A Division Title For Arizona Averted Once More

There really wasn’t much to laud over with this week’s game, even though it was in fact a win, placing the 49ers at 4-8 and continuing to allow hope for a .500 finish. But I digress there really isn’t much chance of that happening, even though I have been harboring delusions of grandeur about the Cardinals losing out to finish 7-9 and the 49ers running the table to finish 8-8 and post a division title. I believe we all will concur that this is not to be. Sure stranger things have happened and if this was to take place it would not be as farfetched as some might think, I just don’t believe that it is in the cards (no pun intended) for this year’s 49ers. I was merely happy to see the Cardinals division title hopes put on hold if only for one more week.

Shaun Hill did an admirable job in this game and I believe showed what he can do when presented with him to make his reads and actually get a pass off. The only issue I see here is that somehow it appears that the offensive line, in their preparations to protect their quarterback, forgot how to run block. Frank Gore was handed the ball 24 times and only managed to gain 66-yards? This cannot happen on a weekly basis. Yes the team won yesterday, something I said they would not do, however if they continue to fail at the ground game they will not be as fortunate this coming weekend against Brett Favre and the Jets.

Vernon Davis, my God, I mean really? I understand that the man has made some great catches this season before this contest in Buffalo but he continues to make mistakes that could and in most cases have cost this team. Short arming that pass against Arizona in the Monday night game after making a spectacular grab for a score before that was plain and simply bush league. That was a sure touchdown and one that in all likelihood would have sealed that game for the 49ers.

Then yesterday he pushes off of the defensive back on what would have been a touchdown when he had no need at all to do so. Did he not know that he was being watched on that play? See in football Vernon there are these men called referees and judges and (for the most part anyway) they watch you to make sure you are not doing anything illegal on the field. That pass was placed where it needed to be and all you had to do was jump for it if the DB got to close, he easily could have been outmuscled for the completion and score. Then Davis was very lucky he didn’t incur a 15-yard penalty for taking his helmet off. I truly like Vernon and I want to see him succeed badly, not sure what it’s going to take though for him to fully achieve this in San Francisco though.

The defense definitely came to play in this contest and it showed on the field. Playing a potential playoff team, on the road in a very hostile environment and with the weather that was present was no small task. Take into account the fact that this was the first time all season in which a West coast team beat an East coast team in their home stadium and it was the more appeasing to see. Mike Singletary said beforehand that his team was going to go into Orchard Park and would be leaving with a win and that is precisely what transpired. Kudos to him and the rest of his staff for preparing their players for this game and making them believe that they could win it.

I actually like the Niners chances against the Jets this weekend. I know it might seem a bit optimistic coming from me, someone who has not been so very much lately however I feel as though the team has a legitimate shot at another win. Favre and the Jets are coming off of a significant loss against Denver yesterday and not just any loss, a thorough drubbing in New Jersey no less. Now the team must travel to the other side of the country to play a team who has some confidence back. Make no mistake; I am fully aware of Favre’s accolades in games played at Candlestick. This isn’t the Packers coming to town though fans, yes the Jets have been playing well this season but I truly feel that they are going to reeling this week in attempt to find out what went wrong against the Broncos. They could be ripe for another loss and the 49ers are just team to hand it to them.

Once again I want to give my vote for Singletary as head coach of this team. He showed once again why I will continue to do so for the rest of this season. All this talk before about him not being the best man for the job or any head coaching job for that matter should be laid to rest. He has this team where he wants them and is doing his best to ensure that his players do not give up on the rest of this season, no matter the division records. I believe that the game yesterday proved that they are doing no such thing… they are fighting this season out until the end while playing for little more than pride at this point. Bring him back Yorks, starting all over after the season ends is not a recipe for success in my opinion, no matter who is brought in to take his place.

  • Loeher

    Those dreams about the Cards losing straight 5, and we winning straight 5… I'm having them too, but I might be crazy. In some of those dreams the 49ers pull it off to Tampa and win it all.

