What We Learned: 49ers @ Cowboys

Let me start by saying I hate the Cowboys. I hate that grin on Tony Romo’s face. I hate Texas Stadium. I hate Cowboy fans. So basically I hate everything there is about the Cowboys. Now with that said let’s take a closer look at what we learned during the 49ers loss to the Cowboys.

  • I miss TO.
  • The refs don’t know what pass interference is.
  • Andy Lee had his first punt blocked ever.
  • Shaun Hill looked like Shaun Hill in the 1st and 4th quarters.
  • Shaun Hill looked like JT O’Sullivan in the 2nd and 3rd.
  • As of the early games Hill is in the top 5 for passers with 303 yards.
  • Joe Nedney’s onside kick looked like on of Shaun Hill’s passes.
  • One play, pass to Owens for 75 yards, changed the outcome of this game.
  • If TO didn’t play today. 49ers would have won big.
  • Frank Gore did play today.
  • 49ers should never attempt a field goal over 50 yards with Nedney out there.
  • The Redzone should be renamed the Field Goal zone.
  • Vernon Davis can catch Hill’s passes if they hit him in the numbers, but anything outside of that good luck.
  • Even though they lost, team is still much better under Singletary than Nolan.
  • Singletary knows how to get the most out of Manny Lawson.
The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • Billy

    I just hope we keep Singletary, Im disappointed in our loss but the only postive in this is that we are getting closer to getting Crabtree but I would take a win against the Cowgirls any day, I honestly think we draft a rookie but start Hill, Hill isnt the best but he gives us a good chance to win, but knowing our GM hes going to screw us over. I still want Haynesworh and Crabtree those are the big time players we need on both sides. Hill (temporarily) will have Crabtree, and our solid LB corps. will have Haynesworth covering the holes so their job is easier and Justin Smith will get more sacks, the only problem which would be left is Secondary ALL of it


    the calls today by the refs were H O R R I B L E. . .

  • The time has come to make some NECESSARY changes. They need to START Dashon G. over Roman. Also, SOMEWHERE in the draft they need to replace Michael Lewis who isn't even CLOSE to earning his contract. Our secondary is getting KILLED consistently by the DEEP PASS. EVERY WEEK we get toasted on the deep pass. Golston needs to start as soon as he is healthy. We need to also need to find a replacement for Walt Harris because like it or not HIS TIME HAS COME. We might have the replacement already….our secondary gets REALLY young when you look at our reserves. However, Clements can only do so much with safeties that are MEDIOCRE AT BEST. Lastly, we still need to address the trenches on both sides. Justin gets a free pass on this one, but on defense we need to find another d tackle AND another D end because Franklin SUCKS and Ray McDonald is as hot and cold as they come. Did WE EVEN TOUCH Romo the whole game? On offense it is easy……we need a bonafide number ONE receiver (not twos and threes) and the O line needs another interior lineman and a tackle BADLY. Our O line has two or three good games and then people want to stick up for them…..WHY?

  • j

    Every Sunday I just feel more and more depressed! WHY I ASK WHY?? HAVE WE SUCKED FOR THIS LONG !! Its not supposed to be this way. We need more help on the line because Gore is getting killed back there. We need help at safety bad because Roman sucks and cant help over the top for anything. Stupid Nolan invested money in old bastards and we are paying for it every week. Balmer needs to play and earn his first round check. Play Jason HIll and Morgan every play when he gets back and develop them. By the way Walt Harris is just too old. When you got a shit load of players who cant practice because there too old you have a problem. I hate this stupid Hybrid D 4-3 ,3-4 crap it sucks! we are not that good to confuse anyone… our D line is terrible other than Justin Smith we suck on the line! we cant push anyone back into the qb! and Shaun Hill is Ok but hes like a 28 year old rookie ..not the long term resolution. First Erickson then Nolan….ahhhh man someone find Seifert or Mooch…I miss winning so bad….It seems like a distant memory from pro bowl QBS and Wrs…and good D fense……o yah Manusky is Mansucky!!

