Let York Know How You Feel

Not sure if this will make a lick of difference, but for those out there that want a change at the head coaching position. Email owner John York and let him know how you feel.

So feel free to email him if you are feed up with the job Nolan is doing. Please keep the emails civil, respectful and let York know Nolan needs to go. Try to refrain from calling York names (that is if you disapprove of him as an owner) this isn’t about that, this is about head coach Mike Nolan and the horrendous job he is doing on Sundays. Let start by getting rid of Nolan, then going from there.

Email Dr. York

Born and raised a diehard Niner fan. I have nothing better to do with my time than sit here and cram my opinions down everyone's throat.
  • 9nerfan

    I told him just give up the team to young and jones or that prince who is a niner fan. then i said get the fuck out of town and take nolan with you. im sick of losing year after year. time for change is now. not 2morro, not next week, NOW!!!!!!!!

  • ninerfaithful

    i love the niners no matter but nolan has to go next season

  • Jordan

    Well now there’s a bright idea.

    God, sometimes I’m really glad this team has been so horrid because of how unfathomably stupid most of its fans are.

  • ShaneO

    did i miss beasts and bitches this week or was there just too many bitches to mention??

  • 9nerfan

    STUPID! on dont know what team you been watching for the past years now but for me i cant stand losing.
    and it all starts at the top. what the fuck does york know about football. absolutely nothing. i see you havent seen any interviews from past players about york and how this team is manage. so b4 you open your mouth, know some facts. or on you still on the nolan band wagon you studid fuck.

  • Marv

    Being a Niner fan makes me sick sometimes.

    Our fans are spoiled ignorant children.

    It so easy to blame the coach…or “fire the owner” (and this was not to long ago)..and ignore the big picture here.

    For example, we have gotten zero impact out of our important mid round picks. Perhaps Scotty takes some blame too? Shall we start an email thread to York about him?

    No, that required independent rational thought. Lets all just use our groupthink and email York to fire Nolan.

    While we are at it, can we all cut and paste the same letter? I’d hate to ask someone to actually think.

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  • 9nerfan

    i was just saying that i dont like how the yorks are running the team. the only reason why they got it is because eddie had to give it up. who wouldnt want young and jones running the team. i mean they were both winners as players so they know what it would take for this team to win. i would put money down on that they know way more about football than the yorks can ever know. i dont think that they even care about this team going anywhere. thats just my opinion. and of course mike nolan just has to go. and about that prince, i just threw his name in there. i know he got money to spend.

  • Lowrance

    Thank you for the email link.

  • joe gomez

    Marv, McCloughan shares alot of the blame for our horrible picks. He’s the GM.

  • Daniel Hernandez

    Mr. York i think you should fire Mike Nolan because i think were losing because of him. He is not a very good coach let martz or singletary take over just fire nolan.

    Just Fire Nolan