Thoughts After Monday Night

Correct me if I’m wrong on this but when facing a third down from your opponent’s 2.5-yard line would it not make sense to employ a little, oh I don’t know, variety in your play calling? Maybe I’m just not getting it or something isn’t sinking in with me but I fail to see the logic behind setting up in single-back formation and then running a dive over left tackle when the defense has for the most part stacked the box with nine players. Yes the offensive line had been getting some push out there, resulting in 119 total rushing yards. Yes the ball was on the 2.5 yard line and the thought that getting those two yards for the score and the win would be attainable was not as far-fetched as I might believe. The one thing that I do not understand though is that there were multiple options at that time which could have been used to give the 49ers, a team who had fought tooth and nail to even have a chance to pull out a win, an increased chance to do so.


It wasn’t all bad however as I witnessed more fight out of this team then I have all season long and there were some concrete positive plays which transpired as well in the desert last Monday night.


I think we all know that Shaun Hill is not the future at quarterback for this team, what he is however is a signal caller who can manage the game and who at least for one night gave them the best chance to pull out an upset. Yes he made mistakes (the shovel pass to the back of Frank Gore being the most notable) but he also put his offense in place to win. I don’t know what else a fan could have asked for with being 10.5 point underdogs.


Jason Hill, Josh Morgan and Dominique Zeigler all played good games in my opinion and why it has taken Zeigler this long to see regular season game action is beyond me. I’m not saying he’s the next Jerry Rice but the kid clearly has skills. Morgan showed everyone why he should have been taken much higher in the draft then he was and J Hill, well he had his breakout game and I believe that he should be the starting slot receiver the rest of the way this season.


Vernon Davis never ceases to amaze me. He can go up and make a spectacular catch on one drive and then completely give up on a ball which was for all intents and purposes, catchable! Even Kornheiser concurred with me in saying that Davis should have dove for the pass. I would have taken outstretched arms at the very least, any form of effort to pull the ball in for the touchdown would have been nice. If he does that and scores then this is a decidedly different column which you are reading at this moment.


While Kurt Warner did manage to once again pass for over 300-yards the defense did a relatively good job holding the Cardinals to field goals. Obviously not enough but there was reason for optimism after the defenses performance. At least when not talking about Walt Harris and Mark Roman that is… both men need to be relieved of their starting roles and I believe that Goldson and Brown should be inserted as soon as possible.


In the aftermath of last Monday nights game there was some speculation as to whether or not the officials did an adequate job of letting the coaches for both teams know what was happening on the spot at the Arizona goal line with the game hanging in the balance. Mike Martz said as much when he made a comment that he had no idea the ball had been re-spotted at the 2.5 yard-line after the official review and was forced to keep the same unit on the field that was there when the ball was on the one yard-line. Even when the official said that the clock would restart on the whistle the first thought in my head was to spike the ball on 3rd down, collect the offense and come up with another play after having ample time do so. Hill seemed unsure of what was going on even when lining up for that last play and another 40 seconds to get a good formation and play in would have been nice.


It was reported that Frank Gore suffered a concussion against the Cardinals on Monday night yet he is expected to play this Sunday against St. Louis when the teams face each other at Candlestick. Here’s hoping it was a significantly minor concussion. The last thing this team needs now is to place Gore in harms way what with the season being a wash. If the 49ers were say 7-2 instead of 2-7 this might make sense, ah hell who am I kidding? Concussions as we all know are not to be toyed with, I have to believe the team has looked at his situation very closely and that the right decision will be made regarding his status at game time.


Isaac Bruce recently stated in an interview with Matthew Barrows that he see’s this season’s 49er team as work in progress and that he is happy to be a part of it. Anyone giving odds on that the only thing he’s happy to be a part of is that the season is over halfway gone? He most certainly won’t be back in San Francisco if anywhere for that matter in 2009.


