Nolan on the Hot Seat

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Things have gotten to the point in which there are whispers around the team that if the 49ers are unable to gain a victory before the bye week – the 49ers have games against the Eagles, New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks – that coach Mike Nolan could be out of a job at the bye week.

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  • The Yorks fired Mariucci for his vanilla after making the Divisional Round of the Playoffs.

    Shouldn't the Yorks fire Nolan for his vanilla after four and a third losing seasons?

  • Belmont49er

    Why do we need Singletary, Manunsky and NOLAN. Let Martz be the Head Coach. He has the Most Experiance!

  • Rob

    I don't know if I want Martz as the head coach. Besides, he's done it before, we know what he can do. Singletary, on the other hand, is a wild card. He could be the next Bill Belichek for all we know. If Nolan gets fired, we will be 2-6 and all but out of the playoff race. So, why not give Singletary a shot as interim head coach and just see what he can do? Then, wait until the offseason to pick a permanent head coach. But, by that time, we will know what Singletary is capable of. Besides, he has been around this team for a while and knows the players better than Martz.

  • R,Craig33

    I agree.

  • R,Craig33

    I agree with you golden elbows singletary should be defensive coordinator anyway why is he still line backers coach.

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  • Golden Elbows

    If we hire Martz as Head Coach. I would promte Singletary as Defense Cordinator.

  • joe gomez

    Getting rid of Nolan is just a start. We need to get rid of McLoughan for his FUCKED UP draft choices. While were at it we should do a petition to pressure the Yorks to sell the team to some real NFL owners. It all starts at the top.

  • Lowrance

    I can’t believe the voting percentages? 4 people must have been asleep…..

  • ninerfaithful

    firenolan firenolan firenolan and i might have said it but owell firenolan i really like singletary let mike martz focuse offense and singletary he could help greg out at the defense

  • Billy

    I doubt anyone will want to make Martz HC, only OC so unless some team is stupid enough theyll take him. Rams are the only team I see MAYBE trying to get him but I doubt it. Use some common sense. Unlike Martz, Singletary will bring the proper attitude to the team

  • geeray

    singletary wont get a HC spot till he has proven himself at as a coodernator pos.

  • 9nerfan

    thats what i was saying but people want to say shit for me saying it all starts at the top. The yorks dont know shit about football and they only have this team is because eddie had to give it up. they dont give a fuck about this team. if they did then nolan would of been gone and we would of at least seen signs that we can compete. but dont see that yet. i mean the offense is moving the ball but what the fuck happened to the defense. i thought for sure that it was the strength of the team. why wait for the bye week. it’s probably gonna be the same with nolan. just do it now cuz i wanna see what mike s. can do as a head coach. what do we have to lose. more games?


    The most famous Mike Nolan story, before he became coach of the 49ers, was about vanilla ice cream.

    Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, the story goes, placed a carton of vanilla ice cream in Nolan’s office, where it was allowed to melt into a sticky mess. The mean-spirited prank underscored the owner’s criticism of his defensive coordinator’s read-and-react philosophy, which Snyder had termed “vanilla.”

    That story was considered just another in the Snyder-as-meddling-owner file. But it’s worth remembering now. Because Nolan’s philosophy and his defense’s inability to make the big stop and get off the field — all of that is bringing back the images of vanilla ice cream.

    When Nolan has been asked this week what’s wrong with the defense, he has turned the issue back on his players, using words such as “errors” and “mistakes.”

    “In the last two weeks, we’ve made several errors on our own account and have hurt ourselves,” Nolan said. “Some have been technique, some have been mental.”

    None, though, apparently have been scheme or coaching. In another comment Monday, Nolan said it didn’t matter how well something was drawn up on the chalkboard, it comes down to execution.

    But questions about Nolan’s philosophy have followed him for years, through his stints in the NFC East, first in New York and then in Washington. A decade ago, Redskins players grew frustrated under Nolan’s direction. After being singled out by Snyder,



    Nolan vowed to become more aggressive, and defensive players wore shirts that read “Relentless. Attack. Physical.” But after the 1999 season, when his defense finished at the bottom of the league, Nolan was fired, and the complaints about his passive system went public.

    We’re starting to hear some of the same grumblings about read-and-react around the 49ers. Though the 49ers did blitz about a third of the time against New England, they often were burned badly by Matt Cassel when they did. And some of the key gains for the Patriots — such as the play that put them in range for the clinching field goal— came when the 49ers were less aggressive.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t?

    The defensive letdowns are problematic for Nolan. Although he has a defensive coordinator in Greg Manusky, it’s clear that this defense is Nolan’s baby. Nolan has completely turned the offense over to Mike Martz and while that unit has its problems, it has been more entertaining than in recent years. Nolan’s defense is the bigger problem and that reflects poorly on a coach already under fire.

