Re-Re-Rebutting A Re-Rebuttal Which Really Wasn’t One At All

I will preface this by saying once again, you have copped out.

You were not aware that posting something as asinine as what you did, with misinformation abound, which lacked any real substance was going to have the effect it did?

You REALLY must not be a 49er fan then Frank (thanks for the permission to address you by your first name there, run Neo run) because anyone who is would know that posting what you did for thousands of people to see would elicit such responses. If you were a true 49er fan then you would know how passionate they are, how much losing nauseates them to their very core, how staring down the very real possibility of a sixth straight losing season causes them to long for change no matter what form it arrives in.

As I stated in my initial response Frank, I am not here to tell you what opinion to have or how to pimp it to society. I merely saw someone who wrote some things which were horribly erroneous and made the decision to argue the points that were incorrect in my opinion, basically your entire article. Also since you clearly didn’t read my response your article was “sh**** and illogical>” You gave no basis for your rants in that the reasons you supplied to your reading population were based on pure BS.

The team hasn’t been that bad? Come on now Frank, I know you can do better then that, at least I would think so. Maybe you can’t. Perhaps you lack the mental faculty to piece together a valid reason as to why Nolan should be retained past this season if the 49ers fail to make the playoffs once again. That’s beside the point and honestly makes no difference to me; just don’t expect not to be lambasted by those who read your drivel when they possess half a brain.

Its fine to like Nolan, hell I liked him as well when he was first hired. He came in with a plan, a focus and an intensity that was severely lacking under Erickson and Donahue. I and many other fans were happy at what finally appeared to be a smart move from ownership, little did we know that the prospective wool was being pulled over our eyes by a career bulls*** artist who had nary a clue as to what he was doing and was given far to much power out of the gate.

The team has been through tough times Frank. As you put it the downfall can be traced back to when York was given control of the team so by your estimation fans have been suffering through what is going on eight years or turmoil and loathing. Even though they made the playoffs twice since Eddie relinquished control of the franchise, again though that’s irrelevant since we are talking about a new coach and new players.

I love your witticism about your high school sweetheart as you attempt to be humorous to the masses, sadly though the only thing you accomplished was to make yourself look like an even bigger tool then you already were.

Whoever said you were an idiot? I never saw where that emerged; if someone did it wasn’t me. Also how you jumped to conclusions is beyond me, again something I never said nor saw anyone else do so.

Poorly written was an understatement Frank but I’ll humor you… you say I fancy myself a writer. Fact is my friend I am a writer. I have been doing so for the last nine years and have had my work published by more then a few notable sources. I am paid for my work Frank, I don’t just receive an email with a link to a site and then peruse that site, decide to write a completely unjustifiable article, (if it can be called that) post said article and then get all butt-hurt when I am called out on it.

So now I’m a whiner? Ok if that is your opinion so be it. However, I would rather be labeled as such then to be viewed as a buffoon who should do the internet public a favor in destroying his computer and discontining his contract with the ISP who obviously made a mistake in giving him their service in the first place.

That my arguments were bland and baseless is almost as laughable as your entire response to my initial post Frank. “I actually took your points, whittled them to a fine point and shoved them right back up you’re a**.” Erik Klackner (2006) You on the other hand fired back at me with talk of how you meant your piece (of s***) to be cynical and sarcastic and not having had the time to do proper fact checks or simple editing.

I asked you specific questions as to why you felt that Mike Martz was not the right man to coach the 49ers if Nolan were to be fired. I also queried you on how, if Nolan has been in place for going on four seasons, would he not have the right players for his system? You responded to neither letting everyone know for certain that you truly had no foundation for your opinion whatsoever. If you do then please praise with your wisdom as to what the answers are to at least those two questions.

As I have said over and over again Frank, having an opinion is great… we all have them. All we are asking here (and by we I mean everyone on this site and the one you disgraced with your presence since the majority seems to agree with me) is that you back up your opinion with some validity and fact. Failing to do so makes you look like a man who not only doesn’t know what he is talking about but also has very little knowledge about the game of football.

Oh and I would fact check your balls but I think your high school who- err… sweetheart has them in her purse still.

  • shane

    what happened lol

  • James Jones

    My apologies Shane. Here is a link to what the above is in repsonse to.

  • Lowrance

    This is all I needed to finally read from Frank….

    “There are numerous reasons the 49ers have underachieved over the past three seasons, and almost none of them can be attributed to coaching, in my opinion. ”

    Are you fucking nuts????!!!!

  • gee-ray

    Lowrance…NO.. he is nucking futs

  • Adam49

    You guys wanna read something interesting?

    I chatted with offensive coordinator Mike Martz this afternoon for Friday’s Coordinators’ Corner, and asked him what J.T. O’Sullivan could have done to avoid some of last week’s eight sacks. Martz said that part of the problem began with headset difficulties.

    “They came in and out so he was getting bits and pieces of plays, so he’d call a play and try to put it together, but maybe one of the tags were wrong,” said Martz. “So, when the ball is snapped, you realize someone is out of position and it’s not a pass that we even have. You do what you can to salvage it. In 17 years I’ve never seen anything like that where we couldn’t communicate. It would come on, it would go off and he couldn’t understand us. That was really frustrating and at least three of those sacks were because of that.”

