Good to See Some Things Never Change

That is unless your name is JT O’Sullivan or Vernon Davis.

It should come as no surprise that the 49ers lost their 5th in a row, can’t blame Nolan this time, but we can blame JT O’Turnover. In Mike Singletary’s first game as head coach, his starting quarterback gave him no help as he fumbled twice and had an interception returned for a touchdown. After that it was pretty much over. The second half did have some enjoyment for a little while, thanks to Shaun Hill who did something JT couldn’t, got seven points on the board and didn’t turn the ball over.

I hope from here on out Singletary goes with Hill as quarterback and keeps JT where he belongs on the bench.

Also nice to see Singletary kick Vernon Davis off the sidelines, that is one thing Nolan would have never done.

Hopefully the 49ers take the bye week and make some changes, if they can. They need drastic changes on the O-line, they need to find out how to pressure the quarterback and they need to get Hill up to speed on the offense, because at this time he is clearly the better quarterback.

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  • James Jones

    Joe the above comment was sent by me from a friends computer, just to let you know my man.

  • firen

    That was horrendous, regardless of the stats that game was UGLY!

  • seekret_sauce

    Yay…what’s more sad is that my GF’s fucking team is fucking undefuckingfeated…I have to hear it again from her this week…2-6…great. Oh well..NBA season is going to begin soon.

  • Mike M

    Our offensive line could not stop a snowflake! We are screwed! Oh well. There is always a #1 draft pick.

  • seekret_sauce

    I don’t get to watch all the games because I’m not in the area but it seems to me that there’s no trust within the team.

    Defense probably doesn’t wanna give their all on every play because they know they’ll be out on the field again within 5mins. So many turnovers that maybe the WRs might not wanna go 100% as well because when they turn QB is sacked. IDK I’m just guessing..

  • joe gomez

    JTO can get downfield better than Hill so hes a better fit for Martz’s system. Hill is more for a West Coast offense, he takes what the defense gives him. Martz would have to change a few things if were gonna stick with Hill. JTO has never learned to protect the ball and still is throwing the ball where he has no business throwing into. I have finally given up on him although if Hill starts failing do we turn to Jamie Martin? We dont have much options, if only JTO can fix his turnover problem he is the best to run Martz’s offense. The defense has alot of problems. Cant stop the 3rd down play again, something must be done. The O-line is a big mess, who knows what were gonna do. I would put in Keith Lewis in there, atleast he plays with passion and urgency. Roman sucks and I dont know about the other Lewis, I havent seen a big play from him since he got here. Clements continues to make plays here and there and Harris had a decent game although I think his age has definitely is catching up to him. I think they should throw in Chilo Rachal now. If hes our future then they need to find a way to get him on the field. What I will blame the coaches for is again we had a ton of penalties. This team doesnt have any discipline and we will soon see if Singletary can instill some discipline during the bye week. We are in last place in our division now so its looking like a top 3 pick next year unless Singletary can pull off a miracle.

  • DeeKon52

    No blitzing, turnovers, fullbacks catching 120+ yards, and frank had a great game..No hope..maybe in a couple years we can have a winning record..I hope we get colt mccoy in two years, or sam bradford

  • crazydave

    the only positive i seen in this game is Hill.Hill has won us games b4 i thought he would be the starter at some point and i agree that Sullivan is a better down field passer but thats whats killing our “O” line is the down field passing we are built for the west coast offense and power running game and we are not doing of course we are gonna get sacked alot with the down field passing,when we do it continuously.

  • Lowrance

    I agree, keep Hill in at QB. JT makes WAY too many turnovers. You can’t win like that. Hill guided us well when he was in there. Give him time and he’ll get those deep balls. (When we finally get some protection!)

    And good for Singletary kicking VD out. Disapline players and team players is what we need.

  • Eliphion

    We are the 49ers. We make… your team… look great.

  • saul silver

    this franchise desperately needs a quarterback!Hill is the best answer for right now.O’sullivan makes good throws but turns the ball over way too much,and Alex Smith is not the answer either.We need to wait till 2010 to get McCoy.

