Changes Coming? Let’s Hope So…

As I sat here watching the 49ers blow another contest which was very much within their reach, I recalled something I read not more then a month ago. Some might remember this piece of work which was in fact given a great deal of publicity on this fine site. It was written by a man who we have not heard anything from since and was titled “Five Reasons the San Francisco 49ers Should Keep Their Head Coach.” After viewing today’s debacle by the bay I can safely give at least 500 reasons for why this team in fact does need to fire their head effective at 5:10pm PST.


I won’t do this however, as I actually take some pride in not inducing comas in my readers, but I digress. This team needs something serious to take place in order to at least attempt to salvage the season. The 49er faithful need to awake one morning this week and see that the people who are in charge of this franchise have found the wherewithal to finally do right by the fans. Of course this was believed to have happened after the 2004 season when owner John York summarily jettisoned Dennis Erickson and Terry Donahue. A move that was not only much needed but was so well received by the masses that there was dancing in the streets of San Francisco. Alright, that was perhaps an exaggeration of sorts but I can almost guarantee that if the same scenario unfolds in the following 24 hours a dance club atmosphere will envelop this city.  


Mike Nolan came to the bay area with so much promise and gave the team reason to believe that he could turn their losing ways around. He presented a vision and focus that consequently pulled the wool over just about everyone’s eyes. His vision has done little for this his players or those who lovingly follow them on a weekly basis. The time has come to relieve a man who has been in far to over his head for the last year and a half at least. This city and the team it adores have suffered for too long and the time has come to extricate the main reason for it.


I witnessed something else yesterday aside from the 49ers losing a game they should have won, it was Nolan displaying more intensity and fire throughout the contest then has ever been seen in any full season in the last three years. Only one thought crossed my mind as Nolan berated his players on the sideline, (something I believe needs to happen from time to time) it was that this man knows his time as head coach of the 49ers is coming to an end. After having a chance to reflect on this I then thought more about where this behavior was for the last few seasons and why Nolan failed to display it before today. Too little to late was the comment that continued to find its way into my mind when seeing him vehemently scream at linebacker Tully Banta-Cain after an offside penalty was called on the player in the second half.


Banta-Cain has not even been active for games much of this season so I can see how he might have been a bit amped to even be in uniform, besides let’s be honest here, it’s not as if that one play lost the game. Once again not getting pressure on the quarterback and allowing far too much pressure to be applied to their own quarterback along with miscommunication and gaffes on offense led to the 49ers demise in this game. This team is quite simply, poorly coached. The talent that does exist is either not being utilized at the appropriate time or not at all, which leads one to ask how Nolan even has a job at this moment.


The JT O’Sullivan experiment has run its course and should be canned as of today as well. How many times can a quarterback be allowed to throw costly interceptions, ending games in which his team still has a chance to win? O’Sullivan has done it three weeks running now and if the past is any indication of the future this trend will persist as long as he is allowed to be the starter. I say give Shaun Hill a chance starting next week in New York, sure it’s a hostile environment with a raucous crowd but I see it as a perfect time to see if Hill can fare any better with this offense then the current man at the helm.


The point is that change needs to take place on this team and it needs to happen soon, whether that means a new head coach entering next weekend, a new starting quarterback or both.

  • Deekon52

    JTO and Mike Martz lost us this game. Martz went away from the run and we got a couple three and outs in the 4th quarter. We had -23 yards in the 4th quater until Josh Morgan made that sick grab. JTO threw the pick on our last drive after that Morgan catch. Nolan did have a bad challenge though which cost us the timeout. Oh yea the three shifts before the play cost us another timeout.

  • R,Craig33

    Nolan must go, even though he can be trashed about that challange call for that field goal I think that was clearly not a field goal but how much more can we take I liked his energy as a coach but he clearly should be a defensive coach but it’s time to go and now I have to live with yet another lost to these pussy ass eagles and their fans here in philly which I hate it here!

  • A True Niner Fan

    I like the Idea of Shaun Hill getting a shot at QB…..Im mean all he did last year was Win when he got called upon and thats all that matters…Winning!

  • shane

    JTO his horrible. He makes mistakes upon mistakes. I dont feel like checking so correct if you will but i think 7 Int’s with 5 Fumbles. Thats 12 turnovers. Unexceptable. Mike Martz please stay with the fucking run, it works if you didnt realize that in the first 3 quarters. Thats all i gotta say. Oh yeah and why does are defense get burned?

  • Red & Gold Fan


  • 49erguy

    Reguarding JTo at Qb: I feel JTo is our best option to run this offence. The short patterns were not opened by accedent. they were there because the niners have been hitting a lot of big plays. Jto turns the ball over when he tries to do too much. The first INT was on a third and 18 play where he tried to throw for the fist down rather than throwing underneath and letting one of his playmakers make a play.

    It is inexcusable, but unfortuntly he is the best option at Qb we have. Shaun hill does not have the tools to run this offence, he throws a weak deep ball, and teams would be able to adjust to his short passing style.

    Reguarding Nolan: i want Nolan fired as soon as possible. the problem is not the offence, it is the defence. We all thought going into the year the defence would be the strongest unit on the team, yet Noaln has found a way to screw it up by doing two things

    1) schematics. Nolan plays to his personnel’s weakness, we are designed to be an attack, bump the recievers type of team. the upside of the 3-4 is the ability to show numerous blitz packages and confuse defences, but nolan uses it as an excuse to rush three guys. Was it just me or was haralson, the team’s leading sacker, in coverage all day. Why are our corners running backward on every single play, Nate is a great press corner. WE ARE NOT A COVER 2 TEAM, our safties suck in coverage, our LB’s ore oversized, we dont have two edge rushers, and our team does not play zone defence well.

