Two days later… the room is still spinning.

OK people, step away from the ledge. Put down the glass of cyanide laced kool-aid and for God’s sake stop with the visions of driving your car 80 miles per hour headlong into an aged redwood tree. It was one game, albeit a complete lackluster performance of a game. A game that took place on opening day no less, a day when teams are supposed to be as pumped up and amped as they have been in months.

Yes the 49ers came out flat, appeared to lack the intensity that fans have bore witness to in season openers past and literally fell flat on their face against an inferior team. They allowed mistakes and not holding onto the ball to spell their doom against the Arizona Cardinals last weekend. And yes I said the Cardinals are on inferior team to the 49ers. I don’t care who won the game and I don’t care what anyone says… Arizona has lost to the 49ers last four times the teams have played and that was with weaker teams then San Francisco is fielding this season.

Opening day jitters, a new quarterback who was starting his first ever regular season game in the NFL, poor coaching and adjustments in the second half. Call it what you want but the one thing that is crystal clear is
That this was the first game of a 16 game season and even with the loss that was suffered last Sunday I like the 49ers chances of improving this season with the new offense and a defense that appears to be on the cusp of greatness. Had they not been saddled with poor field position in the aftermath of five turnovers from the offense and special teams I believe that the outcome of this game would have been much different.

Having said that the 49ers have to take it to the Seahawks this weekend up in Seattle. They cannot fall to 0-2 on the season, let alone at a time when Mike Holmgren’s squad is as ripe for defeat as they have been in years. They were not only dealing with missing their two starting wideouts in Deion Branch and Bobby Engram to injury but now have lost their third team receiver in Nate Burleson for the season as well. In reality they are down to their 5 and 6 receivers because fourth stringer Ben Obomanu is also on injured reserve with a broken clavicle. As if these injuries weren’t bad enough, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck who has been battling back problems all season long, if medical reports are to be believed, is one rough fall or hit away from a ruptured disc which would almost certainly end his season. So now is the time for the 49ers to take the bull by the horns and make something happen. If they can pull out a win on Sunday, it’s a whole new season.

With all the talk of quarterback Alex Smith possibly (most likely) done for the season with what is being called a fracture to his throwing shoulder it appears the 49ers are on the verge of signing 83 year old Jamie Martin as a third option at quarterback. I suppose it makes no difference really who is brought on board to fill that role because if the team ever has to utilize that man they are pretty much screwed anyway. Although this decision, if it comes to bear, does cause one to scratch their head a bit. I know that Martin is well versed in offensive coordinator Mike Martz’s system but wouldn’t it make more sense to bring in someone young with some kind of potential who could sit back and learn the system and possibly be good someday? Especially with the comments last week from GM Scot McCloughan that Smith (who was supposed to be the quarterback of the future) would not return next year unless he has supplanted JT O’Sullivan as the starter going into the off-season, a prospect that is dwindling with every word I type.

  • Mike

    Hay, the write up tells us Jaime Martine is 83 years old. Correct that right now.

  • NinerinDallas

    I also agree, I saw something last sunday that I dont recall seeing much of since 2002, the offenses ability to move the ball. I think what killed us was that pooch kick, when the D had suffered through one long drive then was forced out there yet again for another one I think that really killed them and the arizona coaching staff was smart enough to call plays that would drag out the drives as long as possible. I think had that pooch kick not happened the outcome could have been very different, a single extra drive in the 2nd half changes everything, we still win dispite the many turnovers in the 1st half if that was the case i think. I am confident we will get it together next week and beat a team we should beat in seattle. Time to turn this thing around, GO NINERS!

  • James Jones

    Yes Martin really is 38, I must have transposed the numbers there. Either that or I'm dyslexic all of the sudden.

    Yes Martin is for depth but Adam please, at this point anyone we sign to take Smith's spot would be for depth. All I'm saying is that at least the guy we sign could maybe have a future in the league. That's all.

    JTO is not the quarterback of the future, you can count on it. If I'm wrong I'll never hear the end of it but that's my take on the JTO show as of now and has been since he was signed. I actually hope he proves me wrong.

  • joe gomez

    Its only one game but…

    Aaron looked solid with the Pack yesterday. Desean Jackson had a breakout debut being the first rookie WR to start for Philly in 18 years. His numbers? 6 catches, over 100 yds receiving, 60 yard punt return to set up a score. Allen Rossum made some bonehead decisions Sunday and he doesnt figure into our offense. For all the people who didnt want Jackson because of his size, thats a man who can make plays on special teams AND on your offense.

