TBC to Get PT?

It looks like the injury to Manny Lawson will allow Tully Banta-Crap to suit up this weekend against his old team. Thanks Manny.

Parys Haralson is set to start in place of Lawson with TBC backing him up. Through 4 games Tully has been inactive.

Born and raised a diehard Niner fan. I have nothing better to do with my time than sit here and cram my opinions down everyone's throat.
  • ninerfaithful

    49ersnews.com is the best 49r site of all time however some users cant state opinions without others getting so offended and all the name calling is out of control



  • mouse

    Nolan is going to implement a new defensive scheme that will consist of 10 defensive backs and TBC. His coverage schemes have been so effective in holding the Seahawks and Saints under 40 pts that he has decided to disregard both run defense and pass rush in order to focus on pass coverage. Allen Rossum will be seeing more action on offense and is expected to start at a new position that Nolan has created. Dubbed the ‘Tail Safety’, in his new position Rossum will line up 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage and use his skills as a defensive back to play safety in case of a fumble or interception.

  • ShaneO

    and one more point about this idiot: i think they only blized like 8 times against NO. why is this douche so stubborn. him and his Sub package and big sub, i dont care if u have 10 DBs on the field in the NFL if there is no pressure on the QB he will eventually find someone open. why cant his guy get his head out of his own ass and start bringing some heat. all he has to do is look at the game film of OUR offense. first QB no blitzing JTO looks great: rest of the game its like they were sending 8 guys. he was getting his ass kicked (and i d take into account out line consists of 5 bitches) but you get the hint: bring pressure you TOOL! i get so frustrated about how much potential this team has and there is one man holding them back!! i wont even get into that rediculous challege!!! anyway GO 49ers this weekend… despite Nolan

  • #1

    GOOD point ninerfaithful!!

  • ShaneO

    Mouse: that post was awesome cuz its so true: i know he is hurt but the fact that we dont use lawson more is just a disgrace and shows again what kinda retard Nolan is. If anything this guy was becomming one of the best COVERAGE backers in the league and he has passing rushing skills too. i read something that said around 90% of his snaps are on first down, is that true?? are u (nolan) tryin to convince us this guy cant play second down when a TE is on the feild. well when he leaves this team cuz this will grow old very quick i wish him the best and hope he turns into the beast i know he is on whatever team is lucky enuff to get him! Fuckin Nolan

  • Adam49

    I’m leaving for Europe tomorrow,be gone for about 2 weeks.We better whoop some ass against the Patriots and we better not stink the field up against the Eagles.Gomez be sure and post some good pics of the halftime festivities.GO NINERS!!!