    2) Personnel packages. Noaln uses inferior personnel when he has more talent sitting on the bench, Frankland at NT is one example. Sure he can make some good plays, but he gets worn down too easily, and we have a prototypical NT in sopoaga sitting on the bench, why not work him in at NT for half the reps. Walt harris, i love walt and what he has done for the niners, but he has lost a step, and we have a guy named terrel brown who is not seeing any playing time. Mark Roman, why is goldson sittting on the bench being used in dime packages when Roman is getting burnt all day. He gets burnt over the top, he gets burnt underneath……why not let the younger more atletic players get reps and maybe help the team win.

    the point i am trying to make is we are not designed to win shootouts. We are designed to play agressive defence, and manage the game on offence. Nolan needs to be fired now, we cannot affort to make the players go into next year and have to re-learn everything…..Nolan’s record whows that we will lose two out of three reguardless, so why not put the players in a position to succeed next year

  • wendell

    fabulous post. you said what i was thinking yesterday while watching the game. i’ve never seen nolan lose it on the sideline. it’s too much intensity too late.

    is anyone reading this stuff? that post summarizes how the fans feel. it’s time for change.

  • Doc Iac

    weren’t all you guys on int’sullevins nuts before when he had 2 good games? people on this sight change more then day and night, u loved Nolan now blame him for everything, i live in new york and im goin to the game this weekend just to see them get blown out…..this is gonna be ricidulas

  • at what point do we acknowledger that the yorks made a mistake in bringing back nolan? at what point do we accept that football is a team game? so if the defense isn’t getting it done, can you only blame the players?

    no disrespect to anyone but the media are starting to see what i’ve noticed from day one about nolan. he’s not a turn around specialist and he knows nothing about real football. how the hell are you going to take over a @!#T team and place banners all over the locker room indicating that we’re going to “win the west?”

    i’m tired of it and i want you to be sick and tired of it with me. the niners are a proud organization and between ownership and this absolutely poor excuse for coaching, we’ve totally embarrased the legacy of this team.

    how can no changes be made when we’ve been blown out in the fourth quarter? how can no changes be required when our team has the worst (statistically) defense in the leauge? with the players we have? ridiculous….


    I read in the Cohn Zohn that O’Sullivan ranks 37th in the league in 4th quarter passing. 37th!! In a league with only 32 teams that stat is truly disgusting. God help us.

  • pintor98–SF

    When we lose our next two games NY GIants and Seahawks, I hope we fire Nolans ass. Let Martz coach the last 8 games to see what he has. If we don’t like it we can look for another coach. I hope they put Goldston in for Roman and Hudson or R Smith in for M Lewis in passing situations. Also W Harris is to slow we need to put T Brown,Strickland let them play. Also let Chilo play LG for Snyder and Baas C for Heitman. How about J Morgan and Jason Hill getting some more playing time. Also if Sullivan continue to throw 3 ints then it’s time to put S Hill.

    We should offer Cle a 2nd rd pick this year an another next season for either Anderson or Quinn.

  • Tony from Bakersfield

    guys…let’s thing about this for a minute!! honestly, what did you expect from QB that has never started a game to do for us???

    yes he lost us that game yesterday, but he shouldn’t never have that damn football in his hand!! Gore should have been running down their throats. In my opinion, Martz fucked up this game.

    JTO is among the best in the NFL in many categories. And the worst…but then again..what did you expect from a QB who never started a game and yet to be a starter of our beloved 49ers.

  • Medford

    Moran Norris signed with the Lions last week. Does it really matter Manning and Brandon Jacobs r going to kill us anyway. If u play 15yards off the Wr’s u will not be able to stop anyone. If the defense had any balls maybe we would have a better record right now but we suck on d. Its not all JTO’s fault he always has to make comebacks in the 4th qtr which he isnt good at. But whos r choice JTO or Hill?

    Cleveland beat the Giants but we wont!!!

  • golden elbows

    I think we could win at Giants. If we stick with same game plan as we did against the Eagles (on offense). NOW!!! We need to cover their recievers. That means we need better man coverage because we are not ready to let Jacobs run on us. 8 man box and pressure pressure. I dont think were gonna see this base Nickle on the Giants.

    Look, lets face it, Nolan isn’t getting fired. So let just hope that our players rise to a higher playing level

  • joe gomez

    Doc.. who ever said they "loved" Nolan? Its obvious youve never been on this site before. Mostly everyone hates that idiot. James, as far as JTO, he looked good the first 3 quarters and then the O-Line started to get pushed back. Some of those Int's, the WR ran the wrong route like the "hot read" to Bruce they said Bruce didnt recognize the hot read so he ran the wrong route. The offense isnt the problem here, they are light years ahead of last year. Its the Defense and the screwed up coaching. Especially the challenges, thats the most pathetic challenge or non challenge I have ever seen in my life.

  • James Jones

    Joe: True however there can only be so many times where I can sit and watch him ty to force passes with the game on the line only to have them be picked off. At least three times now I have seen him stare down his receiver before releasing a pass for an interception, frankly I am growing tired of it.

    And I agree that the FG challenge was the stupidest thing Nolan has done yet, and that's really saying something, isn't it?

  • Nolan is a waste of time. Passed up on good draft picks and selected a DT that doesn't even start! Mr. York, has taken the common out of sense and hasn't fired him!

  • West

    When is Johson going to show up, 1 yr contract looking smart.

