49ers vs Cardinals: What We Learned

The 49ers lost their sixth in a row and after a very tough loss. Here is what we learned following the game.

  • Horrible call to end the game.
  • Tony Kornheiser has a mancrush on Kurt Warner and the Cardinals.
  • Ron Jaworksi does as well.
  • Eric Heitmann played like crap.
  • Vernon Davis can hold onto Shaun Hill’s passes, but he will not dive for them.
  • Walt Harris is done.
  • The 49ers still can’t get pressure on the quarterback.
  • The 49ers are a better team under Mike Singletary than Mike Nolan.
  • Jason Hill and Josh Morgan look to provide the 49ers a nice future at wide receiver.
  • The offensive line still sucks with or without Warhop.
  • Shaun Hill is greater than JT O’Sullivan in that he knows how not to get sacked, but he still is prone to turnovers as well.
  • The 49ers will not make the playoffs again.
  • Jed York got more camera time in one game than John York has since owning the team.
  • It sucks that they lost this game.
  • The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
    • Doc Iac

      maaaaaaaaaaaan how do u not score from that close

    • crazydave

      O SHIT WE LOSE AGAIN!! i need to stop watching b4 i give my self a heart attack or just start drinking more.and again more penalties in the 4th like usual and im just stressed…… is the season basically over now if so i need to stop watching…

    • Golden Elbows

      Gore is Alright in my book. Defense of line will never pressure the QB. Did we even sack Warner?

    • crazydave

      and if frank gore scores a rushing td we have a better chance of winning too

    • Golden Elbows

      What about that play with with bruce and commiting a penalty? Refs did look a little suspicious

    • crazydave

      i dont think we ever did sack warner

    • Caribulou

      Just check the shot of it from over head you can see him grab his face mask and literally pull his helmet off. Thank god for DVR. I also hate espns coverage. They hardly did any instant replays of the suppossedly niner penalties. Most other nets works always show them. Funny huh? Also can ESPN get rid of those idiots in the both. God I want to freaking punch my tv just to get them to shut up.

    • jeremy

      I like what i seen in the young wideout Jason Hill and i think thats cause him and Shuan Hill practice so much together but its good to see he is coming alone. We need a Dline and can get some sacks yea i seen Justin get in there sometime but he was just a little to late each time we need someone on the other side of him

    • West

      jeremy…who u want n walts place? Really he's da best u can blame

    • Golden Elbows

      Jeremy, West is right. Defenseline played like ass. They made our whole team look bad. Harris is OK.

    • West

      There u go, spend a little time on da d- line…. new u had it n u

    • Golden Elbows


    • jeremy

      im not putting the whole game on him trust me i would love a D-Line that can give us 3 or 4 sacks a game we need dat we really do

    • West

      Golden…. da truth is im not really as upset as i been n da past…. i like what im seeing and da look like da got a new spark…. im seeing differnet players n and our o line did look alot better, alot of dat could have been Sing shifting players or getting on Martz on play calling….

      I keep thinking to myself da pounding like da Bears did wit Walter….

      Also Hill wit da check downs

    • Golden Elbows

      yea West, the team did have a spark. The bye week (preparation) prob had something to do with it also.

    • West

      very true

    • crazydave

      i agree with west,Singletary is our man,But with that last play we should have at least tried to run frank gore the other way or pass there but at the same time we should have ran it a little more so Hill didn't throw them 2 interceptions.But i am happy i finally seen Jason Hill have more (i was hoping for a while too see if he was good)of a opportunity and O.G. Chilo Rachal.

    • Tony from Bakersfiel

      i don't think i need to put my 2cents into what the hell the 49ers are thinking!! someone needs to hook me up with a application for a coaching job for the San Francisco 49ers. all i'm asking for is around 250k…about 3/4 less then what there payin stupid ass martz. come on man…what the hell were u thinking. i coulda came up with a better call than that!! i guess the living room is a better view of what the hell is going on than on the sidelines. i thought alot of offensive coordinators stay up in the coaches booth so they can see what we can, on our couches.

    • West

      Crazydave…. n time we should see Rachal ahead of Wragge….Sing wants da best.

