Around Ninerland 12.03.08

Time to take a walk around Ninerland and see what others are talking about in regards to the 49ers.

Seems Singletary and Hill realize that their performances so far this season have not guaranteed them anything for next year.

Matt Maiocco compares Matt Cassel and Shaun Hill and asks the question. Who would you rather? I don’t even know why this is asked. Cassel is nothing more than a product of New England’s system. You put him behind center in the 49ers offense and he does nothing.

Anyone wanting Norv Turner back? Matthew Barrows talks about how that might be a possibility.

From the never thought you’d see this files: Joe Montana and Snoop Dogg talk football. This could be one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Roy S. Johnson (whoever that is) from Yahoo Sports, believes in Mike Singletary.

Takeo Spikes believes in Singletary as well.

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  • i say we keep what we have in place and sign new FA on the o-line, QB, and D-line. Draft a WR and DB's and we will be set. All we need is time with Hill at the QB all offseason and consistant OC DC and Hc, Keep the same three!

  • Rob

    For the record, I would be willing to have Turner back. He has already head coached and drove into the ground just about every team in the league. His credibility as a HC is done at this point. I say bring him back and get our offense stabilized for once.

  • Greg

    I think that Singletary has done a great job and I appreciate his old school approach. Bring him back and I think that Niners will be on the right track!

  • Texas9er

    I hope we don’t sign Matt Cassel. It would be a waste of cap space. Shaun Hill will work for what Singletary wants to do. We need to use that money on defense and at wide reciever. I’m sure that Bryan Johnson and Isaac Bruce won’t be back next year. I have seen Matt Cassel play about 6 times this year and all he does is throw short passes and his recievers do all the work and some times he chunks it deep to Randy Moss. Shuan Hill gives us the best chance to win unless the Eagles are dumb enough to get ride of Donovan Mcnabb. If that happens Im all for him playing for the 49ers.

  • Texas9er

    I wouldn’t mind having Brian Billick as our Offensive Cordinator next year. If he doesn’t get a head coaching job I could see him comming to the 49ers. Singletary coached for him in Baltimore and his style of offense is what Singletary likes. All we need is a fullback and draft another running back and run the 2 running backs that everyone else does in the league. I like Frank and I want him to stay around as long as possible but if he continues to get hurt all the time he won’t. He can still get his yards and not take the punishment of having to run all the time. Shawne Green of Iowa would be a good fit in the 2nd the 3rd round.