Thursday Quick Hits: 10.02.08

Apologies for lack of updates this week, but not a whole lot going on. Here is a quick rundown of some of the stuff going on in Ninerland.

  • Manny Lawson’s bad hammy will keep him out of the game this week against the Patriots. (Lawson’s absence should only affect special teams, since Nolan hasn’t been playing so many sub packages.)
  • Jonas Jennings’ splinter will keep him out of action for the second week in a row. (Thanks Jonas, now we get to see Barry Sims on his ass all game again.)
  • 49ers are on pace to give up 76 sacks this season. (How’s that working for you Warhop.)
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  • gee-ray

    jonas jennings needs to find the yellow brick road so he can get some courage or a heart. he's the tin man and the scarecrow

  • Tim

    Jonas Jennings = Carl Pavano

  • 9nerfan

    if we play like we did against the saints, it will be a cake walk for the pats. i hope they step up cuz its steve young's retirement party so hopefully they play with heart and just come out and destroy this team. THEY BETTER!

  • C from the 530

    “jonas jennings needs to find the yellow brick road so he can get some courage or a heart. he’s the tin man and the scarecrow”


  • Tim

    I live in Massachusetts and let me tell you all something everyone up here expects a cakewalk on Sunday. I pray to god we take it to this team.

  • gee-ray

    let them expect it. lets hope our talent shows up. we have it. i know we do. our line killed us yes, but jto did move the ball and frank gore can do things. jto made mistakes but in my gut i feel he can lead this team. take the turnovers away and we win that game. hopefully jto worked on those mistakes this week.
    honestly i’m not sure what to think of the pass rush. is it bad play calling or bad playmakers. maybe a touch of both. i tend to think better playcalling and better defensive formations involving better blitzs would hide our d-line issues. USE THE TALENT WE HAVE TO MAKE PLAYS. i think we are relying on willis to much and walt harris/clements to shut down wr’s. lets start blitzing more and being more opportunistic (sp*).

  • gee-ray

    to clarify my last paragraph. i mean we try to use our whole d to stop what they give us. instead of guessing at what the offense is going to do, we need to mix things up and let it fly. its kinda like we are playing bend dont break with our d. and we are breaking to much. safeties are getting burned too much. we arent good enough to shut people down every play so why not send a corner on the blitz or send the linebackers rushing the qb more. we spent all last week trying to stack up against duece and hold bush on the corner we let our back field get melted.