrown his way he was a big 50-50 if he would catch it. Great blocker but needs to work on his route running and catching ability. So many plays if he were to just stretch out his arms or maybe dived for it could of had a great catch. Still I like V.D. hell only get better. Surprised me when he made the pro bowl though.

  • redneck9er

    Keep Bryant Johnson throught the offseason for some competition issues. Just to scare and drive other players, for he makes a great pon.

  • joe gomez

    West.. Give me your TOP TEN studs coming out of college since you probably know more about college than I do. Any chance we get Crabtree or a stud RB? Any good mid round QB’s? O-Line/DE’s. What are the rumors being thrown around. I saw this one site having us take the beast LB out of USC Maluaaga. I think were good at the LB position. With the #10, I want a game breaker. Isaac might retire and B.J. is pretty much out of here. Were left with Battle again with Hill, Morgan and Zeigler. Not to comfortable with that. Unless we sign a big name FA like the stud out of Cincy not named Ocho Cinco. Man this better be a good draft.

  • joe gomez

    Here something to think about… Even if we release Jonas Jennings and Alex Smith they will still account for almost $10 million against our salary cap. Can we all say “Thanks Jonas “brittle bones” Jennings and Alex “off target” Smith!

  • joe gomez

    West.. I hear the young RB from Cal is a stud. Maybe a good fit to throw the defenses off between him and Gore. He might not be coming out for the draft though. Maybe a year or two away. Know which kid im talking about? I forget his name.


    Joe are you talking about Jahvid Best? I think he’s going to be a junior next year. And he’s under 200lbs. We need a big dude. Best is pretty injury prone too.

  • Mike in MD

    Joe – Jahvid Best…something like that on the first name. I’ve only seen bits but he looks like a bad ass. I want SPEED & EXPLOSIVENESS…IMPACT players on both sides of the ball.

    We have too many freakin’ needs & I don’t think WR in the Draft is going to be high. Maybe in FA we’ll get one. For me we’ve got to build inside out + get a pass rush. This is my 2 cents with our 1st pick….OHER/ASMITH/BJ RAJI/TAYLOR MAYS/MAUALUGA/EVERETT BROWN–I’d try to trade down a few spots here/ORAPKO – if he’s legit, I’m just hearing from people but no 1st hand scouting but he’s ranked as the top pass rusher….Brown has never missed a game & is fast, strong, & a BEAST.

    Oher & ASmith are long shots so skip to Raji as my likely starting point. He’s freakin’ coming out from under the radar. This last bowl game yesterday he was unblockable. One play they needed 3 guys to block him. MAYS OR MAUALUGA – THIS WOULD FILL THE INTIMIDATORS WE NEED WHICH we need so much of on both sides. NO ONE FEARS US & I MEAN NO ONE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL. ON D WILLIS CAN’T DO IT ALONE. Players have their head on a swivel & look up because theý’re afraid of Mays/Maualuga. Rey will KNOCK YOU THE F OUT, NO JOKE. MAYS puts a hurtin on these WR’S. It should result in more turnovers.

    Here’s my take of Crabtree I was talking about before. SORRY I’M NOT SOLD. They say he’s injured in this bowl game vs Ole Miss. He’s practically disappeared in this game. He does that in other games too. The big game Tech won this year Crabtree was non-existent except for that game winning TD + maybe a handful of other catches. What I want from a legit #1 is a guy YOU CAN’T COVER. I watch Brandon Marshall of Denver I can look at him everytime & HE WILL GET OPEN. PLUS I WANT A GAMEBREAKER HOME RUN HITTER. SO IF WE GO AFTER A WR I THINK PERCY HARVIN, MACLIN, MAYBE HEYWARD BEY ARE BETTER FOR ME. Plus with Maclin he doubles as a return man…Rossum’s good for maybe 1, 2 years max.



    Like you said I know Sing will look for a 2nd RB.

  • Mike in MD

    Axe – sounds you know about Jahvid. Injury prone & small didn’t know that? Good info.

