Singletary Drops Trow

Way to go Mike.

Mike Singletary lost his debut as 49ers head coach, getting waxed by a Seattle team that entered the game with only one victory. Yet Singletary’s post-game rant and his decision to send Vernon Davis to the showers was cheered from coast to coast, resonating with a nation of football fans tired of all the thugs, punks and bonus-baby divas in the NFL.

The whole story is even more bizarre.

At halftime of that game, Singletary called for the attention of his players. He then dropped his pants, turned around and pointed to his backside. He used this occasion and that visual to describe what happened to his team in the first half.

A NFL source inside the room confirmed the story with my radio partner, XTRA 910 football guru Mike Jurecki, and added that Singletary then addressed the team for 3-4 minutes with his pants around his ankles.

Source: Arizona Central

Mike Sando of ESPN discussing Singletary Dropping Trough

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  • Lowrance


    I’m not sure I believe this one……LOL

  • Thats good if he did that cause this team is begining to look like a ass. All this money we spent for guys who cant even tackle a FB with green shoes. Who are upcoming free agent QB's next year?

  • xpnsivwino

    Takes a brave man to drop his pants and make a move like that in San Francisco!
    I’m glad we have a no-nonsense coach. I’ve always said they needed a guy like Bill Parcells who takes a tough stance, and gets the most out of his players. Bill could take a nobody-player, and make them great players. Mile will do the same.

  • Rob

    Wow. This story is . . . weird.

  • Doc Iac

    thats kinda gay…

  • RaphL

    I thought this was a joke when it was first published…

    I dont know what to think.