Nolan Fired! Singletary to Take Over

Buh Bye

Buh Bye

Chris Mortensen is reporting that Mike Nolan has been fired. Jay Glazer is reporting that Mike Nolan has been fired. Of course the 49ers are not saying that. But all reports are that they will not wait any longer and Nolan is gone.

Reports are Singletary is expected to take over.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • josh

    it's about freaking time. There is a football god after all.

  • West

    Pundit I just heard Singletary is replacing Nolan……True right? Glad da didnt wait until after da bye, we still have time to turn this around.


    Fuckin took long enough York!! Now we’ll see if we can salvage this season. Singletary is going to kick some ass. FINALLY!!!!!

  • forty9erfan86


    woo who !

    yay !!!

  • 9erfan25

    it’s a great day

  • SAmra

    alrite i havent been on the site in sooo long because talkin 49ers had become so depressing but i just had to today…this now signals the turn of greatness for us…not only did we get a better coach we also finally upgraded at the gm position EVEN though McCoughlan supposedly had control of the draft we all know who choose benchwarmers like kentwan Balmer, Chilo Rachal and Reggie Smith, and cody Wallace…they all have done NOTHING for us and thats sad cuz that was our top 4 picks

  • West

    Its on da radio….Singletary HC

  • ninerfan4life

    Thank you God. If I had to wait until after the buy, I don’t know what I would have done ………

  • West

    Samra welcome back…… and your right regarding our GM, do believe alot will change….. Balmer, Chilo, R.Smith,Wallace, J.Hill all might just get to play…….Cant wait to see if our D line takes a shack up, Franklin could soon be backing someone up…..shit Jonas might even find some heart an…….

  • FaStRmAn

    NoWin is gone !! Ding Dong the Dork is DEAD !! He’s gone and he’s taken his fancy threads. Ding Dong the DUMaZZ Dork is dead !!

  • West

    What about Strickland….Brown or Smith finally getting a chance to play ahead of dis guy……….let Strickland in on Specail Teams and thats it

  • Mike Martz

    Christmas in October!!! Patrick will now be unleashed.

  • West

    Great news for Lawson, he will know he will never go into a game only playing Special Teams….lol

  • Mike Martz

    I bet Paarag is crying right now the dumb fuck.

  • joe gomez

    Fire McCloughan next year and replace his ass with Holmgren!

  • West

    Did Nolan really say “fire me now there is no since in waiting” if so I guess he is smarter than most gave him credit for.

  • golden elbows

    what do you guys think about our SS position? I think keith lewis does better than the other Slow lewis.

  • crazydave


  • crazydave

    OUR PROBLEM HAS BEEN FREE SAFETY FOR YEARS,i have only seen the philly and new york game this year and i been to upset to see how good the safety play has been this year. And has anyone heard any thing on how Ray McDonald is doing is he ok i know he walked back to the locker room early?

  • golden elbows

    I like what we are doing overall on the offense with a few exceptions by Martz. We have gone from 13.7 points a game last season to 22.6 with J.T. O’Sullivan at quarterback. But the defense has gone from allowing 22.8 points a game last year to 28 this year. If only Singletary could motivate our defense enough to play at a higher level then we could win the division. I gave up on watching the games but now I have a little hope…lets see

  • ESPN Report – Nolan you’re out of here!!
  • joe gomez

    Keith Lewis played good Sunday. He deserves to get more playing time!

  • West

    Crazydave…..Micheal Lewis is not our problem, Kieth Lewis cant replace Micheal………..If you are looking for a problem at saftey you have to look at M.Roman….Hes a FS with no Picks……..In three yrs. has he had a pick for us, I dont believe he has…. If so O well, he should be all over da place, making plays…. shit even Merton Hanks was picking them out da sky at FS, “ballhawking position”

  • golden elbows

    West, I agree with you on the FS also but Keith Lewis Should get a shot at SS. His hard hitting set the tone for the defense. I dont know if theres anyone who can take Romans job on this team. He probably has more experience at FS.

  • pintor98–SF

    Bye Bye Nolan!!!!!!!!!! Give Singeltary the rest of the year to see what he can do. Next seasons’s options Shannahan, Holmgren, Cowher. I really hope they put J Hill and Josh Morgan in more and Baas and Chilo on the OL. How about Shawn Hill all he did was come in an win!! On Defense Goldston and R Smith should be our FS and SS…. Our safetys can anyone guess how many int’s they have playing for the 49ers??? Roman in 3 years with us 1 INT and Lewis in 2 years with us 2 INT’s = 3 INT’S in 5 seasons for us WTF!!!! Roman has 5 INT”S in 8 seasons in the NFL. There you go a Nolan Kiss Ass!!!!
    Go to the 3-4 and do a lot of different blitzes. CB,FS,MLB,Both MLB’s, Left OLB, Right OLB, Both OLB’s. Be creative!!!!! How about some Bump & Run Defense once in a while. No more BIG JOKE opps I mean Big Nickle. Do some Cover 2,3, B&R,3-4,4-3,3-3-5

  • benny

    First think that needs to change is martz he needs to go, he did a great job but we need to get back to running the ball. Heres a good thing to listen to http://media.knbr.c om/knbr/1017trentdil fer.mp3 . The next thing that needs to happen is we need to switch to 43 defense. The 34 doesnt worry when you dont have a true nose tackle. With that, it may mean firing the DC as well. As for the head coach lets see was mike s can do (not mike nolan). Now to draft, im guessing as of right now we will picking either from 10 -15 first round, so id go with an o-tackles (monroe. oher, or smith) or maybe the DT from Bama Cody (kids big, strong, and weights 365). 2nd round i think we go with derrick williams from PSU, we need a kick/punt return and he a good wr (rossums old, battle sucks, clements is to much money to be back there) or maybe the DT from Bama Cody falls to the second he did just have an injury last week??. 3rd & 4th round QB or OT again.
    As for the returning players alex smith gets resigned for a low salary (maybe he can finally turn it around)
    Players not returning next year – JTO the man sucks, bruce – good guy but old go with the young, same for spikes (we got willis, lawson, brooks, haralson good enough for 43 d), jennings to injury prone save some money cut him, Aubrayo Franklin thats one up in the air, rossum if we get williams, roman hes not a play maker (we got goldson n killa keith still), last guy walt harr…

  • West

    We have 2 good DB’s Clements and Harris a good SS M. Lewis so if you add a FS that can find the ball, just think what could come….

    I know we are not the 94 niners but ima use them as an example……We had 2 good DB’S Primetime(a little better den good lol) and E. Davis, a good SS in T. McDonald and a FS that went out there a got the ball in M. Hanks

    My point crazydave….all fingers point at Mark Roman as da weakest link, Nolans guy

  • ninercheech

    for all of you that are happy that singletary is coach slow your roll cause we have no idea what he can do. Because you will be the first ones to come out and bash singletary when they lose. Good move though

  • West

    Ninercheech…all I hear on this page is Fan’s happy our front office wants to win…..(at least thats how i feel)waiting it out with Nolan was a feeling of the Yorks giving up on this season……I still plan on us making the Playoffs, a lot of football left

  • golden elbows

    Ninercheech is right, lets not jump into too many conclusion. But this change is positive even if we dont win games. Atlease it shows that the organization are fed up with losing.

  • MSouza

    I wonder how Martz is going to take being passed over for the job. He has admitted he wants to be a head coach again, and when there doesn’t even seem to be an interview process thats gotta piss him off a little.

  • Adam49

    And all you morons that are sayiong that the season can now be salvaged are sayin this why?Mike Singletary knows as much about coaching as Nolan did when he was hired.Singletary knows about as much about offense as nolan does.Both are defensive minded coaches.You guys make it sound like we fired Nolan and brought Bill Walsh back from the grave.Even firing Nolan and promoting Singletary doesn’t change the players that are on the field.All of you know it alls have been crying about us not blitzing enough all season.Well in this game you got your wish and you found out why your typing and not coaching.The players have to make plays when they blitz,not just run into the blockers.and thats exactly what they did,run into the blockers and got a whopping 0 sacks.We play the seahawks this sunday,a game we should win.I can hear all you schmucks now.Singletary is the greatest coach ever give him a 35 year extension.We’ll see if firing Nolan was the right thing to do.

  • ninervalley

    Adam49 is right, we need a few tweeks in our roster, especially our lines, no protection and no pass rush whatsoever but lets not forget the idiot that drafted the team we see out there today. With new direction and new leadership AFTER this season from hopefully someone a whole lot smarter than nolan we’ll see improvement. Nolan had one year of improvement and then the team peaked and its been stale even though York has invested millions into free agents. We have talent at some spots and a god for a middle linebacker so there is light people!!!! dont expect this season to change though. Singletary isnt a miracle worker. By the way firing nolan was abslotuely the right thing to do, if retards like Adam49 ran the team we would still have Erickson and Rattay out there.

  • Adam … you feel we would be better off keeping Nolan around? We know with Nolan there would be no roster shake ups, tweeks or what ever you wanna call it…..What is there to lose…… Let me guess, we are 2 games back in our bad division and you already wanna start playing for draft picks…and as for our picks, who knows what they can do, they dont play….lol

  • #1


  • Ninaz

    Adam is not right! the players hate Nolan and now that hes gone they will play with more emotion because Kilmer is now gone. Think about it man if you hate your coach why are you gonna win to save his ass when hes thrown pretty much every player under the bus? I just wish Alex was not injured then this would have been a fucking miracle.

  • Mike Martz

    All the balls we batted down on Sunday were the result of us blitzing plus Eli did not have a stellar game if I remember correctly. Blitzing does not always have to result in sacks.

  • Mike in MD hit it right on with Roman. Definitely the weak link with the Safeties. We need a stud FAST FS & sorry but I don’t think Dashon’s gonna be it either. We’ll find out. Dude can hit & made INT’s in practice BUT has average speed, not what a FS is supposed to be. They’re supposed to have range & closing speed to ball hawk & break up passes. Maybe Goldson can prove me wrong & make up for it in instincts, film study, & anticipation learning Defenses. I have my doubts. MLewis plays solid at SS, not spectacular but solid with NO problems there. I would like to see TBrown challenge WHarris for the #2 CB spot..he’s been toasted quite a bit, played some good & isn’t consistent.

    Roman’s one of many Nolan Vet benchrider garbage heaps that need to go. My list of those guys…Offense: Snyder, Keasey, Battle’s borderline but a good #3-4 WR. (Not Nolan guys but have to go..Sims, JJ) Defense: Franklin, TBC, Roman, trade Sopoaga or make him a backup w/pay cut unless we go 1-gap 4-3 & his DL play steps up.