    I dont know but did the Raiders dismal performance last night make anybody feel better? I am so glad that we were competing even after 5 turnovers. Just be happy were not the Raiders who embarrassed themselves on National TV. One thing that caught my eye in the game. Our ex-niner receivers Daryl Jackson and Ashly Lelie were in the game and they actually looked decent!

  • ninaz

    im sick and tired of Nolan choosing QB's that have been in Martz's offense in the past! get a young QB and start from scratch for fucks sake none of these benchwarmers will prevail on this offense no matter how good they know Martz's playbook. I told you ignorant bastards JT wasnt worth a damn but no… he won 2 preseason games now hes steve young with 0 TD's and 1 INT against the CARDINALS!!! Im pissed as it is that Alex got thrown way under the bus atleast send him to cleveland for Brady Quinn. I swear Nolan is the stupidest coach in the world if you say otherwise hes a defensive coach yet he couldnt adjust to Kurt warner fucking pathetic!

  • joe gomez

    James…Glad to hear someone shares the same opinion about D. Jackson. Niner pundit isnt so convinced. The man can flat out fly! He is a definite "game breaker" and I think were missing that on our offense. I like drafting guy who can produce right away especially being drafted high. I mean did Balmer even get on the field Sunday?

  • joe gomez

    Also thanks for the correction on Rossum. I meant to say that Deshaun could of been good on both special teams and also on our offense. We should beat the Hawks. Go Niners!

  • marksmen

    JTO IS THE BEST CHANCE to win ninaz he knows the mike martz system he did a pretty solid performance he had 5 turnover and still made a 195 yards with a rating of 80.2, 16 qb rite now in stats. what killed is tht takeo spikes fumble, i think thts what changed the whole momentum of the game for us,jto didnt have alot of playing time in the 2nd half. We should take advantage in this Seattle game this week, i think u will see alot of turnover by our secondary, because unexperienced wide outs. lets hope we can injure matt hasselbeck bc of his back problems lol we will see.=]

  • Pintor98

    If the Niners where smart they would send the #1 pick if it's after 17th or 18th if not send a 2nd rd to Clevland for either Anderson or Quinn.

    Without Smith's contract next season 10million and

    TBC's 3million and I.Bruces 3million that's 16million we should go after one DL Tommy Harris,Peppers,Suggs,Will Smith.

    Wr's available next season FA's Roy Williams,Lee Evans,TJ HOUZ, just to name a few

  • Pintor98

    How about our NOT so special teams!!!!!!! I thought they kept M. Robinson over Clayton because of ST's and Keith Lewis over Hudson? What happened to Spencer did he even play on Sunday? Because Strickland got burnt all 2nd half!!!

  • 9nerfan

    what happened to frank gore in the second half. i think his stats were 14 carries for 96 yards. arizona must of had the ball forever for that shit to happen. it's only one game so am not that worried yet. hopefully the defense gets tough and start stopping drives like i know they can. and we wont win a single game if we keep turning the ball over 5 times. we definately have to correct that. and i dont blame takeo for that fumble. dont catch footballs. he'll make it up against seahawks with a bonecrushing hit. just wondering but does anyone know how much cap room do we have for next year. just curious.

  • 9nerfan

    oh and i did feel a little better that the raiders fucked up. again. hahah

  • mouse

    Goodbye Nolan

  • Adam49

    James I agree with your asessment of the game,but what it comes down to is execution.From the players to the coaching staff.For instance,what and the hell happened to Frank Gore?He became non existant in the second half.I know they held the ball for much of the 3rd Quarter but he should’ve been apart of the offense 1 way or the other.I was not impressed with our run defense at all.I saw gapping holes for edge to run through.We did get some good pressure on the QB.I did see signs of improvement no doubt,but we have to start executing because if were talking about this same crap after this next game,were in deep deep shit.After Detroit it gets very tough for use for awhile.if we go into New Orleans 0-3 or 1-2 we are done for.I think we could go into New Orleans 2-1 and at least we could go into that stretch of games with some confidence and a 2 game winning streak.

