Site Redesign

As most of the regulars could tell the site went through another redesign lately. And for those that have frequented the site over the years, you might have guessed I get bored easily and am always looking for ways to expand on the site.

One reason the site went through a redesign was to open up the site, I felt the previous look was to cluttered and it had a closterphobic feel to it.

As you can see with the new site we have two featured sections – Headline & Featured – The headline area will focus on the big story in Ninerland or will showcase one of the staff writers articles, so you will most likely see that Headline article stay around in the top spot for longer than usual. The featured section will be as you guessed more of the top stories regarding the 49ers and staff commentary mixed in as well.

Everything below that will be normal news, notes, rants, raves….I also tried to carry over some of the stuff from the former site.

That’s about it, we are also going to try and get you the fans more involved. Maybe more areas to discuss draft, free agency and shit like that. Also if you have any suggestions for a section or something else you’d like to see feel free to discuss it here.

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