The JT & Gore Show

14 + 21 = W

14 + 21 = W

The 49ers won their second in a row by defeating the Lions 31-13. Also for the second week in a row the 49ers scored over 30. The last time that happened was a long ass time ago.

For the second week in a row O’Sullivan looked really good and did not turn the ball over, he finished the day with solid numbers 189 yards passing a 2 touchdowns. Better yet the offensive line did a much better job for him this week in allowing only one sack. No surprise but Frank Gore put up solid numbers once again on the ground. He rushed for 130 and one score.

From the opening drive it seemed the 49ers controlled this game, got some good pressure on Kitna and shut down the big men of Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson for Lions.

If there is one negative in this game it is the play of Vernon Davis, who at this point can’t catch a cold and the run defense which allowed Rudi Johnson to run for 83.

The 49ers prepare for New Orleans this week who battled with Denver all the way to the in. We all remember the embarassment the 49ers had last go round with New Orleans, let’s hope this offensive production carries over again this coming weekend.

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  • Cory

    plus Justin Smith had a one handed INT

  • Vin

    Very good win for the 49ers. They came into the game as the superior team and it showed throughout the game. Unlike in years past, they would play down the competition (if that was even possible).

    I kept waiting for that drop by Vernon Davis to come back and haunt us in the second half, but the defense played great against the pass. VD needs to step up and learn how to catch, or Delanie will be getting the throws his way (might not be a bad thing).

    I think they will be competitive over the next few weeks, and if they can take two of the next four games they’ll be in prime position to take the division, as AZ lost to the skins, and they have to play those teams too (NO, NE, PHI, NYG).

    I’m pumped! They were 2-1 last year, but this is much much more promising.

  • Red & Gold Fan

    2-1 and bring on the Saints and Saints want keep rollen. This song is for the 49ers this year.

  • joe gomez

    Well take care of the Aints. We still havenet played to our potential. Were gonna keep geting better and better. Vernon hopefully will start catching passes.

  • The way Cincinnati went into New York and almost beat them? I say we have a great chance. New Orleans will be tough, no question. New England? If they come out prepared, I say we take ’em.

  • By that I mean, if the 49ers come out prepared.

  • Golden Elbows

    Yea the D has to step up bigtime vs saints.

  • Jay Love

    I know everyone’s reluctant to get their hopes up for the 9ers, but this offense is what they needed. Look at the sixth seed champs NYG and Pit. If there’s a spot for SF in the post-season anything can happen, and by then, they will be playing like they’re supposed to.

    p.s. J.T. : wow! this is his first starting season! you can’t tell me it doesn’t give you chills to see the Montana-Young spirit scrambling for the gain, for the TD. That’s 49ers football!

  • 9nerfan

    i know vd aint catching shit rite now but just having him on the field is a plus. he just better step up and start catching passes. it was a great win though. felt good to finally beat up on another team.

  • webehighrollin

    The Dicktroit Lions blowwwww…

    but anywho..the Patriots?? we got that in the bag.. hopefully westbrook is out fora while and we can match up against Philly too. I don’t know if we can keep up with New Orleans offense just yet, but it’ll def. be a fun game to watch.

    btw.. RELEASE VERNON DAVIS!!!..horrible useless waste of talent

  • Alex

    I don’t think the 49ers have a chance in New Orleans. They have a shot against New England now (a small one, but still a shot), Philly will decimate th 49ers. Still though, they’re giving us something to be excited about. J.T. is the $hit! With every good week, it further raises the conundrum: What happens if they do well all year, and then Martz is offered a head coaching job somewhere else? At this point it’s clear that Martz is more important to the team than NoWin.

  • joe gomez

    Alex…Philly will decimate the 49ers? What kind of Niner Faithful are you? lol… ANY GIVEN SUNDAY … ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.. dont underestimate this Niner team. I think we can beat ANYBODY. Wait until we put it all together…its only the 3rd week.

  • Mike

    Alex.. I think we have a chance against the saints.. They were a different team this week without there top guy in Colston. If we can pressure Brees. Should be able to keep everything competitive. And there def. Still isn't all that great there. I think we have a chance.

    Now your views on Philly, I do not think we get blown out like your saying. I think they probably have the toughest Def that we might play this season and its really going to be on the Oline to give us a fighting chance b/c Philly blitzes like crazy. But right now they have Westbrook hurting with a sore ankle and if he is out for any significant time and misses game against us down the road thats a big blow to there offense.

    While I don't think we are near top teams in NFL right now. Given right circumstances and more time to gel I think we can atleast be competitive with them.

