Time for JT to Ride the Pine

17 out of the last 20 turnovers credited to good ole JT O’Crap. If Singletary wants any shot at making this team his. He’s needs to override Martz at half and put in Shaun Hill. JT is garbage.

Good to see this team making he Seahawks look good. Past three games they have a total of 200 yards passing and at this pace, they’ll beat that this game.

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  • sec21row10

    I agree. The guy has been consistently horrible for the past several weeks, and unfortunately he’s not getting any better.

    They’re saying on TV now that they have made the change for the 2nd half. Should be interesting to see how Hill does. I mean you really can’t get much worse than O’Sullivan at this point.

  • gee-ray

    maybe they should put j.t and shaun hill out on the field and bench the whole line except the center. snap the ball to hill, then let hill scramble away from the rush and toss a lateral the other direction to j.t and then he can pass the ball down field without fear of the three man rush sacking him. who needs a line when they cant block. Did anyone see j.t’s second fumble. Fuckin end blew right by our non existing left tackle basically untouched. Damn you j.t for not knowing that was going to happen

  • gee-ray

    better yet direct snap to micheal robinson with hill to the right wing and j.t to the left. allow robinson to decide which one to toss to. the defense would have to decide which of the three quarterbacks/runningbacks to rush. robinson could dump off to either qb or run the ball or throw himself.

    of course i am only fucking joking here. making a mockery out of the offense!!!!!!damn fuck.. at least singletary let VD know who’s the boss.