  • James Jones

    Doc: How anyone was all on his nuts after two good games is beyond me. The only things I ever said after his good games was that he was showing promise and fire as the starting QB of this team. I never said I was completely sold on him, if someone else did then so be it. I did state after the Detroit game that he looked really good and had his team believing that it could win with him at quarterback as at the time it was the case. I am not laying this squarely on his shoulders by any means but he has forced far to many passes in crunch time which resulted in turnovers for my taste.

    Also I have not really seen anyone that I can think of who has stated that they love Nolan on this site… I have been calling for his firing since before the season even started, hell I was calling for it last season!

    Don’t come back if the 49ers beat New York this weekend though man…

  • Brodie12

    I go way back as a 49er fan. I think JTO is very similar to a guy by the name of DeBerg, although with a fraction of the talent. He will play just well enough to let you lose in the 4th quarter.

    There is only one need next year and that is a top flight QB with Bill Walsh mandated skills.

    Nolan needs to be on a tugboat headed for Richmond. Martz is no answer are a head coach, but Singletary might be the guy who can make everyone believe.

    Siefert became coach and someone was able to handle the "D".

    Martz isn't going anywhere, so he can continue his work through the end of the year. If progress is seen, keep him another year.

  • Tim

    In my opinion our problems are easily correctable. First off Frank Gore does not get the ball enough period. Our O-line is not built for pass protection but does not get enough credit for Gore being 4th in the league in rushing with less touches than the 3 ahead of him. Martz quite simply is pass happy and lost that game Sunday by insisting to play against our strenghts and putting JT and the Line into a drop back style when it was not needed or necessary. No other team would do that with a bull like Gore to run time off the clock. Why did we sign Foster? again not his fault he never plays. Michael Robinson had a 24 yard run called back on a penalty and never ran the ball again. I have another idea use VD as the fullback #1 He would be a force to take down and if he ran through a blitzing team he would be gone with his speed.#2 he could pass protect very easily from this position. #3 screens catch them and be the lead blocker. Dalanie is perfectly capable of playing on the line in his place and has better hands anyway. We never play action pass either because Gore again is under used. We have the ability to pound teams, control the clock and keep our struggling D off the field but yet we dont why because Martz is not the answer so anybody that wants him to be our next coach is crazy. To sum it up the O-line and JT are being set up to fail, Gore and VD are used incorrectly and Nolan is an idiot. Please give me some feedback on these points positive or negative I dont care this team is driving me crazy with their coaching stupidity. Thanks to all who took the time to read my ranting.

  • Tim

    Tony from Bakersfield I agree whole heartedly with you. We are a running team and a damn good one at that. Down with Nolan and Martz! Imagine Gore on the Broncos. He would rush for 2,000 yards.

  • tony from bakersfiel

    Honestly…we don't need to look for someone with Bill Walsh mandated skills…we need to look for someone with better then Bill Walsh mandated skills. we don't have to go throwback..we need the the modern day QB.

    I do think JTO can become something…great NO…average…yes. with a strong O-line and Gore back there, we can win. Coaching is a whole different subject. I really think Martz was trying to see what JTO can do as a QB. I truely think he did an experiment on him at just the wrong time. Martz has to remember that this guy isn't experienced what so ever.

    Nolan just has to go bye bye…and today woulda been a beautiful day, DAMN IT

  • crazydave

    the big change is no more suit now its a dress..lmao!!!!

  • frustrated 49ers fan

    I think the bloggers here all have good points. no 1 fire Nolan. 4 years is more than enough to get the job done and atleast make this team respectable. Another thing that really pisses me off is this big sub defense. what were we doing the past three years aquiring personel to run a 3-4 attack style of defense, so we can turn around and run this piss poor big sub nickel defense. i think someone made a good point that we shouldnt JTO up for failure, especially in the 4th quarter. we should pounding the ball more and relying on our defense to win the game but theres the catch 22….our overpriced defense can't stop anyone thus making JTO have to do too much in the 4th quarter thus causing us to lose games week after week.

  • West

    And DT Franklin seems to get pushed back every play, Nolans guy should have been replaced long ago…… If you have a problem spotting Franklin look for da big hole or da guy laying on the ground being stepped over.

  • Roscoe49er

    You know what the funny thing is…If you watch college football at all, do you see any elite looking QB’s coming in the draft this year? Rebuild the coaching staff with an OC that won’t leave after a year. NFL teams live and die at the hands of their QB if you don’t have a good one, you don’t win. Scouts Inc. had no QB’s ranked in the top 32 of their ’09 draft class.

    NOTE: Anyone who thinks Chase Daniel or Colt McKoy are going to be franchise savers, they are mistaken.

  • joe gomez

    David Baas is another draft pick that was drafted to warm up the bench with A. Smith, K. Balmer, C. Richal, and J. Jennings. FIRE MIKE NOLAN NOW!

  • Medford

    Wat happends if JTO has another bad game then where do we go from there? I dont think Hill is a Martz guy would they go to Jamie Martin?

    Alot of people on here were mad at Martz for not sticking with Gore. But if we ran the ball three straight times in the 4th qtr everyone would be mad that we ran three straight times. I think the offense ok the Qb positon is the real ? mark. The defense sucks and can not get off the field on 3rd down. The good ones on defense r Justin Smith, Takeo Spikes and of course Patrick Willis everyone else needs to step it up.


  • Bobby Boucher

    They need to promote Singletary to head coach. If they don’t, someone will make him a head coach next year. I don’t think Martz will get any head coach offers this off season.