    But the 1st thing we need before a stud FS is a havoc DL destroyer like a Haynesworth or somebody similar & a stud DE pass rusher in a 4-3 or pass rushing OLB if we stay 3-4 (TUBBS IN FA). A DLine like say the NYG’s of last year or Tennessee’s this year would make the LB’s & secondary take a step up. Make an average look good, good look excellent. Got to be rebuild the O/D Lines 1st.

  • 49ersfan1989

    its about time

  • facci

    good ridence, to bad rubbish!!!!!!

  • R,Craig33

    THANK YOU GOD! I was waiting for this I mean people was coming up to me at the gym and saying it's time for the 49ers to get rid of nolan and now between all the coaches mentioned even though shanahan is part of 49er tradition as our offensive coordinator if it's not going to be him it should be cower because he's a hard nose coach and a superbowl winner and that's what we need, marty is a winner too and a players coach but he's not hard nose.

  • seekret_sauce

    All right..9 game winning streak! woohoo! who’s with me? :)

  • Rob

    I think I may cry. Happy, glorious day! And, it was done before the bye week. I guess good things do happen, after all. And, Singletary to take over, to boot? All is right with the world again…

  • Lowrance


    Let’s see if Patrick Willis’s favorite coach can elevate & motivate the defense again!!!!!!!

  • joe gomez

    Man did you guys see the York kid in the press conference. He looks like Adam Carolla's little brother! This is why this franchise is a fucking joke.. we got the young York and the young Paraag trying to run things when theyre still wet behind the fucking ears. Fucking Pathetic.

  • Niner Pundit

    Joe…Paraag has done a great job on contracts and working all the cap stuff.

    And I'd much rather listen to Jed (who seems like he has some sort of clue what is going on day-to-say in the organization) opposed to John.

  • Mike Martz…….. Willis leads the league in Tackles, does he not? Willis on pace to lead back to back years…

  • joe gomez

    Mike in MD.. im also not happy with M.Lewis.. id rather give Keith Lewis a chance.

  • Mike in MD

    Joe..I don't know much about KLewis. He looked good last game. Has he been quiet on ST's?? Definitely need him on teams but I haven't heard his name much….maybe I'm just missing it.

    I think on SS he just doesn't get a lot of PT. But he can hit, everytime he's in there I do remember he stands out.

    He has more mean streak than MLewis…but MLewis is the bigger dude. I don't know, seems like Mike Lewis is more consistent.

  • Unleash the linebackers and mix it up with the front 3 or 4 and they will get to Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck is just barely returning and if he can knocked aroung he will make mistakes and maybe even taken out of the game. Wallace will not beat us…

  • James Jones

    Adam, just one thing, show us all here where anyone on this team has said point blank, "I love Mike Nolan and I love his leadership." Oh but you saying that is so much more the truth then somoone saying they hated Nolan.

    And here you go again with your stupid comments on "that's why you're typing and not coaching" crap! Seriously man give it a rest already. I have yet to see anyone in here express their desire to coach in the NFL so that pathetic argument is lost here. Your pal Nolan is gone, no matter what you said the other day about how he isn't going anywhere no matter how much I (we) complain about it.

    As I said in my previous post in the 2-5 article I can take the guys out there like you who think they know everything about this game and God help anyone who attempts to put their opinions into perspective and offer up a different one.

    I feel bad for you though man, I really do. You love for Nolan knows no bounds… what ever are you going to do now that he is gone?

  • joe gomez

    Singletary for interim coach so we can see how he does, but I doubt he is the answer at HC. Shanahan/Cower/Holmgren/Marty/Jimmy J./Carroll/Bilick/Martz

    No more projects.. No more experiments. Hire a BIG NAME PROVEN WINNER! If they want the GM spot too give it too him.
    York better not be cheap, we cant miss on this one.

  • Hey Mike in MD, Keith Lewis played a little on sunday and was around the ball. Just like Clements he knocked heads with Jacobs a few times to let him know he was around. I do remember that when Keith Lewis was in he had some picks and really came in to hit people. He is normally a special teamer and is not afraid to hit people. Did any one see Tony whats his name on Around the Horn say if Nolan got a fair shake because he was tied at the hip with Alex Smith. Correct me if I'm wrong but was'nt he on staff when they drafted Smith???

  • Mike Martz…….Players being misused…..perfectly stated

  • Mike in MD

    West..I'm just learning about gap play by the DLine. I hope Singletary in time or soon can make that middle adjustment. Franklin needs to be benched PERIOD! He's purely a backup player. Now in the last 2 games I've heard his name, is he starting to come around?? I have family in CALI burn the games for me but the mail doesn't get here until Thurs/Fri so no replays. (My condo can't get Dish Sun Ticket) Is he getting better or does he still suck? Probably still & will always suck.

    But if you go like James said L to R: McDon/Soap/Fields/Smith & have them 1 GAP – that's Soap & Fields penetrate upfield instead of 2 GAPPING which is standing your ground & covering the run to the left & right side of the OLineman in front of you (THIS IS PASSIVE NOT AGGRESSIVE & THESE GUYS AREN'T BIG/STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD THEIR GROUND…THE MISTAKE NOLAN'S BEEN MAKING BECAUSE HE PLAYS SAFE) then I think you'll see a big difference in us stopping the runs. If Soap & Fields are allowed to play their penetrating style which is their strength it'll protect our LB's a lot better so they can make plays instead of getting blasted out of plays.

  • joe gomez

    Mike.. get yourself a tivo.. best investment youll ever get!

  • Mike in MD

    James..c'mon man a lot of these news guy even ESPN don't know as much as the fans do. Why should they, if I weren't a Niner fan I wouldn't be paying attention to a team that sucks.

    Good deal on KLewis, means we're deep at Strong Safety. But REAL WEAK at Free Safety. Hope Dashon can prove me wrong.

  • Hey Mike when I lived in an apartment in collage we filled a bucket with concrete and put our dish in it. As long as you have clear view, every morning just put the dish outside and bam Niner games on DTV. Trust me it works…

  • Mike Martz

    James that dude is not worth your time I ruined this forum for 2 days arguing with them just because I have a different opinion.

  • Mike in MD

    No doubt Joe on that TIVO, shit I'm behind man. Thing is I work for COMCAST & we get all the equipment free. In my condo I always have all the TV's in every room + the kitchen on. We're allowed 1 free DVR..they all have a sound delay that drives me crazy bro……so I got rid of it. Maybe I should pay extra for a DVR at every TV. But don't really need that.

    Need to buy that TIVO though, sucks you still have to pay a monthly…probably no biggie

  • Hey Mike Martz, which dude???

  • Adam49

    Oh you sound like a pathetic pussy.Your the fucken coward that has to run their mouth everytime someone disagrees with you.And your also the ignorant fuck that takes the easy way out and blames the coach.Do i really need to go back and grab every article where a player says that they came to the 9ers because of they way the team was headed or maybe i should go back and grab all the articles where players and analysts bragged about the talent that Nolan had brought to our team.

  • junebug408

    Thank you LORD! now all we need is for JT “oh no” Sullivan to break his fukin arm! im sick and tired of this guy blowing the game every damn week!

  • James Jones

    Damn the internet warrior is back, do you let your kids read these posts man? I hope not cause as it is I already feel sorry for them.

    So I'm the one running my mouth when someone doesn't agree with me? Take a look in the mirror my man.

    Oh and players signing here because of the leadership is not neccesarily a reflection of their love for Nolan as much as it is the dollar signs. You think anyone else was going to give Jonas Jennings the contract we did? And he's just one example.

    So I'm a coward huh? Wow man, you are a real piece of work. I do blame the coach because it starts at the top, it appears that the NFL as a whole pretty much blamee the coach when there is more losing then winning after almost four seasons. So I guess the entire league is filled with cowards? You're a little bitch man, for real. It must suck to wake up in the morning and realize that you're you.

  • Mike in MD……. I agree McDon/Soap/Fields/Smith would seem to have more of a presence, we need to penetrate.

  • Hey Mike martz, sorry man I saw the wrong James on your response.

  • Does anyone else feel like the Cards are gonna choke in the second half. They still have to play the Panthers, Giants, Eagles, Pats, Rams twice and Seahawks twice. Not to mention I think we will beat their ass in Arizona. Is it that much of a stretch for us to get back in it. I don't think it is…

  • LOTTIE 901


  • Mike in MD

    My bad…JJ IS a Nolan guy. Another bonehead decision he made OVERPAYING for him in FA. Sims….that’s more of a McCloughan disaster because how the hell don’t you fill the highest need we had in the last Draft for another OT???? So he got stuck having to get a guy from the gutter last minute.

    We could have had Carl Nicks in the 4th Rd (2nd Rd talent) who’s a monster but instead we take an undersized center. UNBELIEVABLE

  • Adam49

    Ninervalley,you say im right then you call me a retard?Who’s the real retard?I dont agree with nolan being fired but a disagree with Singletary being named HC even more.NINAZ please show me something,anything that says the players hated Nolan.You can’t because that is a flat out lie.The players loved nolan and they loved his leadership.The players didn’t perform when the were put in a position to do so.That’s straight from the players mouths.Singletary is a leader?Where the fuck did you here that from.Ya, maybe he was when he played,but he doesn’t play anymore.A defensive coach didnt work so you fire him and replace him with the same type of coach is idiotic.

  • West

    Mike in MD….. very true, Nicks would have been a great addition, He was there for us just got passed up.

    Looking forward to see how our D is changed up, will Franklin be replaced? Are some rookies gonna step on the field? Tyme will tell


    McCloughan also revealed that offensive line coach George Warhop has been relieved of his duties.

    “I respect George as a coach. I respect his passion and loyalty to the organization. Just looking at the overall scheme of the team, it was something we thought would help us from here on out.”

  • Whats this talk about a possible BlackOut sunday
    our 1st since 1981, cant be true…

    Go buy some tickets, we aint da Raiders


    Ralph Barbieri is a friggin low-life bottom dweller. He does nothing but complain about the decisions Nolan and the 49ers make on his show, and then when Nolan gets fired Ralph says nothing good will come from it. He says anyone who thinks Singletary will turn this thing around is "deluding themselves". Ralph Barbieri and Ray Ratto come from the same ghetto of negativity. The local media has done nothing but bitch about Mike Nolan, yet they still bitch after he's gone. Amazing. Fans have a right to bitch becuz then spend their hard earned money on crap, but the media clowns just do to fill air time. I guess winning is the best deodorant.

