New Coaches, New Quarterbacks, Turnovers and Prima Donnas

Can you hear it? It’s somewhat faint but definitely audible; those 49er fans who rallied against the firing of former head coach Mike Nolan last week and were even more adamant that the interim head coach should not be Mike Singletary. They’re calling for Singletary’s head already, after one loss. A loss in which the man didn’t even have a full week to prepare for nonetheless. Alright so “calling for his head” is a bit of an overstatement. I have no doubts though that there are more then a few followers of this team who would no doubt use this contest as a premature measuring stick on Singletary’s readiness to be a head coach. In fact one man in particular, if he were able to would be using this blog as his soundboard as to why the man should never have been elevated to such a lofty position in the first place. 

Anyone with even an ounce of brain matter however would be able to deduce that such thoughts are completely erroneous and that making such judgments makes one look foolish and shortsighted.

-What about the foolishness of the 49ers front office in firing Nolan midseason?-

Foolishness is something that can be ridiculed and derided, that being the case, the firing of Mike Nolan cannot be construed as foolish. Now, the hiring of Mike Nolan, maybe… but certainly not the firing.

-What about naming a man who has never been a head coach on any level to that position with the 49ers?-

The fact of the matter is that Singletary was once again going to be given more opportunities to interview for vacant head coaching positions this offseason. I believe that the front office did themselves a favor in promoting him to the top for at least the remainder of this season. It’s truly a win-win situation for the York’s when contemplating how this season will play out. Either the fiery, passionate hall of fame linebacker turned coach will pull the locker room together and salvage some part of this season or he’ll lose the players altogether and be lucky to win two more games from here on out. Either way the team will enter 2009 with someone leading this team onto the field, they simply allow themselves to determine sooner then later whether it’s going to be Singletary or not.

A couple of things from yesterday’s game that really stood out for me. First and foremost was the handling of Davisgate 2008. I applaud Mike Singletary for how he not only spoke to the 49ers newly maligned tight end but how he sent the apparent prima donna to the showers when it was evident that the man had absolutely no comprehension of how his playground antics affected his teammates and in retrospect thought he did nothing wrong.

Singletary is no dummy, he has been with the team since Davis arrived via the sixth overall draft pick in 2006 and he has seen first hand how he has behaved with teammates and coaches. I for one believe that he had seen enough and since he was finally in a position to handle Davis in a way that Nolan never would have, he took the opportunity to send a message. This me first mentality where the team seemingly doesn’t matter is not going to fly with the new regime. Nolan always said as much that it wouldn’t fly with him either but he rarely did anything about it when one of his players would act out, let alone yank the player from a game. The message should have been clear before but in case it wasn’t, it surely is now.

Secondly, the benching of JT O’Fumblintercepivan was far overdue and Singletary wasn’t going to let the perceived stepping on offensive coordinators Mike Martz’s toes stop him from making a move that should have been made after the Eagles game three weeks ago. Is Shaun Hill the future at quarterback? Of course not, if that was the case he would have been starting when the season began. It’s abundantly clear though the O’Sullivan isn’t the future either. Why not give Hill a chance to showcase his talents? He can’t do any worse then his predecessor.

Listening to the Razor and Mr. T. today on KNBR 680 I took offense with something that was mentioned by Ralph Barbieri in regards to Singletary’s post game news conference. He said that the coach even mentioning that the players in the locker room wanted to be champions was irresponsible and “stupid” as he put it. So players and coaches expressing their aspirations to be champions of their sport resides under the irresponsible tag? If so then by Ralph’s summation no player or coach, regardless of how good or bad their team might be performing, should ever talk of their desire to climb the league mountain and reside at the crest of it come season’s end? Wow… just wow. Perhaps if Barbieri had actually participated in some form of organized sport, save for numerous hot dog eating contests, he might have better comprehension of this goal.

Singletary has officially named Shaun Hill the starting quarterback for the 49ers Monday night matchup on Nov. 10th in Arizona. Great move is all I can say here. O’Sullivan has had his chance to take this team where it hasn’t been in what’s going on six years now, perhaps Hill will fare better and then again perhaps not. Again though, things can’t get any worse then they’ve been, what with the team leading the league in turnover ratio at -10 as of yesterday. O’Sullivan has thrown 11 interceptions to only eight touchdowns and has fumbled 11 times with six of those being recovered by the other team. It’s time for a change.

Granted the 49ers have more issues then quarterback play alone. The offensive line is in shambles and the defensive line has proven it has almost zero ability to get pressure on the quarterback. That being said, play on the offensive side of the ball starts with the quarterback and quite simply, O’Sullivan has not gotten it done. Again, the team can’t do any worse with Hill at the controls. Time will tell if the move to make Singletary head coach was the correct strategy. One thing is for certain, it’s going to a fun-filled ride as we find out.  

  • crazydave

    I still like that Coach Singletary put V.D. in his place and he started Shaun Hill in there and started blitzing more and that our tight ends are catching the ball more but we definitely need to work on 3rd down defense way more and need to be more consistent on passing,hopefully Shawn Hill will help us there.still mad that full back went the distant on that pass.maybe Martz will help on shorter passes to help out on our offensive line and protect Hill better…

  • joe gomez

    James, I dont think nobody is calling for Singletary's head. We understand this is his FIRST game but even though it was only a week, against a team with Seneca Wallace our team was REALLY unprepared and it has to fall on the head coach. Bottom line I think is we dont have the players to be successful. If we cant beat an average team then how are supposed to beat the teams that are coming up? Its an inprobable mission no matter what coach you have in there. This is the reason why I totally blame McCloughan and Nolan for the PATHETIC personnel moves that resulted in our 2-6 team. How long have we been craving a solid pass rusher? How long have we craved for a game breaking receiver? How long have we been trying to improve the O-Line? How long have we known that B.Y. was retiring and we needed to find a solid replacement? It goes on and on and on and on. I put this TOTALLY on Scott right now because Nolan is gone already so the blame goes totally to him. Hes pathetic plain and simple and hopefully we can find somebody to replace his sorry ass after another horrible season.

  • joe gomez

    Hell weve got Paraag in the coaches booth, we might as well put in Rice. This organization is a circus from top to bottom and firing Nolan is a start but we have a long way to go. Like I said, Singletary was a great LB and is a GREAT motivator who speaks from passion and heart. But is he a great coach? Who knows, time will only tell. To be honest with you, I HATE PROJECTS and thats what he is, hes a project because we dont know what were gonna get with him. I still think we should bring in a proven big name coach when this pathetic season is over and maybe have Singletary be the defensive coordinator.

