Chilo Might Start Sunday

Let’s see it has taken Mike Singletary only four games to give rookie Chilo Rachal the chance to start. Where as Mike Nolan would have waited three years.

Singletary said on Wednesday morning that Chilo Rachal might get his first NFL start on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. In the past two games Rachal has split time with Tony Wragge at right guard.

Singletary said Rachal, is doing a good job and the coaching staff will meet in the morning, and that Rachal “might have a chance to start. We’ll see how it goes.”

Wragge’s comment, “I don’t have anything to say about it. I’m sorry.”

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  • Mike in MD

    He looks like a younger version of his hero Larry Allen. I think he’s gonna be a beast. Good luck & tear it up Chilo!!

  • MSouza

    I’ve been impressed with him in the run game, haven’t seen him much in pass protection, but he clearly is a beast and looks to be a good pick in the second.

  • Mike in MD

    Good link West…Baas stood out on that report. Looks like him & Staley make a good combo. The whole team seems to be clicking under Coach Singletary. Keep it up Coach…..this next game & the following 3 are going to be huge.

  • ShaneO

    This is a quote from Tony Romo: “You watch them (the 49ers) on tape and wonder how their record is what it is.”

    Its a cancer called Mike Nolan… sure the body might look healthy on the outside, but its rotting away on the inside!! Thats what Nolan does to a team in every aspect of the game! well now that we have fixed that problem (fired olan) im looking forward to this weekends game. Its just sad when we see how much time we have wasted. Here are all these young bucks stepping up and taking the jobs of there underachievers, and playin well! Nolan always let the vets hang on to their jobs no matter how bad they sucked. Now we are finally starting to see the future of our team (J Hill, J morg, rachal,baas,Sndyer at RT,putting hill in) now if we can get T. Brown, R. Smith and Goldston in the mix,2 of those guys even starting.. holy shit we might start having winning records again!!!

  • Billy

    Romo probably didnt see the tapes with JTO the Turnover machine 49ers better win so I can have bragging rights against my teamates who are Cowboy fans

  • West

    Next Year Schedule, Sing will have us ready… But 1st lets handle da rest of dis year….This season still looks good to me!

    Wish we had Dallas next year too!

    Home: Arizona, St. Louis, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Jacksonville, Tennessee and NFC South.

    Road: Arizona, St. Louis, Seattle, Green Bay, Minnesota, Houston, Indianapolis and NFC East.

  • Lowrance

    Romo's just making sure he doesn't give us any bullitin board banter. His team can't afford to lose to us.

  • joe gomez

    Chilo actually has a chance to start? Its about fucking time.

  • Billy

    ESPN Columnist Bill Simmons has us winning over the CowGirls and Tony Homo. The fist game I can watch on tv on a sunday and I think we are going to whip them on there TV/Stadium/Announcer(Aikman, he was a good Qb but perhaps the worst announcer on NFL TV)

    Niners (+10) over COWBOYS
    Yet another rule for my Sports Czar platform: Mike Singletary will be miked up with cameras following him 24 hours a day. I have watched him and Vernon Davis hug or shake hands at least 59 times over the past two weeks and, frankly, I could go for another 590. I love the Singletary “raising one arm after something good happens” move that’s an exact replica of Kevin Costner’s reaction after he drains the final shot in “Tin Cup.” Love every awkward interaction with Mike Martz. Loved the “Inside the NFL” moment when Singletary was yelling at someone who needed to go back on the field and the guy finally said, “Coach, I need to go.” Loved his postgame speech Sunday. Love his news conferences. Mike Singletary, I cannot get tired of you.

  • SaMoaN_NiNeR_FaN

    hey yo, anything is better than the offensive line than we have. Wragge is coo…as a backup. or when Chilo is tired. our 2-3 top draftees are not starting…what’s up with that? this goes back to our draft…we should’ve draft players that are going to start & make a difference now, not later. GO NINERS!

  • ShaneO


    are you sure we are playin the whole NFC east on the roads buddy, that would mean we had to go INTO giants stadium 3 years in a row…. man i hope your wrong!! also that would mean we did have dallas next year.. must be a mix up

  • crazydave

    looks like the same ole ninerz again i fucken hate to… can we ever stop him wtf pay some one 60 million to cover him and he cant..

  • joe gomez

    Another example why you dont trade your BEST fucking playmaker! He burned us when he was Philly and now hes just murdering us with Dallas. FUCK YOU Donahue for trading away our best fucking Playmaker receiver! Weve been searching for one ever since. TO shouldve never fucken left!!!!