What We Learned: Rams @ 49ers

The 49ers won their third game of the season and first victory for interim head coach Mike Singletary. From the first half it was all 49ers. They ran the ball well, passed the ball well and didn’t have any stupid penalties or turnovers that hurt them. Here is what we learned after the 49ers easily beat the Rams.

  • The Rams suck.
  • The 49ers went into the game as the favorites and they actually went in and won by a large margin like they should have.
  • The first half was exciting. The second half was not.
  • Shaun Hill was the MVP of the first half.
  • Andy Lee was the MVP of the second half.
  • Singletary understands that putting pressure on the quarterback, actually helps your team.
  • Shaun Hill > JT O’Sullivan.
  • Mike Singletary > Mike Nolan.
  • Shaun Hill may not look pretty out there, but for some reason the team wins under him. Hill is 3-1 as a starter.
  • The Refs still do not know how to review plays.
  • The past two games under Singletary the 49ers look like a real football team.
  • Gore still needs to learn how to hold onto the ball.
  • We can for the first time in six weeks watch NFL Total Access highlights and Inside the NFL.
  • The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
    • Caribulou

      woo hoo a win Stuck in Des Moines so all i got to see was the game center on nfl.com which suck. The last half was the most boring time of my life.

    • Texas9er

      Sign up Singletary now. I get to see my first 49ers game next week against the Cowboys. Hopefully they win so I can the faces of there fans when they lose.

    • Billy

      Hey I know we are a long way from the offseason,and we could still be in it even though its a long shot but anyway what are some offseason move we can do I thought that we should do this:

      Sign: -DT Albert Haynesworth

      -CB DeAngelo Hall

      Draft: -QB Graham Harrell (Texas Tech)

      -WR Micheal Crabtree (Texas Tech)

      All I can think of right now but it would solve our major problems as to a run stopping nose tackle, a corner to replace Harris, #1 receiver, and a franchise QB. A lot of people pick us to sign Cassel I hope not because hes not "our" QB and is a "Patriot Product" they can make anyone look good with their line, Moss and Welker

    • CO9erfan

      Texas9er I too will be going down there to Dallas next week…..See ya there and hopefully we could pull off an upset. Go Niners

    • MSouza

      I hope we take the first half intensity to the Cowboys. Unfortunately all we are accomplishing at this point is pushing our draft pick back, but I'm all for it, lets spoil some playoff dreams.

    • Mike in MD

      I thought we did a good job in the 2nd half. With a big lead vs an inferior team we were right on in bleeding the clock with Gore & finally use the prevent D WHERE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE USED. It’s boring ball but that’s what we needed to do.

      I thought the punt return by the Rams was a fumble & we should’ve challenged it. But Maiocco e-mailed saying his elbows touched.

      CONGRATS to Coach Singletary. I’m not all THAT up, WE DID WHAT WE HAD TO DO. The good thing that came out of this game for me was that we were able to FINISH. Got to say that again…FINISH/FINISH/FINISH/FINISH/FINISH!

      Towards the end I got a good look at my man #31 Reggie Smith. Great hit in the backfield. This kid LOOKS GOOD. From the waist down he’s ROCK SOLID. I’d like to see him more for either Roman or MLewis. Man it feels good to get a W! Next up AT Dallas…..

    • erock85

      Next week is your week Texas9er… thanks for representing us out there loud and proud! Hope the teams pulls out a big win for us… and so you can get some bragging rights.

    • A True Niner Fan

      way to Go Niners!….still wanna see that Killer Instinct though…..and Shaun Hill is the Man!

    • Lowrance

      I'ts nice to win again. Although it did feel somewhat hollow, like it did when we played Detroit. It's like the Rams have given up. I mean come on… Gore should NO way have made it into the endzone going wide on our 3rd touchdown.

      The only time I got agitated was, of course, at the refs.

      1st play of the 2nd quarter. Flagged for unabated to the quarterback????, He rock forward one step then got back!!!! How is that a threat to the quarterback????? Especially if no offensive person moved either??? God I was livid!

