Gore Status for Sunday Still Uncertain

Gore is not scheduled to practice today. Singletary is on record as saying it will be a gametime decision. Thomas Clayton will get called up from the practice squad and make the trip to Miami, incase he is needed to fill in for Frank.

Frank really was looking forward to playing in front of his hometown. The next opportunity he would get to play at home is 2016.

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  • 9ermanforlife

    This is horrible news if gore is a no go at the fins. who is going to carry the ball like him for us?

  • Billy

    No Gore= No good

    Hey we cant hire Singletary cause of the Rooney Rule, last time I checked Singletary is a minority!!

  • 9er nation devotee

    Actually we can't hire singletary until after the season is over. It has nothing to do with the rooney rule. We can actually have everything set up to were we have him hired a minute after the season is over but, not until then. If you just read the same article I did he mentioned the rooney rule becouse the person he contacted at the NFL officiating office told him that the rooney rule may make it possible to hire him before the end of the season. But, later found out the rooney rule doesn't make that possible.

  • Rob

    Wait a minute, Clayton will fill in for Gore? What about Foster and Robinson? I thought Clayton looked good in the preseason, too. But, Foster & Robinson seemed to do pretty good last week after Frank got hurt. Why are they suddenly getting pulled?

    And, by the way, the Rooney Rule just states that a team has to consider at least one minority when conducting a head coaching search. I don't think it would have anything to do with when we can hire anyone.

  • gee-ray

    deshaun foster does not impress me. he is slow after the handoff. i'd love to see clayton get a few touches. Robinson is quick but he makes me nervous about fumbling.. as does foster. he is a fumble-a-holic…. well i also should say gore fumbled alot too..

  • Niner Pundit

    Rob…sorry it should have said Clayton will backup Foster who would start for Gore.

  • Lowrance

    If it’s any risk to Gore, he should sit. We can’t compete in the playoffs, so why risk the franchise. Knowing what we’ve seen of Mike, and what we know of Gore. If it’s possible, without long term costs, Gore will play.
    As much as I want to win, I don’t want Gore hurt seriously.
    I’m sure Jerry Jones would say otherwise!

  • 9ermanforlife

    I dont know about you guys but id rather seen M. Robinson get the start if gore cant go.. all ive seen from deshaun is FUMBLES

  • West

    9erman….. Id rather Foster start over Robinson if Gore cant go. Foster been in the league awhile and can pickup the blitz alot better….. V.D. should help out Staley at tymes picking up Porter, but when V.D. goes out that may fall on our RB Foster….. I also like to see Clayton backing up Foaster……..Robinson role can stay the same, “wildcats type plays”

    As I recall Robinson fumbles too