  • Adam49


  • Adam49

    thats 38 right.lmfao.Were signing Martin for depth.JTO could be out QB of the future.I see good things in his game.Leadership is one of them.

  • Adam49

    I like Allen Rossum though,i think he’s gonna make some big plays for us.

  • James Jones

    Rossum will be good for the team this season I have no doubts about that. Also Joe, he doesn’t figure into our offense because he is a defensive back. I don’t think he has ever played an offensive snap in his career. Also he was signed mostly for special teams, he’s not expected to contribute much else.

    I for one love Jackson at Cal and had hoped that McCloughan and Nolan would have selected him. He is going to be really good in this league for years to come.

    Lelie and DJax did look good last night, funny how that works isn’t it?

  • Rob

    You know, I just have to say that I don't understand why everyone is acting like the Niners played so horribly Sunday. I mean, no, it wasn't a fantastic performance. And, they lost, so it certainly wasn't as good as it should have been. But, am I honestly the only person who feels that the offense has improved over last year? So maybe they aren't a high powered offense. And, they need to reduce the number of stupid mistakes significantly. But, I think there was definite improvement over last year. And, JTO shows promise. While I'm disappointed they lost their opener, I still have hope for the Niners. And, their next two games are very winnable. Though, to be followed by much tougher games. Still, if they can get their act together over the next two weeks, we might be able to go somewhere this year.

  • Adam49

    I'm upset because no matter if we played better or our stats were better,we're still 0-1.And if the same thing happens against the Seahawks,we will be 0-2.Plain and simple.We need to win.

  • eddie

    when frank the tank gore runs it more than 20 times a game we have a better chance of winning games and Deshaun Foster didnt do shit when he had the ball either..

  • MSouza

    DJAX had one catch on a blown coverage and took it in for the score. Ashley Lelie caught a TD in the 4th quarter on the Broncos fourth corner. I'm not sure if that was enough to call into question whether the niners should have kept either of them. Darrel will return to the bench next week only seeing time to spell Brandon Marshall. Lelie was made for the Raiders. He gets to run streaks all day long and if he drops a ball or two, nobody cares because it's the Raiders, and they really suck.

    I agree that JTO is probably not the QB of the future, but I do believe that he gives us the best chance to win right now. We will probably take a first round QB, hopefully in the teens to early twenties. If JTO does a decent job we won't have to rush our draft pick in.

  • Adam49

    I do agree that JTO is gonna get better as time goes on.

  • Pintor98

    Niners have to win the next two games…. If we can't go up to Sea and kick ass we are going to be picking top 10 again. Sea has no Wr's there down to Branch (1) nope, Ingram(2)nope, Burelson (3) nope,Obumano (4) IR Down to the 5th, 6th wr's and their going to line up Qb Seneca Wallace too!!

    If we can't stack the box and blitz the heck out of them we are done!! Morris (RB) out for the game to.

    Sea is going to blitz ALL day so we better be working on a lot of 3-5 step drops. Get the ball out quick and take some shots down field with V.D and D.Walker up the seams

  • YesIsaidIT

    James, as a 49er fan, you are well aware there is a draft lottery, and will be so aware the next couple years. There is a saying, you know, the shit in one hand and wish in another, see what fills up first. I have been a 49er fan for over 20 years so I am not being a "hater." But, the bottom line is that the NFL and success are all about the quarterback. We do not have a top flight quarterback. None on the roster even come close, no matter how bad you want JT to be that guy. Once we get one, then we pass on the "draft lottery" talk.

  • Niner Pundit

    Rob…I’m with you. I wasn’t to upset with the loss. They outplayed the Cards stats wise, but unfortunately the turnovers and not getting the offense back on the field in the second half hurt.

  • Adam49

    Those stats are for Jaime Martin.And if I remember correctly he was backing up Marc Bulger and Ryan Fitzpatrick on the Rams.My brother is a Rams fan(unfortunately)and I remember him telling me that he like Martin the best out of the 3 QB's.That was before Bulger's breakout year.He's just a body for the practice squad.And he's a good one.

  • joe gomez

    Next game will be the ultimate test. If we cant beat a team with a depleted receiver corps and playing without their starting RB than its time to start worrying.

  • joe gomez

    my bad adam..meant to say martin. he would probably be a better 2nd string than hill just because he knows the system.