    Wednesday, a couple of the 49ers who used to play in Philadelphia — safety Michael Lewis and linebacker Takeo Spikes — talked about playing under aggressive Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson.

    “That’s his mentality,” Spikes said. “It was a fun scheme, a scheme that I liked. You’re in the attack mode all the time.”

    Lewis also loved the system that turns players loose, saying, “It’s very aggressive. You never know where it’s coming from. He’s not afraid to put nine guys in the box.”

    When asked if the 49ers need to be more aggressive, Spikes said he thought they had a good mixture of approaches.

    “It’s all about what you’re accustomed to running,” he said. “These are two totally different mindsets. At the same time, it’s personnel and what you draft people to come in and do.”

    Spikes was asked if he thought the 49ers’ defense had an identity.

    “I think we have an ID, but it’s not consistent,” he said.

    And what is it?

    “Make plays. Force turnovers.”

    The 49ers — tied for 21st in defense and ranked 23rd against the run — are tied with several other teams for seventh in the league in forcing turnovers. But right now the 49ers aren’t making plays.

    Whatever their identity is, it’s very non-threatening. After five games, some might even call it vanilla.


  • joe gomez

    Where were all you guys when i was pushing for Desean? People thought i was crazy for wanting Desean, i thought i was alone on this one. Even Niner Pundit didnt believe in Desean Jackson. Bay area talent and Nolan still fucked it up.

  • joe gomez


    We did like him (Jackson) as well, though. He’s a very good player. We met with him. It was a good experience in speaking with him. He was the explosive player we thought he would be. At the time, we felt we had players who would help us more quickly.”

    It hasn’t unfolded that way. Balmer is not close to being starting material and Rachal is viewed as a project.

  • Hey Joe I was also pissed off on draft day I went crazy wen they picked Balmer. Even the guy on NFL Network said Balmer had the talent but was lazy and took a long time to comprehend things.

    But you know wat Joe even if we drafted Jackson he probably wouldnt be playing that much. We would still have Battle out there dropping passes and being scared of the big hit.


  • Billy

    I agree Joe it was only you aand me defendinding the whole Jackson pick and we were the whiners while everybody backed Nolan uhh and I loved Jackson as a 49er. What happened to Colvin?

    Singletary should be Headcoach not Martz sure our offense has progressed but if Martz is HC, Yorks will give him full power and we dont want that. Singletary should give this team what it needs motavtion!! Also it not that hard to make this offense look good after seeing horrible passes and reverses last year!! Fire Nolan NOW!! We can still save our season!!

  • LOTTIE 901


  • geeray

    if we fire nolan and dont promote martz then i think he will leave first chance he gets.

  • geeray

    i’m not saying i wouldnt want singletary. but martz is proven. they’ll give him a shot first in my opinion. and i think lots of teams would give martz a shot a HC. alot more than singletary. if not then explain to me how the hell norv turner got a job again

  • Billy

    Singletary is up and coming to coaching but he has it in him we were lucky not to lose him last year, but we`ll most likely lose him this year.

    Norv was fresh out of the HCing in Oakland when we got him, and Martz has been an Oc for about 3 yrs going on his 4th and everyone has seen what he does after a while he is good but I dont think its the long term solution and we`ll end up asking for him to be fired just like in St. Louis

  • Billy

    Shottenhiemer wouldnt be a bad idea either I love his Marty ball, someone who would love to ACTUALLY put the ball in Frank Gores hands EVERY GAME!!!

  • FaStRmAn

    I truly believe that Denise (The PIG) York WANTS the Niners to lose. The decisions that have been made appear to me to be to keep the Niners wallowing in mediocrity. If you have owners that hate the team and the fans, why do we still support them? Stop buying season passes. Stop buying anything these bastards are selling. Demand change or accept defeat after defeat. I don’t waste my Sunday’s hoping this team is going to get better. Nolan is actually holding the team back and trying to make them worse because HIS BOSSES TOLD HIM TO !! That is why the defense is Vanilla. I think they should fire Nolan, but they should also find a REAL NFL man to run the team and step away from the team. Until then, I wont support this crap anymore. WHY SHOULD YOU ??? I SAY BOYCOTT THE YORKS !! Tune out until they start making decisions that improve this team instead of harming this team.

  • pintor98–SF

    The Nolan interview about D Jackson just shows you how stupid Nolan really is. We knew he was explosive, so they go and pass him TWICE. I understand the first time, we needed a D Lineman, but the second time for a back up guard. That’s just plain stupid. Imagine Jackson returning kicks and playing WR. In the slot. They better hope that both Balmer and Rachel turn out to be very good players and that J Morgan turns out to be a Stud.

