Highlights: Week 3 Lions @ 49ers

Here are the highlights from the 49ers beatdown over the Lions. There are two 10 minute clips contained in this vid. Enjoy…

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  • Hack

    Thanks for all of us out of market guys that don't get to see the games regularly. I enjoy JT O'Sullivan that's a horse collar, fuck you the most.

  • niner doje

    j77 u the shit! keep'em comin homie!

  • Vin

    Thanks for posting this…. so nice to watch highlights! its been a long time.

  • seekret_sauce

    Thanks J77 especially from all of us guys that can watch the games! Keep up the good work!

  • wappy

    good work as usual my man, highly appreciated!

    niners are looking very nice. if they can pull a win in nawlins this weekend i will be fucking ecstatic.