    Not sold on Crabtree. I want a homerun hitter for a #1 WR. Dude disappears in games.


    Top 5 defensive prospects for ’09 as of September:


    Don’t get me wrong, Best is a playmaker. We have Clayton already on the roster, And I think they’re the same kind of back. We need a Brandon Jacobs type, to complement Gore and get the tough yards. We were lacking a short yardage back this year, and I don’t think dreadlock man is going to cut it.

  • Mike in MD

    Axe – I haven’t got confirmation on this yet but with Manusky staying we SHOULD BE & I’M ASSUMING we’re staying with the 3-4 D. Singletary played in a 4-3 & 46D …so I’m not 100% sure until it’s announced. With the 3-4 for pass rushers we have to be looking at guys who fit the OLB type.

    Orapko I think has the right size, Everett Brown perfect, Clint Sintim has got some good numbers but I haven’t scouted him.

  • Mike in MD

    I really like Maualuga but understand he’s not a high need for us in the big picture. It goes like this for me…my mind says my 1st 4 —- Oher/ASmith/Raji/Mays. My heart says Maualuga. Willis & Rey in the middle would be an ABSOLUTE F TERROR IN THE MIDDLE. If we happened to take him which I think we won’t Niner fans will not be disappointed. I predict Rey will be the most surest to succeed & be that special WILLIS-LIKE Pro Bowl star player.

    Bottom line…..

    NEED + BPA best for the big picture my 1st 4.

    BPA who I think has the most surest chance to succeed in being that special player: Maualuga.

  • West

    Joe ……Cal RB i believe you are talking about is Best….Hard runner, Cal always has good RB’s….

  • seekret_sauce

    Just saw on the espn ticker that Edgerrin James won't return to the Cardinals next year…just pointing that out.

  • West

    Joe ……Cal RB i believe you are talking about is Best….Hard runner, Cal always has good RB’s….

    Look up Taylor Mays FS USC….. could be that ballhawk we are looking for….6’3 or something with speed……..can play SS or FS… We need a FS like that

  • Mike in MD

    West – do you like Orapko. I don’t know enough about him. Have you watched him.

    Everett Brown is who I like. Has 3 nice pass rush moves. Outside speed rush, inside or out spin move, & bull rush. All good. Never missed a game. Good stats. Jumps out on film.

  • West

    Mike its been awhile………Yea i caught that Ole Miss Tech game…. Hardy around the ball an may get over looked due to injury.. I also dont like him in the 1st round…… Thanks for the update on Raji, would have been nice grabbing him in the 2nd round…Loadholt, your right on with him, i over looked him….

    Something about draft time….Sing an company will be making a splash

  • Mike in MD

    Yeah West I know it’s been some. I’m all over the blogs.
    Hope you & yours had a good Holidays man.

    I’m excited how things are shaping up. The Shanahan thing took me off guard but I like where we’re at. Sing is fresh & fired up. I think he will be thorough & will get to every nook & cranny of what needs to be done & he won’t rest until we get to the top.

    USC was awesome yesterday. Mays has me salivating. We should land some good talent.

    Seems like time’s slow……it should pick up after Free Agency. End of February can’t wait man……….

  • bigRAWb

    Mike — You hit that spot on as far as BPA+Need. It’s already known that our biggest needs are RT, DT, DE/OLB (Hybrid), and FS. With our first pick in the draft, I see us getting BPA/need mixed, unless a beanie wells or a michael crabtree – even malcolm jenkins happen to fall to us(which I honestly don’t think they will). I’d love for us to pick one of the top-tier OT’s(Oher, Smith, Monroe), but if any of the three top ten OTs are gone, we should look elsewhere, as there will be a lot of good tackles coming out this year.

    Also, this year will see an abundance of pass rushing hybrid DE/OLBs, so not being able to get the Orakpos or the Sintims wouldnt hurt(We could possibly even pick up a later round stud like Clay Matthews, USC). Besides, I see us going after Suggs in FA, and drafting a later round pass rusher to develop. I think we should prioritze finding the anchorman for the D, a big, two-gapping DTackle that plays downright nasty(A possibilty could be us getting a BPA at #10, and then trading back up into the mid-late 1st to get Raji).