  • joe gomez

    Another example why you dont trade your BEST fucking playmaker! He burned us when he was Philly and now hes just murdering us with Dallas. FUCK YOU Donahue for trading away our best fucking Playmaker receiver! Weve been searching for one ever since. TO shouldve never fucken left!!!!

  • 49erhoustonian

    Wickerman you are exactly right about everything! We need to keep Hill as a backup and after excellence. this might sound crazy, but would the Patriots give up Matt Cassall after brady returns it reminds me of Montana and Young, young was up and coming and wanted a staring position, so hopefully cassall will want starting job with us, but we need to search out the best, I am sorry, we should go after a proven star, i am not patient and it will take alot to find a Rya like Qb in atlanta, thats pure luck. We need to pull a Jerry Jones as much ass I hate to say that and steal some talent from another team, offer some good money, but I am not sure if the yorks are creative like Eddie D was and pull that off. We need to go after proven talent, He'll go after some Cowgirls and convert them over to us, pull that cowgirl shit!

  • wickerman

    Pitiful showing today really. It looked like 4-5 guys (Bruce, Willis, Spikes, Lawson etc..) working hard and a few others (like the secondary) looking overwhelmed and overpaid. On top of that, the o-line is just not getting it done for Gore. Well, they get it done vs the Rams, but we really just can’t compete with high caliber teams.

    I question some play calling as well. 1st and 10 on our own 1 and we call 3 runs with Gore after Dallas proved we could NOT run on them. We punt from the 5 and give them fantastic field position.

    Shaun Hill’s under thrown ball to Johnson in the endzone that got picked off broke our backs. well, ok, that and the fact that Nate Clements had no CLUE what to do with Owens.

    We still need to start getting good pressure and FINISHING the play when we have a shot at the QB. The few times we got pressure, Romo wa able to escape. (Manny, you are excused from that critique.)

    I like Singletary’s leadership, but I feel like he is a pitbull surrounded by poodles. He needs a few big changes if he has any shot of turnign this team around in 09 (yes, 08 is over – the best we can do now is develop our new guys)

    1) The o-line needs a serious overhaul. Get rid of Jennings for good and use the $$ on real talent.

    2) We need Balmer to step up and be a pressure guy or get someone who is. A real nosetackle might help too.

    3) The LB corps should share whatever they have in their gatorade with the ret of the team. Willis/Spikes/Lawson are great.

    4) We need speed and hands in the WR corps. Bruce has great hands and no speed. Davis can burn but lacks something – body control maybe? I dunno, but for a TE that is supposed to be as good as a receiver, he has as many bad plays as good. Morgan and Hill need more time to develop. Cut Battle loose and use the $$ elsewhere next year.

    5) If big Zack is ready to go at FB next year – great – but add another FB to the roster. Gore is too big a weapon to risk his effectiveness by being weak at FB.

    6) QB. Hill is a fighter and I like his attitude, but he just doesn’t make the grade for a franchise QB. It is time to look hard for someone to lead this team and hopefully keep SH as a capable back-up. JTO can be 3rd string if he agrees to make league minimum and wash Willis’s jersey after every game.

    I love this team, but the York’s need to wake up to reality and do a serious rebuild – cut the dead weight and spend some $$ on real long term answers, not piss away cash on guys like Isaac Bruce who are doing well now but will be retired in 2-3 years or guys like Clements who clearly has not earned his pay but is locked into a huge contract and his draining us.

  • wickerman

    I agree there were some horrible calls, but I always think back to something Bill Parcels said when the Giants lost to the Niners several years back on a bad call after the Ginats led by 28 pouints at one point.

    He said something along the lines of ‘The refs blew the call, but the other team scored the points on us. If a call can change the game, maybe you weren’t winning the game in the first place.’

    Not an exact quote, but that was the idea of it.

