Surprise, Mr. Glass to IR

Breaking news in Ninerland. Jonas Jennings has been placed on injured reserve. I know it’s hard to believe, since Jonas has been Mr. Durability during his time with the 49ers. Here is what Matt Barrows had to say about the shocking news.

Jonas Jennings’ 2008 season lasted one and a half games. The 49ers’ right tackle — their marquee free-agent acquisition in 2005 — had surgery this morning to secure the right shoulder he dislocated in Week Two. The question now is whether Jennings ever will play a game for the 49ers again. He has two years remaining on the $36 million contract he signed in 2005. But he has now had three surgeries to the same shoulder. Jennings also suffered dislocations in 2005 and 2006.

Jennings’ lack of durability has been well documented. He never made it through a full season in four years with the Buffalo Bills, and he’s missed 35 of 58 possible starts since joining the 49ers. He missed time in the preseason with a broken hand. Jennings was the first player the Mike Nolan-Scot McCloughan regime ever acquired, and it’s clear that they vastly overpayed for his services. Still, general manager McCloughan did not rule out the possibility that Jennings could return to the 49ers. He said Jennings’ future with the team would be dealt with in the offseason.

“There’s no reason why he can’t come back from this once the surgery is done,” McCloughan said during a conference call. “When he’s played for us, he’s played very well. He played 13 games for us in ’06.”

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  • MSouza

    Every free agent is over payed, that is why players love free agency. If he would have stayed healthy he wouldn’t be considered over payed, The Mathew Barrows article also points out that his most healthy year with us, 2006, was also Frank’s best year and the niners as a whole were sixth in the league in rushing. It sucks that he is always hurt, but he does have talent.

  • AM

    I don’t believe it…He has always been the most dependable player.

  • Ouch! I felt sorry for him.

    He really has talents. This is a bad news for the 49ers. But, surely they can overcome this incident.

  • ninerfaithful

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i told everone in april we would see this post i did perdict week 6 however i was a little off but we see it now can we cut him and sace some money fuck we need a oline dline overhaul