  • bullet-stopper

    Alex, if Mike Martz is offered HC jobs elsewhere the 49ers will have no choice but to fire Nolan and offer a HC promotion to Martz which as of now id be the happiest man in the world. Id want Martz to stay at OC but Nolan needs to roll onto a college team if hes lucky i dont think a college would hire him right now.

  • gee-ray

    its a tough spot for our tight ends. i think walker should be starting given he can make plays for us. but its hard not to put vd out there because he his is a good mismatch. maybe double tight ends sets more sending vd deep and walker over the middle for a safety net. vd is just not trying hard enough.. or so it seems. damn he makes me mad sometimes. so much potential.. soon enough we will have to turn to production(walker) over the potential (v davis).

  • Golden Elbows

    I would sit VD also. Maybe this type of competition is what he needs to get him more consistant at catch the effing ball. I think Walker is having a better year than him. However, VD is doing a good job in blocking.

  • Niner Pundit

    Mike…agreed now is a good time to shore up that run defense.

  • gee-ray

    yeah great win. i was a little worried in the third quarter. well not worried about losing, but the fact that we wernt moving the ball until gore got going good in the fourth. its good to close out the game with frank gore.

  • joe gomez

    ANY GIVEN SUNDAY .. Look what happened to the Patriots. They seemed like Brady didnt matter the first 2 weeks and then get smashed against one of the worst franchises the past several years at home. Some are you are predicting a blowout against Philly but any team can beat any team on any given sunday. JTO is on fire, Martz is on fire, Frank Gore is running his ass off, our receivers are having a strong year, Delanie will get more and more touches, Vernon will soon turn it around, D will get better, Special teams will get better, Nedney will shake off his funk, and we will have a very strong year. Quit bowing to Philly, they barely scored ten points yesterday. Get off their jock!

  • Tim

    Am I missing something? Where is Michael Robinson?

  • West

    It was good to see Mike Nolan FINALLY go for the jugular. He pulled back the field goal unit and went for a touchdown on the play that Rossum scored. That will help build some confidence with the offensive unit

  • Adam49

    My 10 year old son can catch better than V.Davis and i'm not kidding.This dude is a bust.We looked good out there and the fans seem to be energized.We are gonna have no problems beating the Saints.With Shockey out 3-4 weeks with a hernia operation,that's just one more weapon they don't have.

  • Pintor98

    49ers looking good. Except for the run Defense. Wow it feels really good to see our offense move the ball up and down. I think we really have a good chance against N.O no colston,shockey!!! Their defense stinks gave up close to 500 yrds to Denver. We shut down R. Williams and c Johnson towhat 60 combined yards. matchups this week Bush vs Goldston and our Lb's let P-Wille hit him one time in the middle and Bush will be running wide everytime.

  • Mike

    Saints game next week is looking more an more like we could come out with yet again another W. Not only are they missing colston. But now reports are that Shockey will be out as well. Should help us limit there off. and We should be able to put up points on there def.

  • tony in bakersfield

    WOW!! If you look at JTO's stats….he's in the top 10 or better in almost all the categories!! Amazing….and Gore…top 5 RB in the league. I'm said it since the preseason game against the Raiders. I see soooo much potential. I think the Niners win the next 2 out of 4 and in the 2 losses, we'll still be in those games for chances of winning.

  • Samra

    alrite so we beat SEA and SEA beat STL…im glad we'se playing STL towards the end of the season when its crunch time…also fire nolan now and lock up martz for a lifetime

  • ninerjoe

    That’s actually the one good thing about the fact that Martz has burned several bridges in his past. I just don’t see him getting another hc position anytime soon. Now with that said, I didn’t think Norv Turner would either.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Good win. In our next 4 games if we can go 2 an 2. We
    would be 4 and 3, with our worst part of our schedule out
    of the way. The division is ours to grab. The wild cards
    are gonna come out of the east and north. the key is for
    Arizona to lose. win the division. Once in the playoffs
    who knows. Go Niners.

    I’ve been very critical of VD. his stone hands are dissapointing. But his blocking is unreal. He’s cut down
    on his penalties. Maybe we sit Bajema, make VD the blocking
    TE, and Delaney the deep threat.


    Joe…that’s the kind of optimism I want to hear. I’m not afraid of Philly. McNabb’s just good enough to let you lose. New England proved they’re vulnerable when someone flips up the playbook on them.

    HOWEVER….remember last year when we played early (10am) games???? COMPLETELY FUCKING UNPREPARED!!!! Nolan better have these guys ready to play. New Orleans is no pushover.

  • Niner Pundit

    Tim…I'd say they feel Foster is better at running the ball then Robinson. You'd think Martz would find a way to get him the ball to throw passes and such though.