      Johnson wont b wit us next year,lol…. Morgan an Hill i hope get more looks


      It's like a cut that won't stop bleeding…….


    • crazydave

      at some point i got to find a new hobby,because the refs are killing the league and im sick of so many rules you cant really play tackle football any more its 2 hand touch ……basically!!! you cant bump the quarterback cant touch a wide receiver and even the refs are in our damn passing lanes…ever since football betting has been aloud in Vegas have you noticed that no team is predictable any more…even the colts are fuck ups this year……makes me wonder if its about money any more.

    • Charlesw

      The refs really hate the niners…


    • angelo

      man fuck!!!! the niners did a stupid ass play at the end

    • mike



    • HOW DO YOU NOT GIVE GORE THE BALL ON THAT PLAY??????? Whoever made that call needs to be fired!!! Our O line and D line need to be completely overhauled!!!! Shaun Hill is GARBAGE!!!

    • Golden Elbows

      It seems like whatever we do, we still cant win. One thing is sure though. I think we are headed in the right direction under Singletary. It was def a rollercoaster ride. Man…If Gore stays up and runs in….so close.

    • crazydave

      and gore needs to learn how to catch the ball on 3rd down

    • Golden Elbows

      I saw about two knock down on Warner but I think he completed the passes

    • West

      Like what i seen…showed heart

      as for J. Hill and Morgan….not mad, not mad at all…

      Sing got our team playing with heart, had me up all game…
      Cant wait until next week,

      And for all of u dat r going to pick apart all da flaws, FUCK ALL YA’LL

      and yea, im mad we aint got dat win

    • Caribulou

      Am i the only one who saw the cardinals rip gores helmet off by the face mask on the last play? Where the FUCK was the CALL????? How can you miss that. The ref predetermined who would win and made it so.

    • Golden Elbows

      Warner stats 32/42 328 yards 3TD’s Compliments of our defense of line

    • Golden Elbows

      Caribulou, I didn;’t see it but I will look at the replay. I dont knock on the refs much. But it looked like they were on the payroll.

    • jeremy

      Walt Harris should not start next game. He gave up play after play tonight

    • West

      Fuckk all dat payroll shit….was a good game…

      Sing is our man, last play call pulled my heart out, but Sing will learn form dat…

      Look at last week, I still feel good and Mad…

      on another note Cards still got a hard road, da aint played who we played and da STILL R DA SAME OLD CARDS…

      We gotta stay focused and string some wins, or just keep n da game so we can build on it….

      Players will want to play for Sing, da kno he cares and aint scared of change….Fuck a Holgram ect.

    • West

      da even had McDanold at DT….c what is n for next week…

      1 thing i would like to c changed is Nate playing so far off da ball…. ive heard of respect but dam i c to much respect time and time again…. I do like Nate and think its more on our D assignment

    • #1

      our blitzes were picked up all night, however, Warner was extremely accurate as well.

      Great fight, upset we lost, however, went into a hostile enviorment and fought to the end. Turnovers are the key though!!!

    • Cory

      Justin Smith got close twice one time a lineman pushed him away before he could get his 2nd arm around Kurt….he had kurt but stupid kurt threw the ball at the last second

    • Wats up with the time management? Jason Hill caught the ball with 40 sec left Hill sat around looking to see wat to do duh im at home jumping up and down going crazy saying “spike the ball spike it”.

      I like Singletary as r coach and I like that Jed looks like he does actually care I wish his parents would give him the team already.


    • joe gomez

      Draw play up the middle with Robinson with Gore split wide left? What the fuck was Martz thinking?! How about a play action with the option for Hill to throw or to run it in. Or how about another reverse to Rossum? Something imaginative, but a draw play up the middle to out of all people Robinson? Im still scratching my fucking head. Other than that, same old story, PENALTIES, TURNOVERS, PENALTIES, and more TURNOVERS. On a positive note, Hill obviously has better pocket presence than JTO as far as ball security and manages the offense well. Cant hang this one on Singletary, our guys were fired up especially after Rossums awesome kickoff return. One last note, another ex-Niner bites us in the ass. Game saving tackle by Chike Okeafor? Who? The bitch didnt do shit while he was with us and he comes up with the takle (more like a trip) to prevent Gore from scoring. Its just not our year.

