Fire Nolan now. This is ridiculous. Seriously another game they come out in the second half and make no adjustments whatsoever. Hey Mike if it’s 3rd and 20 and the Patriots are out of field goal range, don’t go to prevent defense. Blitz and put pressure on Cassel, which worked well when you actually got pressure.

I’m so feed up right now. I could go on and on but why. This team will never go anywhere as long as Mike Nolan is head coach of this team.

I feel sorry for guys like Gore, Willis and Andy Lee. They deserve so much better.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • A True Niner Fan

    this was a tough one too swallow…JT throwing a pick and giving them the ball in the redzone and then we hold them to 4th down to which they just go for it anyway an score…. we sure do know how to shoot ourselves in the foot really well I mean weve done it every game and we just cant dig ourselves out…..its basic fundamentals that for some reason just dont stay with us…just once Id like to see a mistake free game and just mabey we would win a low scoring game….it doesnt get any easier from here so they better change something

  • Tim

    I know alot of you hate VD and rightfully so due to his drops and attitude. But why did we draft him to block? You do not spend a high first round pick and then not even throw the ball his way. We will lose him to free agency and watch him become a superstar elsewhere this I guarantee. He amongst several other players are not used properly. Does anybody agree that if the coaches were swapped today with just 1 week to prepare that the 49ers would have won this game easily? I do agree with you all we more talent than most teams and just simply do not use it. P Willy is a beast but on any other team I believe he would destroy QB's.

  • Niner Pundit

    you know if we had a somewhat competent coach this team could be 4-1.

    5:02 and Nolan still has a job.

  • LOTTIE 901

    LOL, Billy I must say tha Nolan mind is complicated.

  • I agree NinerPundit….enough is enough. JTO didn’t do us any favors. You can’t throw the ball away on an ESSENTIAL FOURTH DOWN PLAY!!!!! JTO looked like an idiot and our defense looked heartless. SAY HELLO to another GREAT draft pick because we aren’t winning ANYTHING for the next four weeks!!! Give me a reason to believe otherwise and I will be happy to listen!! Nolan just doesn’t have what it takes….give the HC to either Cowher or Singletary. The niners were OUTCLASSED today.

  • mouse

    It doesn’t get any easier from here. I feel bad for these guys because they play really hard. They just have no direction. They looked lost out there on bost sides of the ball and it’s been that way all year.

  • Niner Pundit

    It’s 4:37 and Nolan hasn’t been fired yet….come on York do like you did with Mooch. Fly off the handle without thinking and can his ass now.

  • crazydave


  • 9erfan25

    Why does Nolan insist on not making any damn adjustments in the second half of games?!?! Goodbye Nolan

  • Niner Pundit

    9erfan because he doesn’t know how.

  • 9erfan25

    so what are the chances that there is a new coach by the end of the season?

  • nolan is going to have a press conference tomorrow and basically defend every decision he made and point out the positive plays that happened in the game.

    the prevent/umbrella whatever you want to call it defense makes me sick. i can’t stand how we waste the talents of very good players by allowing the defense to stay on the field for three quarters of the f*cking game.

    nolan is a coach that is afraid of losing and doesn’t know how to win. how the f*ck does miami win two games in a row against good teams when our team has more talent?

    is anyone in this organization getting it?! we’re losing, we’re losing games badly and no one cares. there is more winning desire within this blog than the players and coaching staff exhibit on the field.

    i’m sick of it…

  • A True Niner Fan

    not to mention that we didnt have the ball for the entire 3rd quarter cause we couldn’t get them off the damn field…wheres Nolans Defense minded coaching at? the Patriots rans 30 more offensive plays in the game than we did thats just awful….late year we were 2 – 0 an then went on a 8 game losing streak …well now after an ok start weve dropped 2 in a row and the ones at home make it embarrsassing weve gotta find a way to stay close to Arizona somehow

  • Tim

    Pundit I agree and am so sick of the media not seeing that way. Nolan seems to get a free pass and all the comentaters talk about is how bad we are.