    Also Manusky is not to blame for the Defense it’s Nolan calling the shots. I don’t think Singeltary would be a good
    coach. He gets way to much credit for the Development of P Willis. Willis was a stud before he got here and would of done the same anywhere else.

    O-line sucks!! How do you guys expect to play smash mouth football when our line can’t even get 1 yrd. We suck on anything less than 2yrds to go. Maybe because Nolans stupid ass cut a real FB in Norris!!!

  • Billy

    Pintor although it is true that Willis was a stud already, Singletary developed him to be better by teaching how to wrap up and things like that, he is one of the BEST LBs to play the sport so you know he taught him some things

    PS Singletary taught Ray Lewis as well

  • two things:

    – everyone in the bay area loved desean jackson. even jerry rice made a big push for him. you telling me a hall of fame wide receiver can’t spot talent? the fact that we passed on him tells you everything you need to know about coach nolan and the niner management. with the niner’s luck, if they did draft desean, he would have gotten a staph infection, lost ten pounds and not be as productive.

    – i hate to say it but i believe marty schottenheimer would be better than anything out there right now. i’d put him in there right now if i could.

  • 49er4life

    Two words: Bill Cowher

  • Rob

    49er4life has a good idea. Cowher would be a great pick. But, I don't know if he would want to coach under a GM. And, for everyone calling for McClouglan's head, you might as well quit as a Niner fan. McCloughlan isn't going anywhere. And, I personally disagree that he should. He hasn't been perfect, but he has helped bring talent back to this team. So, because McCloughlan is here to stay, I don't think Cowher would coach for us.

    And, everyone who wants Martz as head coach, forget it. Supposedly, the only person who wanted Martz as OC was Nolan. With him gone, Martz doesn't have a prayer of being promoted. He may stick around after this season, just because he has helped this offense improve, and I don't think anyone wants yet another OC to come in. So, if Nolan gets fired, Singletary will be the interim HC. He has been the assistant HC since Nolan has been here, and everyone likes him. And, he has interviewed for other HC jobs.

    Of course, all this talk of Nolan getting fired may still be a bit premature. While I think that is what will happen sooner or later, our team is only 2-3. A win this week could keep our season alive. And, there are enough beatable teams left on the schedule that things could turn around if this team gets their act together. I don't see that happening, but I'm just saying…

  • Lowrance

    Thanks for the link for us VD haters….

    I like the comment about he'd be a good fit for an offensive lineman, cuz he catches the ball like one, LOL!

    If he can put on 50 lbs, they might have him replace Simms or Mr Glass. That would work in my book, but I can't see that happening.

    As for why I can't stand him? His "look at me, it's all about me" attitude. You make one catch, stand up and pound your chest like you've just done the greatest thing on earth. Big fuckin' deal. We're behind by 29 points and you caught a pass. Not bad for the money you make for being chosen 6th in the draft.

    And lately, even though you don't get many passes thrown your way, you drop many of them? Not celebrating much then are you?

    VD, prove yourself to me and the 49er fans….otherwise

    you're a bust…

  • pintor98–SF

    Eagles could be missing everybody and they would still lose, because we would get out coached!!!! N.O had no Shockey,Colston, NE had no Tom Brady no decent RB's or DB's. So it really doesn't matter that Westbook, Reggie Brownm(WR) and Andrews (OL) won't be playing because Nolan will still play MR Bend don't Break Shitty Defense.

  • LOTTIE 901


  • 9er4lyfe

    It’s time to put GM Scot McCloughan on the Budweiser Hot Seat: 1) Alex Smith, No. 1 pick in the 2005 NFL Draft — bust. Reason: He could not beat out journeyman JTO in his fourth year. 2) David Baas, a selection or two removed from a 1st Round pick — bust. Reason: It’s the fourth year for him too, and he’s still riding the pine. 3) VD, No. 6 pick in the NFL Draft — bust. Reason: He can’t catch the ball; total hands of stone. You don’t spend the 6th pick in the draft on a blocking TE; you spend a Round 6 pick. 4) Manny Lawson, 1st Round pick — semi-bust. Reason: He was drafted as a speed rusher, but Nolan has already given up on that. Thankfully, he has coverage skills, or he would be the best R1 special teams player in the NFL. Of course, with the “Big Sub,” he’s got a good view standing next to Baas most of the game. 5) Brandon Williams, 3rd Round — bust. Never had it, never will. 6) Jonas Jennings, high-priced left tackle — bust. Reason: Why waste ink here? 7) Nate Clements, very high priced FA — “value-based” bust. Reason: Signed to huge money to be a lock-down corner. He’s not. He’s a real good corner, but not worth what Scot signed him for. 8) Sopoaga v. Douglas decision — not a good one. Sope continues to under-perform. I don’t think there’s a person on this board who wouldn’t swap him back for Douglas….. I could go on, but you get the picture. (Keep an eye on Balmer v. Merling over the years too.) This is a team that has now invested $35M (Jennings) a R1 (Staley), two R2s (Baas, Rachal), R3 (Snyder) and R4 (Wallace — what was that about?) in building an O line…yet its performance doesn’t live up to it. So here’s the deal: If I’m ScotyMac, and I think Nolan is doing a good job, then I have to look in the mirror and ask, “Am I at fault here?” On the other hand, if I’m ScotyMac and think all these players I’ve brough in are good ones, then I have to take action and fire the coach — because someone here is to blame.