    • Rob

      Well, it’s nice to know we were able to go into Arizona and challenge a pretty good team. But, we should have won this one. I mean, we were pretty much already done for the year. But, if we would have won this one, we might have had an outside chance of catching the Cards. Now, we are officially done. That last play was ridiculous.

      Though, I still think Shaun Hill does a better job of managing the game. True, he also turned the ball over. But, I think he did a decent job. Neither he or O’Sullivan is a starting caliber QB. That’s obvious. But, overall, I thought Hill did a serviceable job. And, Singletary, as I thought he would, has brought life to this team. Now, let’s just hope he can keep this team alive despite being basically done for this year. Hopefully, this won’t turn into a Haslett in St. Louis deal where the team is better at first, then just goes right back down the toilet. I guess next week against St. Louis will be the perfect test for that, huh?

    • Can someone be with me on this playing 15 yards off the WR its getting crazy now. And why cant we Blitz? Shaun Hill is a gamer but he started to look like Jt O’Turnover.


      1)JASON HILL
      3)SHAUN HILL
      4)FRANK GORE
      7)ANDY LEE

      1)MIKE MARTZ
      5)SHAUN HILL
      6)FRANK GORE

    • Lowrance

      I’ve never liked Tony Korn Hole…

      If Shaun Hill plays like Shaun Hill for the entire game we win. But he turns into JT…… sigh…. so close…. The last 2 offensive calls…. WTF??? NO intentional grounding on Warner because the receiver was 6 yards away??? Didn’t matter anyway…. sigh…

    • Lowrance

      lol on Balmer for being the number one pick.

    • DeeKon52

      Yea this loss sucks…we went away from the run at bad times.still got inches away from a W….and it was weird that we ran 1 play action the entire game..

    • CO9erfan

      It also proves that Martz is horrible at clock management and can’t decide what to do in crucial situations. He did it all the time in St. Louis. Niners had better effort and I was surprised they hung in as long as they did.

    • Billy

      Alex Smith is over I dont know how many times I have to say that he sucks

      As for the game it hurt me like a motherfucker Im depressed shit Gore disappointed me, at least Singletary has us moving in the right direction lets beat the shit out of the Rams

    • FunkyFrank

      I hope Kornheiser liked the taste of his words when our D shut down the top-scoring offense on that last possession to give us the ball in great field position with plenty of time left. Props to the receivers on picking up the yards and getting out of bounds. I can’t agree with you all more on what in the world was going on there in the last 30 seconds. We obviously need to work on S. Hill and M. Martz’s clock management and decision making. How about a wildcat formation on that last play with Robinson and Gore in the backfield – no S. Hill. Roll to one side, give Robinson three options… take it if he sees an opening, pitch it to Frankie, or have the TE release on their block and flank out to the corner pylon. Seriously, anything is better than trying to shove it up the gut like we tried all night. What else would they be expecting? Gore was so close on that last run if he could have just gotten his balance. J. Hill almost made it in after that awesome catch to get them so close. Grrrr!!! I too, saw the helmet ripping. No flag on that, but Vernon gets a flag for taking his own helmet off after a TD. Hmmm.. seems shaky to me. I like what I see from Sing. Can’t wait for next week.

    • joe gomez

      This season is lost. Its time to see what McClueless’s picks can do out there. Start Chilo and Balmer and lets analyze them for the last 7 games so we can see if they have any skills on the field. Theyve collected enough splinters in the ass already, its time to see what their made of. I always knew J. Hill should be in there rather than A. Battle. Hes proven that. Hill has better hands, runs nice routes, and is also faster.

    • Vin

      Honestly, I miss Alex Smith, and that hurts me to say that bc of all the losses throughout the years. In all honestly, the niners have fielded some pretty poor teams the last few years, and they showed a chart last night of all the different QB’s- aside from hills two starts last year, alex obviously gives us the best chance to win. Currently, there is some talent there, and unfortunately alex wasnt able to get his chance with martz’s offense (nolan, shoulder). I believe smith is the medium between JT and shaun hill in terms of throwing ability (minus the turnovers which he clearly learned from his rookie season), and he was developing good pocket pressence before that fat f*ck destroyed his shoulder, and nolan & the offensive coordinator, we had last year destroyed his psyche. He would have never tried that flip to gore, and the full play book would have been available to him on that last play. (Regardless of who was in there, I think they should have play action’d, roll right with the option for the QB to run, or throw to FB or TE depending on the formation).