  • Billy

    I wish we got Parcells he took the crap Dolphins and made them good, we got 4x the better players and we are lagging it we should have made Parcells an offer hell put in singletary he coached up Willis to be better than what he was!! Have him run an ingenious scheme just like Martz but for Defense, hopefully we sign Holmgren this offseason bring Schottenhimer to the Bay, he was a great coach for the Chargers!!

  • Tim

    This team is a tremendous waste of talent and I am getting sick of it. I live in Massachusetts and all my asshole Patriot fan friends think that they man handled us but what they dont understand is we play this stupid defense every fucking week.

  • Eric

    i think if i had the opportunity i would take a dookie right on mike nolans face

  • seekret_sauce

    I agree with all of you and I’m pretty irritated right now so I’m going to think optimistic…

    Weren’t the Giants 2-3 around this time and wasn’t Coughlin in the same seat? Ok I think I’m wrong with the Giants record but you get my point.

    Thinking optimistic because I can’t take Exams stressed!!! Fuckin’-fuck..k that’s all.


    I used to just shake my head when I saw you guys bashing Nolan all the time. However I have finally switched to the other side. This is a good team and they should have won today. No adjustments by the coaches & the defense cant tackle. I agree if you are going to fire a coach if he loses a playoff game how can you justify this??

    We have talent. We are losing games and not getting beat. (Last week the exception)

    Put someone in charge that can motivait these guys!!!

  • Roscoe49er

    You know I got to thinking about it. I believe that this is a team that is cursed. Has anything gone right for this organization since you saw Steve Young laying unconscience on the ground in Arizona in the ’99 season. That one play was the beginning of the end of this franchise’s dominence. We had a couple of good years in ’01 and ’02 but thats it. Two years out of ten. I have changed my opinion of the Yorks. I think they do care or else they wouldn’t be working so hard to get us a new stadium mostly out of thier own pocket. Maybe their just not doing the right things front office wise. I hope that they get it figured out or fans are going to start giving up on the San Francisco 49ers.


    FIRE NOLAN NOW! I thought over time he would learn and come around, but this guy will never be a successfull coach, get rid of him NOW! We are putting way to much on the secondary, blitz get some pressure, play the game to win!!! Sick of this conservative play, we are the niners not baltimore! AHHHHH so angry….


    Nolan needs to game plan like his job depends on it!!

    –That was and attempt at sarchasim–

  • Medford

    6:32 pm and Nolan still hasnt been fired yet

  • LOTTIE 901

    I agree with everyone on this site. Mike Nolan is the biggest joke of a coach THE WORLD has ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cant run prevent defenses on madden every play and stop people and thats a fuckin video game. Hey Medford, its now 8:51 ct & Nolan still hasnt been fired yet! This shit sucks! But hey, not just Nolan but that damn D-Coordinator too! He’s a real COCKSUCKA TOO! All that talent on our team and the only one we use right is The Great Patrick Willis which has nothing to do with the coach or the coordinator. We are the only team in the NFL that would draft a TE with a 4.3 speed and make him a o-lineman. If nolan has done nothing else, he has made muthafuckas know differt positions. If you look at this site Mr. York, you wanna save our season, show that ruthless side that we saw with mooch and FIRE HIS ASS MAN!!!!!!!!! If yall can fire a playoff coach, NOLAN SHOULD BE AS EASY AS TAKIN A PISS.

  • LOTTIE 901

    I REPEAT, We are the only team in the NFL that would draft a TE with a 4.3 speed and make him a o-lineman. If nolan has done nothing else, he has made muthafuckas know different positions. If you look at this site Mr. York, you wanna save our season, show that ruthless side that we saw with mooch and FIRE HIS ASS MAN!!!!!!!!! If yall can fire a playoff coach, NOLAN SHOULD BE AS EASY AS TAKIN A PISS

  • Billy

    You mean a TE with 4.3 speed and brick hands I still think we should have taken Huff!! Davis is a bust Walker is slowly taking over the position, he has more yard than Davis and I for one am glad cause Walker is better than Davis believe it or not, I dont care where he was drafted look at the best in the league in Gates!!