  • joe gomez

    Mike… a #1 draft pick isnt always good news especially when we got Scott “cant pick shit” McCloughan.

  • Gizmo

    I tried to tell you guys he would not put up with attitude from players with my TO comment a couple days ago. We got beat by Seneca fucking Wallace. PATHETIC!!!!!

  • saul silver

    Colt McCoy,Sam Bradford,Grahm Harrell,Todd reesing,michael Crabtree,Ray Mahleluga,Brian Oracpo,Malcom Jenkins,George Selvie,Jeremy Maclin,…….we need to draft at least one of these guys.

  • A True Niner Fan

    Ive wanted Shaun Hill as our QB since Last Year when he played in those 3 games and won 2 of em…and who says he cant throw the ball down the field….did anybody see that 34 yard strike he threw to Jason Hill?….as long as he gets time I think he can be a dangerous QB that will pick teams apart….hes defintley the right guy for the job….to bad this game was too little too late as JT’s Mistakes put us in a Big Hole that we just couldnt dig ourselves out of

  • gee-ray

    joe gomez.. i heard justin smith's name called on sunday.

  • crazydave

    hahahahahaha i just watched the Singletary interview…i laughed my ass off at the V.D. comment… he told him he would be better if he took a shower and came back and watched from the side lines..lmao

  • ShaneO

    True niner fan:

    i agree Hill played great but not for being down 3 scores. he runs a slower piece by piece offense. The D must have been thanking heaven when the 49ers put together a drive that acctually last more than 5 minutes. problem is you cant do that when ur down 3 scores in teh second half. its unfair to totally judge Singletary after this game with no time to prepare. i cant wait to see what the team looks like after the bye and what hill could do in a 0-0 game.

    lastly does anyone one think jason hill played more cuz single likes him (which i do too… DEEP THREAT) or cuz battle got hurt?? we shall see… lets see some more hill to hill conections!!

  • webehighrollin

    He (Singletary) also wouldn’t commit to when he might be ready to even speak to Davis again. When the tight end tried to approach Singletary after the game, the coach told him, “You don’t want to talk to me right now.”


  • Doc Iac

    finally int’sullevin is done, davis said all the right things after the game, problem is no qb…..hill??? come on dont get on his nuts like alot of u guys did with int’sullevin and 3 weeks later call for his head, but i will admit, anything is better than int’sullevin, this draft hopefuklly we can get a good qb,

  • Medford

    The best thing about the game was Singletary its about time I heard a coach get pissed off like he did. This week was a tough week for this team I think after the bye week they will play better they better or they will be put on the bench.

  • Medford

    Maybe next year Scot M wont be drafting for depth. We need O-line big time Adam Synder got worked all day wat a pussy. I doubt they will draft a QB with the #1 pick its to risky look at alex smith

  • golden elbows

    Hey jason littlenutz, did you watch the whole game? Did you watch every second? Guess what I did? and we stink? ooppps wait. I guess i just jumped off the bandwagon and that means im not a true fan. Right?

  • joe gomez

    Just watched Singletary’s presser… man I wouldnt want to piss off that guy. I have never seen a coach with so much passion and emotion in a long time with this team. Probably never. Hes promised things will change, I guess it will just take time. Too bad he cant fire McCloughans ass before next years draft. York wont do it either, so I guess were stuck with Scott ‘cant see talent’ McCloughan.

  • joe gomez

    A couple guys who Scott “cant see talent” McCloughan failed to go after had MONSTER games today…

    1) Drew Brees, I wished we threw money at this guy when he left San Diego. Ofcourse we were still stuck in the Alex Smith project but fuck we couldve brought him in to compete with Smith. Compete? yea thats a fucking joke, he wouldve blown Alex out of Candlestick.

    2) Jerry Porter (Currently has 10 sacks), dont know what happened here. Thought he was in our radar and for some reason we didnt land him or A. Thomas. I didnt hear Justin Smith’s name called once today.

    As long as we got a fucking moron as GM I dont think well ever get it right.

  • Elgin

    Joe I really think you might be being a little hard on McClougan. Again man Nolan had final say over all personnel decisions before the end of last season.