  • James, once again nice work!……I like Sing’s approach, I strongly believe he will become a good respected coach around the league, I just hope he is with us when this happens………Most likely Sing was going to get a chance as HC next year somewhere….”Y not with us”……Given a fair shake we shall see how this turns out. Sing demands an will get his respect around the league an by players….I feel better players will wanna come and play for us…..We have a coach that wants to win, doesnt think he is bigger than the game nor playyers and isn’t burnt out…..We gotta different kind of coach here and I feel its something special….

  • On another note….James or any others that may know…..Whats this talk about Conda Rice wanting a job with the 9ers? Whats she posta do/ what can she bring to the table?


    Great article James… on as usual. That Ralph Barbieri bit was especially funny. That dude is a bottom-feeding douchebag. The guy’s never played organized sports in his life yet he makes a living criticizing professionals. He and Ray Ratto are the scum of bay area sports media. I’ve argued with him twice on the air and he hung up on me BOTH times. No talent having piece of shit.

    Anyways, I’m on board with what Singletary’s done so far. He’s doing what needs to be done and he’s doing what Nolan didn’t have the balls to do. And I don’t think Singletary gives a rat fuck about pissing off Mike “I’m God’s gift to offense” Martz. What’s really scary is if Nolan was still head coach, JTO would have played the 2nd half and turned the ball over 4 more times and Nolan would have stood at the podium today and said that JT O’Turnover is still our starting QB. And we would have lost 57-3 to a 1-5 team. Good grief.


    And West, Condaleeza Rice better not be coming to the 49ers. We need a football mind at the helm, not a politician from a failed administration.

  • marksmen

    Thats what we shud do joe we shud put sing as d-coord and get a big name head coach. And upgrade our o-line in the offseason and nt like a hayneworth which he will be a free agent we need a big change for the 49ers, get rid of vernon davis trade him for a draft pick would be nice, paying tht guy so much money is not worth what hes doing for the team.

  • Lowrance

    Good job James…. agree 100%

  • Mike in MD

    Nice work James, that was right on. Didn't hear Balbieri yet. The more I hear Singletary the MORE I LIKE THIS GUY. So far he's showing action & making the right moves which would have took Nowin 4-6 weeks down the road to make. Out of what we have I'm a JT fan but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, he had to go!! You just can't keep KILLING THE TEAM like he does & a lot of those mistakes WERE STRICTLY ON HIM. How many weeks has it been & this guy still hasn't learned??! Not protecting the ball when feeling the rush & freakin' throwing straight into coverage. Read the Defense man & look at where the defenders are before throwing the damn ball..he locks in to a WR & where he's going to throw it before the play. Same recording. His MO lately is drive it to enemy territory or the red zone then force it for a killer INT. I can't remember the last time he FINISHED a drive. Sit his ass down & let him re-think it for awhile. He could learn by watching exactly what Hill does. Take what the freakin' Defense gives you, protect the ball, & manage the game.

    Hill actually surprised me. He's competent & a good game manager. He actually had some zip on a decent intermediate throw to Jason Hill. I like what Singletary said that he might use both of these guys which could be a good strategy. If Defenses close in on Hill's short game & we bring in JT who Singletary's put the caution light on & should be more disciplined having the stronger's a good change up.

    What Singletary's doing is setting the tone & I love it. Slackers take notice & we have to fix these penalties. Players are being held accountable which has LONG BEEN NEEDED. You're not performing?? Take the bench for awhile & think about it or sit permanently if you're not learning your assignments. Starting Baas & pulling JT were good moves. Like I said Nowin would wait 1/2 the season before making any changes when things are failing. Jason Hill & Balmer got more PT.

    BUT I want to see more. This game after the Bye is going to say a lot. I kept hearing for the last 3 weeks our D's going to get more aggressive. I noticed this game that we had more intensity & I finally saw more gang tackling which has been sorely missing. Right now Manusky SUCKS & he better learn quick & throw away that Nolan kool aid….on most every 3rd down I remember WE ONLY RUSHED 4!!! WTH??? Our blitzes are usually effective..WE NEED MORE MORE MORE!! Still a lot of soft coverages, not enough press, & still too many blown coverages for big plays. (TE Carlson) With 2 weeks to prepare vs AZ this game will tell me a lot more about Singletary. In 1 week's time I love what I'm seeing. I'd like to see Goldson & TBrown get more PT. Getting back JJ for Sims will be a big help.

  • Mike in MD

    CORRECTION: Not TE Carlson, it was that no name fullback.

  • Gizmo

    Gomez the only reason why I believe Alex will be back is we have a guy by the name of McCloughan in charge of personell. When has he ever made a smart decision. I just have a funny feeling he wont give up on him. Just a feeling not a hope. Do you get where I am coming from?

  • Lowrance

    It's sad we ever got rid of Jeff Garcia.

  • James Jones

    Gizmo: The only way that Smith is even on this team come next season is if he grossly restructures his contract to a much lower cap number. I personally don't see why he wouldn't, it's not as if another team is going to give him some rediculous contract based on his first four seasons in teh league.

  • joe gomez

    Mike in MD… I strongly disagree with you on the fumble that Julian Peterson. If you watch in the replays (I watch all games and all plays on my AT&T U-verse which is the best to have.. I can record 2 HD channels and 4 regular channels and watch another channel all at the same time!) Anyways, Julian blew by Staley soo bad it was pathetic. Theres no way in hell JTO could have seen that coming, he was on him in half a second. So that one in particular I will give him a pass. JTO should be held accountable I agree, but the bottom line is our O-Line is PATHETIC! Actually pathetic is an understatement. Another note I want to make after watching all the replays of this game is the horrible play of M. Lewis. Some of you have said some nice things about this guy but Roman isnt the only rotten safety. M. Lewis is probably just as bad. That long TD by Jerry Rice..oops I mean.. Weaver? M. Lewis took the most fucked up angle on that play it is just amazing this guy is a professional football player. Our defense just needs a complete overhaul, its just embarrassing how we make Seneca Wallace look like Joe Montana out there. Just pathetic. As far as Singletary goes, yeah I love the motivating and passionate speeches and I love the way he told VD who was boss and I know its only been a week but this team was not prepared well for this game. This is a game (again) that we should have won easily. They hadnt went over 200 yards in offense in the past 3 weeks and with Hasselbeck out, playing at home, this was our game. But we blew it out of our ass again. Now Sing will have 2 whole weeks against Arizona so I hope we have a better showing win or lose.