    Well, actually, I think it's more likely for the Niners to win all the remaining games then the Card to loose all. Come on, they would have to loose to the Rams and the Hawks.

  • #1

    I picked the niners over Buffalo, and I will pick them over NY jets.
    This team is pretty descent, as long as they don’t turn the ball over

  • West

    –Linebacker Ahmad Brooks cleared waivers, so I’d expect the 49ers to officially re-sign him officially. Receiver Chris Hannon, who was active for the game as an insurance policy, would be moved back down to the practice squad.

  • Mike in MD

    VD does a lot of bonehead things but he’s got a solid beef. For the life of me I don’t know why Martz doesn’t at least get him a minimum of 5 touches (OR MORE) during a game. How the hell does this guy get into any type of rhythm? ONE FREAKIN’CATCH PER GAME in the last 2 games & barely thrown to the whole season (except for 1 game)???? THAT SUCKS!! Martz is a freakin’ IDIOT for this. Although Martz has made us an NFL quality Offense I’ve reached the point that I HATE the guy for not using VD more. Get him involved in the short high percentage short stuff & let him run for his YAC. Martz could EASILY get him more involved in the gameplan. Once in a blue moon deep balls for a tight end are not routine easy catches. When he leaves us mark my words…a smart OC like a Sean Payton will put him on the map. Every damn year it’s a broken record, they totally UNDER UTILIZE this guy. I’m surprised he hasn’t asked to be traded yet. Everyone on the Niners staff is clueless not to see this.

    It’s like that pile of shit that’s been sitting at the front of your house that needs to be cleaned up but never does. It’s been there for so long everyone gets used to it & now it’s just part of the landscape. That’s how it is with VD. He’s been under utilized for so long it isn’t a big deal anymore, it’s just how it is. Freakin’ SAD sorry 49ER STAFF I tell you. They’ve never woken TF up when it comes to using this guy.

  • Brooks is back and may play against JETS


  • EC49fan

    mike why is there a pile of shit at the front of your house?

    ive been hopeful that this season frank would get the league-wide recognition that he deserves and to some extent he has

    ive been hopeful that this season nolan would get the boot and he has

    ive been hopeful that shaun hill would line up behind center and he has

    why cant i have a .500 season?

  • Lowrance

    The one thing I did like was handing the ball to Gore early and often. Even though he gained very little, it drew the defense up close to the line of scrimmage. Then Martz switched to passing and it was successful, why? (This is said to the bitching of Ron Pitts and all his football knowledge) Because the defense was looking Frank first and had little time to react to the passes thrown over their linebackers.

    Yes we need to keep it balanced and hand it to Frank between 20-30 times a game (running or passing). But if they put 8 men in the box pass it over them!!!!!

  • 49er4life

    What the hell is Dominque Zeigler doing on the field. We need a WR badly. Crabtree, Crabtree, Crabtree!

  • James

    Doc: I have to say that the place they draft this April is of no real consequnce to me. The best they can finish is 8-8 but in reality I am thinking more like 6-10 or 7-9 so I see them picking somewhere in the mid teens, still good to get a quality player there.

    As long as they keep winning and staying competitive they help make a case for Singletary as welll as keeping the heat on Arizona, which could cause them to continue imploding, something that would make me extremely happy.

  • West

    Billy…You tapped into my wish list, HC Sing, OC Norv an DC Crennel but will it happen?

  • West

    I dont see Crabtree with us….. I still see us winning out the rest of our games, We gotta finish strong! Fuck playing for draft picks

  • interesting, Side by side Hill or Cassel! For all the Cassel lovers


  • seekret_sauce

    LAMBS & the SEACOCKS better man up and beat the little birdies! HAHA

    Sorry I’m having a “COMEBACK” dream as well…

  • Doc Iac

    every game the niners win puts them further from a good pick in the draft, they aren’t gonna make the playoffs as bad as i miss seein them there

  • MSouza

    I almost completely agree with West, with the exception of Crennel, he would just leave for a head coaching job in college the next year.