  • jay

    Now all we need to do is bench Roman! Never take Manny out of the game! Play agressive D and stop playin so damn passive ! bench mr JTO I thrown endzone pics for all i do is win shaun hill (even though shaun cant throw 30 yards) ! Give Gore the rock 25 plus touches! and block someone so maybe we average giving up less than 3 sacks a game ! Here we go Superbowl!!!!! well at least we are in the shitty NFC west which gives us all hope! Who ever drafted Balmer should be SHOT 2! We missed out on some good players for this guy !! DAMN YOU MIKE NOLAN YOU STILL TORMENT US EVEN WHEN YOU ARE GONE! Please Mike Holmgren come home to the BAY! SAVE US

  • joe gomez

    McCloughan drafted Balmer.. his head should roll as well. All those years of FUCKED UP draft picks.

  • joe gomez

    I have no problem with Paraag working the cap, but he should have part in interview process (Nolan) and being in the coaches booth upstairs handling reviews on the field. Thats just plain ridiculous.

  • joe gomez

    Meant to say Paraag HAS NO PART being in the interview process when it came to hiring a Head Coach like he was with Nolan and HAS NO PART being in the coaches booth.

  • Mike Martz

    Has anyone else noticed that Willis and Lewis are on pace to have much fewer tackles as compared to last year. Yes I know the D was on the field alot last year but does it equate? I think Willis and Lewis will now help out alot more in run support as our D line gets pushed around alot. I did not think that the loss of Douglas and BY would hurt us so much but I guess it did. Although I do believe McDonald and Haralson will continue to get better after all they are pretty young and inexperienced. Any thoughts from anyone?

  • Did anyone see Tony whats his name on Around the Horn ask if Nolan got a fair shake. He said that Nolan was tied at the hip with Smith. I do believe Tony whats your name that Nolan and his staff drafted Smith. Nolan had three and a half seasons and I don’t believe that they are any better then when Nolan arrived. I know Nolan also helped bring Gore and Willis, but they were 2-5 through the first seven games each year Nolan was here. HE GOT A FAIR SHAKE…

  • joe gomez

    Jed Carolla..oops I meant Jed York said the Niners problem is we are being out “intensitied”..WTF?

  • Mike Martz

    Hes 3rd. I was just making a comparison to last year numbers. But your right if he leads the league at the end of there is not much more he can do. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Mike Martz…I would have to agree on McDonald, I expect big things in due time from him.

    What about Isacc, can he bump Franklin out of the starting role? I like him alot more at DT

  • Mike Martz

    I myself am not a big fan of Franklin so I sure do hope so. I believe alot of the players are being misused on both sides of the ball. Lets hope that it will change now

  • Mike Martz

    To have Willis, Spikes, and Smith and not be able to pressure the QB is unacceptable to me. Now that Nolan is gone I expect that to change at the very least. I do not believe Hasselbeck will get all day to throw the ball this time around.

  • James Jones

    Joe, check this article written in 2007 and it might make you feel a little better about Jed… I like him running things then the elder York.

    Some might argue that Jed York is facing third-and-long in his family’s drive to build a new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara.

    His parents have been assailed for the team’s failures on the field and their failure to find a suitable site in San Francisco.

    At 25, he’s the youngest of the NFL’s next generation of owners in any front office. Half the players on the roster are older than he is.

    But don’t be too quick to dismiss Jed York.

    “He’s not a spoiled young man. He’s hard-working. Give him a little bit of time and he’ll show his mettle,” said Jed’s uncle, Eddie DeBartolo Jr., the team’s owner in its glory days who makes it clear a much publicized family rift isn’t completely healed. “They’ll get that stadium built and Jed will do a better job than his father.”

    Jed York — not his father, John, or his mother, Denise — has emerged as the family’s face in the 49ers campaign to construct an $800 million stadium adjacent to Great America. His parents will be making the final decision and others outrank Jed in the 49ers administration. But he has a key role — both in financial analysis and selling the public — as the team and city officials determine whether they can make the project a reality.

    Whether he’s defusing a critic at a city council meeting or spelling out the virtues of the Santa Clara location to school officials, York appears comfortable and capable. He can talk for 45 minutes without notes. And he’s not intimidated when he’s the youngest guy in the room — as he was in New York on Wednesday as the 49ers updated NFL officials on stadium progress.

    His lineage contributes to his confidence.

    “I have sort of a destiny to fulfill.”

    Jed York remembers sitting with his grandfather, Edward J. DeBartolo Sr., on a flight from their Youngstown, Ohio, home to California for a 49ers playoff game.

    York was 6 — and about to get a taste of high finance.

    “He and four or five of his friends, we’d be playing cards the whole way.” York said of his grandfather. “We’d play gin and they’d be talking about business, they’d be talking strategies.”

    His grandfather, who died in 1994 when Jed was 13, built the family fortune on a vision of providing people places to shop when they flocked to suburbia after World War II. That fortune enabled Jed’s uncle to buy the 49ers in 1977, then turn them into a premier NFL franchise that won four Super Bowls. Jed’s parents took control of the team in March 2000 after his uncle became enmeshed in a Louisiana bribery scandal. Family relations sometimes turned ugly.

    These days, Jed participates in the world that he eavesdropped on as a boy.

    Twice each month, for example, his father presides over a gathering of 49ers vice presidents at the team’s Santa Clara offices. On this particular Tuesday, he’s in Youngstown and a voice on the speaker phone.

    Mundane matters take up most of the agenda — new floor coverings for the weight room, the selection of an ad agency. Jed York isn’t a vice president yet — his title is director of strategic planning — but he’s at the table, quiet for most of the meeting. His father asks for a stadium update and Jed speaks up. There’s a meeting with the Santa Clara City Council that night, he says, before detailing a feasibility study timetable. John York ends the session by telling his staff that he likes what he’s heard over the past hour. The responses follow:

    “Thanks, John.”

    “Thanks, John.”

    “Thanks, John.”

    “Thanks, Dad.”

    Pro sports perks

    Even in blue-collar Youngstown, growing up in the DeBartolo-York family had its pro sports perks.

    Jed saw his first 49ers game at age 3 — sitting on the lap of Joe Montana’s wife, Jennifer. Films of the locker room celebration after the 49ers’ 1989 Super Bowl victory show a 7-year-old boy in a red shirt beaming. That was Jed.

    The DeBartolos also owned the National Hockey League’s Pittsburgh Penguins from 1978 to 1992. The drive to Pittsburgh took about 90 minutes and Jed would make the trip with his grandfather once or twice a month.

    York’s sports and business interests began to meld at Notre Dame.

    “I knew I was going there since I can remember. My grandfather went to Notre Dame. Both my Uncle Eddie and my father went to Notre Dame,” York said. His mother went to Notre Dame’s sister school, St. Mary’s.

    There is a strong DeBartolo presence on the South Bend, Ind., campus. DeBartolo Hall anchors DeBartolo Quad; a new performing arts center named for his grandmother opened shortly after York graduated. But Jed said he escaped much of the attention that comes from being part of a famous family.

    “That was the beautiful thing about having the last name York,” he said, acknowledging close friends and an occasional professor did find out about the DeBartolo link.

    Many of his friendships today originated at Notre Dame. He has remained close, for example, with the Rev. Steve Newton, who served as rector in York’s freshman dormitory.

    Newton isn’t sure how well York’s family ties were hidden:

    “He didn’t make a big thing of it,” Newtown said, “but he had greater access to high-quality Notre Dame football tickets than most students . . . 50-yard liners.”

    And he isn’t surprised to see York take on major responsibilities at 25.

    “Jed has always been very mature. He’s certainly smart enough and has a personality that’s as non-abrasive as anyone I know.”

    At ease in public eye

    That maturity shows when York represents the 49ers in public. He seems at ease — something not often said about his parents.

    When the 49ers sent a delegation to the Santa Clara City Council this month, he was the ice breaker. In 97 seconds, he lightened the mood on a night when the council was deciding whether to spend $200,000 in redevelopment money for a stadium consultant.

    York mentioned that he’d just returned from a rain-drenched Super Bowl in Miami and as he watched the game, he was hoping “that NFL officials and owners and fans and the 90 million-plus watching the game on television checked out the weather report for Santa Clara.”

    The crowd laughed on cue.

    The council voted unanimously to hire the consultant, but a few dissenting voices were heard from residents. Ketra Oberlander, a Santa Clara artist, questioned the need for the stadium to be a public-private partnership.

    “Why not go to Sand Hill Road?” she asked, pointing the 49ers to Silicon Valley’s venture capital address.

    Later, as York left the meeting, he stopped to shake Oberlander’s hand and give her his business card.

    “I don’t expect 100 percent of the people to want a football stadium here,” York said the next day, “but if there are people against a football stadium because they don’t have the right facts, I’ll be more than happy to clear up those facts.”

    Oberlander said she planned to take York up on his offer for a follow-up chat.

    “I appreciated very much his openness,” she said. “I’m just some flub sitting at the city council meeting.”

    An early start

    York’s involvement with his family’s business came a little ahead of schedule.

    After graduating from Notre Dame in 2003, he wanted to put his degree to practical use and spent two years at Guggenheim Partners, a Manhattan firm that handles a range of wealth management and investment options.

    He was in no hurry to leave. He bought a Park Avenue condo and commuted to work on the subway. Life was good. And the firm saw a big future for him.

    “He has a great deal of drive to get things right,” said Roy Corr, York’s mentor at Guggenheim.

    But after the 2004 season, changes were under way with the 49ers. General Manager Terry Donahue and Coach Dennis Erickson were fired, and York wanted to be there as their replacements were chosen. That way he wouldn’t be parachuting in later as the owner’s son. That way he could be there for the hiring of Coach Mike Nowin and the drafting of quarterback Alexandra Smith.

    As 49ers coordinator of special projects, he rotated through every department — training staff one month, legal the next — learning everybody’s role.

    Focusing on the stadium allows him to draw on his New York experience, where he analyzed deals involving leveraged debt — a finance technique that uses future revenue to obtain construction money. The idea, York said, is to anticipate pitfalls.

    “What happens if the naming rights market crashes? . . . Is this a start-up that wants to get their name out in a splash, but can’t really afford this going forward? You need to make sure those cash flow strings are secure.”

    `Not about age’

    A little more than 12 hours after leaving the city council session, York and two team representatives were pitching the stadium plan to brass from the Santa Clara Unified School District.

    As he did the night before, York looks as if he stepped out of an ad in GQ — well-tailored suit, crisp tie, gelled hair and closely cropped beard.

    His hair and beard are jet black. That sets him apart from the other men in the conversation, all of whom sport shades of gray. But the age gap is not something that concerned his audience.