      And they couldn't see the toes on the sideline in the replays for that 30 yard pass play????? C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!

      Good thing we kept scoring so I could let it go…..

      And Martz? Our offensive line can't move ANYONE off the ball, so please give up the 11 guys in the box runs at the goalline. See how easier it is when we spread out to give us some choices for running room?????

      I think Hill will settle down the rest of the year and only get better. Is he the superstar quaterback we need? No. But he can be effecient and move the team IF he gets support. We have too many other needs at this time. Offensive line and D line for starters.

      No quareterback will be all successful until we get a right tackle and maybe a stronger guard. Please send us a huge nose tackle too.

      Justin needs support!

      Would like to hear the words from Singletary on those 3 successive penalties that moved us back to the one yard line…lol

      Finish the game much boys? Especially since Robinson was needling VD, just before HE moved before the snap!

      Someone please hit Romo's thumb on the first pass play.

    • hunterboyz@yahoo.com

      I really hope I get the chance to go…

      I just need tickets…

      I'm in shreveport…

      Does anyone have anything for me?

      I mean a way for me to get tickets.

      Go Niners…

      & there is no way we'll get D'Angelo Hall, because the Redskins aren't letting that go…

      Picture how my girl is a Dallas fan… & she wanted to put a Dallas rug in our front room by the door!!!

      She almost got cussed out!

      COME on NINERS, this IS for HEAD of STATE!!!

    • Adam49

      This team is not gonna get any better.This is the same team wheather it's Nolan or Singletary doin the coaching.We just happened to play the worst team in football.I hope and pray that we dont sign singletary as our head coach.He will not be the man that takes us to a SuperBowl.He was a great player,but he isn't a very good Head coach.This team needs to build on what we have,and singletary has no experience on evaluating talent.In fact he told nolan that he was not impressed with Patrick Willis in college.I personally think Martz should get the job when the season is up.


      I'm sure glad you're not in charge Adam49. I'm curious…..what exactly in your expert opinion has Singletary done so far to warrant you saying he's not a very good head coach? Where exactly do you come up with this shit?Or do you disagree with everyone just for the sake of argument no matter how weak your stance is? Go ahead and swear at me if it makes you feel better, but it doesn't change the fact that you have no idea what the hell you're saying. By the way, Martz as head coach of the 49ers is the most ridiculous thing you've said so far….and that's saying something.

    • Texas9er

      Axegrinder you hit on the nail. Adam49 does't have a clue as to what he is talking about. Mike Martz is not the next head coach. These last 2 weeks is the best this team has played since 2006 when they went 7-9. I wish I had the power to ban him from this website. I think we all should come together and ban him. What do yall think?

    • Billy

      Hopefully Anquan Boldin leaves the Cards and comes to San Fran hes at the top of his game





      We`d have the ultimate WR core, I wish

    • Golden Elbows

      I believe Singletary will get signed. He has no head coaching experience but every coach has to get their CHERRY POP at some point. This is Singletary's perfect time. and of course, we may lose more games this season but you got to admit, they are playing with more motivating with Singletary.

    • Samra

      I know singletary could be a H.O.F. coach for us but Mike Martz is not the answer at OC…he got lucky to land in STL with dick vermeil and hasn't done shit in DEt and will prove to have been a fluke with us…I wish we would have rather signed Cam Cameron or Mike Murlakey as our OC's just because nobody is going to hire either as a HC anytime soon and that would bring stability to a unit that changes like Day and night every year

    • joe gomez

      Ladies and Gentlemen Mark Roman actually made a play!