There really isn’t much else to say about this season. The 49ers have once again failed to live up to what meager expectations they had upon entering this campaign and with two more losses they will have assured themselves of their sixth consecutive losing season, the most they have ever had in succession. On the flipside, a dire situation under Mike Nolan has, at least in the last few weeks, appeared to take a turn for the better. Mike Singletary seems to have been able to extract more emotion and direction from the players then his former boss and if he can win at least half of the remaining games this season he might be back as head coach in 2009. Keep in mind though that there are some serious names being thrown around in the media and on internet message boards as to who should be in charge after this year concludes.


Pete Carroll is one such name but not one that this man would like to see. Carroll has proven he is not a good fit for an NFL head coach. Much like his PAC-10 counterpart Dennis Erickson who is, after two stints in the league, back where he belongs. In fact Erickson is in all likelihood kicking back a few cold ones at The Library on Mill Street right across from ASU at this very moment. Besides that Carroll would have to be a fool to leave what he has at USC. The man is a king there and can pretty much write his own ticket as long as highly touted youngsters continue to commit to his program.


Marty Schottenheimer is another name that has been mentioned and yet another one which I don’t agree with. I just don’t believe that his philosophy fits with this team and fail to see how he could take the job and then have any better chance at righting the ship then Singletary would. In fact I am making a commitment right here and now; I am not going to champion anyone else for the head coaching position on this team past this season other then Singletary. The man knows his stuff and according to at least one current 49er (Vernon Davis) “he knows how to prepare the team.” I agree with this sentiment and feel that once his interim stint is over he should be given a real chance to lead this team after a complete off-season of free agency and a draft in which he would no doubt have a large hand in.


I’ll say it now and I’ll say it no matter how the remainder of 2008 progresses. Mike Singletary for head coach of the San Francisco 49ers in 2009!!!

  • J-Mack

    Jason Hill finally showed us why we drafted him. This was by far his best game. We also finally played Dominique Ziegler. We should have activated him a long time ago, he played so well in the preseason. Walt Harris is done, we should release him after the season, and Mark Roman sucks too

  • crazydave

    yea……..we need a good safety……..and did K. Balmer do that bad as i read on here from some one?i been waiting for Jason Hill to step up ,Him and Morgan and Davis might be the future of this franchise if they keep getting better and stay healthy. we just need a steady quarterback that can throw to them and a offensive tackle that can pass block.Staley is best at right tackle we need to just get rid of over paid,injury prone Jonas Jennings but might cost us a pretty penalty in salary cap.and A.smith needs to take a major pay cut too say if a opportunity doesn't come along for him. and my top 5 players for the 1st round would be on my shopping list #1)C.B. – Malcolm Jenkins Ohio State #2)O.T. – Michael Oher Mississippi. #3)Outside Linebacker Aaron Curry – Wake Forest, #4)O.T. Eugene Monroe – Virgina. #5) D.T. Terrance Taylor – Michigan. if we are in the top 15 pick also V.D"s brother who is a corner/safety if he comes out in this years draft.

  • Rob

    While I also like Singletary and would like to see him stay on, if he can't produce any wins this season, should he still stick around? I'm not so sure. It will probably be a moot point, because I think he will get us some wins. But, if he doesn't, we may have to just start over with the coaching staff. How about Steve Spagnoluo, the Giants defensive coordinator? I swear, that guy won the championship for the Giants last year, and he may very well do it again this year. I think he would be a much better choice than either Carroll or Schottenheimer.

    But, again, I am rooting for Singletary. I thought he should be the head coach even before Nolan got fired. So, I do hope he works out.

  • Mike in MD

    Nice job James. I’d also like to see Reggie Smith get some playing time. I read his profile on the Draft pages on this site & he’s started 20 games at Strong Safety. MLewis the past couple of games looks behind a step & his weakness at pass coverage is also hurting us. Let’s see what this kids got.

    RSmith through his college career had 8 INT’s & 22 passes deflected. You could even try him out at Free Safety & Goldson on the Strong Side if we wanted to. Whichever, experiment to see who’s a better fit where.