    I think we probably win 2 or 3 more games putting in the 11-15 range which is perfect for Mr. Orakapo.

    I know, it is way too early to talk draft, but while we are dreaming.

  • DeeKon52

    The niners will make the playoffs garunteed

  • Doc Iac

    James: guess ur right about the case for singeltary…im just worried about the qb situation, i like hill from what i seen kinda, but not sold on him being the man

  • West

    Next year should be interesting! If Norv is available do we go after him? I know the GM has gone out and said Norv will be back with the Chargers but this is the NFL and they don’t always say what they mean. If you think about it they are familiar with Norvs playbook! V.D. and Gore should have fun.

    Also do we go after Romeo Crennel if the Brown send him his walking papers? He knows the 3-4 and 4-3 or do we stick it out with Manuski?

    Plaxico, good old Plax! Do we give him a shot or do we keep letting everyone else” Dallas” sign the so called trouble makers? They move on to the playoffs while we rebuild year after year.

  • Billy

    HC Singletary
    OC Norv Turner (We have to make sure he doesnt leave)
    DC Romeo Crennel

    As for GM I doubt that will change and we better draft Crabtree we need a #1 receiver and I believe this guy is better then Calvin Johnson!! Then the QB position is up in the air, I like Hill but not as a starter Id prefer a franchise QB any chance we send a 2nd for Phillip Rivers, yeah I wish

  • West

    Im fine with us keeping Martz also…I just would like to see V.D. get more involved….Just dont want another brand new Offensive system,

  • James

    Which is why the only way I see the team changing OC's would be to bring back Turner if he was available. His system was in place only two seasons ago and I am sure that the players remember it well, also it was the system in which Alex Smith flourished the most in this time here. But I digress, I do not see them making that change, mostly because I see Norv still being in San Diego next season.

  • Doc Iac

    I heard dallas already made burress an offer, i mean he meets the quialifictaions needed to be a cowboy…big ego, complains, and soon to have a criminal record…

  • West

    Trade V.D? Thats funny! If he got more chances to make plays with the ball in his hand you wouldnt be saying that…..Norv knows how to use a TE, Martz is another story! It would be dumb to dump V.D. we are not the Giants…

    As for Teabow, we already got a running back..lol.. I do like McCoy but not to start just to have time to learn the game.

    We need a Passrush, DT Haynwoth type, OLB missing Peterson, an no pick Roman gotta go…

    Plaxico if we have a shot at him, why not? The so called 9er safe pick is getting old!

  • West

    Wouldnt mind seeing Oakland stomp Norv, just to make a stronger case to release Norv……. Just as a insurance policy incase Martz leaves.

  • MSouza

    Toctoc, wasn't one Urban Meyer QB enough for you?

  • toctoc

    trade vernon davis for a good reciever or corner… even a free safety.. draft either colt mccoy, tim teabow, or the guy from OU.. sign a couple of realy good offensive and defensive linemen and this team is a stud… but well need a veteran QB for next year because throwing a rookie QB in there again might not be such a great idea…

  • James

    Souza… long time no talk man.

    I agree on the Meyer QB sentiment. I am not a fan of Teabow and I don’t see him excelling at the pro level so no on drafting him, besides he will most likely go to high for the 49ers to even be able to consider him with needs on both offensive and defensive lines, secondary and receiver.

    I still feel that Smith will be back next season with the team, albeit at a largely reduced payscale. Just my opinion.

  • Medford

    LoL its so funny to see Kwame Harris on the Raiders getting called for all sorts of flags wat a loser


  • Who's Your Mama

    Golden Elbows Don Juan is right , why don't you talk your shit about us on the Cowboys fanclub website and change your name to Silver elbows, and I know, we will probably have some cowboy fan come to his defense as always. We need some real hardcore 49ers fans on here, we need some old schoolers and some fans that really have that 49er tradition running through their veins, instead of these new 49er, wanna be young fans! We need to bring the tradition back and do away with the haters.