    At 10 I wanna see us do something exciting, yet worth it. Like I said, if Crabtree, Wells, Or even Jenkins fall to us, take one of them! If one of the top three Tackles fall to us, take one! The Taylor Mays pick, I would like a whole lot too, because that fits a (real bad) need, AND he’d be the likely BPA at 10. I hear a lot of knocks on him, like he doesnt wrap up, no major stats, etc. but first off “wrapping up” is coachable, especially considering Sing is the man coaching. His freakish abilities give him a limitless ceiling, and I can see him becoming the next “DB Terrorizer”

    All in all, having the #10 pick is lovely, because there are tons of possibilities of what to do with the pick, and we’d still be getting a damn good football player.

  • bigRAWb

    *Sorry, I meant to say “WR terrorizer”*

  • bigRAWb

    I completely agree Joe, We absolutely need a good 2nd RB — and not the type that people think. We don’t need a big bruiser type. I think we need more of an agile, quick, slasher type, as Gore is more of the former (he has good lateral movement, he’s just not a home-run threat). Picking up Sproles would give our Offense two completely different looks when Gore is in, as opposed to when Sproles would be in. And that would be a good thing.

  • joe gomez

    Being he was a high draft choice Manny Lawson could possibly be a bust.
    True / False? Give me your answers.

    My answer is True being that he was drafted so high he has been a disappointment

  • Mike in MD

    Rawb – yeah s/b lots of options at 10 plus cheaper. Top 5 means you really sucked big time. Risky & expensive.

    We need FEAR FACTOR on both sides of the ball. You hit it dead on about Mays…doesn’t wrap up sometimes but NO BIGGIE trust me Singletary will fix that & quick. WR’s will be looking out when they run routes past 10 yards deep. No more take what the F you want welcome Roman mat. Mays is around 225 lbs/runs a 4.3/4.4 max-40…that’s a FREAK at that size. What makes him a safe pick is if he becomes too heavy he can EASILY slide to Strong Safety. Don’t see it happening though, he’ll make a home at Free Safety & see if he can reach Lott status. Would be a HUGE UPGRADE.

    I’m almost sure we’re staying 3-4 with Manusky so we need a stud NT. Cody’s staying in school. After Raji it’s a big dropoff. I like Ron Brace/BC/330 lbs in the 3rd Rd. Antonio Dixon/Miami/330 lbs coming off knee surgery but was a 2-3 Rd’er before he injured his knee. So he will be a 7th Rd’er or undrafted. I say kick out Nolan’s clueless project Damane Duckett if he isn’t showing progress & develop Dixon. Other possible late Rd NT projects…Al Woods. NT’s are thin period.

    I’d love to get a change of pace Sproles type RB but Sing will probably want that Jacobs bruiser first.

  • Mike in MD

    Axe – the rosters 53. What do we carry 3 RB’s on gameday right? Gore + 2. We need a bruiser 2nd workhorse + short yardage Jacobs type AND a NYG’s Bradshaw SD Sproles homerun fast explosive type.

    How does Robinson fit here?? There’s just no room. Tough decisions have to be made. I don’t know how we squeeze this guy in. You can’t have an ONLY ST’s player can you??

  • redneck9er

    Well as far as robinson i think he would make a good WR on short and medium passes. a possible replacement for Battle. Obviously we found out we can make it without Battle.

  • Mike in MD

    Wasted time “projects that don’t fit”

    1) Damane Duckett – DT to Offensive Tackle. WTF?? Waste of time,
    how many years now?

    2) Robinson – QB to I don’t know WTH. FB? RB? We could have drafted
    better here to FIT A NEED. Physical hard nose player, good dude,
    but we don’t draft ONLY FOR SPECIAL TEAMS. Get a clue.

    3) Zach Keasey – because you’re a lunch pailer hard worker doesn’t
    make your a legit FB. Too small, can’t destroy LB’s which is
    their job.

