Niners Lose Opener

JT didn\'t get the time in the second half to try and put points on the board

JT didn't get the time in the second half to try and put points on the board

The 49ers lost their home opener 23-13 against the Cardinals. Here is a quick rundown of what killed the 49ers. Time of possession killed them. Takeo Spikes killed them. Turnovers killed them. Piss poor officiating killed them.

The 49ers kept the game close in the first half despite committing three turnovers and giving the Cardinals great field position. The second half was a whole different story. After a fumbled onside kick by Takeo Spikes the 49ers offense struggled to get back on the field. The Cards had the ball forever in the second half, if I’m not mistaken the 49ers had the ball for one series.

Aside from that Frank Gore looked good, Parys Haralson looked good, and JT O’Sullivan looked good aside from the costly turnovers. If I were a Cards fan I’d be worried that you had great field position all game, got five turnovers and only put up 23.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • Johnny

    O'Sullivan sucks!

  • Sacramento? WTF thats even worse than Detriot. yo Dick head, Stop sucking on Cory's Cock. Shaun Hill should be the number 1 Qb, and screw it put Arnaz battle in at 2nd, anything but O'fumbleman, look like a homeless version of Joe montana.

  • Desert9er

    Shut up about Smith. Good riddance.

    As for JTO, same shit we went through in the pre-season and has been the knock on him all this time. Turnovers. There was never a question of whether he could make the throws. The issue is he shows pure brilliance one second and pure stupidity the next. The INT was a gift to the Cards. Bad throw and, actually, Battle could have saved face for JTO but he stopped to wait for the ball as well. Then the two fumbles… I don't expect Martz to be able to fix the turnover issue either… look at Warner and Bulger. They give up tons of turnovers. Maybe we just need to score more?

    Takeo… well, he doesn't have experience fielding kickoffs… at the same time, that was pretty bad.

    Keasey, well, he did get hit hard. Hopefully he learns to hold on.

    Defense… Played really well the first half. But the second half, I think our players did alright given they were on the field for over 20minutes of the second half but wow, coaching –> no adjustments. Cards definitely adjusted… we did not. Where's the coaching man?


    At least we looked better than Seattle and sorry ass St. Louis. They really got fucking problems. We need to shore up our special teams, work on not turning the ball over so fucking much and I think we'll be ok. Unfortunately we can't to anything about the refs and their fucking incompetence.

  • Dan the man

    I can't believe 619niners wants alex smith. That is so funny. Did you see the last preseason game. alex smith couldnt do shit against the bench warmers. I think 619niners is taking it in the ass from Alex Smith… The niners beat themselfs today. Its that simple.

  • 9erHopeful

    JT did better in one half than smith does in most games…the fumbles weren't JT's fault since one was in mid-throw and the other was pretty much a freeby since the defender was practically untouched by jennings. it was the defense that failed in the 2nd half being unable to stop on any 3rd or 4th downs. it was their own fault for being on the field so long this time…not the offense. other than that the team looked much improved.

  • Mike

    619: You can't be serious asking for shaun hill who's noodle of an arm couldn't throw the ball deep enough to move pass smith on the chart in preseason and JTO jumped them both.

    I am not happy about the turnovers at all though. However seattle and st louis also lost. So arizona was only one with a win and they beat us. I'm hoping the wear down of the def from what I've read about.. I'm hoping thats just due to lack of play for a full game. Also be nice to get off. on the field and keep them there a little longer since stats wise tells me they barely saw field in 2nd half.

    If there is a broken bone in Smiths shoulder though. IR him and lets bring in another qb free agent vet or youth to learn system. Whether it be to take over for JTO or to learn system for a year and have chance to start him next season. This way when draft a qb he can sit that first year with a clip board. Chris Simms still a free agent I believe.. also Matt Gutierrez.. He was on pats all preseason and was cut b/c Cassell beat him out but He actually played better and is young guy.

  • 9erHopeful

    JTO passed for the same amount of yards as warner did with way less time of possession. and the niners offense had more total yards than the cardinals did. if we cut back on those turnovers and the defense can come out fired up on 3rd downs then the niners can be a threat in the west.

