With the 10th pick the 49ers select

With the 10th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft the 49ers select…..

My guess is Taylor Mays.


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  • crazydave

    Offensive tackle(biggest need in my personal opinion) or cornerback(to replace Walt Harris soon) or even a inside linebacker or big play saftey that can cover i think second round would be the best bet for a quarterback since there is no big names in this years draft thats been consistant for over one year in my personal opinion.Kinda hoping we might make a run at terrel suggs but dont know since we dont have Mike Nolan here any more picking at ravens roster. .

  • DeeKon52

    I say since all the good quarterbacks are sophmores this year, except graham harrel, the niners should look to lock up a big nose tackle. I’m not even sure if there are any outstanding ones out there though.

  • DeeKon52

    A great lineman wouldn’t be bad either

  • Eric

    lets face it the niners have a lot of needs to address…line has looked terrible and this years tackle class is looking really good, so i wouldnt mind picking one of these…there are several top cb's too such as malcolm jenkins and vontae davis (even though it is vernon's brother)…id liek to see who all commits out of those amazing big 12 qb's before we waste a first rounder on one of those, but in my opinion qb is our number one need…maybe if hill does decent this last part of the year we can bide our time with him for one more season and then get a qb next year…that would probably be the best scenario so that we can fill other position needs this year

  • Mike in MD

    Good call Pundit.

    My 1ST ROUND choices…

    1) Michael Oher / OT / Ole Miss

    2) Sam Bradford / QB / Oklahoma – IF HE CONTINUES TO PLAY WELL & FINISHES STRONG THIS YEAR SIMILAR TO HIS FRESHMAN YEAR. Our QB/Offensive scouts-experts & league wide conscensus has to agree he’s close to a can’t miss Elway/PManning/Palmer type.


    3) Possibly Eugene Monroe / OT / Virginia Tech

    4) Rey Maualuga / ILB / USC

    5) Michael Crabtree / WR / Texas Tech

    8) The best DL on the board – must ask if he’s worthy of a top 10 pick.

    9) The best free safety on the board – same comment as above.

    My FA choices…

    1) Albert Haynesworth / DT / Titans

    2) Nnamdi Asomugha / CB / Raiders – close to, IF NOT, the best CB in the game today. Hardly anyone throws to his side which is why you don’t hear about him. Make him the #1, Nate the #2 CB.

    3) Julius Peppers / DE / Carolina

    4) TSuggs / Rush OLB / Ravens – IF WE STICK WITH THE 3-4D.

    5) Kurt Warner / QB / Cards – stop gap QB for 1-2 years while we develop our future franchise QB. Will be a bidding war. He wants to start & WILL DO SO HERE. MVP numbers this year & last year. Still playing at a very high level.

    6) Jeff Garcia / QB / Bucs – 2nd option stop gap QB for 1-2 years.

  • Ninerfan81

    That’s very strange because I was just looking at who’s available and Taylor Mays would be a great fit with all the skills that he brings to the table.

    We definetly need some help in the FS area and with his size we could use him to rush the passer. Yes Taylor Mays would be a great fit and another former USC Free Safety Ronnie Lott would agree.

  • willis#1fan

    the niners need to go after usc linebacker that would help willis out alot, he’s young, fast and a hard hitter and a play maker. strengthen up the defense

  • gorefan1

    Niner Pundit- wat do u think about BJ Raji, the big NT out of BC? haynesworth would b a great pick up in FA cuz we need a big man in the middle to make the 3-4 work but hes goin to b super pricey.

  • jackrabbit

    for the love of God please get some offense help.singletary has done a good job, but we 9er fans like offense.

  • Delta Rebels

    What you guys think about FA Safeties Brain Dawkins from Philly or Dawan Landry from the from Balti?

  • joe gomez

    Mike in MD, did Bradford change his mind and decide to come out for the draft. I thought he reported he was going back for his Junior year?

  • texas9er

    Hey Delta Rebels, you’re gonna have to give them some time. They are in the middle of a bi@*& fight right now.

  • West

    Delta Rebels…….. Oshiomogho Atogwe (FS) from Rams would be my 1st choice!! And Dawan Landry is a (SS) we are good with M. Lewis