  • redneck9er

    No disrespect for battle tough i thought i might add. he is a good pass reciever.

  • Mike in MD

    redneck – your making my point. Another project. Maybe we can try to save this screw up pick. Yeah he “possibly” could make it.


    As long as he’s healthy, Gore will be the focus of opposing defenses. So we bounce Robinson, make Clayton the slasher or get someone else thru free agency, and pick up a Jacobs/ Michael Turner type in the draft? Sounds good to me. So who’s available?


    Oh and I’m not on the Zak Keasy bandwagon, if there is one. I wouldn’t miss him.

  • Mike in MD

    I like what Robinson’s done for us esp his effort & physicality.

    Bottom line with Robinson I see these as his options.

    1) He practices & trains in his vacation time & MC/OTA/TC to become
    a legit RB or legit short yardage back.

    2) We accept him as a ST’s player only if we have the room to do

    3) He can become a legit FB.

    4) What about TE? WR…..maybe.

    If he doesn’t fit any of these the way I see it he’s gonna have to be traded or cut.

    Keasey….pleeeease. How did he even make this team? We should be able to find better. C’MON.

  • redneck9er

    hey I might be thinking to much but with robinson’s hiegth and speech and obvious catchibility. Cornerback, don’t limit him. spread him around he has a fit we just need to find it. As far as what i said about Battle I meant no disrespect, he did carry this team for a good couple of years. But, a time for change is in effect.

  • redneck9er

    Sorry a few too many beers. Hieght and speed I meant to say.

  • joe gomez

    Heres the deal guys, let get rid of the “ordinary and mediocre” players. Lets start by Cutting Robinson. We should of made plays with him throwing the ball out of that wildcat formation. Then Cut Battle, another ex-QB who never used his arm. Also we should cut the following players: Zak “not a real FB” Keasey
    Barry “I cant block anybody” Sims
    Mark “Zero Int’s in the last 2 yrs” Roman
    Alex “what a waste” Smith
    Jonas “brittle as fuck” Jennings
    Damane “worthless” Duckett
    Jamie “grandpa” Martin

    Then….. promote Clayton from the practice squad to compete with Foster and another FA or Draft prick for the 2nd spot beside Gore.
    Then get a stud FA WR like a TJ from Cincy or Plaxico “shot myself” Burress to take the #1 spot have Isaac #2 and Morgan #3 and Hill #4.

    Then….Draft Draft and Draft. Pick up a beast to rush the QB. Maybe get a QB to compete with Shaun Hill and JTO. We should be able to get a good “rangy” safety in the high to middle rounds. Also pick up some good O-Linemen and some D-Linemen. If we can get some Tackles/Guards thru FA. Heard Haynesworth will be available.

    Before all this though, I hope we can pick up a OC, somebody good enough to keep the offense rolling. If Linehan is as good as West says he is than maybe were ok. If not, im telling you all, were gonna regret getting rid of Mike “the Offensive Frankenstein” Martz.

  • joe gomez

    Almost forgot…. get rid of Bryant Johnson. This one year wonder wasnt that impressive in my opinion. Let him go.

  • Magnum

    Sorry throw not through

  • joe gomez

    Edge would be nice. Hes got something to prove after he takes the splinters out of his ass.

  • Billy

    Magnum I think the same thing Micheal Bush would be good with Gore, like Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, I also think Leanard Weaver should be our FB according to Maicco hes expendable, he killed us in that one game wouldnt mind having him instead of "Cheesy" Keasey.

    Anquan Boldins free too Id like to pick him up for the right price if we dont he better not return to the Cards, Kurt is almost done, they have no running game and Boldin might leave so we are taking over with Coach Sing Haynesworth, Gross, or Boldin should be one of McClueless yearly big signings he may be stupid but he gives me somthing to look forward to every offseason!

  • Magnum

    I agree I like Robinson and Battle both- but neither every through the ball – we never used them for there skill set.

    We need a Power Back and a change up back- I believe Robinson could be a descent 4th back, Special team, TE, wideout change up.