    Lawson he is in the doghouse as well I dont know why I thought he was good unlike Davis, but heck its Nolan he hestated to start Willis last year so who know how his “complicated” mind works


    8:50 and Nolan hasn’t been fired yet. York will probably wait till we’re 2-6 and fire him before the bye week. Damn idiot. I agree with Pundit that as long as Nolan is head coach this team isn’t going anywhere. I think I said that a year ago. Nolan is a stubborn ass and worse than that he has no idea what he’s doing.

  • joe gomez

    Just got back from the Stick. That shit was pathetic. Only hightlight was Steve Young’s jersey retirement ceremony. I cant believe how many Patriot fans were at the Stick talking shit. If that was Oakland all their asses would of gotten smacked. They were all yelling “East Coast is the best, fuck the West Coast!” I was yelling back at them to shut the fuck up but it seemed like it didnt really bother anyone. I cant believe Gore only had 12 touches. Vernon Davis was held to Zero catches. Battle dropped two potential first down catches that were right in his fucking hands. Jason Hill was non existant. Bryant Johnson was non existant. Our O line did a better job only giving up one sack but JTO was running for his life again and finally learned how to scramble for some positive yardage or throw the ball away. Again, no adjustments after halftime. When the defense needed to stop them, they never did. Time possession was 39 minutes to 20 in favor of the Pats which is almost double. Why did we even sign Foster if were not going to use him? My final thought… man we could of used a Desean Jackson on this team. Balmer was crap, and Chilo is yet to play. Fire them all, McCloughan, Nolan, Manusky. Maybe keep Martz I dont know. Better yet, the Yorks should sell the team to Young and Brent Jones. I hate the Raiders but atleast their owner knows when to make changes. We have stuck with Nolan way too long.

  • joe gomez

    Oh and BILLY … we did go to Delanie and look what happened. He had that catch and managed to fuck it up. I believe Vernon is being used wrong. What LB is going to cover him? For him to have Zero catches, thats on the coaches. He didnt have any drops today, Battle had 2 crucial 1st down potential drops that were right in his hands, I dont hear you guys bitching about Battle. Im sick of his fucking drops. Hes not even that fast. Atleast Lelie could have stretched the field for us. Now who do we have to stretch the field? We could of had Desean Jackson, but Nolan and dumb ass McLoughan wanted Chilo whos not even fucking playing! This team needs an overhaul, I think it starts at the top. The Yorks are trying to groom this kid Jed to take over in the future? Fuck that! And Paraag, Jed’s buddy is in the coaching booth calling challenges? Fuck that! They need to sell this team to someone who cares. What about that Billionaire from Saudi who loves the 49ers or Brent Jones and Steve Young or wanted to buy the team a few years back. The bottom line is… FUCK THE YORKS!!!!!

  • Golden Elbows

    If Nolan gets fired. Please give Singletary a chance. I know Martz would be ideal for a head coach but Singletary would bring the best out of everyplayer in the team, plus defense minded. It would be nice if Martz stays as a OC for a couple of years though.

  • Lowrance

    Looks like it's all been said.

    Pundit covered it well in the opening with that fucking prevent defense!!!!! And the soft cushion was talked about by the announcers all damn day!!!!


    and this part is just nitpicking but…. one pass to VD's hands…one dropped ball…..

    I was hoping to look at the positive and say we were still in first place, but Buffalo fell flat…..

  • j-nap

    It’s time to start looking at the really poor drafts the niners have had. Besides Gore and Willis who the hell have the drafted that’s any good. They keep drafting offense and defensive linemen and i can’t name one that you can say now that guys going to be around for awhile. Ok maybe Staley but will see there he still gets bet with the bull rush. I’m getting so pissed off with the niners!! They play with no fire at all on D we’re the people flying around to the ball come one Defense. I guess it’s coaching it looks like Nolan can’t seem to fire these guys up! Ok now it’s time to say it FIRE NOLAN!!!