  • geeray

    Ninaz– well if we didnt trade T.O then how did we get that piece of shit Brandon Whiting? oh right we did trade him. thats why. Not that I gave a shit about him. Cause he should have been traded. To bad we got fucked on that deal.

  • Lowrance

    TO? Hell we miss having a number one receiver of any kind.

    Refs???? @#!$#+!!! The Refs!
    Not only pass interference, but lessee??? DER. Is that a backwards pass? Make them throw the flag to see if it was backwards! IT NEVER TOUCHED THE FUGGING GROUND YOU BLIND MOTHER FUGGERS!!!!!I’m REALLY tired of bad officiating! It’s not an excuse for losing, but it doesn’t help our cause.

    I don’t see it as Lee having his first punt blocked, but more of Robinson in too much of a fuggin’ hurry to get downfiled to be the first in on the tackle, so I’ll let the guy come free block….

    Lessee… Clements had 3 killer tackles, 200+ yards to TO, and one STUPID ASS I”M NOT EVEN IN THE PLAY offsides on the onsides kick.

    I think Vernon Davis has T Rex arms…..

    Keep Justin Smith and replace every other lineman.

    Even the rookie wiffed to let Frank get tackled at the one. Why? To block someone else down field. If he can’t get passed the line, why block downfield????

    Other than that I thought we did well….. LOL

  • Texas9er

    Let me start by saying that I hate the Cowboys. I went to this game today and I thought that the 49ers played desent. The score doesn’t show it but our run defense was great and after Nate Clements gave up 200 yards he blew up Marian Barber twice, made Jason Witten shit him self and lade a dude out trying to down the ball on the 1. Mike Martz is an idiot. He pretty much abandoned Frank in the game. But even though we lost I still had a great time. I finally got to See my 49ers for the first time and I’ve been a fan for about 15 years. I noticed that we didn’t double T.O. at all this game. Leave it to the 49ers to be the only team this year not to double T.O. I heard that the Eagles benched Donovan Mcnabb today and he won’t start next week. He will be a free agent after this year I hope we do everything in our power to sign him. I like Shaun Hill but if we have the chance to get Mcnabb I would do it in a heart beat. We need Albert Hanesworth bad.

  • 49erhoustonian

    I hate the cowboys so much, I hate the fact that Jerry Jones scouts players throutgh the 49ers since he has been owner. Look at the track record it started with Haley, then Deon, then B.O. he even got Toney Parrish from us and their are alot others I’m missing. He basically lets players start their careers with us and then when they blossum he trys to aquire them. I am sorry, but does it really hurt bad to see B.O. in a Cowboys uniform, I have watched B.O. since he we drafted him in 96, and I was a loyal fan of him when he was in a niners uniform but to see him on sportscenter time and time again talking about how he’s so happy to be a cowgirl, and how he wants to bring the Cowgirls back to the glory days pisses me off and I feel betrayed. Unfortunatly that is the business and player do not give a shit about loyalty and the fans they care about money. Gone are the days were palyers are loyal to their team and the orginization. I just remember thinking B.O. was a cowboy hater and felling the pride of being in Texas and seeing him discrace the cowboy star, i was so proud of T.O. when he did that, and I loved him for that, because their are so many cowgirl fans here in texas. Kinda reminds me of the popular kids in high schoo the cowboys and the 49ers are the rebels the outcasts, the underdogs, they have never had respect. Thats why I remember in the late ninetys and early oo’s whenever I would see B.O. and think he’s our future he will make us proud, but I think the problem was when we got that weasle Terry Donahue 2001-2004 and he let B.O. go, and that was a mistake letting go of Garcia and B.O., I don’t mean to say what could of happen, its done and over, but, I am just venting and pissed because that started the decline of this orginization, Donahue and that other weasle erickson, what the hell were we thinking back then this is the championship 49ers! I loike singletary its only been 3 games, give him time he’ll be good I think, and hill needs more time, he has only started for a few games so let see how thew rest of the season develops, but texas 49er you are right we need to go after Mcnabb if available, because we cannot let the Dallas Cowgirls get to number 6 before us, or let them get more than that. if you live in Texas, the if your a 49er fan you are reminded of those hillbilly bastards everyday!! I remebember in high school I was the only kid with a 49er starter jacket and ever other kid had the blue cowgirl jacket, I want to put that arrogant orginization in its place, this reminds me of the 70’s when the 49ers were bad and they came along a few years later give us a little more time, but we need to have urgency and get it done ASAP! I don’t know how much i can stand of B.O. and the Cowgirl loving sportScenter media, Tom JaCKSON IS THE NUMBER ONE FAN! The key to sucess is the high powered offennse, we nned a good quarterback not a backup and we need dominate big receivers! Get this and we will suceed, offense is the key!

