Shock & Awe Thursday: Jennings Out

Your bones don\'t break, mine do. That\'s clear.

Your bones don't break, mine do. That's clear.

I know this may come as a surprise, but right tackle Jonas Jennings is listed as ‘Out’ for Sunday’s game against Detroit. I know it is hard to swallow since Jennings has been a warrior for this team who has played week in week out regardless of papercuts or hangnails.

Head coach Mike Nolan believes he’ll be back and will not require surgery. Of course this is Mr. Glass we are talking about, so look for him to at least miss half the season.

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  • gee-ray

    #1 i hope you were making fun of my comment. i guess i should say how does he sleep during the day (while recouping) on "pay day"

    to top it off he got flagged last week for a couple of false starts.. normally i would give in to crowd noise being the factor but this ass wipe is on a short leash in my book.

    he is filling in the gap left from Kwame Harris. another worthless false starting fuck face. Damn where the hell is Jesse Sapolo or Harris Barton when you need them?

  • C from the 530

    he needs to be cut after this year… along with alex smith, mark roman, tully banta cain, abrayo franklin….. that will give us plenty of money to make out team better in FA…

  • gee-ray

    how the hell does this guy sleep at night on payday?

  • Adam49

    This guy is a 330 pound pussy.It’s time for him to go.I’m sick and tired of this fucking coward.I dislocated my shoulder at a football game last year and didn’t miss a days work.I sprained my ankle at a charity event I threw last year and didn’t miss a second of work.This guy stubs his toe and he’s put on injured reserve.Goodbye Mr.Glass

  • Adam49

    Actually Mr.Glass sounds way to strong for his nickname.

  • #1

    Gee-ray hit the nail on the head; how does Jennings sleep at night on payday – LOL

  • Does anybody know his contract status?

    Then maybe we can sign some one else this free agency thats not a pussy

  • Adam49

    I believe we signed him to a 7 year deal in 2005.

  • I knew this article was coming LOL Pundit.