  • joe gomez

    Gizmo.. gotcha.. your right, McCloughan is such an idiot he would do something like that. Doesnt it suck to be a 49ers fan right now? Fuck how many more fucking losing seasons are we going to go through? FUCK!!!!!!!!!

  • Gizmo

    James thanks for the info. I see exactly that happening. A re-structure and another chance. Why would he not, no other team is going to bite on a QB with shoulder problems plus who else will be available. We know that JT and Hill are not long term answers and McCloughan will be desperate to prove he was right in helping draft his ass. Gomez it sure does suck be a 9ers fan but for some reason Singletary gives me a little hope that things will change. The bad part is it is going to take time. We have been waiting long enough but what can you do. We are paying for kicking the shit out of everybody in the glory years but I never thought it would come to this. We by far were the worst victims of the salary cap era in my opinion that is what really has doomed us to this day and then when we finally got some money to spend McCloughan made some dumb ass decisions on how to spend it

  • Gizmo

    I have to ask this question is Mr. Glass going to play again this year? He should be put in jail for robbery the amount of money he got is fucking ridiculous.

  • Mike in MD

    Joe..I'm behind on the 8-ball, I don't get my DVD copy until Thurs-Fri. (Sweet piece of hardware you got there man.) How long did JT hold the ball will determine who's fault it is. Sounds like that was a straight blown assignment & Staley was to blame. He's allowed some passes but most, if not all of these killer INT's have solely been on JT. The 1 he threw straight to the defender who almost ran it back to the endzone was all on him. On a number of fumbles before that he's not feeling the rush, holding the ball too long, & not protecting the ball. But it's those CRUCIAL late in the game, needing a score playing from behind, or already being in scoring position throwing for KILLER INT's that are UNFORGIVEABLE after 3 straight games. You've been coached up on it but yet you're still not learning. The OLine is bad I agree & they've had their share to blame for JT coughing the ball up but A LOT are just on him. The change had to be made. You just can't kill the chances or the heart of our team by giving the ball away like that. Sitting him for a game or 2 should do him some good & afterwards keeping him on a short leash if these reckless INT's continue. Plain & simple you can't be reckless with the ball in crucial situations.

    I hear what you're saying about getting proven guys in here especially the GM. I don't know yet what we're going to get in Singletary but the man is for real & says it like it is & he has a vision for this team. He wants winners, guys who are "football players" who'll hit you in the mouth, aggressive but disciplined, & he holds them accountable…this is a GREAT FOUNDATION for a team. You've got the possibility of a very good to special but unproven HC in Singletary (where the likes of a Jim Zorn are succeeding) vs do you go back to usually the recycled bag of proven Coaches. To me Holmgren's teams have been soft LATELY so I have my doubts as HC. I love Shanahan, always have. Cowher would be awesome. Nothing was going to happen this year staying with the course so the move with Singletary is a great look to see if he's HC material. I like what I see so far. Players will play for him, he has high but fair standards, & I believe FA's will want to come here. The big question for him if he pans out & does become the HC is who will his GM be & who will be his coaching staff?? We're jumping the gun there. This next game after the Bye is gonna say a lot for me.

  • Rob

    Well, on one hand I was a little disappointed by the game this week. I was kind of hoping for better. I was unrealistically hoping Singletary would miraculously turn this team around, maybe even all the way to the playoffs. But, I knew in my heart the chances of that happening were slim to none. It’s just frustrating to have to give up on another season so early on. Still, I liked the way Singletary handled things overall. Whether or not that will lead to winning, though, remains to be seen. Making Hill the starter is absolutely the right move. While I still say that, by the end of the season, we will see plainly that we have no starting caliber QBs on this team, I think he will at least protect the ball better and give us a shot. Hey, he is still 2-0 as a starter.

    As far as Singletary being the ultimate disciplinarian: As much as I like to see it, it worries me. After all, when Tom Coughlin first went to the Giants, he was the same way. Remember when he suspended a guy because he wasn’t early for a team meeting? But, those tactics didn’t produce wins. It wasn’t until Coughlin backed off that approach that the team started winning. So, while Singletary’s hard-nosed approach looks good (and is nice to see), I’m not sure if it will win us any more games.

    But, this season is pretty much lost, so at this point we are (again) just preparing for next year. So, really, in the end, does it really matter that much?

  • joe gomez

    Mike in MD… but how do we judge Sing when our players are so awful? I mean if we go 4-12 this year do we still keep him or do we say, "lets see what he can do at the defensive coordinator spot" then go out and get that BIG NAME coach and GM. I dont think Vince Lombardi can help the team we have with the personnel we have. Yes ill say it over and over…'FUCK YOU SCOTT MCCLOUGHAN!!!!'..Im with you on JTO, just that one play Staley blew his assignment badly JTO had the ball for a second maybe before Julian got to him. Just curious, since it looks like another top 5 pick for us, who are you looking at as far as the best of the best college players out there? I dont watch too much college but I did buy the 2009 Draft preview already since this season is pretty much toast. Yea look into that AT&T U-Verse, its a fiber optic system and is great for high speed internet also.

  • Gizmo

    The way I see it is like this. Singletary is here to stay no matter what we say. Martz is gone at the end of the year no matter what we say. And lastly I truly believe our starting QB next year will be a guy by the name of Alex Smith. This is just how I feel and that is that. Oh and I know some of you guys want to sign Haynesworth via free agency but it aint going to happen. Why would the Titans let him go? Esp. if they go on to win the Superbowl.

  • Gizmo

    We can not judge Singletary on this weeks game it is just not fair. As an individual who has played 8 years of football no coach can change a team in a 5 day period and that is why we saw alot of the same BS that has gone on for the whole year. I guarantee you that we will all see a different team after the bye week. I know it is hard but patience is what Mike needs and deserves as it is not his fault we have sucked for so long. Gomez I hear you on the PROJECTS thing but I think this is one project we must follow through with. Singletary does not know the meaning of the word FAIL and soon his players wont either and the ones that do will be out of here.

  • joe gomez

    Gizmo.. Alex Smith..??? Hahaha.. That ship has already sailed my friend. Its time to turn the page.

  • joe gomez

    Besides Gizmo.. you would really trust that damaged throwing shoulder? He wasnt shit with a good shoulder what makes you think hell be better after his rehab? Hes junk, we should go after a proven Free Agent. Fuck these young projects who never pan out. I wish we wouldve went after Brees when he was available. He would of tore it up here in the bay.