  • 49erhoustonian

    Gomez Amen!

  • Golden Elbows

    We dont need McNabb and We dont need TO. I think I relaized the problem. It starts from the GM…our coaching staff aren’t together. Singletary will be a good coach BUT!!!! if Holmgren becomes the GM then look for him to hire Andy Ried so we can bring the west coast back to the west coast O and if ried coaches for us, I also hope that he brings Jim Johson SON….

  • Golden Elbows

    I saw that play where clements got Burnt. Romo made a great play. I think I was Willis that missed a sack. Romo stepped up and hit hit Owens…..Ryan is right…D-sucks forever

  • i love t.o. but we lost the game because we didn’t play him correctly. the blue print is out there, you jam him at the line and make him start running again. we didn’t do that and he crucified the team. very bad defensive preparation for this game. he literally is the only reason why they won the game.

  • Ninaz

    Joe Gomez, T.O wanted to leave san fran because they werent showing him the money and alot of fans and players hated him because complained too much. And he wasnt traded he was released on his last year and wasnt resingned by the 49ers because hes a whiny little bitch!

  • Lott

    Wewon are you nuts you love T.O. he is a traitor, anytime you wear that blue and those nasty weird silver looking pants and praise that team your a traitor. T.O. is all about the money and he wants the publicity, but dont discrace the 49ers fans by saying you like T.O. because true 49er fans hate The cowboys and particularly T.O. for going to that team. Who do you think T.O. is going to give all his praise to,at his Hall of Fame speech someday, it wont be to the 49ers or Eddie D for drafting him in the seventh round, all his love and graditued will go to that country bastard Jerry Jones. He wouldn’t have been scoring all the TD’s if he did not have the mentor in Jerry rice or even noticed in the 7th round of the draft back then, but we discovered him, but I’m sure those hillbillys will take the credit. Don’t you mention you like T.O. on here again, he is a dislyal traitor, you mine aswell come out and say your a Cowboy fan WenWon. The 49ers fans hate everything about the Cowboys plain and simple, that hate will never die, we have a long history with those bastards and that will continue. Saying you like T.o. is like saying I love Jerry Jones, a complete idiotic statement, To hell with those hillbillys!

  • Forensics 187

    I think Reid was suppose to annouce at noon if McNab was the starter or not, if not then I think he may be gone. I also hear rumors about Cassel. This is the final year of his contract. Cassel or McNab would be great. It's a quarter back driven league, if you don't have one you can't win. Hill is the best QB on the roster, but he is not the answer.

  • crazydave

    i truly doubt we will get any of those quarterbacks they wanna go to a winning team and we are not winning…lol


    Ninertime, you need a good O-line to protect Brady or that fag is as useless as all the crappy QB's the 49ers have had over the past few seasons…..a pipedream maybe.


  • Niner Pundit

    Lott…you are an idiot. Owens was drafted in the 3rd round, not 7th.

  • hunterboyz@yahoo.com

    I want McNabb…
    In my simulated season on Madden, the 49ers picked up McNabb, and was doing great!!!

