Hill Named Starter

Backup quarterback Shaun Hill has been named the starter according to numerous sources. Seems like only yesterday that Hill was getting the nod because Trent Dilfer sucked.

Talk about Deja Vu.

Coach Mike Singletary informed the quarterbacks Monday afternoon that Shaun Hill will replace J.T. O’Sullivan as the team’s starter for the Monday, Nov. 10, game against the Arizona Cardinals.

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  • Lowrance

    Based on his play last year, I think this is well overdue.

    I wanted JT to succeed but the turnovers can't be overlooked anymore. There's no way we win with his single game multi turnovers…. they were killing us.

    If he stays healthy, I think Hill will do well.

    Can we find a great free agent tackle?

  • FunkyFrank

    I agree 100% Lowrance. I am loving what is happening with Coach Sing at the helm. Nolan is a good person, but it is now becoming more evident that the players had lost a good deal of respect for him, and it takes more than just a good person to lead a football team.

    There is a lot of work to be done. Hill is a great move in my opinion. I was very happy with the production he gave us in the 2nd half of the Seattle game. Everyone is saying "hey, we need a free agent QB or draft one next year… blah blah blah" before Hill even gets a worthwhile chance. From what I remember, he did well last year. I think he will continue to do so this year, but if not, then the naysayers are likely correct. I'm putting my faith in the decisions Coach Sing makes. We still have a legitimate shot if we can get a few things to go our way. With the STL resurgence, I think they can pull out a win at home against AZ. Go Niners!

  • SDNinerFan

    Not that it mattered in the end, but it was nice to see that we actually still had all of our timeouts left towards the end of the game. Definately not something you would have seen had Nolan still been HC. I liked his philosophy regarding hiring character players and the general direction he was taking this team, but he lacked making key game time decisions.

  • ninerfaithful

    i just wish shaun would have been in place already rather than JT i like what i seen but Jt turns over and his emotion dies very easy we need someone who is able to put together a solid drive with out chancing a turn over in the redzone or being able to drop it to the check down rather than look like a unorganized jumble mess that Jt looks evey time he is flushed out of the pocket i am interested to see how the offense looks with hill under center we need a RT