Smith Unlikely to be Back in 09

Scot McCloughan is on record as saying that if Alex Smith hasn’t taken over the starting role by the end of the season, he will not be back in 2009. Scot was asked if they would bring Smith back if he wasn’t the starter.

“You can’t. The amount of money we’re going to invest in him, he’d have to be proven that he’s the guy. When we get to the offseason, he’d have to be the guy for next year.”

Where’s Doc Brown and the DeLorean when you need it.
Source: Maiocco

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  • Lowrance

    Well DER!!!

  • he's gonna start at somepoint cause GTO sucks……balls:)

  • mouse

    At least he states the obvious. Some other people in the organization have trouble doing even that.

  • AM

    wait??? cut smith…nooo i love paying millions of dollars to shitty backup quarterbacks.

  • socalninersfan

    smith will start the fourth game after an 0-3 start thanks to our man JTO

  • RobBase

    Well we better sign JTO to a huge contract so that we are paying all three backups fairly.