Pete Back in the Bay?

Jon Wilner of the Merc posted a little tidbit today on his blog, He said that if the 49ers search for a new head coach this offseason and they make their way down to SoCal, that Carroll will listen to what the 49ers have to say.

I heard that in order for Carroll to seriously consider the Niners job, the Yorks would have to offer upwards of $5 million per year and allow Carroll to bring his USC staff with him and install his own general manager (perhaps longtime NFL pal Pat Kirwan).

But multiple sources told me that if the Yorks are in fact willing to make changes at coach and GM, that Carroll very much wants them to make an offer — he wants to have the option to return to the Bay Area (he’s from Marin), the Niners (former defensive coordinator) and the NFL (former two-time head coach).

Of course, as a very well-placed source told me at the time, Carroll wanted the Yorks to make him an offer before they hired Mike Nolan. But they balked, thinking Carroll was out of their price range.

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  • Top Jimmy

    Worse? That would be pretty hard and the team erickson had was pretty bush league. I'd rather have a proven coach though.

  • Cory

    no if he wants that much than no….this is Singletary's for the job

  • krytoi

    NO!! Pete Carroll is NOT an NFL head coach. Remember Erickson? This would probably be on the same level or worse.

  • Brummo

    This is interesting, but I hope Singletary gets a fair chance before the Yorks start thinking of replacements.

    Also, I’m not sure why Carroll would want to leave a perennial contender like USC for a franchise that’s in serious trouble like the Niners, even if the NFL is higher profile than college football. What’s the old saying again? It’s better to rule in hell than serve in heaven…

  • Ninaz

    If we want to win now then he is not a good choice at all. A team that would take pete would have been the chargers instead of Turner because they didnt have such a bad season but we have had straight losing seasons for some years now and its gonna take the best coach on the market to better this team.

  • Rob

    I agree with Krytoi. Have we learned nothing from the Erickson debacle? A good college coach does not equal a good NFL coach. And, he wants a lot of money, power AND to replace our GM? No, no, and again, no. Seriously, if the Yorks go with Carroll, than it is obvious they do not learn from their mistakes. And, that will be the last straw for me. I’m sick of being disappointed year after year. I don’t know who the answer is, but it is NOT Carroll.

  • pintor98–SF


    Holmgrem or Cowher

  • Mike in MD

    NO, NO, NO……..Pete Carroll is a college coach only PERIOD. He's already tried twice & failed both times. That rah rah stuff is perfect for college but not in a man's game of the NFL.


  • joe gomez