    “I was a high school teacher,” said school board president Ernie Dossa. “Age doesn’t make any difference as long as you’re capable.”

    Still, some of the Yorks’ critics see Jed’s age as an issue — “25 years old???!!!,” one wrote online at the San Francisco Chronicle Web site. “The water boys in the NFL are older than that.”

    Not very Silicon Valley, suggests York.

    “Look at the guys who started Google,” he said. “They’re not much older than I am and they’re multi-billionaires from an idea that started in graduate school. That’s what Silicon Valley is about. It’s not about age. It’s about what you can actually bring to the table.”

    Sometimes it hurts

    York is secure. But he hears talk radio. He knows about

    To an extent, he likes the passion — “When you don’t have fans that care, you don’t have real fans” — and knows it comes with the territory.

    Still . . .

    “Does it hurt you at some point? Yeah, it hurts you a little bit,” he said. “But it’s nothing that should distract you. It should make you work harder. And that’s what it does.”

    York said he is putting in 80-hour, seven-day weeks on the stadium project. Sometimes his schedule is so tight that he’ll stay overnight at his father’s townhouse near his office; most nights he’ll make the drive to San Francisco, where he rents an apartment in the Marina.

    Despite all that, he insists he has a social life.

    “I don’t sleep,” he explained, before outlining a typical day that begins at 5:15 a.m., has him leaving the office about 8 p.m. and out with friends after that.

    Others label York the 49ers prince-in-waiting, but he won’t set a timetable for his ascent. In fact, he said, his twin sisters, Jenna and Mara, could end up playing an equally important role. Both are juniors at Boston College.

    Family is important to York. He rejected the idea that his uncle and his mother battled for control of the team — despite the lawsuits, despite the media accounts.

    “My mother and my uncle have always had a good relationship,” he said.

    What about the lingering ill will between his father and his uncle?

    “They’re both two people that I care about and love and respect,” Jed said. “I don’t get caught up in any of that.”

    And advice from the team’s former owner is always welcome.

    “My uncle called probably three or four times this season, just to give me support,” Jed York said. “The way I feel, that’s like Joe Montana or Steve Young calling Alex Smith.”

    So I am pretty comfortable with Jed in there taking a leadership role Joe. He was raised with this team during the glory years and he knows what being a 49er is all about! I believe he has a vision for this team and it sure isn’t the same one that John York had when he entered the fray. Jed is passionate about this team and it’s success, that more then anything gives me hope for the future.

  • Mike in MD

    Trust me man I’m in the biz. I tried everything. I’m on the 3rd floor (there’s 4 floors) & am on the wrong side of the building. Can’t go with the long pole from my balcony upwards cause then it goes through the owner above me & my Condo Assn would get me.

    My other option was do a roof mount myself then drop the cable line down & tack it, still past the upper tenant but not noticeable at all vs the pole. I said screw it, yeah it was illegal in this complex (don’t allow on roofs) but too much hassle.

    Then on my front neighbor I offered her free NFL ticket if I could mount in on her ground level fence then bury the cable 175′ around & up to my unit. She already had Comcast & no go. Screw it, I’m planning to go back to Cali once I sell this place.

  • Mike in MD

    James..that was awesome news. Did you guys hear the press Conference announcing Singletary?? Good stuff….your right we might have some hope with Jed with him being close to Eddie.

    Conference is in 2 parts…you have to load an apple player, if you don’t have it. Takes a couple minutes.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Or you can just go to KNBR:

  • Mike in MD

    my bad…you mean go portable with it when I want to use it? ….that’s an idea bro, thanks!

  • Come on Niners, has a poll going that the Rams are going to finish with a better record of the teams that have changed coaches. Rams 67%, Niners 19%. WE ARE BETTER THAN THE RAMS…..

  • James v………. We aint out in our division, it’s still in reach…….Cards will choke……..gonna be nice to see what we have prepared after our bye week….but 1st we gotta handle Seattle again!

  • Hey West, we will handle Seattle. We have them at home and I have the feeling that Singletary is going to come out and prove that he deserves this Head Coaching job. I think he’ll pull out all the stops and unleash the D that Nolan was holding back…

  • Mike in MD

    Didn’t even hit me that there were 2 James….been a day. James Jones…just read that whole piece you posted on Jed. Real good stuff. There just might be some real hope.


  • Doc Iac

    ok i hear it now just like i heard it when nolan started…all the love for singeltary, not sayin i didnt want this move, but some people got on me a couple articales ago cause i said first people were on int’sullevins nuts now the same poeple hate him (i always didnt like him) so at tyhe end of this yr or next yr well see were the niners are and what u guys say then about singeltary, dont get me wrong i like him, just not sure if hell suceed,

  • Adam49

    Well james,i’ve woke up every morning and looked in the mirror and coward never came to mind.But whenever i read your moronic posts and see your sweet little picture,bitch comes to mind.Man, you wanna talk about sucking ass?I dont think i’ve read anybody sucking more ass than you just did with Jed York.That was pathetic.You wanna lick his ass clean after you talked shit about the Yorks for not firing Nolan for the past who knows how long.
    I’ve disagreed with Niner Pundit plenty over the past year or so,and him and i have never had the exchanges you and me have.And that’s because he can take a disagreement like he’s supposed to.Not all your posts are garbage,but most are.There’s clearly a huge gap between you,a complete amatuer,and Pundit a level minded professional.Maybe you should take a step back and take notes from him for awhile,because in my opinion your a godamn fool.

  • Adam49 bangs his mother

    Adam49, you constantly are the only one with a particular opinion and you call names and get all butthurt when EVERYONE disagrees with you. You are a little bitch baby. And on top of all that you start shit with the people who RUN this site? It never ends with you. Did you get your head stepped on as a child? Where does all this animosity come from? We would all like to know. And don’t say that you don’t start the beefs. About 15 or so threads ago you called MSouza a “fucken dipshit” for no apparent reason whatsoever. And that’s just one example. You’re an idiot, Adam and you have serious fucking problems. Maybe you should forget about the 49ers and do something that really matters like go get some professional help.

  • Mike Martz

    Adam49 I thought you were just joining the fun this weekend but I guess you really are an asshole. Would you like me to produce every article about how your boy Martz is a fuck up. Oh wait I already did. I know I promised to stop Gomez but fuck this asshole. I would like to meet you on the street. Sorry for the confusion james v.

  • Adam49 bangs his mother

    And by the way, I’m not James, so don’t blame him for my tirade. You’re just going to have to sift through all the heads you pissed off over the last year or so to figure it out. Good luck, A-hole.

  • joe gomez

    James… thanks for that article. He might be the future and I have no qualms with him doing the stadium project. I just think to take part in the hiring process and the firing process, hes just not there yet. If John York is incapable than he should sell the team to someone who cares like Brent Jones and Steve Young or even that Prince who is a big 49ers fans. Im sure Jed will take over one day, but weve beeb suffering too long already. The Yorks have screwed up this organization and waiting on Jed is not in the best interest of 49ers fans who want to win now. Im tired of projects and experiment and Jed is a project.

  • joe gomez

    Sarah.. Adam is just a frustrated Niners fan just like all of us. We all have different opinions but we got to learn how to keep it civil. We all bleed red and gold.

  • Adam49

    And james,you don’t know anything about my kids.So you need to shut your fucken mouth bitch.Or if you need help i’ll shut it for you.You big mouth prick.My kids have everything they need in life and i’ve worked my fucken ass of to give it to them.So mind your business needledick.I dont talk shit to a bunch of kids on a football blog site for a living.Football is a hobbie to me,and nothing more.And im not gonna sit on this site and say your a bad father for the ignorant things you say on this site either.

  • Mike Martz

    His name is Prince Abdullah.

  • Mike Martz

    True I am sorry again

  • Mike Martz

    Adam49 bangs his mother is not me either. For one I dont even know who MSouza is.

  • Rob

    Wow, a lot of negativity going on here…

    Hey, James, thanks for that article about Jed York. I would like to find out more about this guy. He seems like he could be the key to the Niners' turnaround. A regular Eddie DeBartelo Jr. Even with his age, I find myself hoping he is very involved in finding a head coach this offseason. Of course, I REALLY hope that Singetary will singehandedly turn this team around to the point that they can't help but give him the job permanently. Wow, I actually have hope with my Niners again. Canning Nolan has certainly worked wonders…

  • LOTTIE 901


  • joe gomez

    Adam.. I agree, it will take more than Singletary to right this ship. Nobody knows how he will do as coach, this will be interesting. One thing I agree on is the team might play harder for him. Hes a great motivator and is a fierce competitor. Only time will tell. I think they fired Nolan because they knew he wasnt going to be here next year and needed to fire him now to try out Singletary and see how he does. If he turns out then great. If there isnt much change from Nolan to him than we need to go out next year and get a PROVEN winner. Im tired of all these “projects.”

  • junebug408

    in response to adam49 saying that the players liked nolan. BULLSHIT!a couple years ago i was at a carwash in Santa Clara where i sat with and talked to Tony Parrish for a good 15min. This guy was telling me that everyone was against nolan. no one liked his attitude and the way he handeled his players. Tony was saying that the vibe in the locker room was a mess. yeah, he could have been just pissed off cuz he got fired and released, but from what i understood nolan was an asshole and did not get along with many of the players. at first i really didnt think much of what he was saying, because like many of the faithful i beleived in Nolan. BUT……… that he is a proven piece of shit and worthless head coach, i’m glad that he’s gone. I’m pretty sure Tony Parrish is getting a laugh at this whole situation. So fuck nolan!

  • joe gomez

    Wednesday Morning News & Notes:

    McCloughan was almost in tears up there on the podium. We need the Parcells/Walsh business approach when firing a coach not some cry baby who looks like he fired his brother.

    Speaking of McCloughan, (I put as much blame on this guy as I do on Nolan) the Raiders have a 6th rounder by the name of Trevor Scott who sacked Favre 2 times. Meanwhile our 1st Round pick Balmer (correct me if im wrong) doesnt even have a tackle. Fucking pathetic.

    Oh and our 2nd round draft pick? (that should of been Desean Jackson) Hasnt even been on the field for a game. Just pitiful.

    Our X-Niners: Jeff Garcia was 27 for 36, 310 yards and a TD for a QB RTG of 109.7. Guess who he was throwing to? You got it, Antonio Bryant who had about a buck fifty in receiving yards including a long TD from Garcia.

    Man we sure know personnel dont we.

