Keeps Getting Better, Warhop Fired

Man can this day get any better. First we find out Mike Nolan has been fired and now after further reading I’ve found out that OL Coach George Warhop was fired as well. About damned time. He should have been sent packing when Kwame was.

Assistant offensive line coach Chris Foerster will take over as offensive line coach.

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  • firen

    Now that it is over and done with I don’t know whether to feel elated or disappointed that we waited so long. Seattle will look good going into the bye week. What chance do we have now? You know what? I say Mike Holmgren should just leave the seahawks and come over to Ninerland. Might as well. Right? = /

  • Mike in MD

    Niner Pundit..thanks man. Is this an awesome sign or what?? Are the Yorks finally starting to get it???? What a bonus!!


  • Rob

    I agree with firen, this is all great news, but it should have been done long ago. Now, we are looking at another lost season. I mean, I have high hopes for Singletary, but it would be nothing short of a miracle for him to take us 9-0 or 8-1 and into the playoffs. And, if he does, please sign that man to a 10 year contract in the offseason and keep him in San Francisco…

  • Lowrance

    Does Mckittrick have a son?

  • warhop lost his job when martz brough over jt from detroit. break down those game tapes and tell me that 70% of those sacks aren’t directly attributed to the quarter back.

  • Billy

    I think Jt likes the pressure I saw a few plays where protection was perfect yet he rolls out of the pocket and throws the ball like an idiot instead of taking the 5 yds in front of him if happened in the 4th quarter last week.

    Shit man Im so happy Seahawks are going down!! But agh we have to HAVE a BYE!!!! On the bright side Singletary can get this team on track GO 49ers!!

  • gee-ray

    wendell, no way. jto is running for his life because the line collapses so fast.

  • cool video, i think it definitely proves your point.