  • joe gomez

    Ive been saying the same shit all year long j-nap. McCloughan has no clue on which players to draft. They got P. Willis and Gore right and thats it. Other than that, which draft pick is doing good? Fucking waste.


    It’s time to FIRE NOLAN NOW!!!we are a VERY TALENTED TEAM the coaches are using the palyers wrong…..you’re supposed to play to the playeres strengths hiccups to Ronnie brown in miami. I for 1 am a strong Vernon Davis supporter….If I were him I would request a trade because he’s only blocking and thats it our 2nd best offensive weapon blocks…Our D should be putting chokeholds on opposing offenses if NOLAN GROWS SOME BALLS AND LET THEM FUCKIN PLAY…I’m tired of all these NON-FOOTBALL fans talk shit about us but they like the raiders because of their colors FUCK ALL YOU MOTHAFUCKERS WHO AIN’T DOWN WITH US…I’m just tired of fuckin losing to teams that we should have no trouble with

  • marksmen

    this team needs better class head coach, someone who will motivate our team and get on their ass. An head coach who has head coach experience. I have NO I IDEA y we got MIKE Nolan as our head coach, his father Dick Nolan didnt do shit with the 49ers when he was head coaching. It really pisses me off tht the dolphins who went 1-15 last season and this season there beating the pats and the chargers, good team tht we cant beat are u serious!?WE NEED AN Head coach like a Marty Shotenheimer Im sick of this dude five fucking season of this and im sick of it we need a change we can believe, shit Barrak Obama would do a better job head coahing :) lol. Or and btw JOe Larry Ellison would be pretty cool to have as an owner, ANd Billy u said it pal. we need marty

  • joe gomez

    I guess Bill Parcells made a BIG difference over there in Miami. Our leaders SUCK from the top down. YORK, McCLOUGHAN, JED, PARAAG, NOLAN, MANUSKY, Fuck ’em all. Martz didnt have a good game plan today, but I would keep him, everyone else should eat SHIT.

  • LOTTIE 901


  • pintor98-SF

    Prediction !!!!

    We play the BIG NICKLE the next two weeks and get our asses kicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PHI and NY G-man 44-7 against Sea-chickens yesterday. Good luck.

    After the two loses Nolan will be fired and Martz will be named Coach going into the Sea-chickens game 3-5 record going into the bye. That give Martz some time to whip these under performing players into shape!! Let Manusky call his own freakin defense. I think Martz will improve the offese every week:) We need to go back to 3-4 with

    McDonald LE, Soap NT, J Smith RE

    Lawson, Spikes, Willis, Haralson

    Change our FS to Goldston and R Smith or M Hudson to SS, M Lewis is to slow!

  • Rob

    These sentiments about Nolan are exactly what I keep thinking more and more each week. The wins against Seattle & Detroit aren’t looking so impressive anymore, as it seems as though pretty much anyone can beat them. The fact is we have talent on this team and it’s not being utilized.

    You know, normally, I would be against firing a coach mid-season. But, I would be interested to see what Mike Singletary could do with this team. That is something that would be a little risky to try in the offseason (would Singletary really be able to run this team any better than Nolan, his current boss?), but would make sense during the season. Well, we are probably going to lose the next two games (Philly and IN New York against the very good Giants? Ugh…), so hopefully, a 2-5 record will be enough of an excuse to can Nolan. But, 2-3 is not. I will be surprised if he gets fired this week. Very surprised. As much as it should happen, it won’t.

  • mario

    if not this week. he'll be fired next week. theres no way we beat the giants or philly under this loser. if york is smart he'll cut him off now so atleast martz can try to get us a few wins

  • The Bear

    From a terrible coach standpoint, I think Nolan is pretty good.

