Kirtman Replaces Keasey

The 49ers filled the spot left vacant by Keasey going on the IR, by signing fullback David Kirtman, off the Chargers practice squad. Yes ladies and gentleman the great Kirtman is finally in red and gold.

Kirtman spent the ’06 and ’07 season with the Seahawks where he saw action in a whole six games. This signing comes as a surprise to us, because Kirtman has never been on the Baltimore Ravens team or practice squad.

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  • gee-ray

    what!! keasey is irreplacable on our team.

  • ninerfaithful

    i always pick this guy up on madden a a free agent to help bloster my roster lol funny stuff

  • marksmen

    well this guy i think is alot better than ivy-league fag zak keasey, this guys comes from USC baby born in frisco!

  • gee-ray

    does anyone think we have a shot at going to the superbowl now that keasey is done for the year? thoughts

  • mike

    where was Norris??

  • Niner Pundit

    mike Norris signed with Lions

  • AM

    Make fun of Kirtman all you want, but he is the perfect pickup. Back in his usc days he was blocking for reggie bush and lendale white and i believe they did alright. In addition he was always catching balls out of the backfield, which is what martz wants in a fullback. Big upgrade from keasey.

  • AM

    i still think we should go with mrob tho. he destroys people on special teams. great blocks. and we all know he can do stuff with the ball in open space.

  • Billy

    I agree Am Kirtman is pretty good pick up, but I liked what I saw from Micheal Robinson against the Eagles

  • FaStRmAn

    Man, here we are again hoping beyond all hope that scrub pickups from the waiver wire are somehow going to make a difference