MMP: Six Years and Counting…

After the 49ers 8th loss of the season against America’s the hated Cowboys, the 49ers are now guaranteed their 6th consecutive losing season in a row. That’s sad when you think about it. Over those six years the 49ers have a record of 28-63 and this season isn’t even done yet. They still have a good shot of adding five more into the L column.

This week I’m going to keep Monday Morning Punter short and sweet. No need to post links talking about how Shaun Hill and the 49ers offense are scared of the goalline or how special teams couldn’t keep Andy Lee’s streak of not having a punt blocked going. Nope, none of that, I’m just going to look back at that 28-63 record and give a big FU to the follow people:

Carmen Policy
Dwight Clark
Eddie DeBartolo
Terry Donahue
Mike Nolan
The Yorks
49ers Scouts
Norv Turner
and everyone else who is responsible for the crap we have got to witness for the past six years.

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  • Rochester

    I don't really know how you can put Eddie on that list. They had the '92 Championship game on the NFL network last week and though it remains one of the more disappointing games I've ever seen, it reminded me of just how good those teams and days were. There was one man principally responsible for the two decade run and 5 Super Bowls…Eddie Debartolo.

  • Niner Pundit

    because if Eddie hadn't dabbled in Riverboat Gambling he'd still own the team. That is why. Eddie gets just amount of blame as anyone for the teams six year losing streak…


    you need to take the first three people off the list because they also helped in getting us five superbowls. And they would not have did anything to hurt the niners if the freaking salary cap would have never been brought to the NFL!

    You think Eddy is the only owner involved in gambling, please! If we all did not learn this last week in the steelers vs chargers game then you are all blind!

  • El Mobre

    I say they let Andy Lee start running the show. He’s seems to be the only person in the organization putting their best foot forward….every pun intended.