  • 9erHopeful

    i agree gomez…JTO did a good job for his first start and as we've seen in the preseason, he improves week to week. that first half was definitely the most exciting football i've seen from the 49ers in awhile. those are all mistakes that we can easily fix (turnovers and penalties).

  • marksmen

    jto had 195 passing yards for a rating of 80.2 thts not bad for a first nfl starting performance. better than tht douche bag alex smith.

  • TrueNinerFan

    How bout blaming this one on Nolan? It's called Second half adjustments……..he made none!!!! He was severely outcoached. He is a piece of crap coach and needs to be replaced immdediately……..Niners moved the ball enough to give me hope but Nolan could not figure out how to stop the Boldin and Warner connection that absolutely killed us, we got them to third down situations but couldnt stop the drives!!!! Nolan sucks and a monkey with a headset could do a better job…

  • Samra

    Alex Smith is done with the niners…surgeons after the surgery said his arm might never be the same and it wont and now this…he may never be successfull in the nfl and part of the blame goes on Mike Nolan and George Warhop…instead of surrounding him with talent we left him to lead an offense of mediacracy…we need to move on put A.Smith on IR and sign eith Chris Simms, Daunte Caulpepper, or Quinn Gray

  • Adam49

    Make all the excuses you want to.Same old shit.This,that,we got whoopped.Plain and simple.Our defense may have looked good at times,the Cards beat the shit out of us in the time of posession.Turnovers killed us this game but it's not like our offense looked as if we could have scored regularly.We better improve greatly in the next game or 2,or we're in deep shit.The schedule isn't gonna get any easier.

  • marksmen

    Samra daute Caulpepper retired moron lol

  • Roscoe49er

    Same old story, same old song and dance. You people are talking like we looked like a good team today. A good team doesn't commit 5 turnovers. A good team can get off the field on third down. The Niners have had a problem with that for years. Granted they were out there a really long time in the second half, but you have to suck it up and STOP them. When the offense did move the ball the drives all stalled out except for the 41 yard touchdown. The best thing that we could hope for now is a high draft pick in April. Maybe we could get a QB who actually has talent. A new Head Coach wouldn't hurt either. Nolan couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag. Alex Smith ain't coming back so move on with your life. You really think he would have made a difference today? The man has hands like a 3 year old he might have fumbled 4 times. Still betting 3-13 record this year.

  • Thats what happens when u start a fagg by the name of Gay T O’Fumbleman. start A. Smith already. what a boring ass game. only good news is that Frank Gore looks Great. Down with Nolan! Come on, everybody get in line to kick his ass.

  • Cory

    dude Smith is hurt u dumb shit and Sullivan wasnt the only who fumbled dumbass….u win as a team and u lose as a team….fuckin loser

  • Doc Iac

    five turnovers killed them, but spikes was the worse he had so much time to get that kick it was ridiculas….the officiating was kida ridiculas with that roughing the passer call as well

  • Bitch ass Cory, I’d rather see an injured smith in rather some fagg from Detriot. Get off Sullivans Cock buddy.

  • joe gomez

    619Niners..hey dumbshit..Alex has a fucking BROKEN BONE is his fucking shoulder, he is history. Gone. Adios. So quit asking for him. JTO had a decent game so quit panicking moron. Turnovers and time possession did us in. Gore wasnt the only bright spot. Heralson, J. Smith, our O line, they all looked good. The defense had a big first half but looked like they got tired in the 2nd half. Cant blame them, they were on the field for the entire 3rd quarter. So quit panicking and asking for A. Smith because your sounding like a total fucking moron.

  • joe gomez

    I think the receivers need to step up next game. Bruce I think was held to zero catches. I think Morgan has the most chemistry with JTO so they should of thrown to him more. Hey 619, JTO isnt from Detroit dickhead. He played for them just like many other teams. Hes from Sacramento and grew up a Niner fan so make sure you know what the fuck your talking about before you start criticizing people. Dumb fuck.