  • Sunday is taking to long

  • Personally i really hope Singletary changes this thing around and i feel he will…….I still see us in the playoffs….I know alot of you want a proven guy in here next season , but im hoping we role with Singletary…. I like the coaches that once played the game, I believe there looked at dif. by there players, more of a belief or respect you can say……. just my thoughts! an Singletary being him, a Hall of Famer, ring holder is just a bonus

  • James Jones

    I can pretty much guarantee you that Adam49 bangs his mother is a Ninerholic, it isn’t me but take a look over there and you’ll see a hell of lot more words then butthurt moron… or better yet since you and Pundit are such good friends (you thinking he likes or even respects you is friggin laughable in it’s own right) why don’t you ask him to track the IP address that post came from and see for yourself that it isn’t me, you feeble minded punk.

    God man, I have never seen a more classic case of repressed anger in my life. What happened Adam, did your dad beat you and your mama when you were a kid, sorry I mean little boy since you are obviously still a kid.

    Haha, I sucked ass with that post on Jed York? I simply pasted an article that had been written on the man back in 2007, I didn’t write it. And I have never talked shit about Jed York, John York yes but Jed, no. I have been of the mind that he is the one who needs to be at the forefront of this organization, at least when it comes to the public eye and situations such as last Monday’s firing of Nolan. He is the future and John is the never should have been allowed to happen past. Jed has a love for this team that his parents never had, he has the love and passion that Eddie Debartolo had and on some level problably still has.

    Reading over your posts in this piece alone it’s a wonder that you have ever had the audacity to accuse someone of talking smack when another poster doesn’t agree with them. You are the friggin king of that man, don’t you see it, no one likes you. Maybe that’s why you’re so angry all the time.

    Oh and since you’re just about the only one here who says that my opinion sucks and I have no talent I’ll take your opinion with a grain of salt. And in case you haven’t noticed Adam I’m not the one on here arguing with kids, I only argue with a pathetic little weasel… you.

    “Oh I’ll kick your ass, I have no problem smashing your face in.” Do you actually read the drivel you post before you send it man or do you just knock down your nightly six pack of Bud and fifth of Jack, slap your wife because your chicken pot pie is cold and click the submit button after yacking in the waste basket. You’re nothing man, you are the one on here crying like a little baby and puffing your chest out on a damn computer. I said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re sorry.

    Seriously though come on over to the Holics man, the link is at the top left of this page. Click on it, register with your little username and get to know the guys. I’m sure they’ll all welcome you with open arms.

    And one more thing, you and I have had a few civil arguments man, they have taken place when you don’t act like a five-year old and start calling people names or blasting them for their opinions.

    Case in point, your initial repsonse to my 2-5 On The Horizon article…

    So James if Nolan wasn’t on the sideline you wouldnt take a look at this game?Nolan isnt going anywhere no matter how much you complain.I dont believe the Yorks are stupid enough to replace a coach in the middle of a season.Which is exactly why you are writing and not coaching.We can win this game on sunday because we got the players to do it.Ya Nolan has made some bad calls on the challenges but he has made the right gameplan for the games.The players have not done their jobs.Quit trying to blame everything on Nolan and try listening to what the players are saying.Both Willis and J.Smith disagree with your nonsense.They both said the right calls and gameplan are in place and their not executng.You say that we won’t win this game because Nolan is on the sideline is the dumbest shit i’ve ever heard and it’s a cop out in case we lose.When we win this game im gonna shove it straight down your pessimistic throat.”

    So hostile man, and all I did in that article was express my opinion. Now how about you crawl back into your trailer adn STFU?!!! If you won’t do that then at least stop accusing anyone on this site of not being able to take someone disagreeing with them, when you obviously wrote the damn book on the subject.

  • joe gomez

    Just a little NFL facts until we wait until Sunday. Just found this out and it blew my mind:

    Steve "just good enough to lose" Deberg has more career passing yards than Phil Simms, Sonny Jergunsen, Y.A. Tittle, Ken Anderson, Randall Cunningham, Troy Aikman, and our very own Steve Young.

    Guess he was the best QB ever only to blow it out of ass the 4th Qtr. I hope JTO isnt the next Deberg.

  • redandgold

    damn, chill out ppl, its only football. Even if the 9ers win the SB, it not like any of us are getting a RING. Look Nolan was not the problem, but this team just needs some kind of fire or fight in them, they have to want to win, and they just need that little push and maybe singletary can bring that. Lets just wait and see, if these players believe, they can do anything, just look at the Bills…

  • James Jones

    Finally a voice of reason. I agree with you redandgold. It is only football and one should be allowed to voice their opinion about the game and the team they love.

    In my opinion Nolan was the problem and now that he is gone we might actually see some playing from these cats. I and many others have said all along that Singletary will not stand for this undisciplined garbage. I he is a no-nonsense coach just as he was when he played the game.

    I am excited to see what this team does on Sunday with him at the helm. I am by no means predicting a complete turn around this season. In fact Singletary might indeed fail as interim head coach but the truth of the matter is that Nolan had to go and whether this season is a loss or not the team can move on and either win with Singletary and sign him as head coach in the offseason or begin the search for a new one. Better this happen now then later, at least now the front office can make whatever moves it has to in order to attempt to get it right this time.

  • AM

    life is good. enough said.

  • crazydave

    i just read the thing on how Walsh and Singletary story another trade i wish we would have not done too was trade down to get that wide receiver(R. Woods) a few years(Dickerson first year) back because we traded the eagles and the eagles got Shawn Andrews who is injured right now but one of the best guards in the nfl right now when healthy.


    Wow…that was an asskicking.

  • Chris

    that blog entry was fucking awesome. thats how i workout/ train 5 days a week, as hard as intense as i can and run out on the track til the point i almost have to puke. thats encouraging to hear the intensity has picked up, i hope we can pop the seahawks in the mouth come this weekend.

  • Gizmo

    Our X-Niners: Jeff Garcia was 27 for 36, 310 yards and a TD for a QB RTG of 109.7. Guess who he was throwing to? You got it, Antonio Bryant who had about a buck fifty in receiving yards including a long TD from Garcia.

    AGAINST SEATTLE!!!!!! Lets see how our players do this week before jumping to conclusions. I do agree though that we have problems when it comes to who is and is not on our roster and wish that situation is addressed this off season. FIRE Scot McCloughan!

  • Gizmo

    You hit the nail on the head with Gore and Willis and I also agree VD has talent but a #6 pick he is not………..YET!

  • 9nerfan

    i like nate. he does a good job on recievers. i mean there is no press on the qb. anyone qb can pick a defense apart with all the time in the world. i love a cb that will come up and hit you. just like ronnie lott did. if we get more pressure on the qb i think our defense will be very good.. vernon just has to much physical ability to give up on him. besides, he's our best o-lineman. when he starts catching the ball, then he'll be so dangerous. WHEN he starts catching

  • joe gomez

    No problem with Clements. I know its not his fault we threw all that money at him. If you ask me if hes worth the money hes making, I say no way. Hes a good CB not a great CB. Before we lost Deion I wish we had the money to keep him. Clements can hit I agree, but he cant cover like Deion.

  • Gizmo

    Dear Jed,
    Could you please fire Scot McCloughan next. He obviously has no clue how to draft or how to sign free agents.

    Thanks, Gizmo

  • Gizmo

    I like Jed by the way. I believe he has a passion for this team and his uncle seems to think so too which is good enough for me. It is not the same as having Eddie back but at least he is not a vindictive bastard like his father and accepts and asks for advice from one of the greatest owners in the history of the game. I think he deserves a chance before we chastise him. I also believe this is a talented team and with a new lit fire under their ass will be much more productive under Singletary.

  • joe gomez

    Gizmo did you hear McCloughan’s pathetic interview this morning? Hes a dweeb. I hope they fire that bitch next. We need a REAL General Manager not this bitch.

  • Joe not many can cover like Deon….Clements on the other hand does a good job, he is the closest thing we have gotten to Deon since Deon….Im glad the Yorks opened up there book and signed him, Clements aint breaking there bank, 9ers are still in great cap shape…..Once da turn around and get some pressure on da opposing QB's thats when you will see more INT's then INT's will lead to Clements side not being looked at = shut down half the field…..All in time my friend!

  • joe gomez

    We shall see, one thing that stood out in the game Sunday was his 15 yard penalty for pushing, his long pass interference penalty, and the TD he got burnt on. Other than that he did well with the blocked FG for a TD and covering Plax. I hope somebody goes after the QB, we must be last in the League in sacks by now. Thats why I wanted Jerry Porter, A. Thomas, or J. Taylor so we would have a top notch QB destroyer. We dont have that right now. We cant just keep blitzing all the time. If Singletary doesnt work out, who do you all want at Coach/GM? Am I the only one dissatisfied with Scot "cant pick shit" McCloughan?

  • Niner Pundit

    in regards to McCloughan, not sure he’ll be gone anytime soon. He signed a five year deal back in Jan when he became the GM. I know York paid Donahue/Erickson and now Nolan for doing nothing, not sure they’ll swallow McCloughan’s money at this time.

  • Gizmo

    I did and totally agree with you Gomez. Unfortunately I believe we are stuck with him until Holmgren decides to join us. I am hoping this sabbatical talk is just to appease the media and is being said to respect those who are in place on the team now. Please Mike dont take a year off we need you NOW.

  • Gizmo

    Good points Pundit I did not realize that. So in other words he is going to mess up a few more drafts. I will try to be better informed before posting next time. Thanks

  • Gizmo

    “My uncle called probably three or four times this season, just to give me support,” Jed York said. “The way I feel, that’s like Joe Montana or Steve Young calling Alex Smith.”

    This statement alone speaks volumes to me. I believe he wants to win the hearts of us fans and dreams of being the first to 6 unlike his father.

  • joe gomez


    He said his “dream job” would be to coach the Niners!
    Get rid of this idiot McCloughan and give the HC and GM job to Holmgren!

  • Holmgren cant do both, I personally dont want Holmgren as GM an HC……….Didnt he try dat wit Seattle? How about we get behind Singletary, seems like alot of you are counting him out before he has started………Holmgren as GM? maybe! but our HC is Singletary and he deserves a fair shake….

  • Gizmo

    West, my thoughts exactly exvept on the maybe part I say definately

  • James Jones

    I have to stand by McCloughan, honestly. Not every GM is going to be right 100% of the time Joe. If there is anything I thank Nolan and McCloughan for it’s Frank Gore, Manny Lawson, Vernon Davis, Joe Staley, Nate Clements and Patrick Willis. (this one was a no-brainer of course)

    I guess my question is this. What has Holmgren done that leads you to believe that he is a great analyzer of talent ala Parcells? I think really giving McCloughan a shot at being GM of this team is a good idea. At least through next season anyway.

