Smith Will Be Back Next Season, There I Said It

Talk around Ninerland is what will the 49ers do at the quarterback position next season. They will most likely draft a QB sometime in the draft, but I’m going to go out on a limb right now and say that Alex Smith will be a 49er next season and he most likely will be the starting QB.

Stop laughing.

A lot of things are in Smith’s favor. He has been hanging around the facilities sitting in meetings and soaking up as much info as he can. Mike Nolan is gone, and we all know Nolan wasn’t in Smith’s corner. McCloughan loves the guy, O’Sullivan has been benched and Smith is doing everything he can to get his shoulder back on track.

So my prediction is Smith will not be let go next season, he’ll take a paycut and end up No.1 on the depth chart at QB.

Born and raised a diehard Niner fan. I have nothing better to do with my time than sit here and cram my opinions down everyone's throat.
  • Steve

    I agree, this is my prediction as well

  • MSouza

    I cool with it as long as he takes a serious pay cut, which I'm sure he will. I'm excited about Hill though, this is the guy that a lot of us on here wanted to see win the job going into the off season last year. Its obvious that the guy doesn't ever look good in practice, as illustrated by his lifetime third string status, but for whatever reason he does alright in the games.

    Whether Hill is the answer or not we will still be taking a QB in the draft and I wouldn't mind seeing Graham Harrell with a third-fourth round selection, he is a system QB, but for a mid round selection could be worth the chance.

  • RobBase

    A healthy Smith is a better passer than both JT and Hill.

    Hill definitely has the change of pace that can get a win. You can’t dink and dunk a whole career. Pennington has more arm than Hill.

    JT gets too bent out of shape to recoup a bad game. Hold the ball with two hands. You’re not a P.E. teacher playing nerf with a bunch of 7th graders at recess.

    Trade for Troy Smith or Derek Anderson to compete with Alex Smith. Maybe this time off has grown a little rust on A. Smiths nuts. He needs a little grizzle to gain that intangible.

    JT just has rusty nuts with no talent.

  • West

    Fuck that!

  • Ninaz

    yes i feel that next year will be Alex Smiths breack out season simply because Nolan is gone and even if we do trade for a QB that QB needs atleast a season to learn the Martz offense. Alex is all we have right now and releasing him would be pointless and a loss of money and potential.

  • krytoi

    I agree with Ninaz. We’ve inversted so much, we might as well keep him. It will be easy to do, what team is going to want him as a starter? So it’s not like we’ll be in a bidding war, so just resign him for cheap and call it a day.

  • #1

    Wow, there must be really nothing to talk about. Now were sitting here talking about smith. are you kidding me!!

  • Lowrance

    Hey, it took me until today to figure out we’re playing on Monday night! So at least we have a new thread to bat around…..

  • crazydave

    if he is the starter thats alright i guest, but if not then i hope he takes a big ass pay cut so we can get some free agents or afford our rookies.i just hope mike martz can teach him and he get better if not we suck again!!!lmao……

  • crazydave

    and i agree with maybe getting a new quarterback to challenge smith i been saying that since he has been drafted here…see so far Aaron Rogers is better than Alex smith in wins and stuff but they drafted another quarterback in the second round to challenge his ass and so far thats panned out pretty damn well and off course learning and watching Brett Farve helped him too..sorry Brett im a NINERS FAN too…Sorry just watched something about

  • i hope he comes back, i cant stand watching hill or GTO play behind center.

  • Tony from Bakersfiel

    I don't know about this topic and seeing Smith on there, I don't care. Has been…let's not go back to that shit. News is Raiders just cut CB DeAngelo Hall. let's pick this guy up Niners.

  • I wouldnt mind seeing wat he could do in preseason games next year. But we have to get a veteran QB in here that has won games in the NFL maybe a Derek Anderson or Byron Leftwich.


  • A True Niner Fan

    No Freakin Way….Smith is a Bust! and hes Gunna be released….we have no need for a second “Mr. Glass” on the Team

  • crazydave

    <embed src=”http this is what we will do to arizona on monday

  • crazydave this is what we will do too Arizona Monday

  • Red & Gold Fan



    I actually told a seahawks fan sitting behind me at the game that I would rather have Smith out there with a cast on than JT O’Turnover. That was after the first two turnovers, of course. People can say what they want about Smith, but at least he never gave the ball away at a record setting pace. I mean, JTO turned the ball over 23 or 24 times in 7 and a half games????? I still can’t believe that shit. I’m for whoever makes us win.

  • Ethan

    Until the Niners get someone that can actually block it won’t matter who quarterbacks for the team. Unless we find someone that can throw on a 2 step drop we need BLOCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samra

    Well Martz is not the answer at OC and Foerester is not the answer at OL…we need to hire Mike Murlakey as HC just so that he could work his wonders with smith just as he is doing with matt ryan…either that or when norv turner gets fired from SD next year bring him back

  • Word, dude. Word. I predicted the same thing over on 49ers Paradise on October 28th. And my own blog. People seem to have very short memories, and make no allowances for separated–and BROKEN!–shoulders.