  • Doc Iac

    james jones: first off i never said u were on his nuts, i said people on this site, i meant the comments people leave, look back, ull see what im sayin, as far as lovin nolan i meant when he was in the first two seasons poeple were crowning him king of the world, now they want his head, not saying that he anit to blame, but my point is the fans on this site get too excited to soon, like 2 games with int’sulleven, as for joe gomez ive been on this site since 2003 when i first discovered it, i rarely comment but i think its ridiculas how the peoples comments change so quickly, i coulda told u int’sullevin wasnt anything to get excited about, and i dont get to watch the games (east coast) i seen a couple at my friends direct tv, like the 2 wins they had this year, and i said even then he holds the ball waaaay to long

  • tim u hit the nail the head it a sledge!

  • Mike in MD

    I didn’t get to read all the comments so sorry if this was repeated…but you ask why Nolan still has a job? I think it’s obvious. Just like the HC we have a group of spineless, clueless owners. How the Yorks have held onto a business they KNOW NOTHING ABOUT NOR HAVE ANY PASSION FOR just blows my mind. These educated pencil necks didn’t grow up watching football or our Niners. They grew up reading books, pushing buttons on their calculators, & playing chess & scrabble. THEY HAVE NONE, ZILCH, ZERO BUSINESS OWNING A FOOTBALL TEAM. For the life of me i don’t get how these people can even walk the streets of San Francisco or the Bay Area. I KNOW I COULDN’T. If you don’t know WTF your doing or don’t know jack diddley or have any interest in football what in god’s green earth are you doing still holding onto this team??? It’s freakin’ UNBELIEVABLE. If I were Nolan (as HC), or John/Jed/Denise….I would have resigned in a heartbeat unable to live with the shame of RUINING A CITY’S BELOVED TEAM IN FRONT OF THE NATION. Seriously no BS. I’ll bet these yuppie morons don’t even watch football games let alone their own team on Sundays. And if they took a peek they wouldn’t know what the hell good football is or what they were looking at. If anyone can figure out how to get rid of these bozoz let me know & I’ll be there ASAP to help. (Signed petition & countless Niner blog excerpt hardcopies delivered to they’re mailbox or handed directly to John & Denise…I don’t know, SOMETHING)

    So we’re just stuck with these losers………..IT’S THE CLUELESS OWNERS & THAT’S WHY NOLAN STILL HAS A JOB. All they care about is how to make this little pet project business of theirs stay afloat. Money & completing Nolan’s contract as close as possible is the main reason they retained his sorry LOSER ass last year. Say a prayer everyone ’cause were gonna need it when they make this next decision on the direction of this team. Here’s hoping the 3rd times a charm.

  • joe gomez

    Doc Iac.. oh ok .. i just dont recall people saying they lvoe Nolan.. even from the beginning i knew alot of people who were skeptical about this guy. as far as JTO, c’mon its his first year starting and our passing game is light years ahead from the last four years. Remember where we came from.. Alex Smith.. remember him? JTO had a 300 yard passing game in his what 2nd game as a starter? Alex couldnt do that in all of his four years no matter what kind of OC he had. He played exceptional the first 3 quarters and the 4th quarter he played poorly. Our O-line was pathetic in protecting him in the 4th if you look at the re-plays. The last one was a “hot read” to Bruce which he failed to recognize. Not saying hes the next Montana or Young but c’mon hes flinging the ball, hitting the targets downfield.. when was the last time you saw that? Our offense is not the problem this year, that was last year. Now our problem is the Defense. From the Line to the secondary, its all bad. Being that Nolan is a defensive minded coach, he is to blame for most of it. Plus the retarted challenge and non challenge calls he did, they were simply put pathetic. Hes an idiot and he needs to get fired now! As far as Scot McLoughan, he cant pick worth a shit, I have no idea why we brought this moron here. We need to get a “proven” commodity on our staff. Like a Cower or a Holmgren. Look what Parcells has done in Miami. Scot wasnt proven, what has he done? If we lose to the Giants (which we probably will) and Seattle, that would leave us at 2-6 then head into a Bye. If Nolan still has a job after the Bye then we all should go after York’s head.

  • joe gomez

    Mike in MD.. Ive been saying that for years. Good blog.

  • tony from bakersfield

    joe….thank you!! JTO is the best QB we’ve had since Garcia left. he’s up there in the league in stats..and yet he’s up there in turnovers. But what the hell do you guys that keep saying get rid of him expect from a first time starter.

    Let’s treat JTO like a rookie..cause technically he is. they make mistakes. Shit happens guys and honestly more starts for this guy and he’ll will show much more promise. let’s not give in on him yet..NOLAN MUST GOOOOOOO!!!yesterday damn it

  • Doc Iac

    joe gomez u right about alot of stuff, however, when alex smith came in his first 3 yrs he didnt have as good of a team(not saying this yrs team is good) but int’sulleven has davis, bruce, gore is as good as hes ever been, the defense is improved slightly so he had more of an oportunity to be better, im not defendin smith he was a joke, but int is a slight upgrade at best, i mean what about culpeper? i dont know the facts but if possible y not give him a shot…all im sayin is int’sullven isnt the answerr

  • Mike in MD

    thanks Joe. I'm with you on JTO. Like you said essentially he is a Rook. I think there s/b 2 things done with him. Keep up more on the 3 & 5 step drops to get rid of the ball quickly (& of course don't forget our main man Gore) esp on high pressure teams like this weeks NYG's. 2nd he needs to be coached up to make faster decisions instead of holding the ball too long trying to get the big play. If it's not there hit your outlet or the short man if he's open, take it down & run, or throw it away. I've seen him pass up open guys in the 6-12 yard range trying to go downfield with it. Martz did & had to do a better job on getting the ball out faster vs Philly & has to continue picking & choosing WHEN to go downfield w/it on the 7-step drops & not mainly rely on them as his staple otherwise JT will get killed.