  • Don Juan De Marco

    I think we need to start looking at picking up Plaxico Buress from the Giants, I know you skeptics who never want to go to the next level will probably comment and say it cannot happen, and that he would create havic on our team, I am sorry he is not a troubled player, he just acted stupid, and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He does not have a major ego like T.O. the traitor, he might just be a litle ruff on the edges, but the guy can play some hella ball. We need to pick him up to make up for that ridiculous T.O. trade back in 03, or 04 whenever that was, because if we do not, that Hillbilly Jerry Jones will probably try to get him, and we cannot alow that to happen. We need a playmaking receiver again and our QB Hill doesn’t show improvement by the end of the season, we need to move him to backup, and make him a reliable backup much like Bono and young was. We need bring in Matt Cassall or someone of his calibur by next season. I know alot of you guys on this website will say its not possible and unrealistic, but bullshit it is posible, and I know you’ll say the yorks want get it done, we’ll I think Jed is starting to look at his uncle legacy, eddie D and realize what he brought to the team, Eddie D attract players much like that Hillbilly-Hee-Hawer Jerry Jones. So all you negative bastards on this site who wanna stay stagnent for another 10 years and are really not diehard fans, probably just cowboys fans on this site talking shit, we need to make something happen and take some chances and go after prime time palyers, and not this half ass shit! Enough is Enough, someone back me up, I WANT WINNERS, I WANNA WIN DAMNIT, I WANT NUMBER 6!

  • golden elbows

    what ever happend to the WHO’S YOUR MAMA trade. I still would love to have him on this squad. Infact, i rather have him than Plastic man Buress. Ofcourse, we would address the most important issues on this team first.

  • Texas9er

    I have lived in Texas my whole life and I bleed Red and Gold to the bone! I see what your talking about on here. There is some people who don't have a clue what they are talking about.

  • Texas9er

    If I was the 49ers I would draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round and keep Hill for a couple of years to learn like we should have done with Alex Smith. We don't need to waste another 1st round pick on one. We can't afford it.

  • Lowrance

    So if Martz leaves for San Diego State…..

    Who do we get this time to screw with the quarterbacks?

    Holmgren…. you alive out there?

  • Come one guys, CASSEL…REALLY? That would be a HUGE mistake to take him in free agency. That money could be better spent on Houshmanzadeh or a left tackle. I KNOW….left tackle….you are thinking Staley. Staley is good, but I think he would be an All Pro at right tackle. He can still hack it at left tackle, but I think we should get a left tackle with our first pick unless a can’t miss defensive end is available at our pick. Housh needs to be a priority for us because if you put him with Hill and Morgan then I think we should be doing pretty good….NOT TO MENTION BRUCE for one more year. Johnson shows up here and there….I am looking for consistency from SOMEONE not named Willis, Gore, and Justin Smith. Also, Walt Harris and Michael Lewis are getting torched…they need to get replaced as well. Sorry if I hurt feelings, but I want to see my beloved niners win…not make friends with everyone.

  • Also, IF Martz goes then we find someone else….period. We aren’t exactly WOWING the league with him in the first place. We’ve been fed shit so long that we mistake chopped liver for filet mignon. Give the ball to Gore and get him a top notch left tackle.

  • Golden Elbows

    I response to a negative comment on this site about picking Houshmanzadeh over Burress. Burress is a better player but too much drama + Houshmanzadeh shows consistancy. Lets take a vote:

    Houshmanzadeh or Burress

  • Golden Elbows

    I'll take Houshmanzadeh

  • Doc Iac

    burress is goin to jail, u wanna be a thug with all that money thats what he gets, and first we dont need a wr, i mean we do but we need a line first, our line cant run block or pass block, whats a wr gonna do?