  • MSouza

    Yeah Mularky really helped out JP Losman.

  • Rob

    I think whether or not Smith will be back next year is up to Alex Smith. The Niners are not going to keep him around with the kind of money they are currently paying him. McCloughlan already said that. Which means they will likely offer him a new restructured contract with a big pay cut, then allow him to compete for the starting spot again next year. This, of course, is after the Niners use a high draft pick (first or second rounder), on a new QB. We need fresh blood at that position, period. But, even with a new draft pick in tow, I think Smith would be stupid to turn down the new contract and leave via trade or release. I mean, he isn't going to make the kind of money he is making now anywhere. So, he might as well take the pay cut, stay where he is, and try to get better so he can revive his career. Personally, I don't think he will ever be a star. But, that is what people said about Drew Brees at one time, too. So, you never know. So, yeah, I think Smith stands a better chance of sticking around next year than O'Sullivan. And, frankly, I think he should. He would be a great backup…

  • joe gomez

    Golden elbows, just read your blog right after I typed mine. Were on the same page. These other idiots want to give Alex Smith another chance and waste another 4 years. Hahaha.. Stupid motherfuckers.

  • golden elbows

    I would rather have a QB throwing more picks in a game (JTO) than to have smith rolling out to his right and throwing duck passes to the ground. Derek Anderson might be a good pick up if he’s available next year. Who knows someone (QB) might be available next year as a Free Agent to give us a boost.

  • Bobby Boucher

    What McCloughan said was that Smith would not be back at that price if he was not the starter. I do agree that he has to take a pay cut and work his ass off to get back to the #1 QB spot, but I think he can do it. Hill is a fine#2. JT “the ass clown” O’Sullivan is a fucking bum. I realize I’m in the minority, but I think that one day it’s going to just click for Alex and then he’s going to have a nice career.

  • joe gomez

    Your smoking crack, turn the page already, thats old fucking news. So the fuck what hes been hanging around the facility, the point is hes not a starting QB period. Years and years of below average QB play and you still want this guy? And no McCloughan doesnt love the guy, hes not that stupid. He knows the motherfucker was a bust. We need to go look at available FA’s or see whos out there in the draft. Look what Drew Brees and Kurt Warner has done to their teams after being let go. We should pray a stud QB will be available. I would even take Derek Anderson if hes available. Anybody but Alex “Im a bust like Ryan Leaf” Smith, you gotta be fucking crazy.

  • West

    Pundit or James…….. any news on D.Hall, interest from 9ers?
    Walt will be leaving soon and I dont see D. Hall breaking our bank…

  • crazydave

    O.T. SIMMS is out and F.S. GOLDSON are out for this game is this why we got K. Barton more injuries and more bull shit are we ever gone to win a game……………….

  • crazydave

    plus A. Battle is out too

  • Adam49

    Go Alex

  • I don't know wh

    What is all of this talk about D. Anderson?? Have any of you been watching football this season?

    The bottom line is that A. Smith is capable of winning games in the NFL. He may never be a superstar, but he can step in if our TOP 10 draft pick gets hurt or needs time adjusting and perform better than JT O'FUMBLIN.

    He went 7-9 with Norv Turner remember? If he's willing to take the $9 million dollar pay cut then who fuckin cares? Who wants the same situation they had in GB earlier when Rodgers got hurt? They only had 2 unproven rookie QB's behind him that gave them 0% chance to win.

    All you grudge holders need to let it go and see the big picture. If he's willing to take te pay cut, keep him! period.

  • History says it coul

    We should think about trying to acquire Dennis Dixon from the Steelers. A mobile QB with a big enough arm. He's 2yrs removed from his broken ass leg now. With the money we're gonna save on A. Smith regardless whether he re-structures or gets released we could make a compelling case to pull him away from the Steelers, especially if they're able to lock up Leftwitch for another year.

    It would be just like the 9ers did when we pulled Steve Young from the Bucs after his 1st year and the Packers did with Favre from the Falcons.

  • golden elbows

    Did you guys hear Warren Sapp on the NFL Network? He played Singletary OUT!!! Sapp is an ass. At one point, someone gave his fat ass a chance and now he’s acting like someoneone else cant be giving a chance. If Singletary isn’t giving a chance, we’ll never know the outcome. Hope he prove Sapp wrong.

  • joe gomez

    Hey I dont know what im talking about… you dont know what the fuck your talking about..Fuck Alex Smith.. Real 49ers fans dont even want to hear that fucking name. That shits the past.. weve moved on.. get over it. Let him be a backup somwhere else thats if somebody is stupid enough to take his sorry ass.