    I wish Martz would try to just sustain drives by continually going for 1st downs & occasionally take your shots downfield. But Martz is who he is & is in love with the big play. One encouraging thing is that our QB's, that is finally using hot routes vs the blitz that we're finally getting CAUGHT UP on in the league because Nolan is the only moron to never have used them. JT & Martz's offense is still a work in progress. By the Bye week is when there s/b a more accurate mid-term grade.

    I missed most of the 1st Qtr of the Philly game but there's still lots of pressure allowed by the OLine & if it wasn't for JT's ability to buy time we wouldn't have the success we have moving the ball. Whenever I saw ASmith buy time it was usually rolling out to his right & THROWING IT AWAY. Rarely did I ever see him buy time then make a play like JTO OFTEN DOES. What are we averaging in points around 20 right? We've never come close to that in the Smith/Nolan era. JTO is the best we've got. I'm not sold on SHill whatsoever..I don't think we should have ever offered him his big contract. He's a #3 QB AT BEST. Just like Joe & others said he doesn't have the arm strength to go downfield & get the ball to all lengths & widths of the field & D's will blow up our WR's on the short stuff WHICH IS ALL HILL CAN THROW. We have a suspect OLine which doesn't help JT any yet he's still able to move the ball & score points. Now if sorry ass Nolan could play some attacking D & get his shit together on that side of the ball we could win these games. BUT THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN WITH his sorry, gutless, scared, loser ass needs to GET FIRE ASAP!!!

  • golden elbows

    Doc Lac, JTO probably isn’t the answer but he isn’t the problem either. There are bigger holes in this team and it isn’t the QB. Martz has some of the blame and the defense needs to step up. We cant have JTO performing two minute drills every game in the 4th quarter.

  • Mike in MD

    CORRECTION: First we desperately need an elite OT & that IMO should be one of our top picks, if not our 1st pick…unless we choose future franchise QB 1st if there's a LEGIT star available. 3-4 NT would be afterwards if we continue to stay with that scheme.

  • crazydave

    and there are a lot of good centers and middle linebackers this year coming out draft there is not any (FRANCHISE) Quarterbacks or Wide receivers this year in 2009 draft book i got.But im with you i think we need our first round pick to be a tackle or defensive tackle or Corner to replace Walt Harris because Spencer is to injury prune and i hope we get rid of jonas Jennings.i know mike martz likes them pocket passers quarterbacks.probley be better to get one in the 2nd or 3rd round.and what ever happen to our back up running back he gets a touch the ball once or twice a game?? our line really misses Larry Allen he gave our line toughness when he was here and thats what i think we miss and why we give up so many sacks.i remember last year we couldn't stop the giants running back.i wanna see how P. Willis does this time.

  • Billy

    Colt McCoy? Im not watching college football much, but uh McCoy NO, dont like him, I got to check out the QBs. Damn Matt Ryan makes me mad that we got Smith and suffered while hes on a lamer team then ours and he is 4-2 and hes a ROOKIE DAMN Alex Smith he will never top Ryan even RIGHT NOW!! GAH..

  • Billy

    Hey at the end of year we should trade a 6th pick to the raiders for Micheal Huff!!! He just got benched

  • joe gomez

    Mike in MD.. another well written blog mike.. you should post more often. Are you really in Maryland? Anyways, you hit it all pretty good. One thing I dont understand is Nolan came from a successful defensive scheme in Baltimore what the fuck is wrong with his scheme here in the bay? Maybe it comes down to we just dont have the players to perform the system.

  • joe gomez

    Mike.. which branch? I did 15 years USMC/USMCR but am trying to finish my career with the USAFR.. (much better food! haha).. anyways, good info about Nolan, never knew that. I thought he was brain behind that Ravens D. Im starting to believe he got hired because of his name. We just claimed T Kirk Barton from Miami, anybody ever heard of this guy? Thats great, we take Chilo instead of Desean Jackson and instead of going after Roy Williams (to Dallas) or T.J. we go after yet another lineman. WTF?

  • joe gomez

    Mike which team is Haynesworth from?

  • 9er nation devotee

    Great point Joe. as far as nolan i don't have my mind made up just yet but he is on the negative end of things. as far as the 49ers in a season or so with this same set up offensively, great success is coming.

  • Billy

    Hey Joe hes probably talking about what a dipshit he is, I mean itss pretty vague and open for interpertation haha

    As for JTO hes better than Alex, but is he a FRANCHISE QB we have to wait the whole season to find out, As for the game against the Eagles it wasnt JTO it was Martz abandoning the run and forcing JTO to make plays. SEE hes already pass happy, poor Frank he should be the leading rusher if our offense actually called the right plays

  • Billy

    How about John Macargo who is most likely to be released he has shown his 1st round potential from time to time, better then Aubuyro

    And Micheal Huff trade for him in the offseason!!! I think he has TALENT, heck I wanted him not Davis

    Although Im not a big Davis fan I saw that Martz says hes progressing if he help our offense Ill start to like him till then he still lagging

  • Mike in MD

    I was Air Force Joe but about the food aren't the Marines under the Navy & your at their bases? Navy foods alright man. I sampled some at my mechanics training at Port Hueneme. Damn good chow hall there. Haynesworth is the best DL IN THE GAME TODAY, he plays in Tennessee. Man's a MONSTER, an ABSOLUTE BEAST. He's worth top dollar & every penny. Plays hard through the whole game, dudes unstoppable. He would elevate McDonald's & JSmith's game along with our CB & Safety coverage INSTANTLY. But we've got to keep building that DLine & the OLine as well.