  • Mike in MD

    The good thing about this setup is you get to see what Singletary brings to the table. Is the team responding & being competitive? Does he recognize on Defense that our schemes are soft & need adjusting for the corners to play more press & Safeties brought up some? Can he improve the DLine play by making Sopoaga/Fields penetrate instead of 2 GAPPING? Will he make personnel adjustments on the DLine & secondary THAT WORK & you see noticeable improvement in play that make us more competitive? Same on Offense. How does he handle the Press? Does he look to be an effective Coach & can he coach today's players? Right now he's laying down his expectations & the law & in the next few weeks watching how that locker room unfolds..who's the leaders in there & are they coming together as a team? Are they buying into his philosophy & his program? I believe these next 8 weeks & seeing how this team shapes up (or down) can be enough time to adequately form an opinion on Mike.

    Bottom line after the Bye I believe he has to go around 4-4 to be considered to be retained. If it's 3-5 or stretching it at 2-6 the team damn well better look competitive & be in some closer games. Possible wins I see are…AZ (AWAY) with 2 weeks to prepare, 1 from St Louis (HOME-split) who's come to life, the Jets (HOME), & Miami (AWAY). Favre's hot & cold so that one could be tough & Miami (AWAY – where we SHOULD HAVE brought Parcell's here to clean house) is no pushover anymore. I got us with probable losses to Dallas (AWAY), Buffalo (AWAY), Rams (AWAY-split), & the Skins (HOME).

    Seeing how Singletary does with these players THAT HE DIDN'T CHOOSE (which you said) will be difficult for Jed & McCloughan IF HE'S RETAINED to judge him by if the record ends up badly. Ultimately I see it coming down to those wins/losses, has progress been made, & how competitive & how much improvement has there been & is he a good fit for the vision these moronic owners have for this Organization??


  • Mike in MD

    That last post obviously was responding to you Joe..but right now the prospects I have my eye on are……..

    1ST ROUNDERS / TOP TIER – to me all these guys have the potential to be special.

    1) Michael Oher OT – flawless technique, powerful, plays with a mean streak, is a NATURAL.

    2) Andre Smith OT – leave it up to scouts/experts to decide if his weight problems are too much of a risk. When it's in control I even think he's better than Oher. That's what the scouting report says but I've watched it. But both OT's are awesome.

    3) Rey Maualuga ILB – stud & durable ILB next to Willis who's fast, strong, has range, can pass rush, can cover, & BLOWS UP PEOPLE more than Willis.

    4) Michael Crabtree WR – From what little I saw this dude was cat quick & EXPLOSIVE. I NEED TO WATCH MORE. He jumped out on film man. He looked like the real deal. I REALLY NEED TO WATCH THIS GUY.

    4) Sam Bradford QB – his stats are through the Universe. Smart & accurate. Will he come out early?? Check out his Freshman & this years Sophomore numbers…just ridiculous.

    5) Matt Stafford QB – not big numbers but he had big numbers in high school & says he doesn't worry about big stats…he's had them & has been there, done that. His number 1 priority is to be an EFFICIENT QB. Here's what's impressive — GEORGIA lets him call a lot of his own plays if he disagrees with the OC & they trust him & he's right a lot of the time on his playcalling. Can make all the throws.

    NT's if we still pursue the 3-4……

    2nd Round…I don't think these guys will last to the 3rd Round. Real athletic stout NT's are nearly impossible to find. They are RARE & hard to come by.

    6) BJ Raji / Boston College – right now he's the only 3-4 NT that stands out. Al Woods was the 2nd REAL NT AND THERE'S ONLY 2………Woods has disappeared off the map this year so far.

    BJ's looking good.

    Others I'm keeping my eye on…….

    7) Ricky Jean Francois / DT-DE LSU

  • Mike in MD

    James…how's Crabtree's numbers?? If he still has good production with an average QB that says a lot about him. Have you watched him a lot & what do you think? Does he dominate vs the CB's he faces? You said he goes up against a lot of talent out there.

    Has he stayed healthy throughout his career?

  • Billy

    Speaking of the draft I keep hearing about Micheal Crabtree and he seems to be the next superstar receive according to people and analysts

    Hey I question that move for Joe Staley it lead to the crappy ass draft this year and hey Ugoh was available. I think it was a stupid move. What do you guys think?

  • Mike in MD

    Joe…man I LOVE the Draft. That day to me is better than the Super Bowl. (Unless your teams in it) I give notice to make sure I have the days off for the Draft.

    The main reason I started watching College is to CHECK OUT THE PROSPECTS. Man it’s a thrill bro, you get to see the up & coming talent then see if it projects to the Pros. It’s awesome man.

    The guy I’m probably most jealous of is Atlanta getting Matt Ryan. He looks like the real deal. If you can hit on a franchise QB your guys are the MAN!! It’s the biggest hit/miss decision any organization will ever make.

  • Mike in MD

    Billy…I thought the same about Ugoh. But he’s had injury problems & Peyton makes adjustments like getting the ball out faster or runs plays away from him to help him out.

    Staley isn’t injury prone & is the most reliable offensive lineman we have. He’s still learning the LT spot & he’s getting better week to week. Switching sides in the NFL isn’t easy. As a Rookie & 2nd year guy we never give him help. Remember we got him for cheap picking him in the 20’s & not the top 10-15. Also whenever the LT makes a mistake that’s what everyone remembers. Besides that pass rush he let through for the fumble on JT he had a solid game.

    At worst if we get another stud OT which we HAVE TO Staley IMO will always be a solid RT.

  • Mike in MD

    I can see why people look at it as a possible stupid move. But McNolan did it thinking we could be a CONTENDER THAT YEAR. If our Offense that year had succeeded under Hostler & we made the playoffs no one would be questioning the move.

    Right now as I said he’s on the cheap, the most reliable we have, & at worst will be a solid RT.

    They took a risk BUT WERE WRONG about us being Contenders.

  • Mike in MD…….. whats your take on McCoy QB Texas in a later round…. 2nd 3rd?……like or dis like an y?…..You seem pretty knowledgable, I to am a fan of the draft and College football……Just interested in your insight…

  • joe gomez

    Glad to hear you are up to the college players. Your gonna have to school me on some of the studs that are coming out. Good points about Singletary and how Jed and Paraag have no fucking clue. We need to bring in someone who knows how to run a successful franchise.. these guys are a fucking joke.

  • crazydave

    me 2 i got the 2009 draft book that was out by the beginning if the college season i need to know who’s stepping up this year in college.