      I cant argue with starting JTO early in the season, he was sort of a new hope. But if alex was healthy, he would have been inserted after the philadelphia game IMO. I hope they can restructure his deal, and hes back next year with martz, and hill (if they cant land a mcnabb, or someone of his caliber…. maybe warner?). Of course you can argue that smith is not a martz type QB, but Hill isnt and we had a chance to win yesterday!

      Granted, he lacked touch on his passes, and wasnt always very accurate, but his 16/16 TD/INT in his SECOND season is bound to improve, and to me, thats better than what we have now. There is not one 49er fan who did not think that at the end of the norv turner year that alex couldnt bring us to the playoffs. They were 2-1 last year with alex, and he brought them back against the cards, and beat a shitty rams team, and lost to a very good steelers team before the mess happened.

      I liked the heart we showed last night…. i didnt think the players really gave up on nolan, but it was evident last night when they played with passion and toughness from beginning to end. hopefully we handle the rams next week, and win some games throughout so that FA quality OL and DL want to play in SF next year.

    • Rob

      Hey, anyone else think Robinson should be used more on trick plays? They utilized him in the wildcat formation a few times last night, but how about a fake wildcat, with Robinson throwing? He was a decent QB in college, but we seem to never use him in that role. Instead, we try to take him up the middle for a game winning touchdown. What’s the deal? A trick play would have worked much better for that play than the bland, predicatble play Martz called.

    • crazydave

      I agree with that Rob ,i been saying that since we drafted him.

    • joe gomez

      Vin.. FUCK Alex Smith. Turn the page and move on already. He gave us 4 years of heartaches and throwing shit at my TV. Please move on and never mention that name again. Hes a Bust and hopefully he can be a backup with some other team. Shaun Hill managed the game and we almost pulled that game off. We need a better pass rush and maybe we can win some of these games. We cant cover guys forever while Warner has all day to throw. Hill and JTO proved that they have to improve their turnover problems but I would rather have somebody thats ON TARGET than somebody who is OFF TARGET most of the time and also turns the ball over. Anybody who misses Alex Smith need to move on. Stick a fork in him because hes done being a 49er. I dont give a fuck if he offered to play for Free I still wouldnt want that loser.

    • West

      Miss Alex Smith..lol, needed a good laugh….thanks Vin

      Kinda reminds me of this Raider fan that always trying to convince me that the Raiders know what there doing while the 9ers have no clue…. His only evidence is da got Russel an McFadden…lol, good times…lol “da future”

      Russel looks alot like Alex…… Vin are you dat guy?


      in typical 49ers monday night action we always get screwed. I remember this from back in the day. What ever, I am still mad and disappointed that our season is over in November but I have to say the niners played much better in this game then any other game this season, I liked the playcalling from martz until the last call, but everyone tells him to run well he gave everyone what they wanted and then they ask well why did he run it…

      Both Hill and Gore at the end, its like a force field kept then out of the endzone they both stumbled upon scoring like something is keeping us out of the endzone!!!

      We were in it till the end, if our record was better and we have not lost 6 in a row I would be ok with the fact that we played them through the game…

      I thought Hill was going to go through the game without a INT, what the hell is up with that damm PICK 6, that lost the game for us. We are a solid QB away from being a solid contender, I think… I just don’t see this QB anywhere yet!

      I have to say I liked seeing Martz get yelled at by Singltary, that was awesome!

      Please tell me that Alex is not going to be our QB next year, does anyone see any other real option either through the draft or Free Agency…?

    • golden elbows

      I say—we take out the RAMS! Lets take our frustration out on them and run up scores. 70-3. Let Martz open up the the play book on this one….LOL… joking…

    • Adam49

      I think Alex Smith could possibly be back next year.I’m all for it.As long as there’s a big cut in pay.