  • Adam49

    Hey Niner Pundit did you just say butthurt.How old are you man?And although JTO looks like the future QB of this team,i am not going to say Alex is a bust yet.He was a bust for us but i don't think he came into a situation that many 20 year olds could have excelled at.So we will see in the future what happens to Smith.As for Mr.Alligator arms Davis.Or wait is it Mr.Stonehands.He shows what he can do after the ball is in his hands.But tryin to get the ball in his hands is another story.You have to softly toss the ball to Davis for him to catch it.Hope he proves me wrong though because he is exciting to watch after the catch.Another player that is pissing me off is Michael Lewis.Could he possibly miss anymore tackles or take a worse angle on that run by johnson?But our true test will be this week.New Orleans is a good team.We will find out were we stand this week.Gomez,i am not giving up on Davis but he needs to make plays when the opportunity is there for him.When we start playing better teams were gonna need him to make those plays.

  • samra

    hahah i love how everybody figures a new way to fight….we just had the best game since the giants 2003 playoff game

  • West

    Samra….. gotta love it….LOL

  • joe gomez

    Adam.. I agree Davis needs to step it up. Im sure the coaches had a word with him because dropping balls is UNACCEPTABLE in the NFL. Remember when Jerry Rice had stone hands in his early years? He found a way to correct that problem. Thats why I wish he would come in if not as a permanent coach, maybe a part-time coach.

  • Niner Pundit

    Adam…how can you call Davis a bust, but not Alex Smith. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t you one of the ones who said Smith wasn’t a bust and campaigned for him to be the starter? How is Davis any different than Smith.

    Tim…I was asking the same thing about Robinson over the weekend as well. What happened to him??

  • Adam49

    Very easy.And i can’t believe were still on this Alex Smith thing.You fucken guys can’t seem to leave the kid alone.Coming into the NFL a young QB needs stability and coaching.Alex got neither.All sorry ass Vernon Davis has to do is catch a fucken ball,and he doesn’t seem to be gettin any better at doin that.He’s a bust and a joke.His best plays are when he stays in to block.Alex will goto another team were he will get a chance at some real coaching and we will see what he coulda been if we would have done the right things with him.Til then can you move on please.Or are you running out of things to talk about.And listening to the fans in the stadium you are alone on the Vernon Davis bandwagon.

  • joe gomez

    Adam.. im hoping Vernon can correct his hands problem because that ball he did catch for a first down, he looked like he got shot out of a cannon! I mean his speed is freakish.. no LB can cover him. I think we might have 2 of the fastest TE’s in the NFL in Vernon and Delanie. Delanie had a good game, dont give up on Vernon yet, hell have some good plays this season. Cant call him a bust yet. He had over 500 receiving yards last year with the worst offense probably in the history of mankind and hes averaging 17 yards a catch this year. Im sure hell make some noise this year. As far as Mike Robinson goes, I think he plays mostly on special teams. I myself want Thomas Clayton out there for a few snaps. I think he had a terrific pre-season.

    Watching the replay on that 4th and goal play to Rossum, I cant believe the Seattle defender penetrated so quickly and almost had Rossum for a loss but Rossum was just way too quick. We should put him on offense more, hes the fastest player on our team.

  • Niner Pundit

    Adam…I’m not saying Davis is or is not a bust. I just found it funny that you give Smith a pass but not Davis. Sorry you got all butthurt for me bringing up an old wound for you.

  • 9er4lyfe

    Alex Smith is a bust. He NEVER had the talent to play 1st string QB in the NFL. EVERYONE has said he is a bust except Adam. I dont care how much coaching that kid get, hes the BIGGEST BUST since Ryan Leaf. He has NO TALENT. Thank god we found J.T. O’Sullivan!

  • 5 Rings

    No doubt, Alex is a Bust. Vernon Davis is not playing to his potential but hes far from a bust. You look at his numbers and their pretty decent, were just expecting alot more from him and im sure hell get there. Alex was never decent, he sucked his first game, he sucked in the middle, and he sucked in the end.

  • gee-ray

    i was a alex smith supporter, but unfortunatly he is in the past. jto is the commanding the ship now. if smith flourishes somewhere else then great.. if not i won’t lose sleep. although he might.

  • Tim

    I have a feeling that Martz has yet to unleash the full arsenal on offense. I expect him do let it fly this week in New Orleans to prove that we are a team to be reckoned with.

  • Tim

    Instant 49ers says Robinson played strictly special teams and was not much of a factor. I am wondering if his knee is not yet 100%.

  • 9nerfan

    why dont they hire jerry rice to be a reciever coach. have the GOAT coach our recievers. i know for sure everybody would ears would be wide open and listening. thats like mike singletary coaching our linebackers. i know they’re not playing that well but i know damn sure that he will get these guys playing great again.