    Logan Payne and Courtney Taylor? who the hell are these guys you ask? those are the starting receivers that will be lining up against our starting secondary. i think its time we blow somebody out for a change. i hope we kill these birds and make a statement to the rest of the NFL.

  • Adam49

    The latest news on Alex Smith's shoulder injury.

    Doctors are speculating that the fracture might be related to the suture that was used to reattach his shoulder to his collarbone in December. When Smith's shoulder was separated, the ligaments that connect the shoulder and collarbone were torn away. Dr. James Andrews re-connected those ligaments with a suture, which is where the fracture appears to have occured.

    If Smith ultimately opts for surgery, a pin will be used to stabilize the area. However, it is preferable that the injury heals on its own. Doctors will take the the next two weeks to see how the area is responding.

  • Lowrance

    It took me a while to rethink. JT is still a “rookie” with almost no experience. So I guess he’s got to grow, and learn to read defenses better, and feel when the pass rushers get close and get the ball out of there.

    Hopefully the learning curve will improve FAST!!!!!!!!

    as yes…watching the Raiders fans boo and fall asleep was kind of fun….LOL

  • R,Craig33

    It was lovely to watch the raiders get their asses kicked,watch the look on their over reacting ass fans faces of being shocked and even shacking their heads when lelie scored a touchdown.

    And the best of the all them showing the look on al davis face while his old ass was sitting in his wheel chair in his press box with that old ass raiders jacket on and these pussy ass fans want to hate on us and shot a 49ers helmets and shit,YES I DIDN’T FORGET THE VIDEO THAT WAS POSTED ON HERE A WHILE BACK!


  • YesIsaidIT

    Same old excuses, different year. Draft lottery here we come. To be good, you have to have a good quarterback, we don’t. Plain and simple. This league is all about the quaterback. Not one of our current quaterbacks is the answer. Until we get a 1st string quarterback, you all can keep saying the same things year after year, I just hope it makes you feel better.

  • James Jones

    All you have to do is read the article to see that I have much confidence that this team is going to be better then last season, there is no doubt in my mind. I also think the next time we meet the Cards it will be a very different story.

    Joe: I completely agree, if this team cannot beat Seattle this weekend, even though the game is in Seattle, there are serious problems.

    Souza: JTO does give us the best chance to win right now… and all in all (aside from the turnovers) he played a pretty good game. If he gets a little more protection in the first half and actually gets to touch the ball in the second, who knows what happens.

    Also I never said anything about whether or not they should have kept either Lelie or Jackson, although I’m not sure last years offense was a good one to judge Darrel’s talent or lack thereof in. Lelie, meh… I know the team made the right choice in letting him go.

    Yes: I wasn’t aware there was a lottery in the NFL. Playing man. in all seriousness though, this team is only going to get better as the season progresses. There is a lot of talent there and JTO will come around, he just needs more time for plays to develop and to actually have a real chance at sustaining drives in the second half.

  • Pintor98

    I agree we don’t have a top notch Qb in place. Remember though that in Mart’z systems Trent Green, Warner, Bulger they were all nobodys. You just have to be smart Qb. I think S. Hill will eventually take over this year. I say we trade for B. Quinn now and cut our loses with A. Smith 10 million what a joke!! I would rather pay those 10 mill to Peppers,CB for the Raiders Asumonga how ever you spell his damm name even Haynsworth!!!!

    Seattle’s starting guard is out for the season (Sims) I guess the league is starting to feel like we did last year with the injury bug! I don’t feel bad for any of them, because nobody gave a shit when we lost A. Smith,Oliver,Lawson,B Moore,Cohen, Heitman,J Jennings.

  • James Jones

    Yes: To be honest I am fully unaware that there is a draft lottery. The NBA has a draft lottery however as far as I knew the NFL draft order was based on record from the previous season.

    How can you say that JT is not the QB who can take the team to the playoffs this season? That is your opinion and I repsect it however I am waiting for a few more games from him to pass judgement.

    Also success in the NFL is not always all about the QB. The Ravens trotted out Dilfer during their Super Bowl run, the ’85 Bears relied heavily on their defense as well. There are teams in this league who have “serviceable” quarterbacks, guys who are not great but can manage games for their teams and get wins.

  • Adam49

    You do not need a great QB to win a SB.The Bears got to the SB with the worst QB in the league(Rex Grossman).The Baltomore Ravens won a SB with Trent Difer.The Giants won the SB with an alright QB.The sorry ass Raiders got to the SB twice with an average QB(Rich Gannon.So all we need is for O’Sullivan to be consistant and we will be fine.We will find out shortly.