  • mouse

    defense sucked it up

  • joe gomez

    Actually the int JTO threw was a damn good play by the Cards defense. He got a good jump on it and snatched it. People asking for A. Smith or Hill after JTO’s first ever NFL start should wake up and smell the coffee. After what weve been thru the last 3 years with Smith, this is a fucking improvement. Dont expect JTO to be Montana, Young, or even Garcia for that matter. He had a pretty decent game for his first NFL start and will only get better. Defense looks good but we could do better on the pass rush department. We cant keep shooting ourselves in the foot with stupid penalties (roughing the passer, Ulbrich taking off too soon on kickoff). Bottom line is Cardinals offense had the ball alot more than our offense did. they ran over 70 plays and we ran roughly 40. That shit is ridiculous. Field position was all in their favor but our defense held the score down. If this game was last year or the other two lousy years we would have been blown out but we hung in there like true NFL competitors. I think we are really going to be better this year. That Takeo fumble really hurt but hes not used to handling the ball so that shit happens.
    All in all, we did a decent job. 5 or 6 turnovers usually mean a blowout. Take away those mental mistakes and we easily win this game. Bright things are ahead for the Niners!

  • joe gomez

    619Niners…you got a problem with the Capital of California bitch? i was stationed in the 619 at Camp Pendleton and its NOTHING special. Why arent you rooting for the Chargers if your claiming 619. Support our starting QB or shut the fuck up pussy.

  • Samra

    Here were Jon Kitna’s stats in his first 3 games as the lions starter under martz….
    1st game= 21/37 229yds 0td 0int 3sacks 0fum
    2nd game= 23/30 230yds 0td 0int 6sacks 1fum
    3rd game= 25/40 342yds 2td 1int 3sacks 0fum

    Hopefully it’s just a matter of getting things clicking with O’Sullivan and the rest of the offense or it will be a long horrible season to watch

  • AM

    Anyone who thinks JT O’Sullivan played a bad game is an idiot and should watch the game. Joe Staley and Jonas Jennings were the reason that he fumbled. They were absolutely terrible. They let the defensive ends push them around and kept no containment so they took the ball right out of his hand when he was about to throw. The interception was the only bad thing he did. and the pass wasn’t even that bad. the reviever didn’t come back to the ball and the defensive player did. he wanted it more.

  • pintor98

    JTO did some really good things,just forced that one ball. Battle should of came back for it though. I was watching the Philly game and I really think we should of drafted D.Jackson in the Second Rd of the Draft. Rossum really had a bad game, letting balls bounce for 20 yrds over and over.
    Our D played thier asses off in the 1st half. They ran out of gas in the second half. Got to give it to the Cards they got us this time, will see them on Monday Night!!! Payback time.

  • Adam49

    The Cards didn't have any first game jitters.

  • joe gomez

    Well correct the turnover mistakes and we should be ok. These mistakes are correctable where the last three years we were HOPELESS. Good things will soon come. Go Niners!

  • MSouza

    It’s hard to make second half adjustments when your defense is on the field for the entire third quarter, and if you are referring to the defense, what they were doing was working, blitz Warner, get in his face before he gets the ball off. It worked, well. The Cards got a few calls by the officials, some generous spots, and got into a rhythm.

    I’m very encouraged, I didn’t think I could be with a loss but nonetheless. We played a better game today than any we did last year. I know we started off 2-0 but they were pretty pathetic wins. We held Warner, Boldin and Fitzgerald to under 200 yards, compared to 450+ in our last win over them.

    Even the pick wasn’t that bad of a throw. Wilson mad a hell of a break on the ball. It wasn’t like Preseason week 1 where JT temporarily became color blind. The fumbles, however, is something that needs to be worked on. Joe Staley had a couple missed blocks in the game as well. One encouraging thing about the fumbles though, they weren’t due to JT holding onto the ball too long.

    I thought both Bryant Johnson and Vernon Davis looked good. I was disapointed that we did not target Bruce once the entire game.