  • joe gomez

    What did Sapp say about Sing exactly?

  • West

    WR..Dominique Zeigler to be suited monday night, why not!!

  • West

    Joe…. I think he talkin about the WR Alex Smith…

    As for D. Anderson, I’d take him over Alex any day….Let him start over McCoy, show him da ropes for a year or so….

  • joe gomez

    I hope so because QB Alex Smith is OLD NEWS.

  • West

    Joe…make sure to catch dat Texas Tech Oklahoma game….

  • Mike in MD

    Also I myself couldn't believe he was missing all those EASY throws that were checkoffs & short routes 10-15 yards downfield. Trust me I couldn't believe my eyes as any competent High School QB or freshman College QB could easily make those throws. They were flat out UGLY & HORRIBLE. (I'm talking about this pre-season.)

    On Maiocco's site I was saying…."something just still can't be right with that shoulder". Smith's scouting report in college was he was accurate. As it turns out he had a broken bone in there.

    The thing about Smith is it's time for him to grow up. IMO he allowed himself to get pushed around but since he's been around the block now he needs to step up & quit being so naive. Yeah Nolan should have been able to tell in the Seattle game the guy was not right & pulled him. But at the same time Smith has to be able to look out for #1 & speak up or pull himself out IF HE KNOWS somethings wrong.

  • joe gomez

    Alright West Ill try to catch it.

  • Mike in MD

    I get me I was in the same boat. I wanted as much as anybody to have the Smith Saga finally disappear. Yeah it was time, same as McNolan it’s been 4 years & time to move on.

    BUUUUTT….giving it some 2nd thoughts. If he wants to return AT THE LEAGUE MINIMUM why shouldn’t we keep him? What legit talent do we have on this team?? We’re hurting at the MOST CRUCIAL POSITION…JT will likely be gone along with Martz. That leaves us with Hill, who AT BEST is a #2 but who I personally see as a #3 & where I would pay him. If another team wants to make a trade as him being their #2 I’D DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT. Hill’s…sorry no offense, are a dime a dozen.

    I feel like I’m repeating myself since my damn last post on this GOT LOST……..remember ANY QB who would have been drafted would have had the SAME RESULT thanks to clueless incompetent Nolan. Nolan brought in as his development team a washed up Vet QB who had one of the LOWEST QB RATINGS for a supposed to be “successful QB”…IT WAS IN THE DAMN 70’s — that to me spells LOSER-LOSER-LOSER. He had ZERO BUSINESS trying to be Alex’s mentor. What’s worse is his 2 QB Coaches KNEW NOTHING ABOUT QUARTERBACKING….THEY WERE BOTH EX-DEFENSIVE BACKS AS PLAYERS…..ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME??????? How would you like to be trained as the CEO of your company by some entry level moron who’s never been a supervisor?? That’s an off the top of my head example but you get my drift.

    We HAVE TO draft a future franchise QB, that’s a GIVEN. There’s no way he’ll be ready off the get go. So secondly IMO we HAVE TO draft a VET FA QB to carry the load or legitimately back up Hill if he shows he can competently be the starter. As already said JTO will most likely be gone. If the above 3 come to fruition that’s 3 QB’s. Carrying 4 on a team who hasn’t had a successful one ever since the Dorks came on board should be the priority, go ahead & be Gruden like….WE SHOULD BE. We can’t afford to go anywhere without having a REAL QB.

    So I see Smith as a NO RISK, CHEAP INSURANCE policy & a gamble that he “might” heal up that shoulder (that Nolan destroyed) & possibly start to reach his potential. Let him……EARN THE #3 spot, let him EARN THE #2 spot, & if he can do it let him EARN the starter spot. IF HE ISN’T SHOWING ANY PROMISE IN THE OFF-SEASON THEN YOU CAN CUT HIM BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS……AND FOR WHAT??? NOTHING, AT PRACTICALLY ZERO COST TO THE TEAM.

    I’m telling you ANY QB be it Aaron Rodgers, Jason Campbell, you name it would have had their career DESTROYED HERE by Nolan’s total incompetence in putting together a TEAM OF LOSERS to surround his QB. Oh & I forgot…..he surrounded him with SHIT for an OLine, & ZERO WIDE RECEIVERS. AND HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER STARTED HIM THE 1ST YEAR IN THAT SITUATION TO GET KILLED. Smith’s 1st year in itself should get him an NFL Congressional Medal of Honor just for surviving because of dumb ass clueless George Bush so called “leader” of a joke Nolan (who like Sarah Palin should never be an NFL HC EVER!!!! in this league. Alright, I may be little harsh on Palin for politics, since what I’m hearing is these were all leaks by their high up campaign managers to point the blame away from them & use her as a scapegoat. But no way for Nolan.)