    We need a power back ala Leron Mclain or Mike Bush to take the pressure of Gore- (imagine a Bush Gore ticket in the backfield) Let Gore be more of a 3rd down back. He is a good reciever. Also draft a change up back.

    Also Line Vernon Davis up more in the backfield. Either for Pass blocking – receiving out of the Backfield, or a quick end around. That play worked to well this year for them to only run it twice. A running back can block for him on this (let him use his speed), or he can block for Hill on a 3rd or 1st down pass play. (use his best skills speed and blocking) allow walker and Bajema to be the receivers.

    We need to draft O line and sign O line (like Mike said)
    As well as pass rushers. Keep the Receivers we have.( maybe we could trade Johnson for Bush)

  • joe gomez

    Billi I sure don't look forward to McClueless making decisions for this team. Yea forgot about Anquan. He wanted to leave the Cards this season. He would be a solid pick up. Every year it seems like we have so many holes to fill. That tells you how fucking stupid Nolan & McClueless really are. They set this franchise back 6 years. Especially with the lame ass Alex Smith pick.

  • Lowrance

    Watching the Miami?balt game. I can't wait until next year and Mike's agressive style.

    More hits should mean more turnovers FOR us. Hopefully most times we can play closer than 10 plus yards off every receiver too. Would love to dominate like the old days.

    I miss the chicken walk after a GREAT defensive play!!!!!

  • El Mobre

    Uuuummmm….am I the only one wondering if Shanahan would be a good fit as the OC next year? I mean if Singletary is talking going with the power run game, then who better to go with than that guy? I know there's the possibility of a power struggle, but maybe he might want a year to mull over other coaching opportunities while being an OC.

  • West

    Texas9er…… Nice call on Leftwich, I forgot he is a F.A. He would fit, has ran a form of the West Coast Offense during his stay with the Jags, Cant remember what Patino did in ATL system wise…I agree he has played well with Pitt, also would like to add he did well with the Jags….Only concern would be that ankle that was a main reason the Jags let him go…… I wouldnt mind bringing him in! Cassel is gonna cost an prob take away picks from us depending on what the Pats do with him and could leave other needs unmet. Another thing to think about, We got money and have been smart with it….and my favorite part "finally spending on talent we need"!

  • Don Juan De Marco

    Joe everything you said about cleaning house of those BS players is exactly correct. I am also tired of this stagnent mediocrace. When DeBartlo was here he would not stand for that. We let go of those players who are not winners and get the cream of the crop or close to it, this is the Championship 49ers! We nnedto free up trhat money and get Plaxico or someone of his calibur, we need proven star receiver, and weneed to bust ass and get Matt Cassall if he is still available, that would improve the team leaps and bounds. The players you listed Joe do not have that killer instinct, theirs no urgency and passion, I think Robinson more concerned about his career in Broadcasting after football. The 49ers need proven talent plain and simple. The 49era need to be a powerhouse offense again, you need a high power offense to stay in todays game. Hey, REdneck learn how to talk and Go back to the Cowboys Website, your posts are idiotic, and your posing to be a niner fan and that pisses me off! Go back to Hee-Haw at the cowboys website RedneckCowboy! Were gonna beat the he’ll out of those Hillbilies in the coming years in the playoffs, get ready and te.ll your hillbilly friends on your Cowboy chat room. 49ers are the real Americas Team!

  • joe gomez

    Hey Sarah I thought we squashed everything? U wanna stir shit up again. Just like a republican. LOL. If u want war motherfucker let me know bitch.

  • Sarah Palin

    I fucking told you all numerous times what we should do:

    #1 RUN the ball and vote
    result: Singletary ran the ball more and we won and now wants to play a power running offense….which leads me to…….
    #2 Martz would wear out his welcome with his insane ideas and game planning
    result: Dont let the door hit yeah on the way out
    #3 Dont listen to Gomez
    result: Albert Haynesworth was the best defensive player in the league this year and he did not know who he was so dont put too much thought into his bitching, whining, and know it all attitude.