  • Jason Deesnuts

    We have a very good team that was lead into battle confused and lacking that "Gladiator Mentality" we need to succeed. I believe Mike Singletary will rise up and surprise the critics with his creative/confident game day decisions. This man learned how to coach from Bill Walsh and will instill the philosophy that Bill Walsh taught.

    Necessary moves that need to be made…………Manny Lawson being put back into the starting role, Frank gore getting at least 25 touches a game, and Michael Robinson being used more as an option. JTO needs to realize that this is his one shot to be considered a respectable quarterback; STOP TURNING THE BALL OVER! O-Line step up and protect your quarterback. Roman gets one more week to show his worth and step up, if not put in Goldson. When Goldson is healthy he's a "Ball Hawk," and that what we need especially when we have Michael "I hit people hard" Lewis laying the wood on the other side. Will our D-line ever stop the run consistently? We'll see.

    The 49ers fans who stopped watching the games because of past negative performances (golden elbows) is a bitch, I mean bandwagon fan. Just because they aren't living up to expectations doesn't mean you don't watch the games. You still watch, but talk shit at the players who perform below our standards. That's what being a true fan is about; having knowledge (always) and talking shit when they're playing shitty. If your head itches, do you scratch it?


  • Texas9er

    I'm exited that Mike Singletary is our head coach now. He played football in my home town in college at Baylor. This is exaxtly what the 49ers need. Hopefully they give him a fair shot because it would suck to see him leave and stop coaching Patrick Willis. I think they should give him next year and the remander of this year so he can get his own coaches and players to fit his style of football. Just giving him 9 games with Nolans coaches and players is unfair judgement of his head coaching ability.

  • Gizmo

    James I believe Lawson and Davis are still in the potential category and have proven nothing to me yet and are not even close to the level of Gore and Willis. It just seems to me that a team that has been as poor as ours should be stock piled with young talent and not drafting projects. WE NEED HELP NOW! Also living on the East coast and being a Yankee fan I equate all these big name free agent signings that we have made to not be the answer. Look at the Devil Rays terrible for years but big winners of the draft developing their own talent and look where they are now. Sorry for the baseball reference but that in my opinion is what makes a champion home grown talent that you select from the draft and given the position we have been in for years we have struck out in the talent department in many ways.

  • Gizmo

    And to answer your question on Holmgren passion, experience, and love of the team. Aside from this year who has been winning the NFC West every year? A team being coached by that man Mike Holmgren!

  • Texas9er


    just said that Mike Singletary isn't a leader. What the fuck are you talking about. You ask any football person player, coach, or media and they will tell you that when Mike Singletary talks evrybody listens. You have got to be the worst 49ers fan in the world. All I hear from you on here is bitching. You bitch about everything. The only bright spot on this team is the linebackers and guess who coaches them, Mike Singletary. Can you name another hall of fame linebacker he coached. Oh what do you know its Ray Lewis. Go route for another team because we don't want you hear anymore. Go route for the Lions or Bengals because you bitching will fit in nice there. You know I use to feel bad for you because everyone on here would bust your balls about things you said on here now I know why, You are the most uneducated football fan I have ever heard and If it was up to me I would ban you from this website for all of your winny coments. If you have any questions about Mike Singletary's leadership listen to Sirus radio and tell Tim and Pat that you don't think Mike Singletary doesn't have leadership and see if they don't laugh in you face.

  • joe gomez

    I like Holmgren because hes an excellent coach and an excellent game manager plus he will be the only link to the 49ers glory days if he does come. Besides hes from the Bay and thinks the 49ers coaching job is his “dream” job. Well see what happens with Singletary, hes a defensive coach just like Nolan is so hopefully he can do it. Is Holmgren a great talent evaluator? Im pretty sure hes better than Scott, that guy is an idiot. James, Lawson is still a question mark and I think Clements got paid way too much money in my opinion. V. Davis is still a long way to go for a #6 pick. His signing of Jonas Jennings was downright pathetic. Justin Smith and Takeo was an okay signing but Jerry Porter, Jason Taylor, or Adalius Thomas would of been better. We needed somebody to get after the QB. Ill give him Gore and Willis. Thats 2 good picks in how many years? Thats fucking terrible. McCloughan fucked up this years draft big time and the other drafts werent shit either. His interview this morning sounded pathetic, ive never heard somebody stutter so badly after each question. His answers were not convincing. We need a better GM bottom line. If not Holmgren than somebody else. If hes under contract then I guess were stuck with more pathetic and clueless draft picks.

  • Jason Deesnuts ….. great post,I Completely agree!

  • joe gomez

    Oh and James, weve given Scott a shot already. Just like weve given Nolan a shot. Theyre both started together and theyre both in this together. Its Scott’s fault as much at it is Nolan’s fault. Scott even admitted it was his fault also. In that case his dumb ass should of been fired also. As far as this kid Jed, im still not convinced with him. I think hes way over his head. He cant oversee this team and deal with the new stadium project at the same time. He is far from being ready. Hes about ready as Paraag is upstairs in a coaches booth. You asked me what makes me believe in Holmgren? I forgot to mention that he is PROVEN.

    He has proven he can win in the NFL. He has proven he can coach a team to a championship. Scott is not proven, Nolan was not proven, Jed is not proven, John is definitely not proven, hes a Doctor for gods sake. We need proven leadership and proven coaches to run this team to greatness. Nothing against M. Singletary, hes a proven champion at the LB position but thats it. Hes another project to me. A great motivator and speaker but I have my doubts that hes ready to be head coach. We will see.

  • Texas9er breath my friend, Adam means well

  • Here is dat Walsh/Singletary connection Jason Deesnuts was speakin on…….

  • Gizmo

    Joe do you dislike Clements? Just curious because I dont think it is his fault how much money he makes and think that they threw that much at him in an attempt to lure him here. You have to admit he does a formitable job considering the fact that we never pressure the QB and force him to cover guys forever plus I think he has good character. Thoughts?

  • Samra

    thanks west…NEWays yea i would like KEITH LEWIS to get some time at FS cuz when he replaced mike adams 2 years ago he was kickin ass…and if we're goin 4-3 we should make PARYS HARALSON a DE fulltime to play opposite of justin smith and move RAY MCDONALD into B.Y.'s Role and bench Aubrayo for Sopogoa and bring back BRANDON MOORE to play SLB he also was great at halfway through the season 2 years ago…remember that vikings game he had like what 3 sacks 10 tackles or sumthin like that

  • golden elbows

    and another thing, Jason Littlenuts, read all my comments before you make an assumption about my loyalty to this team

  • James Jones

    Gizmo and Joe: I understand wanting Holmgren to come to teh 49ers as he has shown he can lead good teams with talent to success. He did it in Green Bay, with a great team and he did it in Seattle with a good team and an even better system that made many players appear to be better then thety actually are.

    He might be a good coach, I say might because he was good at one time but now seems to be at a crossroads. I don't believe him to be a very good personnel man however, hence the reason he was relieved of EVP and GM duties in 2002 with Seattle and never held the those positions in Green Bay. He is not Parcells and in my mind is not the right the man for either the potential vacancy at head coach or GM when this season ends. Again though, just my opinion. If you don't want McCloughan to be GM after the season is over that's fine and I might agree with the sentiment in January but to be 100% sold on the idea that Holmgren can come in here and turn it all around is off base for me.

    I don't really know who I would truly want to take over at seasons end if Singletary is relieved of his interim status and McCloughan is fired as well… I want to see how the rest of this season plays out before I even entertain those thoughts.

  • Mike in MD

    Out of curiousity does anyone know if NFL Networks Mike Mayock has ever been an NFL player personnel guy or a GM??

    To me he's a notch above Kiper when it comes to evaluating players & the Draft. Everyone's got their favorites..I think both are good but I like Mayock a little more.

  • Mike in MD

    Oh..I forgot Floyd's getting questioned on that Vince Young pick right now. Still too early to tell but doesn't look good right now. Hard to blame the guy though…there was a ton of people on that bandwagon.

  • Gizmo

    I dont HATE Martz either I just question his play calling at times and believe if Singletary stays next year he is gone. I do know one thing You will not find a coach with better character than Singletary and I know we wont have to worry about having another TO with him in charge. Thanks for the info.

  • Mike in MD


    National Post main:

    Lombardi's blog/column:

    All the writers/bloggers are top notch. These aren't heavy with comments like usual blogs but have good quality news & insights from people in the football business…agents, players, personnel guys like Lombardi, etc. Of course Niner's Pundit site is great too & much appreciated.

  • Mike in MD


    this site won't let me post the link. I've posted it twice.

    You can go to Google & type in National Football Post to get their website.

    Click on COLUMNS to get to Lombardi's blog.

    All the writers/bloggers are top notch. They're ex-football agents, players, & personnel guys like Lombardi giving their insights. Their not heavy with comments like the usual blogs but are more for their good quality news. Of course Niner Pundits site here is great too & much appreciated.

  • joe gomez

    West.. lets all see what he does first before we start cementing his legacy as a 49ers head coach.. Great LB Coach, Great motivational speaker, Great head coach? Thats still to be seen. Im just saying IF Singletary doesnt work out we need to interview these people… HOLMGREN/COWER/SHANAHAN/MARTY/JIMMY J/CARROLL/MARTZ

    Big name with proven credentials. No matter when they did it.. they did it is whats important.. if Singletary doesnt work out then.. NO MORE PROJECTS!!!!!

  • joe gomez

    Gizmo.. no matter how many people bag TO.. hes still a top three WR if not the best. He plays with passion and one of the best blocking WR's to ever have played the game..(EX: watch Garrison Hearsts 97 yard OT TD against the Jets a few years back) He plays with heart and alot of emotion which sometimes causes him to say the most retarted things. BUT.. the man can take it to the house! He was THE PLAYMAKER for us and that is something I miss so much in our offense. People had to double and triple team that fool because they know if he has the ball .. HES GONE!

  • Mike in MD

    sorry about the multiple posts.

  • Mike in MD

    Joe..please no Pete Carroll. Stay in college where you belong. This guy's personality is suited perfectly for the college game. That ra ra personality doesn't fly with the big boys. True he's got the Offensive mind & is a great game manager + making adjustments…I only see him making it in college. The ultimate college coach. No Pete Carroll!

  • Mike n MD thanks…….an Joe i hear you, it's all good!