  • R,Craig33

    I was just thinking last night before I got on here and said it’s time for nolan to go but I wasn’t sure how the rest of my family on here felt about it, now I know I’m not by my self on this and know I’m here in philly and we got the eagles which almost every analyst praises them they’re already asking what’s wrong with them on the msn page like they’re that fuckin good and not only that for those that don’t know that’s not from here yall don’t know how these dickhead fans are but for the most part the niners let me down the last three or is it four years by losing to them and I’m not sure if it’s going to be any different especially this is one of the games that I always want the to win let alone every game if they can but I’m quit sure that’s what we all want and I’M HURTING OVER HERE YALL!

  • LOTTIE 901

    I want to take back what I said about our D-Coordinator because its not his fault his boss is a FUCKIN IDOT. The Umbrella Prevent Package has Nolan written all over it. LOL! Who runs that the whole game? Every game! NOT EVEN HIGH SCHOOLS MANE! FIRE NOLAN, PROMOTE SINGLETARY!!!! I want to know if any body else agrees with this. JUST MY OPINON! Go back to the 4-3 defense. We would have a rotation on the d-line that would keep everybody fresh. Look at these out of position players:M.Lawson-DE, P.Harylson-DE, Isaac S.-DT, R.McDonald-DT, K.Balmer-DT. We have the only coach in the NFL that makes college DT’s DE’s and DE’s LB’s. I guest next R.Feilds will be playin safety. Harylson does a pretty good job when plays LB so I say keep him there this year but, other than that we need this lineup: J.Smith-DE A.Franklin-DT Isaac S-DT M.Lawson-DE. Takeo Spikes-ROLB “THE GREAT” Patrick Willis-MLB P.Harylson LOLB. DT Backups-Ray McDonald, Ronald Fields. BKUP LB’s R.Green and T.C.B also somtimes used for DE’s. Dose anyone think this would work? (THIS IS ONLY IF NOLAN IS FIRED BECAUSE HE STILL WILL PLAY PREVENT) P.S. 9ers, now we know why we kept all the damn DB’s

  • pintor98-SF

    Nolan is a good PR person!! He has the York’s sold that he’s a good coach. He sucks, sucks, sucks, I hope he took lessons yesterday on how to run it down someone’s throat. I don’t think its Maunusky’s play calling on Defense, it’s Nolan calling the defense since he can’t put his input on the offense. We have no Wr to command any respect from any Defense. Our Wr can’t get open. What about our DB’s 10 yrds off the fucking wr’s. COme on Nolan scared of the long pass, Our SS,FS suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many INT’s do they have since last season?? One or two. Nolan and all the Nolan boys can go. M Robinson? D Foster? Heitman? and the all time joke our FB/Should be CFL material Kesley!!!!!!!!

  • LOTTIE 901

    Pintor98-SFyou’re right, that FB is sum HOT 110 Degree GARBAGE.

  • Golden Elbows

    R,Craig33 your not alone. Im in jersey and I hear these pathetic fan also. Fact is Mcnabb kills us. Hopefully we can win this week because i will be a long week for me.

  • joe gomez

    It wont turn around until York sells the team to somebody who cares about winning. Its not all on Nolan, hes just part of the problem. You get rid of him, you still got a fucked up Owner, a fucked up GM who cant draft worth a shit, a fucked up wannabe coach in Paraag, and a fucked up future owner (York's kid). They need to sell the team, until then were going to keep going thru this bullshit.

  • ninercheech

    You guys need to relax, c'mon we all knew the record would be this way but we thought we would beat Arizona and lose to Seattle. So just let the season roll, firing Nolan will do nothing right now. And Martz is not the answer either. I personally thought they would be 0-5 or 1-4. and everytime I came to this site everybody was talking like the niners would go all the way to the superbowl. Please we were lucky to win at Seattle, and I was there at that loud ass stadium. Plus Nolan is not running the offense, Martz is and all he wants to do is score fast and in the NFL you need to run the ball to tire the defense and he doesn't believe that

  • Doc Iac

    Awwww, anyone else wanna start Blaming INT’sulliven?

