Week Two Gameday Preview: 49ers @ Hawks

Peterson will have his hands full with Gore

Peterson will have his hands full with Gore

I’m not going to sit here and waste your time with a whole bunch of who will win and here’s why. The only thing that matters is the Seahawks have no offense at all this go around. They have no receivers, no runningbacks, and their QB has a bad back. If the 49ers do not go into Seattle and beat the crap out of them, there is seriously something wrong.

The Seahawks embarrassed themselves last week in Buffalo and this week they’ll embarass themselves at home. One more thing the 12th man can kiss my ass.

49ers roll 38-10

Born and raised a diehard Niner fan. I have nothing better to do with my time than sit here and cram my opinions down everyone's throat.
  • Hack

    If they lose Nolan should be fired on the spot.


    I like that prediction ALOT. Screw the makeup-wearin’ 12th man.


    I can't fucking believe this.



    For the love of God.

    Give us a win.


  • Lowrance

    lol @ the 12th man comment!

    C’mon Niners, play like USC!

  • JTO and the offensive line are KILLING US. JTO MIGHT have the arm, but he definitely doesn't have the brains. He should have run it in as far as he could on that play and melted the clock or at least make Seattle burn their last time out. He just isn't good at game management…no wonder Nolan loves him.

  • niner_junkie

    Desert9er: Looks like JTO is correcting those mistakes a little. Not a pck thrown or a fumble by him all game.

  • Lowrance

    Just looked at the pic of Peterson. If he makes a tackle and does his little dance, someone please take his head off!!!
    Better yet, let’s do student body left and have somebody level him!!!

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Ok last week I predicted a win 33-16 I think. Turnovers and
    Special teams killed us. I think we tighten things up, and
    a weak Seahawk offense and secondary. We win 37-10. GO NINERS

  • we dont win today it will be embaressing for us!

    Niners roll 24-13

  • Mike

    We’re down 14-0 already only 7 minutes into the game.. WTF is going on.
    Now its still early. But if we get blown out here.. I’m calling for Nolan’s head by week 6.
    Put Martz in charge from then on an see what he does.

  • WE ARE PATHETIC!!! FIRE NOLAN NOW!!! Hasselbeck is throwing the ball to people off the street and doesn’t even know their NAMES!!!! Yet, STILL we are getting used. It is time to take a closer look at some of our bigger contract because they ARE NOT STEPPING UP!!! JTO IS LOOKING HORRIBLE!!

  • The OFFENSIVE LINE IS BLAME FOR THIS AND the fact that JTO holds onto the ball forever and a day!

  • Josh

    Does anyone know where to watch the game online?


    Nolan really needs to take a hike. This is a poorly coached football team.

  • AXEGRINDER….you couldn’t have said it better. Martz is the ONLY reason we even look like WE ACTUALLY KNOW what we are doing. Nolan is clueless.

  • seekret_sauce

    I need directtv because living in Hawai’i we can’t see the damn games unless it’s a MNF game or vs a GOOD team.

    I wish I could fuckin’ yell at the damn tv like most of you guys because this is fuuckin’ ridiculous!!

  • seekret_sauce

    Oh and I know I’m JUST looking on nfl.com but WTF is up with these “short pass-incomplete” by JTO??


    Thank God


    We’re now 2nd in our division. I can live with that.

  • seekret_sauce

    I can actually watch sportscenter the next couple days without being pissed that we lost..

    A win is a win..but damn.

  • Desert9er

    Struggled against a very badly injured Seahawk team… but a W is a W! Go niners!

    Looks like with JTO, we have another Bulger/Warner. Makes stupid mistakes but is a gunslinger who can score. No wonder Martz liked him.

    Hope Gore does a better job holding onto the ball going forward.

  • Lowrance

    Yes we won, but we don’t deserve to win another game all year if we EVER play like this again!!!

    Missed tackles, missed blocks…and the coaching?????

    How about some blitzes to put ANY pressure on Hassalbutt???
    How about trying to move the ball closer at the end of the game instead of letting the clock run down without running more plays????
    Give me a fucking break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pathetic!!!!! Just fucking PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!

    CUT Mr GLASS NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • joe gomez

    Wow great game. JTO grew up today, first 300 yd game by a 49er QB since 2004 and his first NFL win as a starter. Chemistry is starting to brew with the WR’s. Bruce, what can you say. Zero catches last week exploded today for over 150 yds, simply amazing. If the line could have protected better JTO would have been in the 400’s. 8 sacks is way too many. This needs to get fixed. Also the defense is really looking shaky, looks like theyre still tired from last week. WTF is wrong with Roman, he needs to sit down. Put the youngster Goldson in there. Nedney pulled the first game winner but nailed the next one. Sign of a true professional. I bet that dumb ESPN analyst is shaking his head right now, predicting us to lose 40-17. So were 1-1 now, bring on them Lions!