Jamie Martin, Are You Kidding Me

Update: 02:34
Yippee, Martin is flying in tomorrow to have a physical, according to his agent. Jesus H. Christ…


09:15am – Mike Nolan on Sunday said that he had a list of candidates that the team was looking at to fill the void at quarterback with the injury to Alex Smith. He said the list comprised of both young and old quarterbacks.

Well, it appears that the first name on the list is Jamie Martin. Stop laughing, it isn’t a typo. It seems that since Martin has been in the Martz system before he was a likely candidate.

What Chris Chandler wasn’t available.

Jamie Martin Fun Fact: Players in the NFL younger than him…everyone except Brett Favre, Jeff Feagles and John Carney

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  • Mike


  • ninerfaithful

    who was the last team this guy played for lol what is mike nolan doing what about the kyle wright bring him back in as the third qb at least he went through camp

  • Niner Pundit

    Mike…here is a link for Martin's career stats: Martin Stats

    Faithful. He was Brees backup last season.

  • Mike

    are you serious?.. jamie frigin martin I mean i can understand b/c he did play in st louis when martz was there so he does understand the system however common. I am curious to see what other Qb’s he has on that list though. I would have thought Simms would be high up there although looking like he could be a patriot since they are working him out today.

  • Dan

    I don't understand this either. I know Martz is familiar with him, but did'nt Wright have a good summer?

  • Mike

    Gotta think back to most of the qb’s that had played under martz before are probably going to be on the list although if this is it for smith and our gm stays to his word then we will be looking for a guy to permanently fill his spot next season anyway.. Now bigger question is I have said here for a long time I’m not a fan of hill. I think we should try to trade him to a team that needs a decent backup guy.. get like a 7th rounder for him. He didn’t have arm strength to jump Smith in preseason and he had a broken bone in his shoulder..
    I’d rather sign a vet or young guy to a 2 year deal low salary. to hold up the backup spot behind JTO then JTO is free agent and we all know gonna draft a qb. then our backup vet/young vet now can take the reins for a year while our rookie sits on bench with clipboard learning the system and how it works in nfl as compaired to college.. I wouldn’t draft a qb til 2-4th round though. No more waste on first round qb. And if we don’t win X amount of games which I think is 7-9 then we will be looking for new HC too. Martz could step up to that spot or Singletary or an Unknown.

  • ninerfaithful


  • linnphoto

    Drag Daunte Culpepper out of retirement if your going to drag someone out of retirement

  • Patricia

    Hey! Where’s Jeff George???

  • Samra

    Desean Jackson had about 7 receptions for 103 yrd and 17.7 yds per reeception…we needed to draft that nmotherfucker…our draft was bullshit…this is what our draft needed to be
    1st= Curtis LOftin Ted LB
    2nd= Desean Jackson WR
    3rd= Reggie Smith CB
    4th= Lavelle Hawkins WR
    6th= Josh Morgan WR
    7th= Lionel Dotson DE/DT

  • Samra

    and the QB we need to sign for now and the future is Chris Simms…or if we’re gonna sign Jamie Martin then trade Shaun Hill for Ryan Fitzpatrick from Cin who was drafted by martz and had a few great games as a starting rookie as both bulger and martin went down

  • Please dont call Chris Weinke!!!!!!

  • Rob

    Well, I’m guessing anyone who gets signed at this point will be no more than an emergency third QB. Which, if we get to the point of needing him, we are screwed no matter what. So, sure, Jamie Martin, Chris Weinke, heck, bring Steve Young out of retirement. Actually, that does sound better than the previous two…

  • halterbroke

    Tell me when the last time a QB the age of Martin was able to come into a team and make a difference THAT YEAR. Please tell me it can happen. If we have the spot open, we need to get a difference-maker, and that is what we need because chances are the back-up will be used and used often and he needs to be someone who isn’t going to break the first time he is sacked. Is Martz trying to find guys he feels comfortable with from ‘back in the day’ and not even looking at anyone else? That’s not being a good OC, that’s lazy. I think Culpepper or even Jared Lorenzen would be better picks.

  • Patricia

    Where's Drunkenmiller? And in response to halterbroke: Vinny Testaverde…taa daaah!


  • halterbroke

    Thank you Patricia, I just needed one name to keep the hope alive!

  • Jamie Martin is from Arroyo Grande (city by SLO). Yah that's nothing special but I notice the pickups of local qbs. O'Sullivan from UC Irvine by way of Carmichael. Ok seriously now, is there something wrong with sgning Tim Rattay?

  • Patricia

    Any time!

    Let's Go NINERS!!

  • joe gomez

    Hes only coming in to be a 3rd stringer so i dont see what the fuss is all about. Hill is the backup. Besides, when you look at Jamie Martin's numbers theyre not that bad and he knows the Martz system. As far as his age goes, i dont buy it, for the QB position that is not ancient. As far as Druckenmiller, hes been out of the league for years, hes another bust weve drafted along with Carmazzi and Smith. We just cant seem to pick the right QB in the draft. Last time we picked right was Joe Montana in the 3rd round.

  • joe gomez

    Samra..I totally agree with what you say regarding Jackson. That is a playmaker we should of drafted. I believe he was available in the 3rd wasnt he? I dont think McCloughan and Nolan liked his size but that fucking kid plays with heart and flat out flies when he has the ball. As far as Phil's son Chris Sims, I would rather have Phil haha. Hes been an average QB since he joined the league so dont know if hell be a stud. Dont give up on JTO yet, that int he threw was Arnaz Battle's fault for messing up his route according to Martz. The ball is in the air way before the receiver breaks, so the receiver needs where hes supposed to be. Personally I dont think Battle is very good. Drops to many balls and you see he doesnt run good routes. We should of gotten Desean and cut Battle.

  • joe gomez

    Well maybe Martin did come in to backup JTO. I think Hill should be 2nd and Martin 3rd. Oh well, guess coaches know best. Either way, im sure theyll be capable to play spot duty if needed. JTO doesnt have a history of being injury prone and I think our line is pretty solid this year.