  • joe gomez

    Lowrance..he wasnt pounding his chest saying "look at me" he yelled out "give me more!" meaning he wanted the ball more. That was quoted and printed from an interview when someone asked him what he was yelling.

  • crazydave

    the bad part is its not V.D,S fault if we had a better tackle he probley be a good pass catcher by now..

  • Tim

    Knowing that Westbrook will not play Sunday against the 49ers does not change how the 49ers’ defense will approach this game, 49ers coach Mike Nolan said. He said the difference between Westbrook and backup Correll Buckhalter is not too dramatic –


  • Lowrance

    Joe I understand that's what happened that one time.

    But I'm talking about all the other times he's popped up and said "look at me"

    49er fans are used to Rice, Taylor, and Brent Jones. Catch the ball like you're paid to, then get back to the huddle. Celebrate an in your face when we're winning, and after many catches (without drops)

  • Lowrance


    I’m really not a VD hater. Just tired of his celebrating and dropped passes. Produce and I’ll like the kid again.

  • joe gomez

    Hell get there, it will happen and we will all be on his bandwagon. One thing you cant deny is his passion on the field and his work ethic in practice. That is proven.

  • Boomer

    I voted to keep Nolan. I just dont think getting a new coach mid way through the season is gonna change anything for the rest of the season.

    I say we keep Mike Nolan and the Yorks just sell the team to someone who actually cares about winning and will do whatever it takes to win. How many more friggin coaches are we gonna have to go through before we all realize the problem with this team is bigger than Nolan or a botched first round QB draft pick.

    I personally think, with all things considered, Nolan has done a decent job with the Niners. We have awesome players, he’s always picked great offensive coordinators (Martz, Turner, McCarthy).

    I just dont think using a different coach thats already in the Niners organization (Martz, Singletary, etc) or any that are currently on the market are gonna bring us a winning season. They should at least let him finish the season out, I think. And if he cant get to .500 or the playoffs, then he should prolly go so we can get ANOTHER head coach that will be held back by the owners and still take us nowhere next year.

    Trade the owners…. Not the coach! The Yorks are the problem, like it or not.



  • LOTTIE 901


  • Adam49

    I voted to keep Nolan bacause the players have to be held accountable more than the coaches.Patrick Willis and Justin Smith both said the gameplan was a great gameplan and it didn’t need to be changed,it needed to be executed correctly.On the long TD pass to Moss they had the play called correctly.Walt Harris was the over the top help and tripped and thats that.If Walt wouldn’t have tripped that play wouldn’t have happened.On the flea-flicker the call was correct again,and Michael Lewis didn’t make the play.On the direct snap the defensive call was correct again.Justin Smith said that they had been waiting for that play all day and the players didnt make the play.Mike Nolan prepared his team perfectly for that game and the players didn’t perform.I’m sick of you people calling for his head when he made the correct gameplan and Manusky called the correct plays.Try holding the players accountable instead of blaming it all on Nolan.If he was doing something wrong you would here it from the vets on this team.And the vets on this team blame themselves,not Nolan.

    By the way,everytime i take these tripps to diferant countries,i realize how good we have it back home.Europe is the toilet of the world.Europeans smell like shit,their food is overated,and they have no idea how to make a fucken dollar.They’ve got to be the stupidest most uneducated people on the face of this earth.I honestly don’t know how these people survive.France is the cream of the crop when it comes to stench.The Germans aren’t very bright but they sure know how to party.Octoberfest was amazing.Don’t ever challenge a German to a drinking contest.Their Beer is laced with LSD or some shit.I drank 5 mugs of some Beer they had and i was smashed.You want to smoke some herb,goto Amsterdam baby.You pick out differant types of weed like you order from a fast food restaurant.I smoked some shit and couldn’t find my way back to the Hotel.But i hit up every ice cream shop while i was lost.I can’t wait to get back home.Just thought i would check in.Talk to you all on wednesday.

  • crazydave

    its all verbal gungaria were gonna win..lmao

  • crazydave

    ok maybe not, we got Nolan as head coach and he dont like to challenge any plays ask hank basket

  • frustrated 49ers fan

    yup..organizations that are successful start with ownership. our owners dont have a clue on whats going on. we should fire nolan and actively pursuit some like Bill Cowher.