    I know its a game, but I also see he is about to be available.
    I don’t see why we can’t cut JT’O, Sign Alex cheaper(WAAAY cheaper), Keep Shaun Hill, and draft a late round QB & develop him under McNabb.

    Seems almost unrealistic…
    But I do love McNabb, and he buys time…
    It just seems right to me. I can see it.

    A Loving Black Man
    AKA 49er Fan For Life

  • Billy

    So anyone know of any good linemen in this years draft or may become FA?

    Im not much of a college football person but if Texas Tech continues to lose will Crabtree lose stock in the Draft?

  • ninerfaithful

    so guys lets talk talk draft we need a pass rusher a qb and a right tackle period we could use a crabtree or harvin but those three things need to be addressed first

  • redleg

    It is hard staying loyal to the wreckage we now call the Niners. I lived through the glory days only to see a great franchise become a punching bag for the last six years, and squandered the opportunities to rebuild. I now live in North Jersey and have been duly impressed by the Giants, a team I did not like but do enjoy watching them play good football, I actually went to this years niners/giants game and supported my team, however it was difficult since even thought the Giants did not play great the Niners… you know 130 yards in penalties and I think 4 turnovers… frankly my brother-in-law and I had the Niners red on… not the red of courage but the red as in hemorraging. SO what to do, keep Singletary, I think he has football sense and what it takes to be a winner, go through another year of cutting the crap out of the roster, a QB, my god how long have we needed one of those and are still searching… well back to the drawing board on that. Anyway I think the rest of you have done a great job in highlighting the root causes of the mess we call the Niners. Given all that I hung with them through the abysmal seventies and the growth and glory of the eighties and nineties, well still with them now. YES I HAVE HATED THE COWTURDS SINCE ’72 AND EVEN MORE WHEN SOME DUMBASS STARTED CALLING THEM AMERICA’S TEAM.

  • joe gomez

    Ninaz where the fuck are you getting your info from? TO was traded because Donahue wasnt going to give him a penny which he showed yesterday was a big mistake. We ended up getting a 5th round pick and sorry ass Brandon Whiting from the Eagles. Next time make sure you know what your fucking talking about dude.

  • joe gomez

    Wenwon.. Agreed there is a bluepring to stop TO, so thats why either Clements is the biggest joke to sign a big contract or Manusky truly is an idiot for not trying to double TO or atleast tell his CB’s to jam him at the line. Either way TO made our defense (especially Clements and Roman) look like a bunch of kids in Pee Wee football. Straight up embarrassing.

  • ninerfan4life

    Ifuckin hate the cowboys. i’d rather go 1-15 and beat the cowboys than to go 15-1 … when the super bowl, but lose the the cowboys in the reg. season.


    let us dream a little….

    How far fetched is it to think:

    1. Mike Holmgren comes back to SF

    2. Makes Andy Reed the Offensive Coord.

    3. Cassel becomes the long term QB for The Pats and…drum roll please!

    4. Brady comes home to SF too!

    I mean think about it, would you put it past belnicheck to make a ruthless move like that, he has done it before and will do it again. In this league today its all about making moves like that!

    Hey I am just dreaming over here, I just remember when Brady had his first press conference after the big raider snow game, the mam had on a Joe Montana jersey, why wouldn’t he want to come back to the bay..

    ok I am slowing waking up, it was a good dream though….

  • Samra

    this years over i dont even want us to win anymore maybe we could play good for the first half for the rest of the season and then go to sleep…lol but seriously time to pull the plug on the Mark Roman, Aubrayo Franklin, and Bryant Johnson experiments and replace them with Reggie Smith, Kentwan Balmer, and Jason Hill Respectively. And while we're at it sit Walt Harris for Tarrell Brown. Maybe just maybe god would do us a great favor and scott piolli will become our next GM, Matt Cassel signs with us, Alex Smith signs a minimum one year deal to allow us to clear cap space, and We draft Micheal Crabtree


    think that is true about the oline but when you have a qb that can get rid of the ball quick and can read a defense then the oline becomes a bit better all of a sudden.

    but a pipedream for sure!