    • Texas9er

      Adam49 there you go again finding a way to complain about everything. Dude you fucking suck. I’m pretty sure your a Raider fan. Sign up Singletary now. 3yrs

    • The one thing we cant do is change Offensive cordinators again. I wish people would stop talking about that. Hopefully we resign Rossum he helps the offense alot

    • J-Mack

      This win would feel a lot better if we would have won in arizona…

    • Billy

      No wounder everyone is always bagging on Adam, Singletary coached Willis during the Senior Bowl and liked him. Im not completely sure but if not for Singletary we would have taken Carriker knowing Nolan, McFoolio

    • us army9er

      good game sunday. although the second half was flat they did a good job of working the clock and staying tough on defense. i still would realy like to see this team draft a good QB.. maybe tim tebow, chase daniel, or colt mccoy.. but i like hill as the backup. i dont know why i keep hearing people say that we should get rid of michael lewis?? he very well might be our best DB. the only other name that you can debate with is nate clemments. but michehel lewis is always making plays on the feild as he did with philly. he makes sacks, goal line takles, and doesnt give up alot of big plays. ive got to say that mark roman steped up alittle this weekend. he has been dissapointing to say the least up until that point. our offensive and esspacialy our defensive line needs help as well. kentwan balmer is a huge dissapointment and a big mistake. our first two picks could have been so much better and whats funny is that even the average 49er fan could have used those picks more wisely. there was talent there. a few good! recievers.. and some nice defensive players as well. hopefully we can learn to draft better. it probly wont come unless a certain somebody goes. but hey pat willis is the best thing to happen to this team in a long time.

    • J-Mack

      Medford, how does Rossum help the offense? He plays Special Teams, but I agree that we should resign him. He’s getting up there in age, but he gives us that spark on special teams

    • MSouza

      J-Mack he was referring to the awesome field position that the offense gets because Allen Rossum is near the tops in the league.

    • Mike in MD

      C'mon people Mark Roman SUUUCKS…..making 1 or 2 plays in this game doesn't excuse him from his sorry play for AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER. The only reason he's on that field now is because Singletary made Willis give him back the radio. (Good for Willis..he has to relay the defensive play up front then turn around & tell the secondary & sometimes the ball gets snapped right afterwards throwing him off)

      Mark Roman (NFL.com)…..

      2008 / 4 PASSES DEFLECTED / 0 INT'S / 40 TACKLES / 0 SACKS

      2007 / 4 PASSES DEFLECTED / 0 INT'S / 62 TACKLES / 0 SACKS

      2006 / 6 PASSES DEFLECTED / 1 INT / 58 TACKLES / 1 SACK

      In all this time Roman's had 1 QB sack.

      Roman's 2007 stats should have had his ass benched ASAP. 4 passes deflected & 0 INT'S for the whole year tells me you aren't making plays & breaking up passes which is the Free Safety's primary job. Those numbers are sorry & unexcusable. Like this year I'd be willing to bet he got beat for a lot of big plays.

      I think tackles are deceiving for a safety. It might be alright with MLewis @ SS because we expect him to cheat up for run support. But for Roman he's mainly on coverage & having a lot of tackles tells me he's allowing his receiver to separate too many times allowing him to catch the ball but he's there for the tackle. Unfortunately a lot of the ones he lets drop by him for completions then immediately makes the tackle are for big plays.

    • Hey CO9erfan and Texas9er what sections are you sitting in. I am from Lubbock, Texas and will be traveling with my father to see the game. I'm trying to convert him from the Cowgirls but no luck yet. I will be in section 21, lower level. Maybe you guys can help me with my father. And hopefully everyone will watch Harrell and Crabtree lead the Red Raiders over the Sooners and get a good look at two guys who should be on our radar in next year's draft…

    • Texas9er

      James V I don't have my tickets right in front of me so I don't know the section off the top of my head but Im sitting on the 49ers side on the upper level on the 40 yard line. Hopefully I see you in the parking lot cause Im going to be looking for 49er fans. Im getting there about 8:30am. There isn't many 49er fans in my town so I look forward to seeing some at the game. My uncle and best friend are going with me and there both Cowboys fans so I know how you feel. As for the Texas Tech thing, Im a Longhorn fan so as Awful as it sound Im going to be going for Oklahoma. But if yall win I won't be disapointed. I would go for you guys in the Championship game. I want to see a big 12 team distroy the SEC.

    • SD9erFan

      Jonas Jennings on I/R……BIG SUPRISE!!

      Oh and can someone explain to me why Manny Lawson has been practically non-exsistant in the defence other than a blocked FG a few weeks ago and a tackle behind the line of scrimmige last Sunday?