  • Billy

    Yeah lets bring back Steve Marriucci as coach instead!!! Tony Parrish FOR SS!!!! (I wish!!)

  • Billy

    You know what I hate about our team we cant capitalize on things we play poor defenses yet we make them look like a top 5 D. Heck NO has poor Pass D and yet they got 2 INTs in the REDZONE!!! Gore was playing a poor rush D and only gets 12 touches for a season low- 56yds

    Also Defense put up 2 INTs and 5 sacks, now imagine our D playing the 3-4 not the PATHETIC umbrella/prevent D. Yorks are stupid for firing Moochi but hesitating to fire Nolan and place Singletary in charge and no Martz should not be HC!!!! Hopefully we dont have a Matt Millen case here or else we are screwed not that we arent in a predicament already.

  • Hey man, I’m writing to say I’m DONE!!! I have been a fan of this team since 1979 and for the past four years I have been very patient with a coach that I thought was a good hire. But when your d is your specialty and this is the effort I get as a fan, I’m disgusted. I will watch because I’m faithful but as far as giving this team any other effort or any off my time, I’m done. Share that with Nolan!!! P.S. I’m with Takeo on this,DISGUSTED!!!

  • Tony from Bakersfield

    You know..I was one for LET’S GIVE IT ANOTHER WEEK. But OMG….we would actually be 5-0 if we played only the first half….SHIT NOLAN…DO US ALL A FAVOR AND QUIT AND LET SOMEONE DO THE JOB THAT U JUST CAN’T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND

  • Rob

    ninercheech, why are you acting like losing is fine? This team has been losing for several years now, and Nolan is clearly not the answer. To say "Hey, I expected us to be even worse by now", so what? That shows how bad our team is that we expect to lose. It shouldn't be that way. All Nolan has succeeded in doing is keeping us from being the absolute worst team in the league. Yes, I would say there are worse teams out there (i.e., Detroit, Oakland). But, why can't we expect to actually win after a coach has been here four years? If Nolan doesn't get things turned around soon, it looks like I will be giving up on yet another season. I mean, I could definitely see us being 2-6 by the bye week. I'm telling you right now, if we are, and Nolan isn't fired over the bye, I'm not only giving up on this season, I'm giving up on the Niners period until they get a new coach. I'm sick of thinking every year will be different, only to see the same underacheiving team take the field every week. The excuse that we don't have the talent to do anything is no longer valid. We have the talent. It isn't being utilized. That is a coaching problem. Period.

  • Hey everyone on here why did we draft Balmer and Rachel for? This is whats hurting this team right now McCloughn thought we were so good he could draft for depth but that is far from the truth this team has really started to sink. To bad we didnt have a little spark plug like Desean Jackson to bring us to life but no we have Kentwan Balmer who looks like a vegaterian at Mcdonalds when hes on the field. And if we drafted Rachel for depth then put him in the game r oline sucks right now JT O’Turnover has 2 seconds to throw the ball.

    49ERS- A TEAM THAT IS LOST very sad :(

  • sam

    we would not be pathetic if we would just trade for Roy Williams this man already knows the martz offense and he stated after the lions and niners game that martz is a mastermind. So im pretty sure he would not mind the reunion this a perfect situation for this team looking for a #1 reciever why not get the a awesome #1 reciever that knows the system. If NOLAN wants a job by the end of the year he needs all the firepower he can get and this is our perfect addition. I bet all the lions want is a 2 or 3 round pick for this guy which is just fine cause he is 1 round material and we need this guy now if we want to start winning again cause we do not have a big time reciever since TO left ROY ROY ROY ROY ROY NOLAN you IDIOT!!!!!!