  • joe gomez

    Axegrinder, even with our fucked up O-line Brady would be 300% better than what we have right now. Hill got some decent protection but missed on some very crucial passes. Somebody more accurate would have different results in a game.

  • Lott

    Niner Pundit, I stand corrected, I actually knew he was drafted in the 3rd, I just forgot, but don't call me an idiot for having a valid point about liking T.O., that bastard is a traitor, whenever you got to that Middle America- Corndog-Eating Cowpatty team you are a traitor and you discrace the 49er fans and our classy orginization. The 49ers should be labled America's team, if the cowboys represent america then we are in bad shape, when I think of the Cowboys the first thing that comes to mind is a pot bellied hillbilly with a camofauge baseball cap. Sorry, that does not represent America!

  • Samra

    Actually i think all we need is these 2 FA and we would be good

    Jordan Gross OT
    Albert Haynesworth NT

  • Billy

    Cassel shouldnt be a 49er because he is a product of the Patriots system just like 1,000 yd rushers that Denver always has. I think he is overrated although he has no true running game he has the great O-Line,Moss, and Welker not to mention he has been in the system as a back up for as long as Brady so he knows how to execute. I hate the option of picking up Cassel then again knowing McClueless we might draft another bust, personally I love Crabtree as a #1 and Justin Harrell for QB

  • gee-ray

    agreed billy… cassell would be a reach. prefer to stay with what we got and do some drafting again. and again anybody hearing about allen rossum?

  • seekret_sauce

    Let's just go after Michael Vick ahh-hahaha

  • joe gomez

    Samra.. we have holes almost everywhere on offense and defense. Were gonna need way more than 2 players to fix our fucked up situation. Lott, yea hes a Cowboy now spanking our asses because Donahue is a fucking idiot. We had the money to renew his contract and TO wasnt asking for Clements money, he just wanted a long term deal but bitch ass Donahue wanted him out of town. Garcia and TO wasnt getting along so what do we do? We get rid of both. Fucking pathetic. BTW Scot McClueless is probably as stupid as Donahue.

  • joe gomez

    West.. I really dont see us winning the rest of the games. Were looking like a 5-11 season. Hey more the losses the higher the pick but then I dont know if thats really a good thing with Scott McClueless running the fucking draft.

  • gee-ray

    um Matt Cassell might be a terrible mistake. as one annoucer said “anybody remember scott mitchell”

    and whats the status on Allen Rossum. i havent heard shit

  • Niner Pundit

    Lott…seriously how is Owens a traitor? It was clear the 49ers did not want him. They didn’t resign him and they traded him for garbage. He wore out his welcome in Philly and then the Cowboys came calling. Do you actually believe TO should have told Jerry Jones, “Sorry but I used to be a 49er and their fans hate the Cowboys, so I can’t sign because one day a fan named Lott is going to call me a traitor. I hope you understand.”

    So let me ask you this…the player you have named yourself after Lott…is he a traitor for playing for the Raiders. I mean you can’t find a team more hated by 49er fans…so yeah you are an idiot.

  • West

    Niner Pundit….Priceless…lol, didn’t know you had it in you

    On a side note, since I don’t see us in the playoffs but do see us winning the rest of our games, “yea I said it! Who do you feel good about use taking in the 1st round? I’m hoping for McCoy in the 2nd round, but unsure on the 1st….. I really don’t see Crabtree around if we finish how I’m hoping….Interested in your thoughts, thanks…

    Rey Maualuga is another i like to replace Spikes

  • West

    Anyone know if Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Josh Freeman, Mark Sanchez, or Colt McCoy are declaring?

    Personally I’m not sold on Hunter Cantwell, I know he has a big arm but he hasn’t played enough for me.

  • mario

    do you really think davis had any chance of catching that second ugly ass pass from knuckleball hill? it was way off and at ankle height by the time it got to davis. no way anyone makes that catch