Tully Takes a Pay Cut?

Tully apparently takes it lying down

Tully apparently takes it lying down

NationFootballPost.com is reporting that Tully Banta-Cain took a pay cut, thus allowing him to make the team. Of course this is the only site I’ve seen reporting this so not sure how legit it is.

In other news the 49ers named their team captains, who will wear a ‘C’ on their jersey. They are as follows:¬†Eric Heitmann, Patrick Willis, Walt Harris and Michael Robinson.

Heitmann, Willis and Robinson will represent offense, defense and special teams, respectively. Harris is also included because he’s the team’s player representative.

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  • Montana2Rice

    Shouldn’t your post have something to do with priorities and committing to achievement rather than a lame joke about gay sex?

  • Niner Pundit

    dude if you think it had to do with gay sex, you are wrong. You know the phrase ‘We will not take this lying down’ well with TBC it’s the opposite. And I doubt it had to do with commitment from Tully seems more of saving his own ass. Seems like the 49ers told him if you don’t take this cut, you are cut….

  • FaStRmAn

    TBC should take a pay cut for as bad as he played last year. If his play improves, perhaps he will get a pay increase. . Players shouldn't make millions for doing nothing !! You hear that Alex ??? Give the money back you bum !!

  • Adam49

    Niner Pundit http://www.nationalfootballpost.com is reporting the same news.He either took a paycut or he was gone.Maybe that also explains why he was playin in the 4th quarter of a preseason game.

  • Adam49

    Also I have been checking out some of the Arizona Cardinal blogs,and they are hell bent that this is gonna be a Cardinal blowout.Most of the crap I read had us gettin whooped 45-13.Boy I think they are gonna be in for a surprise.Were gonna whoop that ass.I’m oredicting something like 34-17

  • Adam49

    Predicting…my bad

  • joe gomez

    Quit lying, we all know if Alex Smith gets traded to the Cardinals, youd be rooting for them. Your an Alex Smith fan not a real 49ers fan. So quit blowing smoke up your ass and tell the truth for once.

  • T. Dawg

    Yup, that idiot doesn’t fool me a bit.

  • ninerfan4life

    with his production … he should play for free! f tully

  • John

    Super Glad that Michael Robinson was named a captain. This guy is a class act, and a perfect back-up running back. He runs heavy and can lay some serious pop, not to mention his D1 quarterback experience. He should get some more second half carries…definitely captain material.