    • Texas9er, we are going to try to get there early as well. I'll be in my Jerry Rice jersey with my Niner flag flying high. Hope to see you there…

    • I just got a text from 49er Faithful that Mr. Glass, Jonas Jennings has been placed on IR. This is now the third time in four years that Mr. Glass’s season has come to an early end. This guy is so soft and I wish he had been waived before being placed on IR. He absolutely needs to be waived next year.


      I really hope you guys going to Texas stadium see a good game…….

    • West

      James v…. pass on da Rice jersey an sport da Battle..j/k
      would be pretty coo to get out an see some other stadiums, topped off with a 9er victory!

    • Hey West, gotta keep the Rice jersey. No doubt he is the greatest player in NFL history and I just was trying to see if I can piss off a few Cowgirl fans their last year in the worst stadium in all of sports…

    • joe gomez

      Mike.. agree with you all the way. Just because Roman had a “alright” game, he still fucking stinks. Adam where did you hear that Sing said he didnt think Willis was any good? Im skeptical of him being our head coach next year also but hes only had 3 games so lets see what he does this season. I personally would want Cower or Holmgren over Martz.

    • USarmy9er

      I couldnt agree more with those of you that say mark roman sucks! he did have a good game and it was a supprise.. but i realy cant wait until they get rid of him. im still big on michael lewis but would like to eventualy get a big play safety in there. for a long time now mark roman has realy done his part to fu#k things up for us in the secondary. time after time you see him on the other teams highlights giving up a big play. so you guys are right about roman no dout.

    • USarmy9er

      also i realy feel like we can win this game sunday against the c-girls. they will come into this game underestimating the 9ers.

    • Mike in MD

      Joe…after these next 4 games should give us a clear idea of how Singletary’s doing & his chances of being next years permanent coach. I’m pulling for him, man our players WANT to go all out for him & he’s genuinely all for the team. I love how he’s shuffling the personnel to get our best 22 out there & they’ve been working. I can’t wait for this Dallas game. Then AT Buffalo, HOME vs Jets, & AT Miami. Out of your guys I like Cowher no doubt. Holmgren’s team lately for me has been SOFT, he’s burnt out & needs to take a year off IMO.

      USarmy9er…even if Dallas doesn’t let up I think we have a good chance getting a W. We were able to run against a good AZ team….7th vs the run / 89.8 YPG. Dallas is 15th vs the run / 105.5 YPG. This is a positive & gives us some hope.

      Here’s more FYI stuff I want to put out there about Reggie Smith vs our present safeties. I was worried about his weakness which is his 40 time. He runs a 4.6/40 which is on the slow side. BUT it’s the same 40 time Michael Lewis has. Here’s last years stats.

      Reggie Smith (started all games at CB)
      2007 / 11 PASSES DEFLECTED / 3 INT’S / 78 TACKLES / 1 SACK

      Michael Lewis
      2007 / 5 PASSES DEFLECTED / 2 INT’S / 104 TACKLES / 1.5 SACKS

      Mark Roman
      2007 / 4 PASSES DEFLECTED / 0 INT’S / 62 TACKLES / 0 SACKS

      Looking at this if Smith can properly develop for us he should be an upgrade to either Safety spots. Even though he was at CB all of last year he made plays & that can easily carry to Safety. If he were at Safety his tackles would have gone up. I see him more on the Strong side because of his slower speed. His instincts & better ability to defend the pass vs MLewis should make a difference. I don’t think we have that FAST & explosive Free Safety yet but Goldson should be an upgrade to Roman. It blows my mind Roman’s still the starter after all this time.

    • MSouza

      Roman wouldn’t be the starter if Goldson could make it through a game without pulling a muscle. I like Michael Lewis, he isn’t a cover guy, but he is good against the run and really most strong safeties can’t cover. We knew what he was when we signed him and he has done a good job. He is a competitor, and doesn’t let his nagging injuries affect his play. I’m all for putting Smith back at safety, but I think he could be a good nickel.