  • Crabtree out of Texas Tech is good but I live in Lubock home of the Red Raiders and there is a ton of talent that he goes up against playing in the BIG 12. But the guy throwing the rock to him is the one that I’m not sure if our front office will risk another top pick on him. Graham Harrell really has the grasp of a high powered offense and does’nt make very many mistakes at all. Again I’m not sure if he would go all that early. He has been with Mike Leach who is runs an offense very much like Mike Martz for the past three years and has really commanded that offense. Harrell is very reliable and has not missed any starts that I can remember. We need o-line help and I think Harrell would be available later in the draft, it looks like we are the only team that just can not get QB right so I can see McCloughan taking a chance to restore his draft cred.

  • Mike in MD

    West…sorry I’m not up on McCoy. His name just came up recently since he beat who was it I believe it was either Oklahoma or Georgia.

    What I know is out of the QB’s the 2 guys I mentioned above are the only legit top tier 1st rounders. I read the reports then form my own opinions when watching them.

    I’m weak when it comes to 2nd & 3rd round QB’s but eventually I hope to get to knowing about it more. If you get a knowledgeable Coach on your team WHO REALLY KNOWS QB’s usually you’re better off getting your guy in these later 2nd – 3rd rounds. If Martz leaves it will truly be SCARY for us. Who really knows Offense in this Staff or Front Office?? Sorry to be negative but nobody. I don’t think we can count on Tollner for that decision.

    I can say there’s about 5 1st round OT’s available, you know the 1st round QB situation, WR’s risky but Crabtree looks FOR REAL as of now as a top 10 talent & I believe that will hold true to the rest of his college career. Our eyes & announcers at the games don’t lie. I will study more but I’m almost sure he SHOULD BE ON OUR LIST of possible #1 picks. Word has it the guy blocks too. (Got to know more about work ethic, durability/injury history, how he plays in big games, does he give up on some plays, is he a real football player, etc.)

    I feel solid about the NT scouting reports..there’s only the 2 legit that I mentioned. What I’ve been scanning at mostly are those best players rated at #1 – 15 where we should be picking & seeing what guys I think are legit & close to can’t misses who have the potential to be special like our PWillis. With the many holes we have we should be able to land one of those BPA’s ALSO with a POSITION OF NEED for us.

    For example..Malcolm Jenkins/CB – probably scratch him off, isn’t a high need. Plus he’s not really a true star elite CB, just the best in this Draft. He’s got a good all around game with no weaknesses but just isn’t fabulous on any one or more of those things (speed/ball skills/physicality/instincts, etc). So I’m not sold. Now Taylor Mays/USC was rated as the best Free Safety out there but recently his stock dropped. My question is at a top 10 pick does he have legit superstar potential & can he make an impact like a Sean Taylor/Ed Reed type?? With this guy possibly. USC’s on TV a lot. Again I have to hear what the announcers say & does it match what I see?

    I’m no expert West but am learning. I got interested on this stuff since we picked up Willis. There’s been a buzz recently on McCoy though. Sounds like your guy man, fill us in after you’ve done your research & I’ll do the same. Sometime soon I want to start studying the DE’s, DT’s, & possible pass rush OLB’s. We still don’t really know which system we’re going to eventually choose so you have to look at both the 4-3 & 3-4 guys.

  • Mike in MD bad I read that wrong…you said Harrell was a good QB. Still do you think Crabtree’s a legit top 10?

  • Michael Crabtree should be on everyone's radar. He's only a sophomore and he is always a threat in every ballgame. His 2007 stats are 134 rec's for 1962 yards and 22 TD's, all are NCAA freshmam records. So far in 2008 he has 60 rec's for 794 yds and 14 TD's. His production went down a little but only because Tech added a few weapons and found a running game. His name is always mentioned in ball games whether or not its receiving or blocking down field. He has been slowed a little by ankle problem but remains very reliable. The stat that stands out to me the most is he has yet to fumble. I don't know for sure if he is coming out next yeat but he will make a splash wherever he goes. Every game he usually draws double coverage and still is able to get open, with the talent in the Big 12 its easy to say that he should be high on any draft board. Harrel is a senior and I'm not sure if he would go first round. With Bradford, Stafford and McCoy being in the spotlight more they would go first. I like what Harrell has done, he reminds me a lot of Tom Brady, when I first saw him I was like this is the guy who is going to lead this offense. But he really proved me wrong, he has a strong grasp of this offense. He knows where everyone will be and never panics. I also rarely hear of him making dumb mistakes. I really wanna see what he does in such a big game this weekend. If Tech wins I think this win and this season could do a lot for him. The offense that he is in is a lot like Martz's offense, they big chunks and are able to move quickly.

  • Mike in MD

    James..good stuff. I'm practically sold on Crabtree to putting him on the list of possible #1 picks for us. From what you've seen would you worry about his 40 time?? From a lot of what I've read most scouts don't think it's a concern. Everyone is nuts about this guy.

    West..your boy Colt is starting to rise above the Draft boards ever since he beat Oklahoma & Bradford. On some Draft sites he wasn't even on anybodys board. When you pull up a site make sure to get AN UPDATED BOARD. The prospect rankings change every week & a lot of times is a huge difference from WEEK 1 vs say WEEK 7.

    You know a guys for real when you look at a lot of Draft boards say around 5-8+, their fairly updated, & you see your guy in around the same spots. Sometimes it's kind of funny because there's some off-the-wall mock drafts out there. You have to look at several to target your guy to see if the majority are on the same page.

    Updated QB's (10/08):

    Old Mock Draft (4/08):

    Updated Mock Draft (10/08)

  • West

    Mike n MD………I agree, hope we can keep Martz for the sake of our Qb/ Offense….I don’t know if I want a Qb in the 1st round, McCoy I feel wont be picked in the 1st round “HOPE” but do feel he is our guy. Gym rat 6-3 215 pounds athlete, strong arm and can out run defenders. He did get injured his freshman year and has had some picks last year but is Flawless this season. His name has been mentioned for the Heisman along side of Bradford an Daniels. Personally I hope he doesn’t win the Heisman, but that’s just me. Over the years he has become faster and more accurate. Another thing I feel we need from our Qb is leadership an McCoy is vocal and has established that with the team. I heard Limas Sweed at one point was on the 9ers radar in past draft so I would hope McCoy has been noticed by the 9ers.

  • West

    Mike n MD……..In the 1st round I would like to see ILB/OLB to replace TBC an get some sacks/ DT or WR Crabtree………DT only if worth place of pick…..Not knowing much about this years draft in the area of DT

    Really depends on what we have planned for Free agency!

