Wanted: Punt Returner

The 49ers are without their star returner Allen Rossum who is shelved with a bad ankle. So now the question is who do they turn to. Corner Nate Clements seemed like the obvious choice, but Mike Singletary has said that he does not want Nate back there returning punts.

“Right now, I think that would be something that we really want to stay away from,” “It could be a possibility, but hopefully that’s not something we have to do.”

So with Rossum out, Nate a no-no, who’s next?

Arnaz Battle has returned punts in the past, but he is just coming back from a foot injury and his status is still up in the air. So that leaves just two choices, Dominique Zeigler and Josh Morgan.

Zeigler has returned only one punt during his playing days, that was during high school, he thinks. Josh Morgan returned some here and there at Virginia Tech, but he too is also nursing an injury and may not be ready to play.

So not sure which way Singletary goes on Sunday against the Bills, where reports are that the weather will be very cold, let’s just hope whoever is back their returning kicks has better hands than Dexter Carter.

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  • gee-ray

    Finally an update on rossum.. how long will he be out? and Finally someone remembers Dexter Carter's butter fingers. he made me nervous everytime he returned the ball

  • Lowrance

    With no real Punt Returner, I say stick with good ole number 46. I still remember his stiff arm return his rookie year, that excited us all.

  • Niner Pundit

    Lowrance…that was a kickoff I believe, not a punt return. I could be mistaken though.

    gee-ray…to this day anytime the niners receive a punt, I said outloud. “Come on Dexter hold onto the ball” regardless of who is returning.

  • gee-ray

    Pundit- i still get the jose cortez/jeff chandler goose bumps everytime we kick field goals.

  • MSouza

    gee-ray every extra point or chip shot I think of "Botchman" he was only with us for a short while, but he left a lasting impression and completely destroyed my faith in kickers.

  • MSouza

    There is bound to be somebody on the roster that returned punts at some point in college that isn’t injured. Maybe in practice? It’s sad really because the Bills are good on every special teams unit except punt coverage, where I believe they rank in the mid 20’s, *sigh.

  • J.B. in PA.

    Put Nate back there and make him earn some of that money he's not earning it covering T.O.

  • geeray

    everything between mike cofer and joe nedney was horrible in the kicking dept.

  • geeray

    should be everyone not everything!

  • Texas9er

    What about Reggie Smith. He returned punts at Oklahoma. I don’t know if he is hurt because I didn’t see him at the Dallas game. He has some nice highlights on youtube of him returning. If he is healthy I would either use him or Delanie Walker. I wish we used Delanie more in our offense. With him and Vernon in the game together we would get some missmatches. I hope the eagles are stupid enough to let McNabb go. If he is avaliable that should be our #1 goal in the offseason. And get rid of Martz. I wish we would have taken Cam Cameron when we had the chance.

  • Lowrance

    I do believe you’re right Pundit.
    But Walker can catch and run as well as anyone. Clements tends to run side to side and sometimes loses ground, so glad they aren’t going to use him. I want the big body to run north/south until Rossum gets healthy or we find another John Taylor.