    As far as Brees goes there was never even any interest in him coming to the 49ers, there was no way to know that things were going to go the way they did with Smith, hindsight is always 20/20.

    Also with Thomas, he opted to sign with New England after the 49ers met with him and if I’m not mistaken the team even offered him a more lucrative contract but he opted to sign with the Pats instead, nothing McCloughan could have done about that.

  • Rob

    Well, I was hoping for better for Singletary's first game, but I guess it is tough doing what he did this week with such little time. So, hopefully, the bye week will help him be more ready for the Cards. But, I definitely saw some good things this week. Like finally benching O'Sullivan. Ok, we gave him his due. But, even if a QB makes great plays (which, admittedly, JTO does), what does it matter when he just turns the ball over a few plays later? Hill has never really gotten a chance to show what he can do, in my opinion. So, let's see what happens when he's in. We are still 2-0 with him as a starter, after all. I still wonder if he can stay healthy. And, I know he is not the long term answer. But, since the draft is still a long way away, he is our best option right now. Also, it was nice to see Singletary finally put Davis in his place. Davis needs to grow up and stop doing stupid stuff like he did yesterday. Nolan, for some reason, never did anything about him. It's time someone finally drops the hammer on his crap.

    So, while this season is definitely lost (again), I hope Singetary can build in things that happened this week, string some wins together, and finally give us some hope for next year. Because I am getting sick of always having to look forward to next year halfway through the season…

  • pintor98–SF

    Joe Nolan and MC Clueless went after TBC instead of Joey Porter who wanted to play with the 49ers and lives in Fresno.

  • Lowrance

    Singletary now has 2 weeks to put a little of his stamp on this team. I’m sure the respect and disapline will be covered as well, LOL.
    Looking forward to the change in attitude.

  • joe gomez

    gee-ray.. oh so you did hear his name? im sure it wasnt for a sack though am I right? Yea James, I understand what your saying, I blame both Nolan AND Scott are to blame for all the lousy picks and Nolan isnt here anymore so Scott is the only one left to answer for all the lousy picks. As far as our new head coach, Singletary is a fiery and passionate motivator but he is the one that prepared this team for yesterday and we got blown the fuck out. Theres just no talent on this team to win against even sorry teams. No pass rush, No blocking, Secondary sucks. How many times will a no name mother fucker catch balls on us like theyre Jerry Rice or something. We must have the 2 most pathetic safeties in football right now. Especially M. Lewis, he got burnt so bad he looked like he was playing pee wee football. Its not all Singletary’s fault because we just dont have much talent period and I blame the guys who brought them here. One guys gone and one guys still here. They got lucky on Gore and Willis was a no brainer (which is a surprise because they usually blow no brainers). It looks like we probably have a top 5 pick next year and we have this idiot Scott involved in the draft process. Its just a scary thought because theres a 99.9% chance hes going to blow it out his ass again.

  • joe gomez

    Bottom line folks is there isnt enough TALENT on this team to be competitive. Almost every position except RB lacks talent. O-Line, D-Line, Secondary (especially the safeties), WR’s (nobody can strecth the field or get good separation). That comes down to the higher ups who brought the people in. So since Nolan is gone already FUCK YOU MCCLOUGHAN!!!!! Thanks for the players you shouldve picked but didnt and thanks for the pathetic guys you did bring in.
    Just to name a few….

    Jonas Jennings (Not doing shit)
    David Baas (Sorry)
    Adam Snyder (Sorry)
    Barry Sims (Sorry)
    Chilo Rachal (Havent even seen the field yet)
    K. Balmer (Pathetic)
    B. Johnson (Injury Prone)
    I. Bruce (Old)
    M. Lewis (Sorry)
    M. Roman (Sorry)
    J. Staley (Average)
    J. Moore (Injury Prone)
    Brandon Williams (Ghetto)
    M. Robinson (Special Tmr)
    A. Smith (Bust)


    Joey Porter lives in Fresno???? Why would anyone want to live in that shithole.