  • Rob

    Honestly, I didn't see anything in the preseason that really sold me on JTO, but I actually liked what he did in this game. He'll never be a top QB in this league, so we will definitely need to release Smith and go after a new QB of the future in the draft next year. But, I think, if he can protect the ball better, he can be a very sufficient QB, especially considering the fact that we have a good defense (one that just plain got worn down in this game), and a good running game. Honestly, after seeing JTO, I'm willing to give him a shot and see if he improves. I think he might. After all, he's been in the league for a while, but has zero starting experience. I would think he will get better if he fine tunes his game. And, why are people still calling for Smith on here? The sooner we get rid of him and move on, the better off this team will be. As for the rest of the team, I actually think the players played well, just not great. I blame the coaches for this loss. It's true that Arizona made adjustments to be able to move the ball on our defense. No further adjustments were made on our side to figure out how to stop them, which is what coaches have to do if they want to win. I'm starting to think more and more that it's time to replace the coaching staff. We have talent on this team now. Now, we just need coaches that can go somewhere with that talent.

  • Tony in Bakersfield

    WTF!!!! For all these so called Niner fans!!! This is the first fuckin game and you guys are already actin like the seasons over….remember the first preseason game against the raiders, we looked like shit!! I call it first game jitters…. So relax and let’s see what happens later in the season!!! It’s not like we have a team built to win Superbowls right now….it comes in time!!! I seen some improvements so I’m still excited to see what we do this year!!

  • YesIsaidIT

    Two words for this season – draft lottery.

  • Golden Elbows

    Gitters should only be for the first two drives. Theres no excuses for turnovers! These are professionals and they should play like it. JTO is not the savior but he better start learning how feel defender and tuck a ball away when its time.

  • You shouldn’t make excuses for this team….they need to win or Nolan needs to be fired. The three biggest things that stood out to me was how our offensive line got USED, our defense was good, but HORRIBLE against the run, and how the Cardinals DOMINATED us on special teams. It seemed a lot like last year…..defense on the field a lot and nothing consistent on offense. THAT is an equation for a LONG season.

  • Cards are not better then us! We gave them that game with g turnovers and they only had 23pts… we can compete in this division seattle is done rams suck niners will be fine

    9-7 here we come!!

  • Desert9er

    Uh, yes, it *was* a bad throw. Watch it again. Battle could have saved it but the throw was late. JTO was interviewed last night and even he said he fucked it up and said the pass was late. Not only that, he was eyeballing Bruce and Battle in the middle of the field the whole time — a safety that doesn’t pick that pass isn’t a good safety.

    Again, like I said, JTO has his moments. He had a good game minus the turnovers. I’ve only ever knocked him on turnovers. He makes too many of them. Correctable? Actually Martz doesn’t care. He’s been interviewed numerous times while with the Rams and Lions. He’s said specifically that he does not care at all about turnovers — he’s all about taking gambles and scoring a lot to overcome them.

  • joe gomez

    No use in bitchin, this was the first game of the season and the first start for JTO. Its too early to start panicking. Theres a positive angle to everything. In the past if we turned the ball over 5 times we would have been blown out of the ball park. To committ 5 turnovers and still be in the game shows something. It shows we are getting better, it shows we are improving. To run only 40 offensive plays and still outgain the other team in offensive yardage shows alot. Its a loss, but we will learn from this loss and try to eliminate the mental errors for the next game. Take away those 5 turnovers, bad officiating, and bad field position, and we blow this guys out the next game. If you cant see the improvement weve made then i dont know what youve been watching the last three years. We are definitely better. The wins will come there is no doubt they will come. We have the talent now, we just have to execute.

  • angelo49ers

    anyone thinks that cards are a better team then us???Can they win the divison??

  • pintor98

    Just finished watching the game again and NOT so Special Teams let us down. Ulbrich left early istead of the Cards having the ball on thier 27 yd line nope our 40yrd line (33yrd diff) Ariz puning from the 10 Rossum should of fair caught the ball nope lets it roll from the 38 yrd line to the 21 (17 yrd diff) Takeo Spikes fumble (Turnover) B/S call on Mcdonald for roughing the passer instead of 3pts they get a TD 4pt difference! Our Defense will be fine to 10 passing Top 15 vs run.