  • Gizmo

    Joe TO is talented I give you that. He was my absolute favorite player and I used to defend him by any means possible. But then he did something that pissed me right the fuck off…….he signed with the Cowgirls and I cant forgive him for that. I burned my 3 #81 jerseys in my friends woodstove the day he signed with them and then moved on. Man he is talented though and I miss him too. Thanks for the memory of Garrisons run that was an awesome day and will never be forgotten. Of course I know you remember Young to Owens against GB in the playoffs another unforgettable day. OH the glory years Joe may they soon return. I just was trying to imply that Singletary will not tolerate individuallity and will preach teamwork and no bad attitudes. I now own Patrick Willis jerseys cause I know he aint goin nowhere.

  • Gizmo

    Joe is Shanahan going to be available? I would love to see Gore run in his O-line zone blocking offense. I think he would be dangerous and a 2000+ yard back if healthy.

  • golden elbows

    Jason Deesnuts, if you wanna start this shit then lets start. It called frustation. When your teams loses so many games you tend not to watch the games. Dont call me out if you dont know me—your the bitch. Who fucking made you a professor of football to decided whos on or off a bandwagon. Let me repeat myself. FRUSTRATION

  • Mike in MD

    If Tom Cable isn't retained by Oakland as HC this guy is an awesome OL coach. Does use the zone blocking scheme. Do we have the players for that? Usually it's more for the quicker athletic linemen where we're built more for power running with big mauling linemen. But I believe Oakland's OL was similar to ours yet Cable turned that around notably saving Gallery's bust career. I haven't heard his name in years which is usually a good thing for an OLineman.

    Cable's born to be an OL Coach & was an ex-guard playing 3 years at Idaho & 1 for the Indy Colts. His resume's impressive & this guys a winner. Here's his profile…

    From what I've heard our Coach Foerster is just an OK OL Coach. We need one of the best. I hope we take a look at this guy if he becomes available because he'll be snatched up quick. He's just across the Bay.

  • joe gomez

    Gizmo.. I believe Shanahan's contract is done after this season. I would be happy with any of those names.. Im just tired of "PROJECTS"… Mike in MD.. yea Carroll is a great college coach.. you really wouldnt want him huh? Fair observation.

  • Mike in MD doubt about missing that playmaker. 4 years & we still don't have an explosive home run hitter #1 WR that can take it to the house that Defenses legitimately FEAR.

    It was a big weakness of McNolan…getting talent on the Offensive side of the ball. We got lucky with Gore. IMO we should've at least made a play for Roy Williams even though in the end there's no way we could have matched that insane offer by Dallas. But at least it would of told the fans that McCloughan was trying & is looking at that need.

  • Mike in MD

    Heads up………throw back uniforms this Sunday.

    Lets tear up these birds!!

  • Singletary is here to stay!

  • Mike in MD

    Some possible ideas for GM’s if Scott’s fired….

    Ron Wolf? Where is he & if retired is that permanent? Anybody know if he’s still in touch with todays NFL?

    Mike Lombardi, Floyd Reese?

    Lombardi was a Bill Walsh disciple & head of personnel for Oakland & Cleveland. I don’t know how his drafts have panned out. Anybody?? Smart guy though when he’s brought in to talk about the Draft & other NFL advice. His National Post blog is a must read.

    Floyd Reese was the GM for Tennessee & I’m fairly sure contributed to how their teams built right now. Best DLine in the game & are still the best team in the NFL. I know he picked Pacman & missed the character bug but everyone’s allowed some misses.

  • Gizmo

    I read that after Singletary did not receive the 3 jobs he interviewed for that he comprised a list of a potential coaching staff he would bring aboard with him when he got the chance to interview again. My question is do you have any idea who is on that list and does it spell doom for Martz (not a fan of him) if he ultimately does get the interim tag removed from his name next year? Also thanks for the thoughts on Holmgren and I to just want the rest of the season to just play out. Now that Nolan is gone I want to just focus on hopefully watching this team improve. Nolan stressed me the fuck out and I just want to move on and worry about next year at the end of the season.

  • Mike in MD

    Jason Deesnuts….I hope it’s Seattle thats eating those nuts man! Good post. The 2 things I question is the OLine & JT’s turnovers. The OLine has been so inconsistent the whole year. RT will suffer every game so long as Sims is the starter & will need on/off help from Davis & the other TE’s & RB’s. I forget the reports on JJ’s return, is it 1 game after the Bye?? Should take a couple games after to get back to form. But Singletary & that motivational push as the HC might be able to give that OLine that extra energy they need to play better. (Sorry not for Sims though, he sucks)

    JT…I know he has a lot on his plate but there should be no excuse for feeling the rush & securing the ball on those caused fumbles. Same with his in head time clock in the pocket. If the plays there immediately go to the 2nd/3rd options even if their shorter. JUST GET THE BALL OUT. Otherwise run or throw it away. THAT’S HORRIBLE GAME MANAGEMENT that he should learn by now. 5-6 seconds max then do something!

  • James Jones

    I don’t know Gizmo and I doubt he has made that list public but I will continue searching for anything I can find on the suject.

    Martz might not always appear to be the best choice for OC but he does have this offense light years ahead of where it’s been for the last few seasons and that is with an O-Line that imo is even more suspect then it was in 2007. Also O’Sullivan has had some good and bad moments as well which make it a bit hard for me to really evaluate Martz… but the one thing I will say is that there have been a few times this season where the ball should have stuck with Frank Gore and it didn’t, not a wise move.

    I think this team will improve from where it’s been with Singletary at the controls… this was a quote I saw from him and it gave me reason for hope.

    “I’m just going to be myself. I’m going to honest. I’m going to be straightforward. I’m going to be very, very diligent. I don’t think you can be around me for very long and not be true to yourself and not find out what it is that you need to do in order to get there. I’m not a sugar-coater. I don’t scratch my head when it doesn’t itch, and I don’t blink when there’s nothing in my eye.”

    Under Nolan, the 49ers’ defense was accused of being too passive.

    “Watch the next few weeks and see if we continue to be passive,” Singletary said. “I don’t think so. We’re not going to play with fear. We’re going to be bold. We’re not going to become crazy and lose our minds and begin to blitz all the time. We’re going to do whatever it takes to win within the system.

  • Mike n MD………His National Post blog….do u have a link?


    The throwbacks? I love the freakin' throwbacks.

  • joe gomez

    This is hilarious but so true…

  • Billy

    Hey Joe thanks for the link

    So is it true Paarage is reponsable for Big $$$$ Signings??

    Then why do we have Scot Mccloughen, we should fire him then and put Paarage then fire him as well. So we got rid of nolan so whos are next GM??

  • joe gomez

    Yeah he signed with the Cowgirls because Donahue didnt want to extend his contract which he deserved. Its like how Deion left, we acted like we couldnt afford. For big time playmakers we need to cough up the $$$$$$.. I mean we did it for Clements and he is good but not great.

  • Gizmo

    On a positive note I believe us to have the BEST field goal defense in the entire NFL.Come Sunday Wallace will be Singletarys sacraficial lamb.

  • RC

    My big issue with hiring Singletary is how closely he alligns himeself with Nolan. Also the fact that he has not identified or voiced any changes that he feels would make this a better football team (motivational speaches will only take you so far). It would be one thing if Nolan was leaving a sucessful franchise, but the Niners have been lousy for years the old adage of (if it’s not broken don’t fix it) does not apply to this football team, their in need of desperate change. What is that saying…. an idiot does the same thing over and over again expecting different results, why do I get the feeling that this was a bad hire?

    I want a plan, I want accountability, I want to know what the head coach thinks is wrong and how he plans on fixing it!

    I like the line when Nolan says it’s not about X’s and O’s (this coming from Nolan who was so week on the X’s And O’s department) it’s not all about strategy but it helps if your capable of making in-game adjustments. I know Singletary will Motivate, but I’m a little sick of being outcoached by the opposing teams coach every weekend. Why would you ever take advice from a person any person in your chosen field if said person was a failure

  • joe gomez

    Very well said RC.

  • Billy

    RC our big advantage is that he hasnt spilled our gameplan if any look at Haslett did he announce anything? NO he spoke to the players in a conferance, Singletary needs to pump the players if you havent heard hes not playing Nolans umbrella D and blitzing more and allowing Martz to do his thing.

    By the way its most likely publicity what hes saying about Nolan ok, I mean how would he look if he talked smack about Nolan

    And RC dont scrutinize the man he hasnt even coached a game let the season be over then feel free to have you idiotic rant that has holes all over it ok

  • redandgold

    why is there so much name calling on this site?? Life is so much bigger than football, and even the players and coaches know that, so i dont know why you ppl make it seem like the world is over. It seems to me that football maybe is not 4 u guys, go read a book or something and stop watching football, because if you really knew football, you would know that EVERY TEAM has their ups and downs, so if you cant stand the HEAT get the fuck out the kitchen. This sport is for MEN not for BITCHS…

    I Bleed REDandGOLD, even if they go 0-16

  • Mike in MD

    Another heads up:

    Baas is starting in place of Snyder.

    Said by Maiocco on KNBR.

  • Mike in MD

    About what RC said I don’t like it either that Singletary’s relying on Nolan so much. But Nolan brought him here & their close friends. Singletary’s just trying to get on his feet & after this game & into the Bye that should be it & will be on his own.

    We have no idea what Singletary’s coaching style will be. There’s 1 change I think will happen & another that I hope will happen.

    1ST: Singletary’s personality. Nolan’s personality & WHO HE IS is overly Conservative. Nolan had this team wrapped so TIGHT to not make mistakes I believe he suffocated this team. He had us playing scared ball. Singletary on the other hand I believe will push, inspire, & motivate these guys to GO FOR IT & be/stay aggressive. But at the same time play smart, disciplined football & know your assignments. Just DO YOUR JOBS. If you make a mistake, no biggie..we’ll talk about what you need to do to correct it. But if you don’t learn & keep making the same mistakes I believe Singletary won’t put up with it & should get you benched. The Samurai’s personality of being aggressive & smart I think will really make a difference.

    2ND: Better game management which I’m hoping for. We don’t know yet what kind of game manager Singletary will be. It seriously can’t go anywhere but up but hopefully Singletary will show us he’s more than competent. If he can get to that point that would be a great start. He was the QB of his 46 D with Chicago so that’s great background evidence that he knows basic strategy & gamesmanship. Nolan NEVER & I mean NEVER gave us any “edge” on the sidelines on Sundays. I just want at the minimum a HC that’s competent, knows what he’s doing, & gives the team a CHANCE TO WIN THE FREAKIN’ GAME on Sundays. I’m talking about using smart challenges, timeouts, & making at least “some” halftime adjustments.

  • Mike in MD

    Good sign guys. When I listened to Maiocco on KNBR during practice Takeo lit into some of the guys on D saying we needed to step it up. He said they were acting like we were an undefeated team or something & we have a lot of work to do.