    • golden elbows

      wait—i’ll take that back…lets blow them out!

    • Samra

      Derek M. Smith just was released from SD…lol…NEways i think singletray will be a good HC but not for us…we need an offensive minded HC not someone from college but from the pros…some ideas… Lane Kiffin(i liked his attitude and willingness to stand up al davis, he runs the west coast offense, will probably bring in tom cable, and did a great job despite having less talent than we do…..Mike Murleky if we’re going to keep Alex Smith….Hell id be happy to have steve mariucci back or perhaps the giants OC

    • Hey Samra why do think the Chargers had one of the worse defenses in all the NFL? Derek Smith this guy was so bad with us for so long and such an ass if u ever met him im glad to see he got cut.

    • West

      on a bright side i can see Cable leaving Oak, Al will throw him under da bus all n time….. and Cable must love to c Sing pound da rock…could b something nice…Thanks Mike n MD

    • Mike in MD

      West..I'm with you on Singletary right now. For me it's still too early to tell but I LOVE what he's doing & the players are really playing all out for him. He's doing an awesome job playing the young guys & seeing where everyone fits best. You know it would be almost till the end of the season before Nowin did anything.

      Kiffin interviewed for some HC College job, I think it was Clemson..whatever.

      Our OL guy Foerster is kind of average from what I've heard. Yeah Singletary & Cable that would be the shit!

    • West

      Samra…Lane and Cable really?…lol

    • West

      i can c us finishing strong……9ers r improving under Sing an i hope they do enough to keep Sing as H.C.

      We lost to da Cards but that was the best 9er game i seen all yr.

      as for arizona i c 5 loses… 1 Sea..2 Patz…3 Minn…4 Phi…5 N.Y.G

      Arizona is not as strong as many believe

    • Mike in MD

      West…Cable is a bad ass as an Offensive Line Coach & I would love to get this guy for our OLine. He’s turned around Oakland’s piss pour OL & saved Gallery’s bust career switching him to guard. Here’s his profile, it’s a little long but impressive.

      Cable has 21 years of coaching experience, including four as a head coach at the college level.

      In 2007, Cable coached a Raiders offensive line that contributed to the Silver and Black finishing 6TH IN THE NFL in both rushing and inside the 20 touchdown percentage.

      Cable, 43, spent the 2006 season as OFFENSIVE LINE COACH for Atlanta, where he tutored a unit that was the driving force behind helping the Falcons LEAD THE NFL IN RUSHING. From 2004-05, Cable was BOTH THE OC AND OFFENSIVE LINE COACH at UCLA, where he helped develop one of the most productive offensive units in the nation.

      In 2005, Cable coordinated a UCLA offense that AVERAGED 431 YARDS IN TOTAL OFFENSE PER GAME while earning 10 wins and a bowl berth. In 2004, the Bruins on offense under Cable IMPROVED BY OVER 1,000 YARDS FROM THE PREVIOUS SEASON while averaging 410 yards per game.

      Cable was HEAD COACH of the University of Idaho from 2001-03. During his tenure at Idaho, his teams AVERAGED 424.1 YARDS OF TOTAL OFFENSE PER GAME. Cable also spent two years at the University of Colorado. In 1998, he served as the OFFENSIVE LINE COACH and the following year was promoted to offensive coordinator. Under his direction, the Buffaloes’ offense was ranked 14TH IN THE NATION IN 1999, AVERAGING 424.9 YARDS PER GAME.

      He spent SIX SEASONS (1992-97) as OFFENSIVE LINE COACH at the University of California, where HE TUTORED FOUR FIRST TEAM ALL PAC-10 SELECTIONS, INCLUDING JEREMY NEWBERRY, who joined the Raiders in 2007.

      Cable began his coaching career at his Alma mater, serving as a graduate assistant at Idaho in 1987 and 1988. He was a graduate assistant at San Diego State in 1989, defensive line coach at Cal State Fullerton in 1990 and offensive line at Nevada-Las Vegas in 1991.


    • West

      Mike n MD..i hear u, but Sing an Cable…but not Kiffen an Cable

      aint Kiffen taking a College job somewhere anyways.