    Good posting on Martz's quotes on JTO…that was right on. We shouldn't give up on this guy. What already has me kind of down is if we lose Martz as the OC..1 year of continuity in this system & we're gonna be strong as an Offensive team.

    On the '09 Draft there's really only 1 potential top of the 1st Round QB & it's Matt Stafford/Georgia. It's still too early to tell if he'll be a top 10. I love what I've read about this guy & he gets better every year. He can make all the throws, has good size & better than average speed. The main thing is he's seems to have a sharp head on his shoulders. His numbers aren't that great but he doesn't have good receiver talent. Scouts say he has a lot of upside. BUT watching him on TV I haven't been overly impressed. Here's a good article on him……….

    Now the QB that BLOWS MY MIND but he's only a Sophomore is Oklahoma's Sam Bradford. I've watched him play some & looks pretty good. I need to watch more. His stats are RIDICULOUS.. 2007 – 3,121 YDS/36 TDS/8 INTS. This year so far..2,052 YDS/23 TDS/5 INTS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??????! Scouts are saying if Bradford declares early he'll be the 1st QB taken & Stafford 2nd. If any of these 2 are scouted as for real by knowledgeable NFL QB Scouts that we'll hopefully have at seasons end we MIGHT be spending the 1st pick on 1 of these guys. Like I said unless there's a legit star that we've done thorough homework on at the top 10 pick I agree we're better to get our QB in the 2nd – 3rd round. Here's the Walters page on the QB's………

  • Mike in MD

    Joe..from what I’ve read & gathered it was the star players & the firepower they had in Baltimore’s Defense that made them successful. (Are you kidding me??? Kelly Gregg/NT, TSuggs/DE-Rush OLB, RLewis MLB, Ed Reed/ name a few. These are STARS in their respective positions meaning their at the level of our ONE Patrick Willis..& they had FOUR of them AT THE CRITICAL POSITIONS OF THE 3-4 & the playmaking/causing INT’s spot in the secondary.) It was NOT Nolan’s schemes. I’ve read Ray Lewis as being ECSTATIC when Nolan left. If I remember correctly he said he felt “held back” in Nolan’s Defense & NOW he can go back & “just play football & attack the ball.” I’m paraphrasing but that’s what came out of Lewis’ mouth. Sounds familiar here doesn’t it???

    Also I love (although it sucks for us) the story that Snyder the Skins owner put that gallon of Vanilla ice cream on Nolan’s desk sitting there melting to send him a message about his pu**y Defense. I wish we had owners like say a Mark Cuban (ANYONE WITH A PASSION OR FIRE about football AND our NINERS WHO WANTS TO WIN & BE THE BEST) who would do something similar & not stand for this BS…say put about 20 gallons of Vanilla ice cream in his office WHILE THE PLAYERS ARE AT PRACTICE so that when they returned to the locker room they would SEE THE MESSAGE about Nolan’s soft pu**y schemes as Nolan & his helpers are hauling out that dripping melting mess which represents his soft ass schemes. I would want the players to know that NOLAN SHOULDN’T BE PUTTING THAT WEAK SHIT OUT ON THE FIELD & to let his players freakin’ ATTACK & MIX IT UP!!

    Ahhhh but too bad it’s just a dream & it will never happen with these Dorks. Like I said they have no fire, passion, or knowledge for the game of football, nor do they have the backbone or a pair to ever take action like that vs the BIGGEST FRAUD OF A HC IN THIS LEAGUE. It’s so sad man. I’m salivating for the day this jerk off moron is FIRED & an end is finally placed on this guy massacring our organization & reputation. Any owner who had an “inkling” of football interest or knowledge would have known to fire Nolan last year. By 3/4 of that season with his snails pace personnel adjustments, mostly “staying the course BS” (which this stupid ass is doing now AGAIN), & continued abysmal game management where he STILL HASN’T learned or improved..the average fan knows that he should’ve been LONG GONE & no amount of saving a few mil (peanuts to an NFL owner) is worth the slow dragging torture Nolan’s doing to the fans & this franchise.

    Alright there’s some self therapy for last year & up to now. So C’mon Yorks let’s see some action on this Bye week & drop that guillotine!!!

  • Mike in MD

    Yeah Joe, I am in Maryland. Got stationed out here & within a year will be headed back to Cali. Let’s keep the fingers crossed man for this Bye week.

    Hate to see our team lose but this time around it’s probably best on these next 2.

  • Mike in MD

    One other’re right Joe about the players on our D. We don’t have them. The main problem is the DLine. We’re back & forth between the 4-3 & 3-4 & haven’t completed either scheme. With our 4-3 we don’t have solid DLinemen to hold the middle & lack a true DE pass rusher. That’s why we get blown up on runs up the middle which we just can’t stop. On rushing the passer out of the 4-3 JSmith’s not a true or elite pass rusher. Check his career numbers, he’s not a natural pass rusher but he’s a solid player. Has some pass rush ability & is solid vs the run. RMcDonald is still emerging & where he is as a pass rusher we’re still finding out. We don’t have a true stud 4-3 DE pass rusher(s). Our DLinemen..Franklin is totally useless & a career backup & Sopoaga is average & inconsistent who I would try to get a pay cut & make him a backup along w/Franklin. (If we could get 1 GUY in FA we should break the bank for AHaynesworth WHO WOULD CHANGE OUR ENTIRE DEFENSE. He’s young in his prime, an absolute monster who requires double-teams almost the entire game, & has his shit together & has matured. And his attitude is NASTY which this Defense needs. When he’s playing Tennessee wins 75%+ of their games & when he’s out they lose 75%+…hell yes that’s convincing enough evidence!!)