    Bottom line…..Smith would serve as an insurance policy AT PRACTICALLY NO COST if he wants to stay here to try & still make it as a starter. The hard thing is that I believe he would have made great strides being able to sit back & fully understand Martz’s Offense then finally just “play football” & not think so much. His ex-coach Urban Meyer said that’s best how to utilize Smith. Now he probably will have to start all over. Like I said, if he doesn’t pan out….you cut him in the off-season. I think he will make a good QB in this league IF his shoulder isn’t RUINED. The guys only 24 YEARS OLD.

  • Billy

    Hey lets send 2nd to Kansas City for Thigpen

  • Lottie901

    WAY TO GO JOE, WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!

  • crazydave

    we need to keep running it we stopped and Hill was pressured like crazy we need to keep running it!!!!!!

  • crazydave

    now nate clements on penalties WTF!!!!!!!

  • joe gomez

    Like I said FUCK ALEX SMITH… its time to move on. Let him be a 3rd stringer somewhere else. We dont want him here, he has no leadership, no skills, nothing. Besides I dont trust that twice damaged shoulder. Hell no, let him walk! I dont give a flying fuck if he played for FREE. Let him hang his head after he completely misses a little dink 10 yard pass somewhere else. Fucking loser. I strongly disagree, I dont think Rodgers would of stunk it up like Alex did. C’mon look at the weak ass shot gun spread out offense he ran in a weak ass WAC division. No competition whatsoever. Moving on means moving on. Turning the page means turning the page. FUCK ALEX, FUCK NOLAN, FUCK MCCLUELESS, AND FUCK THE YORKS. We need to start over and if we have to live with Yorks sorry ass so be it, but we need to permanently cut ties with the McNolan days and get a fresh start.

  • crazydave

    and V.D. stop with the stupid ass penalties………….

  • joe gomez

    Our secondary finally made a fucking play. Nate Clements. Man can anybody rush the fucking QB besides J. Smith? Were not dialing enough blitz packages, Warner has all fucking day to throw.

  • crazydave

    We need a fucking god damn fucking safety that can make some fucking plays i haven’t heard any thing about safeties on our team till the fucking 2 point conversion.and stop fucking passing in the 4th quarter run gore assholes we had 4 minutes in the 4th with the ball WTF.


  • jockstrap

    Yay! Smith is back….. We’re going to the superbowl.

  • joe gomez

    That is the most idiotic and retarded comments I have ever hard in my entire fucking life. Alex Smith is through, get over it, turn the fucking page already. Hill is the guy right now and he will compete with either a draft pick or a veteran coming in. Sing likes tough guys with heart, not pussies with no confidence who throws off target ducks for over 3 fucking years. Let me make a prediction for you Stuntman, if Smith is on the team which I doubt he will, he will be either holding a clipboard or passing out Gatorade.

  • 5Rings

    Stuntman, you should be slapped for writing such a lame article.

  • 9ers4lyfe

    Alex Smith is the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf. Anyone who thinks this joke has a chance still is smoking the crack pipe with Michael Phelps. Nobody has ever gotten so many chances to get it right. Over three long years and he is still worthless.

  • Johnson

    If Alex is McCloughans guy than maybe its MCloughan who is holding this team back. Its apparent he has no nose for talent whatsoever. There are guys who just dont have it and Smith is a QB who has surgically repaired throwing shoulder (twice), no confidence, no leadership, and just plain no talent. He is garbage.

  • Tony romo sucks8==D

    Dude what a dumbass.

  • Pundit,
    I came on here thinking that this was a new post. Until I looked at the dates the comments were posted. Seeing my own comment on the situation, I’m more Nostradamus than Unknown Stuntman. It seems that the organization has the same feeling about Alex that I have. The kid is young. Scotty Mac said after OTA’s and mini-camps that Alex is throwing the ball better than he has since he was drafted. The QB competition at training camp this year is going to be a lot different than last year. ALEX SMITH WILL BEAT OUT SHAUN HILL FOR THE STARTING QB POSITION BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS. I like Hill, and love him as a back-up, but the possibility of our 25 year old #1 pick stepping up to the plate and proving his worth to everyone is so much better for the franchise. I will conceed that this is Alex’s one and only shot to make good on the organization’s commitment to him. I believe he will make the proper changes in his game and prove his worth to the team. And saying that his teamates don’t respect him in the huddle is a bunch of shit. He stepped in as an extrmeley young QB; onto a team that was devoid of talent. That problem has been corrected, and now he has the line and playmakers(and experience),to lead our favoriteteam into the future. We all know that we have the coach to get us there; we just need to get a little confidence back in our QB’s…quote me on that!
    P.S. Anyone read Barrow’s blog today?

  • L’Wah

    I think it’s freakin hilarious!!!! hahahaha