Sims and Staley are Tops in the League

In giving up sacks that is. Through 8 games Sims has given up 7.5 sacks (tied with Levi Brown) and Joe Staley has given up 7.

Good to see the 49ers lead the league in something. I can’t believe I’d ever say this but I can’t wait for Mr. Glass to get back in the lineup.

Here is the full list of the leaders in sacks allowed:

  • 1A. Ari – Levi Brown – 7 Games – 7.5 Sacks Allowed
  • 1B. SF – Barry Sims – 8 Games – 7.5 Sacks Allowed
  • 3. SF – Joe Staley – 8 Games – 7 Sacks Allowed
  • 4. Buf – Jason Peters – 6 Games – 6.5 Sacks Allowed
  • 5. Hou – Duane Brown – 7 Gamees – 6 Sacks Allowed
  • 6. Det – Jeff Backus – 7 Games – 5.75 Sacks Allowed
  • 7. Cin – Levi Jones – 8 games – 5.5 sacks allowed
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  • i'm not sure that is a fair metric. you can blame at least three quarter of those sacks to o'sullivan hanging on to the ball too long. those sacks don't happen with shaun hill in the lineup.

  • Lowrance

    Thank Gawd we're good at SOMETHING, LOL!

  • Shiet

    Staley & Davis are probably the most overrated players in the league.

  • #1

    Watching Staley play is like watching a pop-warner kid go up against a high school senior. He just gets spanked all the time, bull rush, speed, stunts, this guy gets beat all the time. I will be a niner fan whether win or lose, but damn, gets some guys that are going to protect, and not get spanked and man handled.

  • FunkyFrank

    Yeah… and another stat to go along with sacks allowed would be resulting lost fumbles from JTO off these sacks. The one last week where Staley blocked NO ONE and let a guy go right past him to knock the ball out of JTOs hand made me want to scream bloody murder! Ugh, these guys make me sick sometimes… scratch that… all the time.

  • And to think last year he was one of our bright spots.

  • crazydave

    thats because we try to throw the ball down the field 40 yards most the time.go back to the short passing game and power running game ….

  • Loeher

    At least 3/4 of those sacks are due to O'Sullivan holding on to the ball too long (taking the sack) and holding it for not long enough (fumbling it after the sack).

    But well, Staley was really good last year at the right side, we can move him back.

  • Lowrance

    I was watching the Giants/Eagles game last night.
    At the end of the first quarter, the announcers were saying how great the offensive line was for the Ginats, and how long they’ve been together.
    So I watched the line for several plays. First I know you do have to be a good blocker. But the first play I watched they had 7 guys on the line blocking. The next 6 guys with a back also blocking. On subsequent plays, everytime the tight end went out he through a chip block on someone!
    Can’t we at least block on the way out????? VD is supposedly a great blcker…let him help on the way out. I know some patterns take time, but if the quarterback is always running for his life what’s the point????
    Mike…. help us start a new season tonight!!!!!!!