  • joe gomez

    Just got done watching clips of the Redskins/Eagles game Sunday. Man that 68 yard punt return for a TD by D. Jackson was crazy. I mean ive seen some fast guys (Deion Sanders, Reggie Bush) but this kid has another gear. Those Redskins look like they were going in slow motion when Jackson was running thru everybody. You know when he comes to the Stick where he played college down the road hes going to have a chip on his shoulder for us not picking him in the draft. They better close those gaps because this guy is lightning quick.

  • Rob

    Ok, I need to take exception with the comments about the 49ers drafts sucking. I can agree that this past draft was nothing exceptional. Josh Morgan may end up being the best player taken in April, and even he is not contributing much. But, that said, the good teams in this league, like the Steelers, Colts, and Patriots, will often times get few, if any, immediate starters from a draft. It usually takes at least a year or two until draftees start cracking starting lineups. And, while I wouldn't say we are as good as those teams, we do have talent on this team. And, most of that talent comes from either McClouglan draft picks or free agent acquisitions. So, while Willis & Gore are definitely the best draft picks we've had during this regime, they are not the only good ones. For example, two of our best pass rushers right now are Parys Haralson and Ray Mcdonald, two McClouglan draftees. Sure, he's had misses, like Alex Smith, and (arguably) Vernon Davis. But, in Davis' case, he also drafted Delanie Walker, who has been at least as solid as Davis thus far.

    So, my point is, I wouldn't classify McCloughlan as one of the best drafters in the league, but he's not bad. He has brought talent to this team. It is just not being utilized correctly. As I said before, that is a coaching problem. Which is why Nolan just needs to go.







  • LOTTIE 901


  • Golden Elbows

    Ninercheech, Rob is right. How long are we going to witness too many losses. By this time we should a contender. Heck, we’re not even pretenders.

  • joe gomez

    Medford.. ive been saying that for months. McCloughan blew this draft out of his fucking ass just like the other draft years. He got it right with Willis and Gore, thats it. Every other pick is either a bust or a big question mark. Like I said before, we will not win unless we have the right football people in there starting with the owner. The Yorks suck! Sell the team to an owner who knows how to win!

  • 9er Rich

    When the 49ers pass on D Jackson everybody was screaming at the TV. I live close to UC, and everybody was looking around thinking what the hell is going on with the 49ers. The man ran a 4.2 in the 40 yard dash, That passing of D Jackson in the second round will kill the 49ers next week. I want M Nolan to give his reason for passing on a game breaker for no reason.D Jackson would have been the first Game breaker reciever since T.O. You just don't pass on taleted players like that. D jackson was special and was in the fucking 49ers backyard. 49ers have no speed like D Jackson, and I am still mad about not drafting him.If D. Jackson scores and kills the 49ers. I would fire Nolan after the game. Hey Nolan did you watch any of the cal games !!!! Did you see this man put fear in other teams face. It wasn't like D Jackson was going to go in the first round.HE WAS IN THE SECOND ROUND YOU JERKS AND NOW YOU WILL PAY ON SUNDAY. GREAT JOB GUYS

  • joe gomez

    Dont defend McCloughan, so you dont think his draft picks sucked? Ok let me rephrase it, hes not that good. We have had one of the worst drafts in recent years when it comes to drafting people high coming out of college. Alex Smith is probably the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf. He had Desean Jackson staring him in the face in the 2nd round and he chose Richal who we dont even know is good and wont probably find out for the next 2 to 3 years. He could of gotten a decent OT in the later rounds easily. Balmer? They dont even know if hes a true DE or a DT yet. Hes a project at best. Meanwhile Desean Jackson is scoring TD’s from all over the place. McCloughan Sucks!

  • Ninaz

    You people are unbelievable…. Ive been telling you for months that Nolan is a peace of worthless crap that needs to go and you all defended him "rolling with Nolan", "he signed good players". Get a clue people! Its pathetic how announcers are always talking about Martz never Nolan because Nolan a defense minded coach couldnt adjust to stop a patriots team without Brady for a whole fucking half. Nolans just there looking pretty in his suits bringing shame to this organization. I said it 5 times now 6 we will never win or go to the playoffs under Nolan, NEVER.