Does it Really Matter

Zak Keasey is going to be place on IR with a torn biceps. Does this really make a damn bit of difference for this team. Nope, not at all.

Keasey like Nolan’s vanilla defense has produced jackshit. With Keasey on IR they now have no true fullback but do have other offensive packages which feature players players like Delanie Walker, Billy Bajema, Arnaz Battle and Michael Robinson.

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  • young gun

    who gives a fuck? our season is lost….. as long as nolans coach!!!

  • Vin

    I like Norris better…. is he still around? He blocked well for Frank. He cant catch for sheet but at least if we decide to run on 3rd & 2 we might actually get a first down!

  • wendell

    agreed, i liked norris more. they haven’t even used keasay that much..

  • MSouza

    I think this means we will see a lot more Robinson now, which I am for, so I would say it makes a difference.

  • jon

    exactly. keasey hasn’t done jack. yawn. who cares…we could cut him for all I care and it wouldn’t make one bit of a difference.

  • geeray

    yeah.. michael robinson should fill in well. he had a few nice plays sunday.

  • Medford

    Moran Norris signed with the Lions last week. Does it really matter Manning and Brandon Jacobs r going to kill us anyway. If u play 15yards off the Wr’s u will not be able to stop anyone. If the defense had any balls maybe we would have a better record right now but we suck on d. Its not all JTO’s fault he always has to make comebacks in the 4th qtr which he isnt good at. But whos r choice JTO or Hill?

  • AM

    I want to see mrob fuck some people up at fb, just like he does on special teams.

  • Zak Keasey is one of our best Special Teams tacklers, like MRob. We don’t really miss much at Fullback, but we will miss him on coverage.

  • pintor98–SF

    The Football Gods are on our side. To even have him starting at FB is a joke. Norris was a lot better blocker. That's why we can't get the tough yards, no battering ram.