Jed Named Team President

John and Denise DeBartolo York announced Sunday that Jed York has been named Team President. In his role, York will oversee the team’s day to day operations in all aspects of the organization. His direct reports will be General Manager Scot McCloughan, COO Andy Dolich, and CFO Larry MacNeil.

“We are excited about the future of the 49ers in Jed’s hands” said John York. Previously, Jed York held the position of Vice President of Strategic Planning where he was responsible for the integration of brand strategies and projects related to the long-term operational and financial development of the organization. York joined the organization in 2005, where he held the position of Special Projects Manager and later served as Director of Strategic Planning. Jed’s prior positions with the 49ers were essential to his learning process as to how a major sports franchise functions in the NFL. “It was important that Jed learn every aspect of the 49ers and grow into this leadership role” said Denise.

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  • Lowrance

    As long as he cares about getting the 49ers back to power and supports Singletary 100%.

    Great fight in those boys today. Let's see what Singletary can do in the draft!