Injury Report Heading Into The Weekend

San Francisco 49ers Injury Report 

Name Position Injury Wednesday Thursday Friday Friday Status
Jonas Jennings Tackle Shoulder  Out      
Shawntae Spencer Cornerback Knee Out       
Keith Lewis Safety Knee DNP      
Michael Lewis Safety Knee DNP      
Bryant Johnson Receiver Hamstring DNP      
Dashon Goldon Safety Knee LP      
Donald Strickland Cornerback Knee LP      
Frank Gore Running Back Coaches Decision DNP      
Walt Harris Cornerback Coaches Decision DNP      

Jennings once again will not play… can this guy ever stay healthy? I feel bad for the man because I highly doubt that he enters each season with the goal of being hurt and missing games but there comes a point when a team has to think about cutting its losses. The 49ers might be reaching that point with Jonas this season.

Spencer is a tough loss but I have every confidence that Tarell Brown can come in again and do a great job in his stead. He blanketed his assignment last week against Detroit and even came away with a pick after reading Kitna and getting a great jump on the ball. He should be fine.

The Lewis’s, Johnson, Goldson, Strickland, Gore and Harris should all play with the one question being Strickland possibly. Although Keith Lewis might be at issue as well.

Opponents’ Injury Report


Name Position Injury Wednesday Thursday Friday Friday Status
 Marques Colston  Receiver  Thumb DNP       
Aaron Glenn Cornerback Ankle DNP      
Randall Gay Cornerback Hamstring DNP      
Mike Karney Fullback Ankle DNP      
Mark Campbell Tight End Hamstring DNP      
 David Patten  Receiver  Groin  DNP      
 Jeremy Shockey Tight End  Hernia  DNP      
 Troy Evans Linebacker  Ankle  DNP       
 Aaron Stecker Running Back  Hamstring   LP      
Jammal Brown Tackle Hip LP      
Terrance Copper Receiver Hamstring LP      
Antwan Lake Defensive tackle Groin LP      
Scott Fujita Linebacker Knee LP      

Talk about the walking wounded, the Saints are hurting at receiver and offensive line in particular and their secondary is extremely suspect at this point of the season. Not having Colston or Shockey and now with Patten possibly missing this Sunday’s contest as well New Orleans is going to be relying heavily on Reggie Bush and Devry Henderson to get things going on offense.

If the 49ers can give O’Sullivan time in the pocket he could put up some big numbers against the Saints depleted and beleaguered defense. Gore should also be able to post a good day on the ground if he can get through to the second level.

If ever there was a time that the Saints were ripe for a defeat it is now, couple that with the confidence this San Francisco squad has after two-straight wins and you have a recipe for what could very well be another 49er victory.

Or the team could fall flat on their faces and allow Bush to completely tear them up, we’ll find out this weekend.

  • Tim

    Off topic here but at least VD is trying to get better. I take that as a good sign.

  • James Jones

    I have to agree, staying late with JT after practice to work on routes and timing is a great thing and I hope it pays off for him. VD is much better then we have seen this season. He’ll come around.

  • joe gomez

    JTO has admitted he might have thrown the deep ball over the middle a second too early. VD needs to run through it and he recognizes that. Our team is looking solid with JTO at the helm, we just need to tighten up that run D. Too many backs are running through us and we have too many missed tackles. Hopefully Spikes will pick up the system in a hurry. I do believe once he gets the system down, Ulbrich will lose his job permanently. Hopefully this guy Balmer is the “impact” player Nolan and Co. envisioned him to be. We need to start creating more blitzes if our D-line cant get to the QB. We need some sacks!

  • Tim

    James do you think Martz will really open the playbook this week to prove to the rest of the NFL that we are to be reckoned with? After all we owe this team an ass whooping.

  • James Jones

    I have to think so Tim. The Saints are hurting pretty bad in the secondary with Aaron Glenn out… they have been passing the ball with ease but have also been giving up the same to opposing teams. I have to believe that Martz is going to at least attempt to exploit this fact.

    Also I think he will want to try to put the Saints away early. Either way if the defense holds Brees and Co. to some three and outs or their offense runs all over Manusky’s unit I see Martz going the way of airing it out but giving a healthy does of Frank as well.

  • Elgin

    I dropped his ass this week for Bo Scaife…Martz has it out for Davis and won't give him the ball.

  • Billy

    Davis sucks ass he needs to be traded for a 5th and start Walker!!