  • Adam49

    Jaime Martin is signed and is gonna be our 3rd string QB.And here is a stat that you all forgot to mention:
    Martin’s most extensive duty of his career came in 2005 when he started five games for an injured Marc Bulger. During that span he completed over 70 percent of his passes and led the Rams to a 4-1 record.

  • Adam49

    And the niners have waived DE Louis Holmes.

  • Adam49

    Let me say something about our team.No team in the league is gonna have 5 turnovers in a game consistantly.Now i am on record as saying its about the W’s.Take the turnovers out of this game and we dominate.we will get this thing on track,trust me.It still doesn’t sound like a bad year.

  • Mike

    Article basically talks about Smiths shoulder break and how we signed Martin to be 3rd stringer and how Smith now on IR is more then likely going to be released in the offseason.

  • West

    Billy ……yes we save x amount by Alex not playing this year an next….. the way I understand it is the remaining bonus money that is scheduled to count against the cap after this season is $2,666,666 in 2009, and $2,666,668 in 2010. If the 49ers decide to part ways with Smith before June 2009, he will count $5,333,334 against the cap next year. His scheduled base salaries (non-guaranteed) for 2009 and 2010 are $9.625 million and $15.05 million.

    either way we got pimped! I'm just trying to see the glass half full ,shit happens time to move forward an make the playoffs

  • If they didn’t commit five turnovers, no one would be saying they came out flat because they probably would have won the game. Over 7 yards per pass play, 5.4 per rush! Are you kidding me? This season is just getting started. Like you say James, everyone should just RELAX!

  • joe gomez

    Adam, good stats on Bulger. I remember him having a quick release and being accurate on his throws but didnt have the numbers. eddie, i think Foster did a decent job considering he didnt get much carries. I remember him picking up a crucial first down for us so he did do something. As far as JTO, the only problem i see is his turnovers which can be corrected. Other than that, hes pretty solid. That side arm motion looks unconventional but it leaves his arm with some serious authority and most are on target. Lets support this guy because I dont think Hill can do much better.

  • webehighrollin

    You can’t compare Aaron Rodgers to Alex Smith. Both situations are so different. Odds are if we took Rodgers we’d probably be comparing how big of a bust he is to Alex Smith. Our situation blew/blows compared to who ever GB woulda drafted who woulda had 3 years to learn and watch behind a real offense and Brett Favre.

    Anndd..6 turnovers in the same game last year? We woulda lost 50-0.. This year? We were in it till the last few drives. We’re def. a better team than we were at any point last season.

  • Seattle… QB @ WR…this should b fun!!!

  • Billy

    No theres a differance between Alex Smith and Rodgers coming out of college Aaron acually had his mechnics down and Alex still doesnt cause he sucks

    Sad fact I broke down crying for the fact we didnt take Edwards or Rodger(whos better than Alex) and tried disowning the 49ers but that didnt work I love my team no matter what

    And I wish I could rub it in Alex believers but they are 49er fans also so I wont. Stop saying whatever your saying about Smith his career with the 49ers is over, he sucks and he is the worst QB to receive so much GOD DAMN MONEY!!! NFL do something cause we lost like 27 MIL for a BUST QB!! CAN THE 49ERS RECEIVE A “REFUND”!! Honestly

  • joe gomez

    Billy, I was the biggest Alex hater on here, but i wont rub it in either. Were all Niner fans so we have to move on now.
    Good luck to him, hope he heals and finds another home next year. Its too bad it was so much money and time that was wasted but thats just the way it goes. JTO is our new QB and I hope he can correct the turnover mistakes so we can do some damage in the playoffs!

  • James Jones

    This team really has no one to blame but themselves for Alex's misfortunes and the money that has been "lost". People all over are saying that Alex was a waste, is horrible and is quite possibly the worst first round pick ever. That all might be true however one would be remiss to overlook the fact that Nolan did one of the worst coaching and handling jobs in the history of the league with Smith as well.

    He needed a coach who was not only going to stand behind him but also give him the support he needed in regards to assistant coaches. He gave him neither and therefore I would place a great deal of blame for this at his feet.

  • joe gomez

    Who you callin' youngster? haha..