    619 I can’t believe your already giving up!!! First game of the season!!! Calm down you act as if Ariz is a bad team, they will win a lot of games good D and two of the best WR’s in the NFL. Our Defense couldn’t have played better against them.

    I still think Hudson should be playing against those big Wr’s instead of Strikland

  • pintor98

    what happened to spencer??

  • Samra

    Overall im starting to like JT O'Sullivan heres a direct quote given to reporters…."We have to get better. You have to immediately learn, figure out exactly what we need to do better and take that immediately to the practice field on Wednesday. There is no 'what we are capable of stuff like that'. That shit does not matter. What matters is what we do on Wednesday and what we do this Sunday. We need to get ready to go."

    Alex Smith never had the ball to say shit, this guy seems to be a hard-ass who is willing to make plays…now if Joe Staley can only pass block better then he might have time… the bert berry sack/fum was an easy td

  • Medford

    Is it fair start calling JTO JT O’Turnover. Joe stop making excuses for JTO he has been in the league a long time he has no ball security at all I dont care if this was his first start or what. He sucks and so does Battle for pulling a Brandon Lloyd by being scared to go after the ball. No Playoffs this year hopefully Nolan starts packing his fucken bag soon cause he sucks as coach. In the second half we had the fucken ball 7min they had the ball almost the whole half isnt Nolan helping out on Defense. I know r D did pretty good but u have to get off the field on 3rd down this has been a problem all Nolan years. Matt Ryan looked better than JTO so dont give me the experience bullshit ok.

    but i will still watch next week

  • Doc Iac

    spencer sucks

  • Adam49

    Medford,i feel your pain.Alot of bad shit happened in that game.We can correct it i believe.We will find out in the coming weeks.An 0-2 or 0-3 start would be devestating.

  • West

    9ers lookin at Jamie Martin to backup J.T. since Alex maybe out for da season……

    Pundit or anyone what happens to the $9 million Alex was scheduled to make, my understanding of it is if Alex doesnt start he wont recieve it….. Alex will only recieve 2 mill…correct?

  • shane

    5 Fumbles is fucking pathedic im so sick of hearing about the positives in a loss, its starting to get unexeptable and not sayin im losing hope in this season im just sayin im sick hearing on how good certain people looked, who gives a flying fuck if we cant win, i was just like everyone else but when your not a good team for 5 years it gets fuckin OLD. The only positive i can think of is arizona didnt exactly dominate us and seattle and rams looked even more pathedic then us. I think the winner of this division will be 8-8 which would make the NFC west the armpit of the league.

  • West

    If dat da case cut Alex already an lets get some of the money back… We all know Alex will be gone next season, at least we can look forward to getting some loot

  • Adam49

    Can you cut an injured player?Im not sure,but were gonna need to step it up big time.I dont think it would be exciting to sneak into the playoffs,then get embarassed in the wildcard game.We need to start playin games for 60 minutes,and dominate.

  • Hey Ryan they should do exactly what u said but remember we have been shut out there a couple of times already. Holmgren has r #. There was a couple of quotes by Gore and Clements saying we came out flat isnt that coaching? How could u come out flat in the first game of the season? Joe im not giving up on JTO yet but he has to take care of the ball. They need to start throwing it to Bruce and get Davis more involved in the offense. I loved the pass to Vernon he looked like Brent Jones all alone in the middle of the field but we need more of that.

  • joe gomez

    Medford I respectfully disagree with your assessment of JTO. Hes been in the league all those years, you are most definitely correct. But hes been sitting on the bench all those years. This is his first EVER NFL start in his entire career, thats all im saying. Theres a BIG difference from sitting on the bench and starting a game. Hes only had a few snaps as a backup in all those years. Do you really think coaching the guy cant fix his ony problem which is turnovers? I think the fact that he is on target with his throws is a very positive sign. Teach this guy how to be more aware in the pocket, he learns, he corrects it and then what else can you say about him? He checked down to his outlets good, his throws were on target except the int, hes got a strong arm, shows good poise, shows leadership, doesnt hang his head like you know who, man its the first game of the season. Give him a few games, if hes not correcting his mistakes bring in someone else. But to change QB’s now is too early.