  • West

    anyone notice………Bass G,Brown DB played……..Snyder should play RT until Jennings decides to play, IF he decides

    9ers had ARI, RAMS, lose We dropped da ball on dis one!

  • I just received a text from 49erfaithful that Shaun Hill will be the starter against the Cards. I'm also watching MNF and I also have NFL Sunday Ticket so that I can watch my Niners play. It seems to me that every game I watch the other players seem to have more fire and are moving with more of a sense of urgency. I also see a lot of players that were drafted late in rounds and players that were really never heard from that are now stars and play at such a high level. It makes me wonder if the Niners can not evaluate talent or if the players that are here just are not that good. I truly believe that a lot of what happens to the 49ers is of their own doing. When something good happens there is something that negates it, a hold, false start, fumble or an int. It also has a lot to do with the gameplan. Why does the defense not blitz more, when they did it against Seattle and in the past it caused bad passes and got the defense off the field. I mean the Niners were playing against Seneca Wallace and let him just stand there and pick the defense apart. Has anyone seen the front four get pressure without any help from a blitzing linebacker or safety. I have not seen any of the front four beat the opposing o-line and get a sack on the QB. And when is Martz going to stop calling pass plays where the Staley and Simms are left on and island by themselves to block a DE, THEY CAN NOT DO IT…..

  • pintor98–SF

    I really hope after the bye that #50 BIG MIKE makes some changes. I can’t believe we resigned heitman he SUCKS! Our O-Line should be Staley, Rachel,Heitman since we re-signed him,Baas,Jennings. As much as people hate Jennings he is easily our best lineman. I just hope he can stay healthy. Our Wr should be Morgan and J Hill let them start growing up. What’s the point of losing with a bunch of 35yr olds. I can live with the growing pains as long as I see improvement. Our Defense line should be McDonald,Soap or Franklin they both suck, J Smith. LB’s Lawson,Willis,Spikes,Haralson. Our SS R Smith and FS Goldston.

    Looks like will be picking top 5-10 again. QB Stafford, Bradford or OT Oher,Smith,Monroe

    Can’t wait til this season is over!!!!!! Welcome home Mike Holmgen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Nolan

    From the standpoint that the 49ers made some great plays, they did an ok job. From the standpoint that the 49ers lost, im glad I lost my job.

    To all of you out there that was so happy when I got fired and to all of you out there typing on the internets in forums and blogs, from the standpoint that you will probably be ranked last in your division without me as your head coach, haha.

    From the standpoint that the Niners will continue to lose, at least when I was coach we could be the Seahawks. And from that standpoint, and from the standpoint that the Niners under .500 record at years end will show that the 49ers’ losing ways werent my fault.

    From the standpoint of whos fault it is… Call up the Yorks and tell them to stop hiring and firing coaches and to stop hiring people in front office positions who know nothing about football and more importantly, stop thinking about bringing on board Condi Rice to get the stadium together. From the standpoint of how to make the Niners better…. SELL THE F-ING TEAM TO SOMEONE WHO CARES ABOUT WINNING! And after that happens, the 49ers may be a team that can win, from an owners standpoint.

    BTW, Alex Smith is laughing his ass off right now all the while making bank. And from that standpoint I say LOL!

  • joe gomez

    Pintor98… Oh thanks for reminding me of Tully Banta Cant Sack Cain… what a waste.

  • Holmgram aint coaching for us next year……..He will be taking a year off, plus can Sing get more than 1 game….

    If it was up to some of you fans we would have a new coach every year, maybe 2 a year

  • joe gomez

    james v, plain and simple the d-line is pathetic and we cant blitz on every play so were pretty much screwed on defense this year. we need to change our whole scheme and also some personnel changes because apparently this scheme with the players in there isnt working.

  • I absolutely agree joe gomez, it seems to me that sometimes these players seem to try to do too much and end up making mistakes. They need to keep pressing so much and just go out and play. They are paying Clements and Harris a lot of money, make them earn it and play one on one. If they can shut down Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams, they should be able to hold their own. I can count how many times the defense blitzed on one hand, when they did good things happened. I don’t understand the defensive play calling.