  • West

    Rey Maualuga USC ILB an Crabtree Texas Tech WR both are beasts

  • joe gomez

    Its sad that we are talking Draft halfway thru the season but yeah Crabtree sounds like a stud. We need to seriously work on this defense too so I hope we get some stud Free Agents in.

  • Mike in MD

    Michael Crabtree will be talked about a previewed NOW ON ESPN.

    He’s a Heisman Candidate along with his QB


  • Mike in MD


  • Mike in MD


  • Mike in MD

    Did you guys catch the latest news??

    Singletary’s taking a look & putting Ahmad Brooks at OLB in practice to try & get him to pass rush. He wants to see how we can take advantage of his athleticism.

    I see it as a big upgrade to TBC & he has to be better vs the run than Roderick Green. He should be fresh & had ample time to heal his groin injury with all this off time.

    Hey man, do what you can to get the best 22 out there.

    I’m all for it if it makes us better

  • Mike in MD

    Joe….Adam Shefter from NFLN says this is 1 of IF NOT THE BEST FREE AGENT crop this year. I always give big props to our guys GM/HC about this (YES THIS IS WHERE YOU SHINE & WHERE YOU BELONG PARAAGE). We have a good rep in bringing in & signing FA’s & have been in very good cap shape. Now it’s WHO WE’VE BEEN GOING AFTER & NOT GONE AFTER that I’ve questioned…..Franklin, TBC.

    AND WHY DIDN’T WE GO AFTER…….Shaun Rogers, Grady Jackson when released by Atlanta, Roy Williams

    IMO 2009 FA’s updated wish list we should go after:



    Clements, Asomugha, & up and coming TBrown…damn that would be SWEEEET!

  • Mike in MD

    Other available top end FA’s available…..

    BTW this week there should be a push on extensions being offered by teams who will try & hold onto their players who’s on their last year of their contract. It has something to do with them being able to structure the new contracts so that they can allocate close to all of that money (salary & bonuses) into the 2008 cap giving them more cap room on future years.





  • Mike in MD McCoy a redshirt sophomore or junior, is he coming out this year?? Right now I see him as a 2nd rounder which is a good range for us. If he keeps getting better there’s Draft boards that already say he could go in the 1st round.

    Joe..yeah it sucks to be talking Draft/FA right now. But it is what it is, what are we to do??? On some positive it gives us a heads up on who’s out there & who to keep an eye out on.

  • West

    Mike n MD…..McCoy is a Junior and has talked about returning for his Senior year, this Heismen talk isnt helping matters…Still hopeing he comes out and enters the draft, will the 9ers look at him "hope so"………Thanks for the draft links, we dont need McCoy falling into the 1st round, I dont see us taking him there…

    I would love to get him in the 2nd or 3rd

  • West

    Mike n MD……..On Crabtree I wouldn’t worry about his 40 time, he has been doubled a lot and still seems to find away to grab that ball….Not to put him up there with the G.O.A.T but Rice also didn’t have a great 40…..Basically I don’t see Crabtree as a Hardy or Loyd….lol

  • West

    This was on 49erswebzone…

    We hear a different dynamic altogether could be developing on the other side of the ball, with defensive coordinator Greg Manusky expected to stick more with a pure 3-4 scheme now that departed head coach Mike Nolan’s influence has been removed. Should that indeed be the case, the prospects moving forward will at least be a lot brighter for former first-round OLB Manny Lawson, who had his best game of the season in Week Eight operating primarily out of a 3-4.

  • crazydave

    Mike Singletary has done a nice job so far but we need a win to justify that…

  • crazydave

    and tully was supost to be a good influence on this team because he was with new england and has a super bowl ring but he was not the starter when they went to the super bowl and is a mediocre player at best as a out side linebacker.

  • West

    Ahmad Brooks at OLB, why not see what could come of it?…..we need some kind of rush,could turn out good….Green,Tully an Smith aint da answer…

  • crazydave

    and since mike Nolan isn’t our head coach any more does this mean we dont have a inside chance at getting Terrel Suggs?

  • West

    Mike n MD…. Im also reding that Ahmad Brooks is being tested at DE….. Also Chilo Rachal maybe seeing some action…..

    interesting, but very good!

  • Mike in MD

    West..I like what Singletary’s doing just trying to figure out who the best 22 should be out there. I’m trying to move on & be positive but damn we should have known who all the slackers were in the off-season & this should’ve all been figured out by now. Thanks to the incompetent clown that just left. This season was lost due to him & if he were still here you can best believe we would have been 90% still “staying with the course”. What Singletary’s doing now should have been done actually during the tail end of last year when Hostler destroyed the Offense. I say that because that season also was lost. All the young Rooks would have been even more ready by now. Goldson flat beat out Roman & should’ve been starting. We would have known more about Jason Hill. Franklin should have been flat out cut the end of last year & we should have replenished the DLine. Joe will explode here but he’s totally right. McCloughan is seriously dropping the ball.

    I don’t see your boy Colt dropping to the 3rd. Risky I think staying another year unless he feels real confident with his abilities. He stunk it up bad with those off the chart INT’s his freshman year. What’s up with that?? Seems to me this would be a good time to come out…get paid & don’t risk getting injured. If he goes 1st round, we won’t have a chance…our 1st Rd picks gonna be top 1-12. doubt we need a W BAD & like you said to justify Singletary’s moves. But even if we don’t win you have to look at the film & evaluate IS WHAT HE’S DOING SIGNIFICANTLY MAKING OUR TEAM PLAY BETTER & ARE THE GAMES CLOSE?? IS THE TEAM COMING TOGETHER? If he can go 4-4 with this schedule to me he’s done a good job & should be considered to be retained. IMO..TBC’s a borderline backup. They should cut him at the end of this year, his contract should be up & we’re strong at LB’s.

  • Mike in MD

    This next game after the Bye with 2 weeks to prepare will say a lot about how effective Singletary’s coaching is. I hope he can do a good job for us & himself.

    West..I love the 3-4 & wish we could have built it right. Nowin brought Manusky in WHO’S A 3-4 SPECIALIST BUT STILL DIDN’T HAVE THE PLAYERS IN PLACE TO PROPERLY RUN IT. I COULD CHOKE THAT IDIOT. Shaun Rogers was there for the taking in FA & McNolan didn’t even go after him. Just unbelievable.

    All we need to be dominant in the 3-4 is a NOSE TACKLE & STUD TRUE PASS RUSHING OLB. Once we get those 2 pieces get another DE or 2 & keep replenishing that line till it’s solid. To me the meat/potatoes of any team is their O/D Lines….you can never have enough of these guys. Get those above 2 pieces to get it started & those 2 ALONE WILL GIVE US A BAD ASS DEFENSE. Manny played a great game. I hope he can finally get through the whole year & completely past his injury. This is technically only his sophomore year.