  • joe gomez

    Seahawks lost Nate Burleson for the year with a torn ACL. They also wont have Bobby Ingram and Deion Branch next Sunday. Their starting RB Morris wont play either leaving Julius Jones to run against our defense. This is a very winnable game for us.

  • Goldsmith 49

    I’m disappointed that we lost the game, but I feel like we have a better football team than last year. The offense looked like it can score some points this season. I think Frank Gore looked really good. We have some receiving options (Veron Davis, Bryant Johnson, Battle, Morgan, and Bruce). JTO will play better with more experience. I thought he played well with the exception of his pocket presence and one int. I believe that he will be more comfortable as the season progress.

  • West

    Joe, nice update and yes it will be very winnable…..Question u may be able to shade some light, since Alex wont be playing this year what happens to the $9 million Alex was scheduled to make, my understanding of it is if Alex doesnt start an we cut him at da end of the season he wont recieve it… Alex will only recieve 2 mill…correct? By him sitting on I.R. does it make a diff or can we cut him now?

  • joe gomez

    Somebody correct me if im wrong but to my understanding Alex has a “special clause” in his contract stipulating that if isnt the starter he will not earn his full salary for this season. Being that he isnt the starter i would assume the full salary is cut down to whatever the contract warrants. i dont see why we couldnt just cut him now, either way we are going to take some kind of loss. for those of you who dont know Jamie Martin, he was a very capable backup in St. Louis with Martz’s offense there. Hes got a strong arm with a quick release. I dont know of anyone else out there who could of came in at the 3rd spot who knows the system better than Jamie.

  • The Seachickens lost Burleson today so that means Burleson, Engram, Maurice Morris, and POSSIBLY BRANCH will be out of this game!!! If that is the case then we need to STACK THAT BOX and put Nate Clemens on their best receiver. This is something that we NEED to capitalize on! I think that Holgrem will have no choice, but to let Branch play….I hope he doesn’t though and plays it safe for ONE MORE WEEK! On offense you have to blame the o line for that lose. You can call out JTO but the fact of the matter is that the cardinals were collapsing the pocket whenever they wanted…they could have done it in their sleep. The o line needs to start pulling their head out. Lastly, if I were Manny Lawson and I had the horrible game that he DID have (they were running right at him) I would not be sitting comfortably with the type of game Parys Haralson had. We moves need to be made then they need to be made….if Manny can’t step up then he needs to be replaced. The cardinals blatantly ran plays at him.

  • West

    Thanks Joe….thats my understanding of it also, it’s good to get something back


    This isn’t the end of the world. Half the teams in the league are 0-1. I think Joe is right, the game this weekend is definitely winable. Half their freakin’ offense is injured, and their defense was never very intimidating. Send Frank Gore up their ass and call it a day.

  • Samra

    hey marksmen…didnt brett favre retire as well???? i bet u NEthing if we called him up he’d fuckin run all the way to 4949 centenial way

  • 209ers

    also our defense was not bad the cardinals ran the ball 15-20 times more than Frank Gore alone and only gained 1 more yard rushing…also Isaac Bruce was the intended receiver on the fumble we lost which o’sullivan told matt maoicco should have been an easy td had the ball been deleivered

  • Hunterboyz

    Can anyone tell me how [if possible] to watch 49er games that are not broadcasted on TV. I live in Louisiana, and they never show our games here.

    Thanx A MILI

  • Get NFL Sunday ticket Hunter. Niner Pundit it wasnt really Spikes fault on that fumble he aint used to being on special teams and he is not a return man.

  • Niner Pundit

    Medford…you’re right. So then it falls on Al Everest and the coaching staff. Don’t put a guy out there that has stone hands.