    It made the guys think & up’d the tempo of the practice.

    Good stuff…

    We could use some more leaders on this team.

    LINK: It’s in the beginning about 3 minutes into the interview.

  • joe gomez

    EVERY TEAM has their ups and downs? Mother fucker weve been down for the last 4 years, where the fuck have you been?

  • joe gomez

    Well if hes quick and explosive and is considered a "playmaker", I dont think Scott "cant pick shit" McCloughan will pick the guy. That guy wouldnt know talent if if hit him in the fucking face!

  • 5Rings

    Too funny Joe, true but funny, weve been aching for a game breaker ever since T.O. left. Bruce is old, Bryant Johnson is injury prone and is only signed for this year, Josh Morgan is not consistent, J. Hill is forgotton, Arnaz Battle is slow, V. Davis is our best lineman, D. Walker is average at best. Frank Gore is our only game breaker on offense. Boy do we miss JR, TO, G. Hearst, R. Watters. Remember those days?

  • joe gomez

    Yea I think Scott should have been fired along with Nolan. Stuttering mother fucker cant even answer a question right and makes stupid excuses just like Nolan did. Where the fuck do we get these losers?

  • joe gomez

    Mike in MD… good research but I wouldnt count on McCloughan. He will NEVER pick somebody the fans want. Were gonna end up drafting guys on the O-Line and D-Line again especially now since those areas are of concern. They will be drafted high and wind up lost on the depth charts and sitting on the bench gathering splinters. There are plenty of GM's that would be available by seasons end. Im telling you, McCloughan is a joke, didnt you hear his interviews? Half the time he was tearing up and the other half stuttering his way through answers which he couldnt and didnt answer. Hes a fucking pathetic joke just like Nolan was. He will NEVER pick the right guy in a draft. Mark my words. You are right, the picks he does get right he got lucky (Gore and Josh). So ill give him Willis and thats about it in the past 4 fucking years. This team has been needing a game breaking WR ever since TO departed and look at where were at. Have we replaced TO yet with a game breaking WR? Fuck no we havent and I dont think we will as long as dumb shit is our GM. Like I said, his sorry ass should of been fired with Nolan. Its not all Nolan's fault, he was just part of the problem. The other part is McCloughan. I mean if you cant even give a decent press conference and if you have to stutter on every answer you give than you have no place in the NFL period.

  • Mike in MD

    OL wise we only need an OT. It's not a major rebuild. On the DLine IMO we need to decide which scheme we're going to run once & for all & THEN get the players for that scheme. Regardless I think we need 2 more primo DLinemen. If we stay 4-3 start out with 1 DT & 1 stud DE. If we decide 3-4 a NT IS A MUST + A REAL PASS RUSHING OLB. I think we could do this through the Draft, FA, & trades in 1 year.

    What's setting us back big time is developing our franchise QB. This has really screwed us over.

  • Mike in MD

    ..I meant we also missed on that 3rd ROUND WR Brandon Williams. I think that was his name.

    Too many high picks we missed on.

  • Lowrance


    Can we finally bury Nolan? Starting with a new thread with SINGLETARY on it???? Most of us are excited about a new 49er beginning and bringing back respectability to our franchise.

  • Gizmo

    Lowrance great idea I was thinking the same thing myself it is time to move on to bigger and better things.

  • Mike in MD


    The only guy as of right now is McCloughan. Before that you added 1st time HC/GM Nolan….are you kidding me???!! That was practically a 2-man team of rookies.


    And Paraage needs to stay only with the salary cap & contracts PERIOD. This MBA suit doesn't belong in the decision making of who to hire & fire & where this organization is headed. That should be left to FOOTBALL PEOPLE & the owners. And IMO should be kicked out of the challenge booth ASAP where again another football guy or assistant needs to be in there instead.

  • joe gomez

    redandgold… yea im bitching because i havent liked the product for the last 4 fucking years. if you want to sit back and not say anything and let this once proud franchise fall to the ground then maybe your the fucking bitch here. we bitch because we care about our team. we talk about it and let our steam off because its been over 14 years since weve won a ring and 6 long years since weve made the playoffs. so yea, im gonna bitch, people are gonna bitch, 49ers fans bitch, because if the product isnt right than thats what happens. people want heads to roll, people fired, change of coaches, change of management, change of ownership. especially if were going to pay over $100 a ticket for a game, $60 for gas, $35 to park, another $40 for a snach, then walk inside an ancient stadium and watch a poorly coached team who should of won that day. Thats bullshit! Our team deserves better than that, we deserve a new stadium, a better coach, a better GM, a better owner! So yea we bitch mother fucker, so the fuck what, its because we fucking care about our team, so if your gonna just sit back and not say shit then your the BITCH!

  • joe gomez

    I Bleed REDandGOLD, even if they go 0-16… hahaha.. thats a dumb mother fuckin statement .. yea bitch youll bleed alright if we go 0-16. So you wont say shit if we went 0-16? Your a stupid mother fucker then.

  • 5Rings

    So hes saying if we went 0-16 he wouldnt bitch about it? Yea that is a dumb motherfucker. Hahahaha.

  • J. Johnson

    Yea if the team is failing and the coaches and management is screwing up well all still 49ers fans but were not gonna put up with that. Our team deserves better than that. 49ers fans demand a winning product thats how its ALWAYS been. Remember, we used to be a proud franchise and it was Super Bowl or bust! Thats the mentality we need to get back. If you wouldnt bitch about a 0-16 season than your not a true fan!

  • 9ers4lyfe

    redandgold… are you smoking crack? if we went 0-16 you would bitch about that? ofcourse were still gonna be 49ers fans after a losing season, but to not say anything about it? to sit back and watch your team lose every game of the season and just put up with it and not say anything is the most cowardly thing to do as a 49ers fan. 49ers fans always will be demanding the best for our team. if you dont like reading about us bitching about this franchise then I suggest dont logon to this site because until this franchise is back at the top thats all your going to hear. Because we are TRUE 49ers fans on here!

  • Mike Martz

    Hey Gomez does going 0-16 and not bitching beat out run the ball and get out there and vote? Just curious.

  • 9ers4lyfe

    No yours was the quote of the season.. LOL

  • joe gomez

    Yea your “run the ball and vote” has that beat by a mile but that 0-16 shit wasnt even funny.

  • Mike in MD

    Joe..good point. That's dead on.

    I'll be real surprised if the Yorks or Jed make a move. These people don't like any change as much as possible.

    But you never know. Maybe they're finally "starting" to understand what's going on & will surprise us??

  • Mike in MD

    Right on Joe…no way I could sit back & not say or do jack if our team was being deteriorated to crap.

    I just caught some highlights on Crabtree/Texas Tech. I question his speed (gets caught from behind a lot on those YouTube clips) but damn he looked quick & explosive.

    Announcers said that college scouts say he’s the best looking WR out of college since Larry Fitzgerald. Kid looked impressive.

  • Mike in MD

    I’m on the fence of being with you guys on McCloughan. I think he’s the youngest GM in the league so he’s still learning. But who else is out there?? I don’t think there’s much when it comes to GM’s or legit talent evaluators. I’m right on the edge of giving him 1 last year this time with Nolan not in his face ‘cause I think he still owned him this past Draft. Either way if they could find someone better so be it. But this last Draft sucked so far because our 1st rounder isn’t starting/contributing much & neither is our 2nd pick. (Morgan we got lucky on.)

    But I have high hopes for Rachal. I think this guy’s gonna be a stud.

  • Mike in MD

    The way I see it on this next Draft we have to come out with at least 2 needs. An OT & future franchise QB. The 1st pick is the tricky one.

    We can’t miss. He has to be an immediate starter or our eventual Franchise QB if we think there’s a legit stud close to can’t miss in the top 5 or 6-15. In the QB’s I only see it as Sam Bradford (if he comes out early) or Stafford.

    If we skip them & get our QB in the 2nd or 3rd round IMO you have to go Oher/OT or BPA in a position of need where this guy could be something special in his position like a Willis. (Andre Smith/OT/Alabama could be that but what pushes me away is his weight problem. This dude is a flat out beast & could be a star OT in the NFL IF he can control his weight every year. Leave that up to the scouts/experts.)

    If Oher gets taken & we don’t go QB so far I see 2 guys who could be that BPA who could be special in a position of need for us.

    1)Maualuga – ILB next to Willis & we would own the middle for the next 10 years. This guy’s fast, strong, has great range to make tackles left/right & the entire middle like Willis, has pass rush ability, can pass cover who gets INT’s, & his personality is infectious. This guys the complete LB & is flat out a bad ass. At 6’1”/260 lbs he would make the perfect ILB.

    2)Crabtree – I still need to see more but so far he’s leaning on legit. This could be our #1 WR we’ve been looking for. I know it’s risky to take a WR high in the Draft but for momentum’s sake Calvin Johnson so far has panned out. As we all know so has Larry Fitzgerald who was the 3rd overall pick in 2004.

  • Mike in MD

    In FA we need to go after 2 guys. Albert Haynesworth & TSuggs/Balt. We need to break the bank for any of these guys ESPECIALLY HAYNESWORTH.

    (Both are in their franchise tag years.)

  • Mike in MD

    hey man I know your pissed but like I said who else is out there?? Besides that will the Yorks make that change?? I highly doubt it, I don’t think Jed will either so I think we’re going to be stuck.

    I disagree that it’s the GM’s job to get what the fans want. His job is to get the pieces that this team needs to win & so far he’s failed big time. So your right, no doubt he’s a big part to blame & I think that’s part of the reason why he’s shaky in these press conferences. His buddy got fired & he knows it wasn’t just Nolan’s fault. The guys new too, not to make excuses but he’s learning on the ropes getting in front of the cameras to be the face of this franchise.

    But I’m with you if he got fired he deserves to be. There’s just too many holes & missed high picks (ASmith, RWoods, the 3rd WR Brandon ??..etc) on this team. I think we’re stuck with him. It would really surprise me if the Yorks made a change. At least this year since I think they have Holmgren in their sights who I think will take next year off.

  • Mike in MD

    Joe..I’m going to give this guy 1 more year before I go ballistic. Believe me, I’m on the brink. I want to see what McCloughan can do now that this thing is all his. Like I said I think Nolan still owned him last year.

  • joe gomez

    Mike in MD.. I understand we are stuck with him because at the moment theres nobody else. After the season however is another story. There will be names out there believe me. You are willing to give this idiot another year thats being really patient. Im not a patient guy and for me 4 years is way too long. Alex and Nolan only got 4 years, why should we give this pathetic bum any longer?