    If Singletary stays I think he’s a 4-3 guy. Whatever…it’s just as easy adding 1 more DT & 1 more DE to get it started. As long as we get the pieces for a DOMINANT D I’ll be happy.

  • West

    Mike n MD……Yea it is wishful thinking of Colt being there in the 3rd……I maybe crazy but I really believe Sing is going to string along some wins for us, as bad as our division is we are still in, crazy but true….

    On another note, really doesnt look as if Tully will be with us next season, grew up wit the guy…He was at a club friday an he knows his days are numbered….He does speak highly of Sing and says the team believes in him….A different vibe! He never bashed Nolan but Nolan is set in his ways..

  • Mike in MD

    Too bad about your man TBC West. Personally hearing him on the Niners sites videos & reading about him he seems like a cool dude. The NFL is just so cut throat. If your not pulling your weight the whole city sees it & wants your head. At least he made some good dollar$$..I wish him good luck. But there’s still 8 games to prove himself & possibly retain a job.

    That’s good news about the Singletary vibe…I think he’s starting to get us going in the right direction. A healthy locker room where the leaders on the team enforce themselves is the heart of the team.

  • West

    very true

  • Mike in MD

    hey West I forgot to say since you & TBC are boys you get all that inside info??

    Why did you have to leak that stuff to Silver @ Yahoo?

    lol’s….just joking man. It’s good that all that stuff came out though & we got to know the truth in the locker room. No one’s disputed it yet & it sounds accurate.

  • Mike in MD

    crazydave..Suggs should be going wherever the money is. Plus I did a quick check. He was born in Minnesota but growing up he transferred to a few schools. He finally settled in Arizona where he went to high school. Then he went to Arizona State. He sounds like a West Coast guy now so if that’s home we have a good shot if we stick with the 3-4.

    He’s only 260 lbs so I only see him as a 3-4 OLB, not a legit 4-3 DE.

  • It all comes down to O-line and D-line which we have niether. Until we get those two things right then we could look at getting a stud QB. How much would we have to give up for Brady Quinn?

  • West

    silver @yahoo?…..Im lost

  • West

    Quinn would b a high hope, thats there future… Anderson is the one that would get dumped…Does anyone kno who if any good QB's are FA or pos. trades?

  • Mike in MD’s the Mike Silver LINK:

    Some real damning evidence vs the old HC.

    Someone or some people leaked this stuff to the media. A lot of rumors were pointing to TBC as one of them.

  • Mike in MD

    Top Jimmy..

    how could we NOT be developing a future QB?

    I don't see Hill as a permanent answer nor JT. And there's no good proven younger Vet QB's available & if there were what team would let them get away?

    Derek Anderson might be possible in a trade w/Quinn waiting in the wings but I'm not completely sold on him either. If they trade Quinn he's unproven. We have to still be in search of our QB who will need to be developed & likely will be coming from the Draft.

    Good point on Garcia. Kurt's a smart QB though & though he's not mobile if he needs to go to 3/5 step drops to get the ball out quicker w/a mediocre OLine he could do it. But I hope to see good improvement in our OLine next year. The other pluses Warner has is he's so accurate & has very good arm strength. Look at his numbers this year & LAST YEAR..they were awesome. I believe their MVP type numbers.

  • I like Mike Singletary, but he HAS TO win against the Cardinals coming out of the bye week. If he doesn't then that is a sign and if we lose to the lambs that is a HUGE sign that he isn't coming back after this season. I hope he has what it takes to turn this group around. Otherwise, we are gonna need a new head coach and have to start cleaning house again. Keep Gore, Willis, Justin Smith, Dashon Goldston, Clements, and a few others, but unless this team wins then this TEAM needs to be dismantled…..again. Wins are what matter. I don't care how much we LIKE some of these players….we aren't watching comic book heroes or movie actors. We need a good FOOTBALL TEAM and right now THIS TEAM doesn't have it together. I REALLY hope Singletary pulls it together because if he doesn't then I hope you are all ready for a MASSIVE overhaul of this team.

  • Mike in MD

    Out of the FA’s I only see 2 that could carry us for 1-2 years while we develop our future franchise QB.

    Kurt Warner – he’ll be expensive. He was awesome last year & is AGAIN this year. The Cards are trying to get Leinart in there & with trying to keep continuity with their Offense should be in a bidding war to keep Warner there. They should have 1st dibs, seems like Warner likes it there. The catch is he still WANTS TO BE A STARTER & SHOULD BE WITH US.

    Jeff Garcia – just like Kurt there both up their in age. Kurt’s having the better years & Garcia’s had injuries to overcome this year. But out of all the FA QB’s Garcia would be my #2 choice. After that there’s not much else out there. Going for a trade somewhere would be next.

  • Top Jimmy

    Mike in MD

    I agree that if and ONLY if we a developing a qb should we sign one of those guys. I’d prefer Garcia. He’s tougher and more mobile than Warner by leaps and bounds. With our o-line those qualities are a must.

    If we are not developing a qb i could see money being spent in better areas.

  • crazydave heres a 7 round mock

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  • Mike in MD

    Hey's a NEW NT that can also play a 4-3 DT that's projected to be a 1st Rounder. This is the BIGGEST NOSE TACKLE/DEFENSIVE TACKLE I'VE EVER HEARD OF. (6-5/367 LBS…are you kidding me?????) He's rising up the charts fast…… Plus if he plays well IN THE SEC, HE IS LEGIT. (But I don't know yet if you can consider him a top 10 pick & foresee him as a close to can't miss starter with the potential to be "special".)


    NFL Draft: Surprising Prospects Pop Up

    Every season, prospects come out of nowhere to become some of the country’s brightest stars and potential highly rated prospects. Mike Lombardi, Andrew Brandt and Wes Bunting of take a look at the year’s top surprises for our NFL Draft Partner,


    DT Terrence Cody, Alabama

    THE BUZZ: We had Cody, a junior, in our top-100 prospect list to start the year and took some grief. But his combination of size (6-5/367) and power simply was too much to overlook. Now, scouts are jumping all over this mammoth nose tackle, who has single-handedly made Alabama one of the toughest units to run against in the nation. Cody is an ideal run-stuffer who has the body control and agility to play in a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense. He looks like a real difference-maker and is the type of player you can build a defense around at the next level. After his tremendous play during the first half of the season, we are willing to bet he doesn’t get past the first 10 picks come draft time.