  • Lowrance

    I'm not so sure about getting Marty. Why would we want to go 14-2, then have York fire him for not winning the playoff game? lol

    But yeah, everything else you said was right on.

  • MSouza

    I agree that Walt has lost a step but I remember seeing Brown getting made a fool of by Steve Breaston. Breaston is talented, but more so than Anquan or Avery or many other number two receivers that he will have to cover, I don't think so.

    Corner is a top priority in this draft, along with O-Line and Nose Tackle. He needs to be competent enough to jam a receiver and hold his own for 3.5-4 seconds so the niners can start blitzing on a more consistent level.

    As far as Head Coach is concerned, I wouldn't mind seeing Singletary come back, but if there is a guy like Cowher, highly unlikely I know, or another proven head coach not named Billick then I wouldn't mind seeing them come to town.

    As far as Kentwan is concerned we need to understand he is a rookie. Rookie defensive lineman barely ever do anything right, it is a completely different position than they played in college. Look at some of the best interior and end guys in the league, none of them started off great. Haynesworth first came to light for stepping on Andre Gurode's head, not for being the unblockable mass that he is today. Give him time he'll learn.

  • MSouza

    I just read an article on that said when Cassell becomes a free agent next year that the niners among 4-5 other franchises would be interested in him. I'm not a huge fan of his, but he does play for the Patriots so that may have something to do with it, but what do you guys think, he looked good on Monday, but I think it might be the Rob Johnson fluke.

  • AM

    I agree completely with you…

  • Texas9er

    I hope that they give Singletary a chance after this season. Give him the rest of this season and next year to see what he can do. Give him a chance to get his own coaches and players before you give him a real shot. We all know that Mike Martz is not his style. If we pick in the top 10 in the draft which looks like that is going to happen I hope we take Bryan Orakpo from Texas as an OLB or a DE deppending on the defensive sceme. I've seen this dude play every game this year and he is an animal. We need to get pressure on the Qb and this is the best guy in the draft that can do it. We should also go after Albert Hanesworth. I hear we have alot of money to spend and if we spend it right we could be a team to contend with. There is alot of good players next year in free agency unlike last year.

  • Matt Cassell looks like a good quarterback. I still hold out hope that Smith will turn out to be what we hoped he would when we drafted him, but getting Cassell would be quite the boon for McCloughan.

    I could take a few offensive linemen, too.

  • James Jones

    Lowrance: Trust me, I don’t want either Carroll or Schottenheimer to be the head coach of this team. There are some out there however who do and think that either of them would be a great choice for the job. I am not one of them though.

    They are both good coaches, just not right for this job in my opinion.

  • joe gomez

    James, because of the stupid and poor communication between coaches in the booth and coaches on the field, Martz had thought the ball was placed on the 1 yard line. It just shows how fucked up this organization is and is a LONG ways away. Even if it was on the 1 yard line, I have no idea why they would give it to Robinson. Iven seen him get stopped by the first tackle so many times. Its a shame that Gore lost his balance, that was a sure game winning TD. I agree with you on VD, he should of atleast stretched his arms out if he didnt feel like diving for the ball. J-Mack, I have been crying for J. Hill for so many months now, hes finally proving to everyone that he belongs on the field. Glad to see Coach Sing is giving Richal some playing time. If he was so great in college it makes no sense to keep him on the fucking bench especially with our record being what it is. If we dont beat the sorry Lambs, im donning a paper bag at the next game.

  • Samra

    Warren Sapp said on his radio show that KWAME HARRIS couldnt block Marcedes SApp, his daughter. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!It hasnt been a good week for ex 9ers first derek smith gets cut, then Sapp practically calls Kwame a bitch, and Terrel Owens' Cowboys continue to suck dick

  • Samra

    Also i say Jeb York mans up and admits his parents mistake and rehires steve marriucci…we need someone to develop Alex Smith or whoever is our next QB

  • ninerfaithful

    we need to win games and to win games we need to learn to close them out and we didnt do that we havent all year and that is why we sit a 2- 7 we need to turn the ship now cause we are selecting 5 or 6 in the draft if the season was over let go niners ps shaun hill a way better qb than jt no doubt about it

  • ninerfaithful

    i still think we stick with martz next season as OC


    Agree 100%………..again.

