Hill Time?

ESPNews is reporting that Mike Nolan may bench JT O’Sullivan in favor of Shaun Hill next week.

It appears as if Nolan is desperate for anything now in order to save his job.

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  • Lowrance

    We all hoped JT would improve. But his decision making really worries me. Still holding the ball too long, still throwing into coverage, and not reading defenses.

    Man, he had Gore open at the ten and goes for it all. He has a defensive end coming down on him, and he doesn't even attempt to throw it away. 2 consecutive games he runs out of bounds on 4th down without even throwing???

    Give Hill that chance. He performed well last year when healthy. Couldn't hurt.

  • Hill will not improve this offense, the o-line simply can not hold their own. The quick pass game could help either QB. However I do remember that when Hill was in last year there was life and fire in the players.

  • gigi

    if only alex hadnt of faked an injury.

  • Mike

    Who cares, this team is no longer worth watching. I’ve been watching the Niners for over 30 years now and I can’t remember being this pissed off.

  • Gman

    J.Turn Over’Sullivan must be benched! This team is on the verge of quiting I see it in their body langauge. No Emotion whatso ever. Nolan must be FIRED to try and salvage this horrible season.

  • Rob

    Hey, Hill did much better coming off the bench last year than O’Sullivan has done so far. While I don’t think Hill is the answer (certainly not long term), why not throw him in there and see what he can do? Anyone else think we should have gone after Favre before the season? Sure, we would still have a mediocre coach on the sideline, but at least we would have a real QB on the roster, which I think would make us a contender, not the laughingstock of the league, like we are right now.

    Personally, I give up. Until they do indeed replace the QB AND the head coach, I’m not watching any more 49ers games. Hopefully, those two actions will take place sooner instead of later. And, yes, St. Louis is the perfect example of what can happen when you have the balls to fire a coach that should have been fired a long time ago. Oh, and Singelary would absolutely be for this team what Haslett is for St. Louis. Let’s do it! Someone, pull the trigger, please!

  • ninerfaithful

    Colt Mccoy thats all i can say

  • J-Mack

    I say we get rid of the whole fuckin’ O-Line because they aren’t protecting anybody. how do you expect to win if you can’t give your quarterback any time to throw. We need to put Hill in at QB and see what he can do, and start Josh Morgan as the 2nd WR. I know he dropped a key pass last week, but he was our leading reciever in the game.