    I pretty much am the greatest 49ers prognosticator in the history of the team and thank you all for your support and gratitude this season . So I will now leave you all with my brilliant draft genius mind by stating the following:

    With the tenth pick of the 2009 NFL draft the 49ers select…..
    Taylor Mays S USC

  • West

    El Mobre……Shanahan is going to be a HC somewhere this year. But you answered your own question, “he might want a year to mull over other coaching opportunities while being an OC”. Sing doesn’t want a short term quick fix or Martz would still be here. Scott Linehan is out there!

  • joe gomez

    Hey Sarah ‘the bitch’ Palin, font think you can come on here once every other month and spill out the garbage you call 49ers knowledge. Your insight on this team is downright pathetic. Also, after about the 20th time the Haynesworth thing got old quick. Can your sorry bitch ass come bring something new for a change? Or is your brain still numb from all the bitch slapping you got from Obama? Another thing, if we pick Mays with our first pick then your the Vice President of the U.S. Wake up homo, that shit won’t happen. Only because your stupid ass called it. You can clown all you want about Martz but all he did was significantly improve
    our offense. Or did your dumb ass think Singletary was running the offense? Haha .. Dumb motherfucker. Your still stupid Sarah all right. Did you really think Sing wanted Martz fired. If you did then you really don’t know shit. Yeah I claim to know alot about the Niners. I’ve only been following this team for 29 fucking years. I don’t claim to know everything about the NFL. I’ve never claimed that and never will. I will guarantee you this… I’ll run circles around your bitch ass when it comes to Niners football. Like I said faggot…you wanna start shit with me again then bring it on! I enjoy talking smack to ignorant fags like yourself. Go ahead say something else so I can school your little bitch ass you fucking homo. You probably dress yourself like Sarah Palin too don’t you? Your one sick bitch!

  • Mike in MD


    Check out Orapko & possibly Colt McCoy who’s coming out next year. I’m not a fan of Laurinitus. IMO too small & is another MIKE LB, Willis’ spot. Too small for TED & is not the pass rusher we’re looking for at our weak side OLB WILL spot. We’re still hoping for Lawson to tie down his SAM spot. The glaring need is at the WILL.

    If Orapko is all that & is for real up to the hype he’ll be an option. The guy I like for sure as our pass rusher is Everett Brown/Florida St.

    Here’s what will most likely line up for us….Taylor Mays, Rey Maualuga, Everest Brown, BJ Raji, Malcolm Jenkins (can play CB or Free Safety) Oher & Andre Smith should be long gone, Orapko has a long shot to drop….still too early to tell as we’re way to far ahead of the Draft but after Free Agency (end of February) in March EVERYONE should be lining up where there supposed to & we’ll know more accurately of their standings. The final stage of that is after the combine.

    The next important date is January 15th. This is the deadline when Juniors & red shirt Sophomore’s must declare for the Draft if they want to come out early. A guy to keep an eye out here is Terrance Cody/NT/6-5, 365 lbs/Alabama who might change his mind…..he’ll be a 1st rounder guaranteed & get the big money.

  • Gomez I agree with you on who we should cut and it will probably happend. Battles time with this team is over he used to be very good but if he comes back that will take playing time from Morgan and Hill I think Bryant Johnson is OK atleast he could catch the ball remember Daryl Jackson. Keasey, Mr Glass, Sims (Kwames Brother) should be packing there bags. Roman may stay as a backup but we need a Saftey who could int the ball!!

    Side note Ted Robinson is no Joe Starkey bad choice!!!!!!

  • Hector Martinez

    Bring back Morran Norris, that was a crazy move replacing him with that matrux twin Keasey. He blocked good for Gore, and Gore running game was much improved than it is now. Bring BacK Moran, He's had enough of that 0-16 shit in Detroit!