    Martz said that on a few others, O’Sullivan could have gotten rid of the ball.

    “I think realistically there were probably only three sacks in that game (for the line).”

  • Adam49

    James, your waisting your time.Let’s start talking about this teams future,not our past.If you had to defend our team against every idiot that stomped on us,that’s all you would be doing.He’s not worth the time you took to write that article.

  • The re-re-rebuttal wasn’t nearly as eloquent as the rebuttal, but certainly had more depth than the re-rebuttal.

    Um…. ?

  • Tim

    Please someone explain to me why all these so called experts are sucking the Cardinals dicks like they are a contender. As you all know they are not better than us and their great offensive could not score inside the red zone 2 weeks ago but it gets overlooked because they beat the Dolphins? Another thing Buffalo beats Seattle and it is a great win we beat them at home and it is because they are down on their luck I just dont get it. JT throws for over 300 yards in one of the toughest places to win in the league after falling behind 14-0 gets sacked 8 times and does not even get a mention on Sunday or Monday halftime highlights? Again I do not get it. FUCK THE NATIONAL MEDIA THEY SUCK!

  • krytoi

    You guys are some little kids.

  • Billy

    You got a point Tim I dont get to see my 49ers play and when we win we hardly get any credit but we get beat and its all over the freakin place I hate national tv just air some 49er games god damn it cause Im to poor to pay for sunday ticket

    Also our losses can be attributed to coaching but also Alex Smith notice how Shaun Hill was able to take advantage of the 8 man box Alex couldnt even do that he is a mediocre QB and the coaching didnt acually help him, he still doesnt have his mechanics down jeez he just plain sucks!! The ATL game last year how the hell he threw those picks like that I dont know I tend to think his shoulder wasnt that bad he just blamed Nolan as an excuse to save himself and Nolan retaliated like a child putting himself in front of Alex to receive all the blame.

    Unlike normal fans I wasnt rollin with Nolan cause he drafted Alex “Dat Bust” Smith, until Frank Gore showed his stuff I started lovin that guy but I dont know he is a mediocre coach at best, I like the personel moves except for this year Im disapointed we didnt get Desean Jackson but then again we have Busts in Smith and Davis is next you can see it he just talks the talk but cant back it up he drops balls and cant block sure he makes a good play here and there but at least Delanie Walker is consistent and I see him starting instead.

    As for Martz being coach I dont think so I wouldnt like it he is better left an OC, whoever takes him as HC will suck if he stays OC we will be the best and he’ll be focused mainly on the offense his forte. For HC we should get Singletary or Marty. What do you think Niner Pundet and James?

  • James Jones

    Billy: I agree that either of them would be good choices but I would prefer we go with Singletary though. He has been interviewed for head coaching positions the last few off-seasons so he would be a logical choice if Nolan is let go. He knows the players and the system and would bring a true no-nonsense attitude to the team.

    Jim: I wasn’t really going for eloquent on this one but thanks for the compliment anyway. It wasn’t really to hard to best the re-rebuttal.

    Krytoi: Nice post… anything else?

  • Adam49

    If we go with Singletary Martz will leave for a Head Coaching job and we are back to square 1.If Martz becomes Head Coach we build on the progress we’ve made on offense and defense and move forward to contend for Super Bowl.

  • joe gomez

    Adam.. your son will love the tour. My kids have seen it several. The prison I work at is almost just as old. Have fun at the game, should be a win for us. Me and James will hold down the site for you, lol.

  • Adam49

    Alright boys, me,my son,and my wife are headin out to Frisco tonight for the game on Sunday.Gonna stop in Santa Barbera for some business i have to take care of.We should be in Frisco around 11:30 tonight.Were gonna take my son to alcatraz for the first time and were gonna take him on a night tour.Should be entertaining.James,i hope you can hold down this site without me.Just kidding.You guys have a good weekend and GO NINERS!!!!!!

  • 49er4life

    Wow. This guy must not have a life.

  • CrazyDave

    I just picked up Profootball Weekly Pro Prospects preview for 2008-09 and this is the look ahead for san fran 49ers(about next years draft)…As has been the case for some time now,the team will be looking for a deep threat wide receiver,which it hasnt had since T.O.,and an impact pass rusher–even if Justin Smith applies more badly needed presure to opposing QB's.Even though they spent there pick on DL K.Balmer after M. Douglas and B.Y. are no longer on the team.i just figured i would let u guys know what they are saying.does any one know who is one there final year off there contracts after this year?

  • James Jones

    4life: If by this guy you mean me then you are clearly in the wrong. I do in fact have a life, work a full time job, go to school for my masters degree and write (it’s called supplemental income) for the best 49er site in existence. I have a passion for the 49ers and football… I am able to multi-task with the best of them. In fact I wrote that in the car on the way from Phoenix, AZ to Sacramento, CA. Pretty funny and original jab though, nice work.

    Adam, have a great time at the game and enjoy the Bay. I am moving back in three weeks and I can’t wait! Be safe my man.

    And yes, Joe and I got this on lock brotha!

  • joe gomez

    James.. you moving to SacTown? Look me up, im right next to Arco Arena.

  • joe gomez

    JTO is an unrestricted FA after this year and Bryant Johnson is only signed for this season.