    I’m really pulling for Singletary. I really want to see this guy succeed. I think he deserves a chance with his own staff. Knowing the 49ers brass (McLueless) they’ll probably find a way to fuck it all up. Just listening to Mclueless on KNBR on Wednesday really makes me think this guy is constantly covering something up or he is just plain STUPID. Him and Nolan went to the same school for bullshit artists.

  • Mike in MD

    I did some more research on Haynesworth. I want this guy badly & like I said before I think we should break the bank for him. But I wouldn’t get my hopes too high.

    He’s an East Coast guy from South Carolina, went to college & is playing his pro ball in Tennessee. And Tennessee’s the best team in football right now so why would he want to leave? Jeff Fisher & his GM will be fighting hard to get the deal done. Not saying there isn’t a chance but odds are he’s staying at Tennessee.

    Joe..that down/distance crap shouldn’t be all that big a deal to correct. It falls on Singletary because he’s ultimately responsible for how that whole thing is run. I know he’s just settling in as HC & he’ll figure it out hopefully soon.

    IMO the solution’s SIMPLE. Get Paraage the hell out of the booth. HE DOESN’T BELONG THERE PERIOD. What he’s doing should be for a football guy….another assistant coach not a numbers suit IF Singletary wants another body in there for that. But he doesn’t need one as that job should be for 1 of the Coordinators who’s already up in the booth. In this case Manusky. He’s already following the game, has to know the down/distance, & has direct communications to the HC. If Martz was in the booth you could give it to him as he has those same responsibilities for the Offense. Paraage is a contracts/salary cap management guy THAT’S IT & he should be staying in a damn cubicle AND ALSO not involved in any FOOTBALL DECISIONS.

    In time Martz will probably go up to the booth but since Hill is still green in this Offense it’s probably still beneficial for Martz to get some face to face time with him. Hill’s steadier & more mature than JT so he might not need that & Martz could just talk to him through the headset. Singletary & Martz will have to figure all that out.

  • Niner Pundit

    Samra…why rehire Mariucci he had his chance when the 49ers had a good team and he couldn’t get the job done. What makes you think he could do it now, with a team that has less talent than when he was here.

    Also he did nothing in Detroit so why would this go around be any different.

  • young gun

    players we need to cut in offseason

    alex smith, or take a major pay cut
    jonas jennings
    bryant johnson
    walt harris
    mark roman
    jamie martin
    abreyo franklin
    barry sims

    with the money we sign an o linemen or 2.. a d linemn….. and a lb

    draft d line, qb, cb, wr, lb, cb…. thats not in order just the positions i think we need to draft

  • MSouza

    I always joke with my friends that I wouldn't mind seeing Haynesworth in red and gold for a 150 mil, unfortunately that might be what it takes to get him here. He is going to want a massive contract this off season, as he should because he is the best defensive lineman in the league, but if it gets to a bidding war there are teams that have a lot more to throw his way.

  • crazydave

    and don’t forget Deshaun Foster what the fuck has that fool done since he got here.i still think if we had a better tackle our quarterback would have time to throw and be decent in the 4th quarter.And there isn’t alot of nose tackles in this draft this year,so corner or “O” line this year in the 1st round.

  • Billy

    I hope that Singletary does stay and cleans house and kicks out Nolans lackys by the way we should have traded for Chris Jenkins Jets are bennifiting off him and for a 3rd hell i would have traded a first,hopefully we make a move on Haynesworth is Smith gets big money he should too

  • Lowrance

    Today the 49ers have a chance!!!!!

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  • crazydave

    O'Sullivan is in a quarterback…god help us please………..

  • crazydave

    lets see how many more penalties we can get in the 4th again and interceptions.

  • crazydave

    damn i miss the excitement in the beginning to see all the 3 and outs again..damn……..