  • West

    Another good Bowl game………McCoy does it again!
    Mike think McCoy said he wont be coming out…

  • Medford

    I said that about Keasey last year

  • Mike in MD

    West – yeah that was a while back. I haven’t heard anything about him changing his mind. Hey I fell asleep during the 3rd Qtr. But Orapko didn’t impress me too much. He had some good rushes early. Ohio St was running away from him 90% of the time.

    I was trying to scout Jenkins. Man he looks strong just looking at him. Hard to judge his play because I NEVER saw McCoy throw at him. That’s how most teams play him.

    I take it Texas won??! Right on for your boys….I’m from Cali so I’m a USC & CAL guy. Can’t wait for the Jan 15th deadline, also should have our OC by then. If the Raiders hire a new HC & Davis lets him bring in his own assistants I want Tom Rathman ASAP as our RB’s coach. He’s doing that same job for Oakland right now. He knows all about the run game.

  • West

    Mike …..yeah I had my eye on Jenkins, they stayed away from him…..

    As for Rathman, that would be a blessing…. Just hope Al would let him go! Rathmans been around for awhile an knows his shit….Always a bonus when they are former 9ers…

    Im from Cali also, Bay Area……..Im a Cal fan, not fond of USC…lol

    But i watch all College games, Dont matter da team….Get da best game on! College ball hits me different than my 9ers…. I can watch College and not care who wins……but when the 9ers mess up, I'm feeling it…

  • West

    Medford………Ted Robinson, good choice…….He's been around forever…. has covered Warriors, A's, Gaints, filled in a 9er game, Olympics…. The guy knows his sports….Know dont get me wrong, it sucks Starkey gone but someone gotta take his place….

    I gotta watch my 9ers anyways, cant listen to da game!!!…

  • joe gomez

    Medford, Roman was so pathetic he should be shipped out. We should get a FA or draft a ball hawk and have him compete with Goldsen. Well have Lewis & Lewis combo at the strong position.

  • Mike in MD

    West – Rathman's contract is finished in 1 week!!!!!!!!


    (The article's on the Webzone by Anne Killion.)

  • West

    Mike, thanks we gotta go get him


    Even if McCoy was coming out, anyone who thinks we're gonna take him with the 10th pick is smoking crack. Another spread offense guy, probably will turn out to be another Alex Smith. If we make that mistake again, this team is in serious trouble.

  • joe gomez

    Axe… Good point. No more high draft project QBs. We can find one in the later rounds.

  • West

    AXEGRINDER….McCoy i would hope wouldnt be picked in the top 10 by us…. I agree an I like McCoy and feel he will be a good NFL QB, if put into the right situation….McCoy will need to go to a team where he can sit and learn for a year or so…..That was what i was hopeing for him until all the Heisman talk. I wanted him in the 2nd round or so….. But there are some good QB’s we can pick up in the later rounds…..Painter from Purdue, beauty about taking a later round QB lower cost and can sit an learn!

  • Mike in MD

    I hope Stafford gets picked ASAP before #10. I don’t want him to enter Singletary’s mind at all. Better to get him out of the way. I’m not sold on him. Next year should be a better year to go after a stud premier prospect if our mid-round QB doesn’t pan out. Too many holes that need to be filled this year. Hill or our FA VET stop gap QB can carry us through next year & challenge for the playoffs. We might have a shot at Bradford if he stays. For next year I like Bradford or Sanchez. Sanchez needs more work & polish but is tough, smart, & a good leader w/a good arm.

    Hey West the only thing that gets me about your boy Colt is he looks like he’s 16 years old. Can NFL grown men buy into him? That’s my only knock on the guy. Where in the bay area are you at?

    I heard Nate Davis looked bad last night. Even before that I was starting to get my doubts about him. I’d give a 3rd rounder for him. The whole key to our QB problems is getting some smart Coaches in here who know QB’s & how to develop them. For us it will be the new OC & whoever he picks as his QB coach. This will be absolutely crucial.

  • joe gomez

    Medford, I think the only reason why they hired Robinson is because the guy who brought him in used to work with him. Another reason is his bay area ties. I agree though, he’s no Joe Starkey. “What a bonanza!” is classic. Gonna miss him.