    Now the 3-4..Nolan knows the 3-4, that’s his upbringing & his specialty. Another huge failure of his is from the onset when he arrived to convert us the architect & mastermind of this 3-4 the 2 KEY & MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENTS are… #1)Your NT – who is the ANCHOR, the main guy that holds & commands the middle allowing your LB’s to make plays & if you get a stud who has some athleticism also commands double-teams on your pass rush. This is your #1 Draft or FA priority after your franchise QB. #2) Your rush OLB(s) – these are your key PLAYMAKERS on rushing the QB. These are the 2 MOST CRITICAL PIECES NOLAN SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE ON THE DEFENSE. It’s been 4 YEARS & WE’RE STILL LOOKING FOR THEM!! Unbelievable, here he’s failed miserably.

    IMO the DLine, pass rushers, & PICKING & STICKING WITH A SCHEME so you can get players to match that scheme & run it efficiently is why we’re so fucked up. We can’t stop runs down the middle (watch..3rd & shorts, say 3 yards or less are practically automatic gimmes for 1st downs) nor get any pressure on the QB with our front 4 in the 4-3 though we get some from the 3-4 (check Haralson & JSmith @ OLB) but in the 3-4 we’ll get blown to oblivion vs the run because Franklin can’t hold the middle even against 1 Offensive linemen.

    This is not to say we can’t be effective with the players we have. Because we lack talent up front you make up for it with creative blitzes & packages. This is where Nolan’s stale vanilla Defense gets picked apart because he stands back with a prevent D. Just incompetent & ignorant. You have to give Defenses different looks in the schemes & coverages like Gary Plummer said we should do in his reports. Because we’re a hybrid D go 4-3 on running downs, mix it up w/t 3-4 on passing downs, if they go to 3+ WR’s get your nickel & dime in..then in the secondary you mix it up with press cover, back off, & go to zone. Give the QB different looks..this is why a smart QB in Brees tore us apart once he figured out what we were doing & hardly ever changed it up.

  • crazydave

    im sick of watching NFL Channelle they should change it to the Dallas cowboys chanelle im sick of seeing them on there along with Green bay.and like a serious discussion they just make fun of like the hit from the steelers safety they just picked on and i beleave defenses are afraid to hit and thats why there are so many good running backs in the league Adam shifter must live in Dallas.

  • West

    Mike in MD……very true, we need Haynesworth….

  • West

    Crazydave……… QB in 2nd or 3rd sounds good….. would like Colt McCoy

  • joe gomez

    You sure about Huff, why did they bench his ass? I looked up his numbers.. not too impressive.

  • joe gomez

    All the JTO haters.. dont give up on him quite yet. Heres what Martz had to say about him:

    “The biggest thing with JT is, he’s never played, he had really no spring work, relatively limited camp work, and he’s running this offense at full-tilt. We haven’t backed off anything or dummied anything down. We’ve just let it all hang out. Some of the stuff we’re running, he’s never ran before. So the decision-making process, he’s going to have some real bad errors occasionally. We’ll overcome them and they’re going to become less and less. I just want him to be real decisive and use his God-given talent to read, react and get the ball out quickly like he can do. He’s going to be as good as there is. I think he’s an exceptional player, but he’s going to have some bumps along the road. I believe he’s only going to continue to get better every week.”

  • joe gomez

    A quote from Nolan regarding Paraag “wannabe coach” Marathe:

    “He’s always right on it,” Nolan said last season. “He’s probably the best I’ve ever been around.”

    What a fucking idiot.

  • Mike in MD

    As far as Paraage I don’t think Nolan’s referring to him as a Coach is he???? No way in hell he qualifies there but he’s a legit “contract guy” ….awesome negotiator & GETS THE DEALS DONE. Here I think there’s no doubt this guy should stay. But get him the hell out of the replay booth. Dudes an MBA numbers geek, get him out of there & put a football guy on the TV as the red flag advisor. And those rumors about him being our possible GM from before…gimme a break!!

    Joe..what you said about Roy Williams is right on. We NEVER go for WR’s. Scott & Nolan are both WEAK when it comes to bringing in any Offensive talent. And that goes for DLineman as well like when Nolan said we couldn’t use Grady Jackson. What a dumb ass. We could have used a freakin’ DT or 2 by this trade deadline. These guys are SORRY & I’m starting to really question McCloughan.

    My dream pick for our 1st pick is Oher/Mississippi as our OT if we can get our QB later. Guy is as close to sure fire as you can get. And that’s what you want in the 1st pick, esp top 10. Your shooting for a starter & hopefully a STAR in that position. Next is Mauauluga/USC OLB @ 6’1″ 260 LBS has excellent speed, range, power, pass rush ability, & WOULD BE THE PERFECT TED next to Willis for the next 10 years….WE WOULD OWN THE MIDDLE!! Then if we’re say in Willis territory at around picks 8-14 you could also go for possibly a playmaking STAR FAST FS..there’s 2 guys here >> Taylor Mays & another kid that just brought up on their webpage that I’ve never heard of but sounds BETTER than Mays. Sure I’d still like to see what Goldson’s got but I don’t think he’s it but damn sure better than sorry ass Roman. Goldson lacks elite speed & I think will still get burned for big plays. We could somehow scheme to hide his weakness. We need a SEAN TAYLOR/ED REED TYPE FAST Free Safety out there that scares receivers & OC’s & is a playmaker.