  • Top Jimmy

    Mike in MD

    I completely agree thatwe should be developing a young qb. However, i think our draft record shows a lack of quality picks and tend to pass over key area's in the draft. Warner's numbers are great and i'll think he'd do ok but i could also see a NYG disaster like before.

  • If anyone saw the Texas Tech Red Raiders beat the Longhorns in Lubbock on Saturday, you saw two guys own the Longhorns. Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree showed that if they can run the table and beat both Oklahoma State and Oklahoma their stock will rise come draft day. Crabtree had been bothered by a sprained ankle early in the game but gutted out a stellar performance against a tough Texas team that would not quit. With one second left in the game Crabtree pulled in a Harrell pass on the sidelines and then broke away from two defenders, stayed in bounds and scored. Crabtree showed great hands, strength and awareness on the reception and Harrell showed great poise and confidence in Crabtree to make the catch. Harrell, I believe showed a lot of poise and guts and led the Red Raiders all night even when Texas was mounting a comeback. The most impressive aspect from Harrel was his placement of his passes and knowing where all his targets on the field were the whole night. It did'nt matter if it was slants, cross patterns or the back shoulder fade. There were more than a handful of times that the Longhorn defenders never even saw the ball coming. Harrell finished 36 of 53 for 474 yds and 2 TD's while Crabtree finished with 10 grbs for 127 yds. and 1 TD (possibly the biggest in Texas Tech history). Hopefully when the draft comes around these two guys will at least be on the radar of the Niners…

  • TWF

    I hope and pray that Ron Riviera brings the intensity to the Bolts that the legend that is Mike Singletary has brought to the Niners. What a legend that guy is. I guarantee that if the front office backs Singletary in regards to player personnel, this team will be really good again in a few years.


  • TWF

    I hope and pray that Ron Rivera brings the intensity to the Bolts that the legend that is Mike Singletary has brought to the Niners. What a legend that guy is. I guarantee that if the front office backs Singletary in regards to player personnel, this team will be really good again in a few years.


  • Mike in MD

    James….nice observations. I’ll be keeping my eye out. I liked what little I saw on Crabtree because of that ankle problem early in the game. I switched back & forth between the Oklahoma game checking out Sam Bradford. Harrell I believe is projected as a 3rd Rounder. He could be a steal. Sounds like his throws are legit & it’s not entirely Leach’s system that makes him. You were talking about that before & that was the 1st time I saw Texas Tech play. That Offense was impressive plus their running game was effective too. So the question I want to verify ….is it the system that makes these 2 or are these 2 legit for ANY system??

    From what your saying it’s for any system. I’ll keep in mind what you said about these guys when I watch them. To me Crabtree looked real good. Quick, explosive, smart, & good hands. He looks dangerous in the red zone. I wish I saw that last TD late in the game you were talking about.

    West…check out this link on your boy Colt. This has your guy too James. Some good info. The article is about evaluating QB’s…….


  • West

    Mike n MD…..thats what i like to see! I just hope the 9ers dont mess it up….If McCoy is there da 9ers better grab him

  • crazydave

    My personal opinion is that we take an offensive tackle in the first round (we need badly)if we can if not take a inside linebacker or corner in the first round maybe V.D'S brother if he comes out or even a top notch safety we been lacking for years that can cover.we got so many damn needs with only 7 picks that i know about.

  • West

    crazydave…who is V.D'S brother…team, name?

  • Niner Pundit

    West…Vontae Davis. I believe he is at Illinois.

  • West


  • West

    There should be no Raider fans speaking on Alex da bust after Russels 38 passing yards…Raiders total offense 70 something yards…. Didn’t even get the length of da field!…Classic

  • crazydave

    davis brother is a corner and runs a 4.35 and is 5-11 but i think he is only a junior but he can play any postion in the secondary i read and if he comes out early he might be in the top 20 but i just hope hes not like his older brother and likes to show boat alot.

  • Mike in MD

    West…no doubt man they should grab McCoy if he's there in the 2nd. Same with Harrell. Now if they're both there that'll be tough. I'd be happy with either one. Try to get our OT in the 1st.

    I got that site from a SJose Merc blogger. That article sold me on what to look for first in a future franchise QB. Makes total sense. Completion percentage coupled with a minimum of 37 games started says your both accurate(%) & legit (# of games started, 37 sounds more than enough to satisfactorily judge a college QB by). Course there's the other stuff to consider too..leadership qualities, level of play in big games, character, competitiveness, love of football, etc.

  • Why do the Niners need another TE, I know he may neve get on the field but what is the point. And of all things to sign a TE they waive the only true fullback that they had on roster or on practice squad. The last time I checked the Niners have three TE's, one that is a questionable bust, one that is not healthy and not consistant and one that comes in only to run block.(Also I wonder if the Niner coaching staff has caught on that when Bajema comes in the game, its like publicly advertising that a run is coming.)

  • Mike in MD

    James…you’ve got me keeping an eye out on Harrell now. Here’s what Mike Lombardi said about him. Backs up the good things you’ve been saying (not that I doubted you)…………..

    “I think Graham Harrell is the real deal. And all of this stuff about him being a system quarterback is just bull. All NFL teams run the shot gun and run some form of that offense now. He is actually more prepared than most people may think.”


    Yeah I agree about that tight end. 4 now??? We need a REAL FB that will blow up these LB’s. Keasey??? Pleease. I was on the brink but this past week thinking about it all….Joe was right. It’s been 4 YEARS & ALL WE HAVE IS MOSTLY CRAP. MCCLUELESS HAS GOT TO GO!! THE 1ST 3 YEARS WAS 50/50 HIM & NOLAN. EVEN THIS LAST YEAR’S DRAFT SUCKED..NO STARTERS ESP WITH OUR 1ST & 2ND PICK. Then McCloughan says things like…he believes we have a good roster that can win & he’s happy to have Sean Hill as our #2. This guy needs to wake up to reality. This roster SUCKS & has many holes left & right thanks to these losers. The list of bad draft picks & FA’s is LONG. MCCLOUGHAN NEEDS TO BE FIRED ASAP AFTER THIS SEASON!!!

  • joe gomez

    McClueless…haha.. thats a good one Mike. Its sad that many teams out there has a backup QB who is better than our starting QB. A good example is when Roethlisberger when out, Leftwich stepped right in and won. I hate to say it but even backup QB Cassell from NE is looking better than any of our QB’s. To give our guys credit, we probably have one of the most pathetic O-Lines in football. This franchise will be FUCKED UP as long as the Yorks are the owners plain and simple.