    If we miss out on Oher or pick a QB instead there’s still 2 other good 1st Round OT’s (& 2nd rounders) but then by the time it gets to our pick you have to ask…do we settle for the next best OT or choose a potential SUPERSTAR IN ANOTHER POSITION OF NEED for us?? Also there’s Michael Crabtree/WR but when I watch YouTube he gets tackled from behind a lot. And WR’s are risky high 1st round picks.

    Here’s a page on Maualuga who I believe has a chance to be a superstar in the NFL, pay attention to the comments on the bottom in BOLD………

  • LOTTIE 901


  • Medford

    Wats this im hearing if they fire Nolan they will replace him with Manusky? I heard it on ESPN WTF I would rather have Nolan than that play 15 yards off the wr idiot. GEORGE SIEFERT PLEASE PICK UP THE WHITE COURTESY PHONE WE NEED YOU

  • Sarah Palin

    1 Clinton Portis WAS 643 136 4.7 6 31

    2 Michael Turner ATL 597 128 4.7 6 66

    3 Adrian Peterson MIN 563 129 4.4 3 34

    4 Frank Gore SF 524 107 4.9 4 41


  • joe gomez

    Hey Palin, first let me say you and your boy McCain are gonna lose by a landslide Nov. 4 so get your bags ready because your headed back to Alaska with your pitbull with lipstick…

    2nd.. if your giving up as many sacks as the 49ers are then that means theres a problem with the line. Gore often breaks the first and sometimes 2nd tackle around the line so most of those yards are from the power and strength that Gore has. If we were really opening up holes for him like the Cowboys of the 90's had? Shit hell break 2000 easily.

  • Joe ….Haynesworth is on Titans……hope we can land him

  • and on Huff I dont see the Raiders trading him…..they have him out of position….numbers dont look great because he is a DB and they have him playing FS….last season they had him at SS………Once Asomsumga( how eva you spell his name) is gone I believe Huff will be moved back to DB.

  • Joe….I feel you, wouldnt hurt to bring Rice in….Really wish Nolan would let loss and let Manusky do his thang…..look scared to be aggressive…..Nolan to caught up in this "stay in your lane and dont become over aggressive shit".. while we giving up big yardage an cant stop shit on 3rd down……. We gotta better team than dis

  • Mike in MD

    Trade deadlines done & gone….for 3-4 NT's in next years Draft there's only 2 who are legit. BJ Raji/Boston & Al Woods/LSU. Right now Raji looks better & Woods is having a quiet year so far. I don't think either will last past the 2nd round.

  • Mike in MD

    Right on LOTTIE 901..I wish we could see the real Manusky. San Diego is an attacking Wade Phillips 3-4D that Manusky learned from. That’s the D I thought we were going to have with Nolan not getting in Manusky’s way. It’s been a big disappointment man.

  • Mike in MD doubt about Roy Williams. I’m really starting to have my doubts on McCloughan. We’re so WEAK when it comes to drafting & getting Offensive talent. And why didn’t we go after a defensive lineman?? Was the well that dry?

    I still remember Nolan passing up on Grady Jackson when Atlanta released him & he said we couldn’t use him. WTH?? Even though he’s older he kicks Franklin’s ass any day of the week. Just about anyone would.

  • Sarah Palin

    If our O-line is so bad how come Frank Gore is 4th in the league in rushing. People are so quick to judge and do not know what they are talking about. The problem my friends is a man by the name of Mike Martz who does not recognize their strength is not pass blocking. Try pounding Gore for 4 quarters sometime with consistent rest coming in the form of Foster and Robinson and watch the blitzes slow up and the passing game come to life. Anybody that knows anything about football should know WE DO NOT RUN THE BALL ENOUGH!!!!!

  • Sarah Palin

    You should all look at the Falcons and their record to prove my point!

  • James Jones

    And that’s the problem here Joe… the o-line is not pass blocking with any real presence and when Gore does get his yards they are usually of his own doing. That’s why the Fox guys have been saying the last few weeks that Frank is his own best blocker, because he is the one finding what little holes there are and also breaking the initial and most times even second attempt to tackle him.

  • This guy joking right…or is he just clueless?

  • Nashville9er

    Yes, it’s time for Nolan to move on, but lets not forget what he inhereted from the Erickson/Donahue regime…THE worst team in the league.
    I think this current group has done a very good job bringing us back from the dead, but we need someone new to take us to the next level. I DO NOT think that person should be Martz. He needs to stay where he can be kept in check. Cowher would be great but unlikely, and i think Billick or Fassel could do the job too.
    So, lets thank Nolan for what he’s brought (namely Gore & Wiliis) and hope to bid him a fond farewell at the end of the season.

  • joe gomez

    Well I hope we sign somebody because teams are just running through the middle like we were a high school team. Hey West, that clown is an idiot for writing that we should re-sign Smith, what a fucking joke. One thing interesting I was watching a clip they did on Simeon Rice, they were saying he hasnt been able to land on a team due to injury. This year the doctors has proclaimed him 100% healthy. Why not bring in Rice for a tryout? Couldnt hurt. We need to somebody who can get at the opposing QB.

  • joe gomez

    Guys.. just heard on KNBR that Linville Elliott has passed away. Remember there wouldnt be “the catch” without this guy breaking tackles and fighting for extra yardage on that drive. They really didnt mention how he died but that he was way too young. Anyone have anymore info?

    • eric

      Linvell Elliott died of heart failure. He was from my home town of Richmond, MO. I had the privledge of working construction with Linvell. It is a shame that those guys did not make much money at all back then. He was a great guy and will be missed!

  • LOL Joe Go Obama!!!!

  • LOTTIE 901